Chapter 46: Battle Through the Heavenly River

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What was that artifact?

The Heavenly River Sword School disciples were shaken by this one attack from Su Xing. Nobody believed that under their encirclement Su Xing would unexpectedly suddenly rebel. Perhaps they all felt that kneeling and begging for forgiveness was his best way out that should have been.

“Kill him!!”

Cultivator Wu yelled, furious.

Numerous Heavenly River Sword School disciples returned to their senses from that daze. Shouting and moving as one, countless tens of water swords filled the sky, and every one moved in formation to kill Su Xing.

After he fired his first shot, Su Xing did not plan to waste any more time with these bastards, charging at the Star Cultivator with the weakest cultivation to break through the encirclement. The flying water swords behind him did not stop their deadly pursuit as Su Xing raised Silver Blade.

The Nebula Cultivator that was at the same level as them being killed off so easily gave these cultivators a deep sense of dread. Suddenly seeing Su Xing aim that terrifying artifact at them, they subconsciously moved to the side in fright. They were so frightened that they even did not feel like putting up a defense, and this result was precisely why Su Xing had fired his first shot.

From insufferable arrogance to instant death, this sharp contrast would certainly leave behind a strong impression on these Star Cultivators. Practically every person’s reaction was to just evade.

“You scoundrels, stop him!!”

Cultivator Wu shouted when he saw several junior disciples unexpectedly move away despite their superior numbers.

By the time they reacted, Su Xing had already rushed away. This seemingly impenetrable encirclement had been ingeniously breached through by Su Xing such that Cultivator Wu stamped his foot in anger.

“He thinks he can run away?” Another youth with Nebula Late Stage cultivation standing beside Cultivator Wu smiled coldly.

The moment he activated his escape technique, the rocky cave’s lake water split apart, and just like a flying dragon, he covered several hundred meters in the blink of an eye.

Su Xing groaned. Forming a hand seal, the Nebula Intermediate Grade artifact Thunder Cry Sword manifested, and lightning shot towards the blue clothed youth with a mighty roar.

The blue-clothed youth put up a water barrier in front of him. His feet formed ripples upon it, and a flying sword clashed with the Thunder Cry Sword. His figure disappeared, and then he was before Su Xing in the blink of an eye. Su Xing could only discharge a Thunder Fire Bullet.

The flame and thunderclap that left the barrel resounded distantly throughout the Flower Dragon Cave.

“A petty trick!”1

The already prepared blue-clothed youth smiled coldly. A magic power violently fired towards the incoming projectile and destroyed it in an explosion, and as he curled his five fingers, the water barrier protecting him turned into several water spears that thrust towards Su Xing.

The results of sparring with Lin Chong revealed themselves. Such close and sudden thrusts were easily dodged by Su Xing, but the blue-clothed youth had also already anticipated this. Opening his mouth, he spouted several dozen transparent water droplets.

This happened to the Heavenly River Sword School’s Special Technique, “Rock Piercing Water Droplets,” and spitting out more than a dozen droplets was not something an ordinary disciple could do.

Su Xing’s face did not change expressions. Flipping his wrist, an Azure Dragon Treasure Fan2 appeared in his hand, imparting a continuous stream of Star Energy into the fan.

Waving the Treasure Fan, a cool breeze rose in a whirlwind, and then the omnipresent whistling of the breeze turned into a dragon bursting out from the waters, rushing towards the youth with just a thought from Su Xing.

The several dozen Rock Piercing Water Droplets were cleanly destroyed by the violently rolling azure dragon.

Azure Dragon Fan?!

The blue-clothed youth went mute. He foresaw too late that Su Xing could actually use this sort of artifact.

The Azure Dragon Fan was a High Grade artifact. Using it required consuming significant quantities of Star Energy, and generally, only Nebula Middle Stage cultivators could use it. However, Su Xing’s Star Energy after signing contracts with two Star Generals was definitely a size larger than the ordinary person’s, so he naturally had a surplus of Star Energy to control the Azure Dragon Fan with. Though, using the Thunder Cry Sword and the Azure Dragon Fan at the same time was putting Su Xing’s Divine Intent through a great ordeal. Fortunately, the Star Nests of two Star Generals contained within his mind had virtually improved his Divine Intent’s resiliency significantly.

