Chapter 470: Devil Star Released

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The Golden Magnetic Divine Peak smashed out a golden light, and the Death Butterflies all broke. Su Xing also controlled Langya, releasing clear light that bound Ming Die’s escape paths.

Regarding this woman who wanted to play with Star Generals in the palm of her hand, everyone was already sick of looking at her.

“Ming Die, let me help break you.” 

Ruan Jin’er sneered. The Azure Seas Green Duckweed was tossed. A green light wrapped around, and at this time, Guan Ying, Gongsun Huang and Hu Niangzi’s triple offensive broke every sort of life-preserving method that Ming Die had in succession. Ming Die manifested an escape-light to flee, but she had barely done so when that green light bound her.

Dark Technique, Duckweed Are Broken.

How could Ming Die ever have blocked this. She screamed, the green light immediately twisted, and Ming Die was suddenly cut in two. Ruan Mei’er’s Dragon King’s Thundering Roar turned her corpse into dust. With this, one of the Devil Star Palace’s Four Great Law Protectors, a Supervoid Cultivator, had completely died.

Su Xing did not expect that Great Saint Starkiller would suddenly turn traitor. However, thinking carefully, he immediately realized what Great Saint Starkiller was planning.

As Guan Sheng’s Star Master, Great Saint Starkiller probably did not want to betray her wishes. If they were to remove the Nine Nether Devil Star Stone, then inevitably, he would have to first kill Ming Die. Afterwards, things would perhaps be pinned on him.

“Your Highness?” Guan Ying was quite surprised.

“Get rid of the Devil Star Stone then. But you will have to thank the Purple Thunder Monster.” Great Saint Starkiller had a kind face. All of his hostility and killing intent had vanished.

Su Xing narrowed his eyes.

Guan Ying’s showed delight, and she walked over to Su Xing.

“No matter what, This General thanks you so much for this. But we will inevitably be enemies in the future…”

“This is only for Wife and Tangtang’s Sisters.” Su Xing replied, aloof.

Guan Ying nodded. Su Xing was the most unbelievable Star Master she had ever seen. Regardless of the aspect, she suddenly somewhat understood why Wu Song and Lin Chong would follow by his side. If she had met this man before she had signed a contract, it was hard to say that she would not be moved by this feeling that was an odd mix of courage and warmth.

Though her mood rapidly changed, the Brave Star’s face was still unchanging, extraordinarily mighty.

Just as Su Xing was about to speak again, suddenly, Guan YIng’s figure moved, and the great blade slashed downwards.

Guan Ying’s sudden revolt far exceeded everyone’s expectations. Hu Niangzi was too late to react.

The Five Star Great Blade cut straight from Su Xing’s front.


Golden light appeared.

The twelve Heaven Tearing returned to his side, being jolted.

Even if he had used the Life-cast Flying Swords to defend, he still could feel the Five Star Great Blade’s power. He suddenly vomited blood.

“Guan Ying.” Hu Niangzi was infuriated, stabbing with her double sabers.

Guan Ying retreated several dozen steps back continuously.

“You would unexpectedly forget favors and violate justice.” Hu Niangzi was full of irrepressible killing intent.

“I fear those are Great Saint Starkiller’s orders.” Su Xing said. Gongsun Huang used her tiny hands to wipe away the blood at the corner of his mouth.

Hu Niangzi was taken aback. She looked back to Guan Ying. As expected, she discovered the Brave Star was very out of sorts. Guan Ying’s whole body was struggling, the great blade shuddering. The Star Crest on her forehead constantly flickered.

Command Enforcement.

Hu Niangzi very quickly understood where Guan Ying’s suffering came from.

“It seems This Great Saint has underestimated you.” Great Saint Starkiller coldly said.

“You really are unscrupulous. You knew that Guan Ying would never sneak attack, so you deliberately allowed her to approach me when she was relaxed. Then you used Command Enforcement to force her to attack me…The sneak attack of a Five Star Great Blade. Honestly, even the Daluo Golden Immortal would be powerless to return to Heaven.” Su Xing smiled. From Great Saint Starkiller’s sudden revolt to kill Ming Die, Su Xing knew that other than engaging in detente with Guan Ying, he had some other conspiracy. By the time he allowed Guan Ying to say thanks, he knew Great Saint Starkiller was thinking of using this as a chance for a sneak attack. It was no wonder. Based on the interactions between Su Xing and Guan Ying over the past few days, knowing that Guan Ying was that sort of Star General with unrivalled warrior spirit, most people would subconsciously lower their guard. In the case that the Five Star Great Blade sneak attacked, let alone Su Xing, even a Supervoid Cultivator would undoubtedly die.

