Chapter 473: When Autumn’s Golden Wind Embraces Jade Dew, All Love Scenes On Earth, However Many, Fade

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Her hatred stopped, and the double sabers froze.


Seeing that the target of her revenge that she sought after day and night was in front of her, Hu Niangzi contrarily could not finish it. This was not right, not right at all. Revenge should not be like this. This was completely different from what she had imagined.

“This General cannot last much longer. Finish it. But it is regretful that This General is helpless for the Devil Stars formed from the Sisters.” Guan Ying heavily panted. Her eyes were increasingly hazy, already practically about to lose focus, beginning to empty.

Hu Niangzi knew that Guan Ying’s bottom line was already this. In the event she was controlled by the Devil Star, Guan Ying would only become a killing machine. Rather than this, Guan Ying would rather die under the blade of a Sister, to recompense her hatred,

“If you contract, can you be saved?” Hu Niangzi’s tone wavered.

Guan Ying glanced at Su Xing. In the end, she smiled, “He perhaps truly can change the Star Duels, the fate of our Sisters…But he is already incapable of changing This General’s fate.”

“Elder Sister, This Niangzi shall see you once more at Maiden Mountain.” Understanding Guan Ying’s resolve, Hu Niangzi took a deep breath. The hatred in her heart vanished like smoke into thin air. She carefully raised her double sabers in deference and the highest etiquette to the ranked fifth chief of the Five Tigers Brave Star Great Blade Guan Sheng.

Her hands were raised high. Strength gathered like lotuses, and Hu Niangzi’s sabers were about to swing down.

Guan Ying closed her eyes and sighed so softly that none could hear. She wondered if she sighed for being always unable to change the Brave Star’s tragic fate, or if she was regretting that she did not meet Su Xing before Great Saint Starkiller.

Just when the double sabers were about to fall, at this moment, a ray of resplendent Buddhist light penetrated the black qi lingering around the Nine Hells.

The golden light fell from the heavens, immediately making Hu Niangzi stop mid-way.

Su Xing and the rest raised their heads.


A mighty, domineering presence, a woman who was like a god of war descended from the heavens. Her whole body twinkled with golden light, and every detail of her body flowed with power.

Thousand Buddha Star Chao Gai!

“Chao Gai, you finally came.” Su Xing sighed.

Chao Gai’s brow furrowed. Why did it sound as if she had come to put out the fire. Pursing her lips, Chao Gai’s swept wordlessly across Hu Niangzi and Bai Yutang.

“Chao Gai?”

Hu Niangzi and the others were shocked.

“Brave Star Great Blade Guan Ying has been trapped by the Devil Star, and the Divine Weapon in her hand has been cast with the souls of Maiden Mountain’s Sisters. This One cannot abide. There is need to dispel the Devil Star and allow the souls of the Star Generals to return to Maiden Mountain. This One now asks you, Su Xing…Are you willing to turn Guan Ying over to This One to handle. Of course, if you hand her over to This One, the Brave Star’s Starfall power and Five Star Great Blade are not obtainable to you.” Chao Gai spoke, every word full of an unending Buddhist aura, sounding pleasant and unable to be refused.

Su Xing shook his head: “This thing is completely for Niangzi to determine.”

Hu Niangzi did not expect that Su Xing would leave this decision to her. She hesitated for a moment, and then she immediately nodded her head.

Compared to killing Guan Ying, Hu Niangzi cared more about being able to save her Sisters.

Chao Gai was not surprised. If it was any other Star Master, they probably would not give up on the chief of the Five Tigers’ Crimson Star power and the Five Star Great Blade, even if they were to die. However, as for Su Xing, she knew this man completely could not be assessed with the three words Descended Star Cultivator.

“Brave Star Guan Ying, you are transforming into the Devil Star. Are you willing to withdraw from the Star Duels and enter This One’s Pagoda for refinement?” Chao Gai asked her.

“So long as the other Little Sisters can be saved, This General can sacrifice anything.” Guan Ying used the last of her strength to say this.

“This is even better.” Chao Gai waved her hand. The Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Thousand Pagoda flew out. The nine-storey pagoda released nine rays of light, displaying all sorts of gods and buddhas, the chanting of sutras and brahmanistic verse. She revealed the Pure Land of bliss. Compared to the endless light of the Five Dragons Lantern, this Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Thousand Pagoda’s Buddhist light was even more awe-inspiring. 

Guan Ying was sucked in by the Thousand Pagoda’s Buddhist light. The black qi over her whole body suddenly turned menacing, brandishing claws and fangs, extremely painful. Chao Gai merely scoffed, formed a hand seal, and the Buddhist light glowed brighter, enveloping the Devil Star.1

Hu Niangzi watched dumbstruck at Chao Gai’s powers. Although she had heard of Thousand Buddha Star Chao Gai’s might, she never thought that she was this powerful, suppressing the terrible Devil Star with just one move.

Su Xing was just able to see God.

Just at this moment, Gongsun Huang suddenly leaned, pointing her Pinebrand Ancient Sword at the sky.

A formless forbiddance opened.

Hundreds of Flying Swords of linked water and fire were completely blocked.

“The General of Sacred Water and the General of Holy Fire, the Sikong Sisters truly can pick their timing.” Su Xing turned around, smiling in exhaustion.

Sikong Chuhe and Sikong Dangniu.

Ever since Sikong Chuhe and Sikong Dangniu were defeated by Su Xing, they always thought of finding an opportunity to approach the Nine Dragons Palace. Afterwards, they heard that Shi Jinglun already had several Star Generals before they dismissed the idea. If they actually went, their foe probably would have already been taken.