But for the blue-clothed youth, this all was nothing more than just seeing a monster.

This was an only Nebula Early Stage Cultivator not only using a High Grade artifact, but also even operating three artifacts total at the same time.3 Even for he who was Nebula Late Stage, he could only barely operate three at once.

The envy filling his heart changed into fury.

At this time, the azure dragon spiraled wildly towards him, and the blue-clothed youth could only retreat. Fortunately, a magnificent dark blue light shot violently onto the azure dragon, striking and breaking the azure dragon apart.

“Are you alright!”

Cultivator Wu had hurried over to help the blue-clothed youth block the azure dragon.

The battle between Su Xing and blue-clothed youth seemed to have been raging for a very long time when actually this was all just within the blink of an eye. The Heavenly River Sword School Disciples watched their own Senior Brother amazingly be pushed back. However, the blue-clothed youth’s delaying provided an opportunity that let the fellow disciples rush over, especially the similarly Nebula Late Stage Cultivator Wu, who controlled his sword to block.

Flying swords filled the sky and became a cage that firmly trapped Su Xing.

“In the end, just what is this guy?” The blue-clothed youth’s expression was unsightly. From his perspective, being unable to obstruct or kill Su Xing in a single blow was practically the greatest humiliation.

Su Xing would never give him this opportunity, and he immediately recalled the Thunder Cry Sword into his Astral Bag. With a fan pinched in one hand, and a gun clenched in the other, this definitely would not be easy.

The rest of the school’s disciples at this time had lost the bravado they had earlier. Every one of their expressions was nervous at facing this formidable enemy, for their own Junior Sister had just been killed off in a flash. And then they saw their Senior Brother fight several bouts with the enemy and got pushed back. They were restless from the bottom of their hearts, and if it had been them doing the fighting, they completely would not have had the power to fight back.

That a Nebula Early Stage cultivator unexpectedly had this sort of remarkable power was absolutely disgraceful.

Cultivator Wu stared fixedly at Su Xing, and with a heavy voice: “I see that this brat must be a Star Master!”

Upon hearing this, the blue-clothed youth’s expression relaxed. Star Masters shook Liangshan, especially the Star Maidens with their unrivaled power. Killing them instantly was as easy as breathing for him. Since he was a Star Master, there was finally some comfort. “Huh, a Star Master? This is indeed good luck.”

“Let’s see where you’ll run to this time.” Cultivator Wu was furious.

The swords that filled the air slowly stirred. If Su Xing decided to use a Water Escape Talisman, these swords could easily run through him in less than a second.

“Use the Heavenly Water Sword Array to kill him!”

The blue-clothed youth shouted, urging on his magic energy, and the flying swords started to absorb water,

“Have a taste of my Thunder Fire Array.”4 Su Xing cursed. Sweeping Silver Blade upwards, he continuously pulled the trigger.

Bullets whooshed out of the barrel.

Ten Thunder Fire Bullets fiercely shot out. The ten consecutively discharged bullets consumed just as much Star Energy as using an artifact, and Su Xing’s entire body was nearly sore. However, he still pieced together the last of his strength to launch one last breakout.

Actually, from the perspective of the blue-clothed youth, Cultivator Wu or even another Nebula Stage Cultivator, the Thunder Fire Bullets were far from threatening as long as they had sufficient time to guard. However, because these Nebula Stage Cultivators witnessed their own fellow’s head be blown open by a gun, they unconsciously believed they were incapable of defending. They were frightened enough to faint that they recalled their flying swords to defend in front of them.

This was also right on Su Xing’s mind.

Su Xing leaned towards his left. His target was the gap between two Nebula Stage Cultivators’ defense.

Cultivator Wu coldly smiled as he had already anticipated this, ordering his flying sword to stab forward.

But Su Xing abruptly, in an instant, used his leftward movement to immediately rush directly towards the blue-clothed youth. This feint thoroughly dumbfounded everyone. They absolutely did not expect that Su Xing’s first breach was only to give them a false impression, and his killing intent right now was real!!

The blue-clothed youth clearly did not anticipate that Su Xing would so unexpectedly and recklessly attack towards himself, but Cultivator Wu had also made an error in judgment towards the defense’s weak spot.