But it was a pity that Great Saint Starkiller’s meticulous planning had bumped into Su Xing’s careful mind.

Engaging in this kind of psychological ruse, this practically was wielding a broadsword in the face of Lord Guan.

“You despicable fuck.”

Hu Niangzi despised him.

“Despicable is but supreme praise to a disciple of the Devil Star Palace.” Ruan Jin’er sneered. “However, truly as expected of the Black Turtle Territory’s number one Star Master, to kill your own Law Protector for the sake of this plan.”

“That Ming Die woman, This Great Saint has long wanted to kill her and exploited you all just now.” Great Saint Starkiller showed slight disdain. He then pursed his lips tightly at Guan Ying: “Guan Ying, you have made This Great Saint too disappointed. This Great Saint has used Command Enforcement. If you had complied, this Purple Thunder Monster would have undoubtedly been down.” 

“Could it be you forgot? That you have fallen this low is all because of him.”

“Could it you just cannot have a fair and proper Star Duel?” Guan Ying’s determination gathered once again. The Brave Star’s willpower was extremely strong, and even her contractor’s Command Enforcement was without a choice.

“Fair and proper? He has seduced This Great Saint’s Star General. Right now, This Great Saint wants only to use every means possible to torment him as painfully as possible…” Pausing, Great Saint Starkiller smiled: “Guan Ying, do you feel that the Purple Thunder Monster is more worthy of your companionship than This Great Saint?”

“Your Highness, what are you saying?” Guan Ying’s face paled. These words were undoubtedly unadorned shame.

Su Xing did not expect that Great Saint Starkiller would unexpectedly humiliate his own Star General.

“Great Saint Starkiller, do you still not know? When I tried to assassinate Guan Ying, this man and Guan Ying had but seen each other naked. Now that they are so intimate together, it appears that the Brave Star has indeed ceased to be faithful.” Ruan Jin’er very gleefully fanned the flames.

As expected, Great Saint Starkiller was unsightly to the extreme.

“Purple Thunder Monster, since you are so fond of Ying’er, then you can have this general…” When he should have been furious, Great Saint Starkiller instead laughed. The black banner in his left hand flapped. Countless rays of black qi warped and wefted, That Nine Hells manifested a thick beam of black light, and the entire Nine Hells Island was wrapped inside a dark night. Demonic clouds rolled, and the black light soared.

Guan Ying’s pupils shrunk. The Five Devil Stars on the Destined Star Weapon Purple Brilliant Moon Slashing Blade broke apart. In a split second, a deep, dark gloom shot in all directions from the blade. Wherever it passed, the world darkened, and light became absent.

The shattered Devil Star produced several black rays that bound Guan Ying.

Along her armor and fair white skin, spell script circulated about. A layer of black qi crawled up Guan Ying’s whole body like vines, the situation dreadful.

“This is…” Su Xing was dumbstruck.

“The Nine Hells can remove the Devil Star, but it can also release it. This banner is for the purpose of releasing the Devil Star.” Great Saint Starkiller’s sneer penetrated this dark space. The released Devil Star completely engulfed the Star General’s consciousness, entering the final stage of becoming just a walking corpse. At thsi time, the Star General would lose all sentience, becoming a killing machine, forever a fallen Devil Star.

“You would unexpectedly treat your own Star General in such a way…” Su Xing was flabbergasted.

“That senseless honor should have been abandoned long ago. This Great Saint is willing to part, and now, Guan Ying belongs to you, ha, ha, ha, ha.” Great Saint Starkiller hysterically laughed.

“To be able to see the warrior spirit Guan Sheng become a deranged Devil Star, this is also very satisfactory.” Ruan Jin’er sneered as she retreated. Already, she was without desire for revenge.

Su Xing did not hesitate at all. He raised a lantern of colored glass.

This lantern’s bodhi kindling ignited with a Buddhist fire. Endless golden light flooded out, and in that light appeared celestial maidens scattering flowers. Heavenly dragons circled around, and the sound of thunder cracked, as if Amitabha was chanting. The incantation lingered, and the immeasurable radiance illuminated the entire dusky world.

Spreading across ten thousand zhang, it directly reached the horizon.

The eyes of the five five-legged golden dragons sprawled on the lantern emitted golden light. They leapt out, and those five-clawed golden dragons roamed the sky. They directly attacked Great Saint Starkiller, stirring up the world.

Great Saint Starkiller and Ruan Jin’er were simultaneously shocked.

“Five Dragons Lantern!!”

How could Great Saint Starkiller have anticipated that the Purple Thunder Monster would surprisingly have such a precious item, but the Five Dragons Lantern in front of him was not exactly the same as what he had heard in legend. Legend said that the Five Dragons Lantern could release five golden dragons, but not such a powerful battle formation. That Buddhist unbounded and immeasurable radiance seemed to fill the universe. It illuminated the entire deathly still Endless Abyss. Great Saint Starkiller’s Devil Cultivation stirred restlessly under the light, unbearably painful.