The youth was slightly flustered, and Su Xing had already arrived in front of him.

“You Nebula Early Stage brat really think this can defeat me?” The blue-clothed youth shouted loudly, his flying sword absorbing more water with a swipe.

The rest of the cultivators at this time wanted to assist.

The combined attack of the discharged Thunder Fire Bullets and Su Xing was not unlike an explosion.

A rolling thunder reverberated throughout and shook the rocky cave as if to collapse it. The rising smoke and dust soared up into the air and dispersed in all directions.

The tranquil river waters abruptly rose up high and drove away the dust and smoke.

At this time, Su Xing’s figure had already disappeared without a trace. Scanning with Divine Intent unexpectedly revealed he had indeed inconceivably disappeared. Cultivator Wu did not dare believe that in these short few second that the opposition could escape his own range, but on second thought, he definitely used the Water Escape Talisman to flee the Flower Dragon Cave. Having been encircled by the Heavenly River Sword School, even if he was anymore incredible, he was still only a Nebula Early Stage Cultivator, and this was the only road he could choose.

“That damned wretch!!” Cultivator Wu’s rage was burning. This was still his first time ever receiving such a great humiliation.

The Heavenly River Sword Sect disciples also all showed shame upon their faces. This many people could not slow down a single Nebula Early Stage cultivator, and once word got out, this would be a joke upon the Heavenly River Sword School.

“That brat is too cunning.”

“After we get out, we must not let him go!”

“Right, for Junior Sister’s revenge!”

Several cultivators were filled with endless resentment, and Cultivator Wu stared coldly at them. Revenge? This many people could not get rid of one person, and they wanted revenge. He was afraid that the brat had already fled in fear. However, Cultivator Wu himself believed that if they did not have the Blood Rain Pot, perhaps there would still be this sentiment.

“Senior Brother, you’re bleeding.” A female disciple cried, concerned.

The blue-clothed youth’s neck had a bloody hole, and fresh blood gushed forth from it. “It’s only a flesh wound.” The blue-clothed scowled, feeling that his own shame this time around was great. He had been toyed with by a young brat, and in the end, had even been stabbed in the neck.

The moment he left this place, he would definitely find and dismember that brat into tiny pieces.

“Still, you’d best cover that wound for now.” Cultivator Wu said.

The blue-clothed youth nodded. He took a deep breath, preparing to retrieve from his Astral Bag a bottle of medicine to cover the wound when he touched empty space. Looking down, his anger immediately erupted. “That lousy son of a bitch.”

“What happened?” Numerous disciples were frightened. Could it be that the air made Senior Brother go mad?

“That wretch stole my Astral Bag!!!”

The blue-clothed youth went insane; there was no way he could continue pretending to be level-headed.

Several people’s jaws hung wide open, speechless.

That brat was too incredible. In such a desperate situation, he unexpectedly did not overlook taking advantage of the situation for a profit. What sort of calm was this, and thinking about it, they all trembled in fear.

“Just grab some Junior Brother’s medicine for now.” Cultivator Wu was helpless. “If we ran into the Blooming Water Sword Sect’s people now, it would be rather troublesome.”

“Who is it that feels running into us is rather troublesome?”

Suddenly, a mocking voice passed over.

The Heavenly River Sword School stiffened one body after another, just like when they were facing their great enemy before.

A group of blue and white robed men and women walked over from one of the cave’s entrances, a Blooming Water Sword suspended in midair.

“So, it’s my friend, Wu. Assembling this many people together, I don’t know what the fun occasion is. Ah, how did that Senior Brother get injured? Were you guys too careless?” The speaking Chen Zhonglin’s smile brought with it an arrogant mockery.

The people who came were actually the Blooming Water Sword Sect’s disciples.

Cultivator Wu tasted from the bottom of his heart at this time what Su Xing previously already experienced.

What he really did not want to come had come anyways.

This truly was the same as bad luck.5

Author’s Note:

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  1. 雕蟲小技
  2. Formerly, I translated this as “Green Dragon Treasure Fan,” but I think I’ll use “Azure” going forward; previous chapters will use “Green.”
  3. Haha, joke’s on you! Silver Blade is technically not an artifact!
  4. No, this is not literally an array. He’s being sarcastic.
  5. You dun goofed.


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