And that mind-piercing Buddhist chanting fought the Devil Star released Guan Ying even harder.

“That is Bodhi?”

Great Saint Starkiller cried out in pain. Not daring to be careless, the Boundless Bell rang constantly, wave upon wave, clashing with that chanting. Then, Great Saint Starkiller once again used the “Golden Magnetic Divine Peak.” The Golden Magnetic Divine Peak instantly became a giant mountain peak, similarly covering the heavens. This mountain was of gold and yellow jade, filled with odd and jagged rocks upon it. The peak was sharp, with countless monstrous scripts flowing all over its body. The peak’s bottom was nevertheless level. Golden light flashed, like large golden tadpoles swimming about.

Besides this, this mountain was wrapped in a seemingly watery muslin golden light. Compared to the Five Dragons Lantern’s endless radiance, this golden light appeared sinister. The air seemed to distort. This was the Golden Magnetic Divine Peak’s most powerful ability, “First Magnetic Golden Light.”

A formless pressure enveloped Su Xing, carrying the majesty of ten thousand zhang. The First Magnetic Golden Light was intimidating. The five-clawed golden dragons that could instantly kill a Supervoid Cultivator were surprisingly suppressed by the golden light, unable to move.

Not only the five-clawed golden dragons, everyone else was suppressed. They felt unable to muster any strength, however, Su Xing was still fine. With the Five Dragons Lantern’s protection, he could still resist. But this Five Dragons Lantern that was linked to the Miraculous Bodhi Tree was too incredible. It continuously drained Su Xing’s Star Energy to maintain its burning flame.

But Great Saint Starkiller also was similarly suffering.

He also used all of his power to release the Golden Magnetic Divine Peak, also ringing the Boundless Bell above his head. His Star Energy was diminishing extremely quickly.

This black Nine Hells was suppressed by two kinds of golden light. From time to time, the world heard the chanting of Buddha, and from time to time, it heard the ring of a bell. From time to time, there was the sound of a rumbling mountain, and from time to time, there was the roar of a golden dragon. The enormous Golden Magnetic Divine Peak was wrapped up by the five golden dragons. 

Even the Nine Dragons Palace that was ten thousand li away was shaken.

All the Star Generals could only feel the burden of Mount Tai. They could not budge at all. For the first time, even the Gongsun Huang sitting on Su Xing’s shoulder showed an uncomfortable expression.

Su Xing continuously formed hand seals, imbuing his magic energy into the Five Dragons Lantern, maintaining its flame and the golden dragons.

Great Saint Starkiller relied on his Supercluster Late Stage peak cultivation and the powerful divine mountain created from the First Magnetic Divine Light. A Spirit Treasure the likes of the Boundless Bell had the qualifications to laugh proudly at all of Liangshan Continent, unafraid of even Supervoid Cultivators. In his heart, he was shocked that Su Xing surprisingly could withstand it.

Just what was the background of this Purple Thunder Monster?

The five-clawed golden dragons looked to the heavens and roared. Their bodies grew hundreds of times in size. The five several dozen li long dragons flew upwards. Their bodies wound around and sturdily wrapped up the giant mountain.

Great Saint Starkiller was astounded. He continuously struck hand seals.

There was a muffled explosion. The golden light of the Golden Magnetic Divine Peak bound by the five-clawed golden dragons magnified. Space seemed to distort even more. The First Magnetic Golden Light released a limitless pressure, as if the pressure of ten thousand Mount Tai bore down on him. The five-clawed golden dragons could not sustain it. This giant mountain peak once again spun like a top, and the First Magnetic Golden Light became even more powerful.

One of the five-clawed golden dragons was suddenly ground to dust.

Su Xing held back the blood in his throat. Enduring, the endless light surged, eroding the mountain like a heavenly river. The First Magnetic Golden Light also began to weaken.

Blood leaked from the corner of Great Saint Starkiller’s lips. He had no intention of retreating.

The both of them were very clear.

The first side to be unable to persist would undoubtedly die.

Just at this moment, they suddenly heard a scream of extreme anguish.

Su Xing looked, and his heart immediately sank.

The wan Great Saint Starkiller, on the other hand, showed joy.

Guan Ying had finally broken through the suppression of the endless light. Her whole body flowed with black script, staining her whole body an evil darkness, Her pupils were a frightening black, a glance was enough to make people feel as if they fell into ice water, terror-stricken.

Brave Star Great Blade Guan Ying.

Devil Star released!

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