Afterwards, Sikong Chuhe decided to tail Su Xing and see just what he was up to.

Three Star Generals and one Star Master, any cultivator would have felt this was fishy. Afterwards, they lost track of Su Xing, but that golden light that illuminated the entire Nine Hells naturally drew them over. By the time the baleful aura of the Nine Hells completely vanished, only then did the Sikong Sisters arrive.

Not surprisingly, that Star Master indeed had gone through a battle, unexpectedly without a bit of strength left. The most irascible little sister, Sikong Dangniu, naturally did not want to miss this opportunity. A Star Master without Star Energy would be unable to replenish the lost Star Energy of his Star General.

However, Sikong Dangniu’s sneak attack was interfered by Gongsun Huang before it could start.

“Hm, hm. Killing you while you’re sick, ever hear of that?” Sikong Dangniu said, unperturbed. Her General of Holy Fire Wei Ranxin gripped the Phoenix Reincarnation Saber and attacked.

However, before she attacked.

Suddenly, the tranquil Endless Pool’s seawater surged with a wave. A water spout shot into the sky.

The Sikong Sisters were startled. Before the General of Sacred Water and the General of Holy Fire could understand what was happening, a fire dragon rushed out of the ocean. With water on one side, and fire on the other, they pressed towards one another.

“Boatman Zhang Heng, White Stripe in the Waves Zhang Shun.”

Sikong Chuhe said in bewilderment.

A completely red burning whale breached the ocean’s surface along with a pale white python. The two women on the beasts had a saber that released flame and a ring that conjured white waves.

They very easily recognized these two Star Generals.

“He, hey, we Sisters found this one first, do you want to interfere?” General of Holy Fire Wei Ranxin said in annoyance.

“And so what?” Zhang Feiyu chuckled: “General of Holy Fire, I, Feiyu, actually want to see just how powerful your Holy Fire is.”

Xi Yue pointed, and Flying Swords flew up.

Sikong Chuhe broke them down. She tenderly said: “Would it not be better for us to unite to kill this Star Master first. He has Gongsun Huang, and we must not be careless.” The bright girl attempted to remind the newcomers that now was not the time to argue amongst themselves. Even if they were to squabble, that would have to wait until the other side Starfell first. For them to first be ruined while they were still in top condition actually would give the others an edge.

Sikong Chuhe planned well, but how could she have known the relationship between Su Xing and the Zhang Sisters.

Zhang Feiyu laughed aloud: “That’s my little sister’s husband. Why would I want to kill him?”


“All Rivers Reach Seas!”

White Stripe in the Waves Zhang Yuqi activated the White Water Mirror Heart.

The waves were sucked and formed into a powerful vortex.

A gale swelled. The Sikong Sisters and their Star Generals each wobbled incessantly.

“Careful.” Shan Meng’er gripped her spear, raising a wall of mist.

Wei Ranxin also held her Phoenix Saber aloft. A clump of Phoenix Flames coiled around her body, protecting her like an impenetrable defense. The General of Sacred Water and General of Holy Fire were top-notch magic Star Generals, particularly in their control of water and fire that was brought to the point of perfection.

But this terrain was maritime, which was undoubtedly an even greater advantage to a Water General like the White Stripe in the Waves. The seawaters were stirred, turning into an unstoppable weapon. Gongsun Huang also gripped her Pinebrand Ancient Sword like a tiger eyeing its prey. 

The girls looked at each other. From the looks in their eye, their disbelief was obvious.

What was this situation?

Why would the Zhang Sisters help a Star Master. This was too baffling. Could it be they planned to repel them, then become fishermen that claimed the snipe and clam.

The thought flashed through their minds.

The Sikong Sisters naturally knew further fighting would not have any good results. Sikong Dangniu was furious. “Elder Sister…”

Sikong Chuhe inwardly blamed these Star Generals for being very impulsive. The girl delicately glanced at her younger sister. Sikong Dangniu understood tacitly. The two girls formed a hand seal.

A sword appeared over each of their heads.

One was white and one was red, one was open and the other was closed. 

One glittered with indeterminate white light, flicking out sword-light like a snowy mountain snake flicking out its tongue. It shimmered endlessly, and at its longest, the light unexpectedly reached three zhang

The red sword was similar, its whole body flame-like, limpid and transparent.

One of the swords was shaped like a dragon, and the other had a white snake coiled on it. The cold qi was dense, and there was also vermilion seals on the hilts, every sort of script for suppressing demons.

The moment they emerged, they showed unordinary might.

“Yin Yang Twin Swords?”

Su Xing recognized these two swords were astonishingly Prehistoric Spirit Treasures from just a glance. This treasure was Yin and Yang in one body, like the Intertwined Branch Swords, only able to display its use with two people. The Yin Yang Twin Swords were number eleven on the Spirit Sealing List, however, the twin swords merged together was not so simple as one plus one.

Furthermore, seeing the Sikong Sisters unexpectedly wanted the Yin Yang Twin Swords to handle the encirclement of the Zhang Sisters, Su Xing was somewhat impressed that the enemy’s thoughts were honestly so vicious.

Sikong Chuhe was definitely an intelligent girl. Quiet and calm on the outside, fine as hair on the inside, she understood the general situation, knew the basics. She realized that Su Xing could possibly be the strong foe of the Star Duels, so she knew she could not show mercy. Now that Su Xing’s magic energy was completely drained, without even the strength to use the Purple Rose Jade Pendant, he was practically like a sitting duck. How could Sikong Chuhe pass up such a good opportunity.

The Yin Yang Twin Swords shot out a white and red sword-qi. The sound of thunder and splendid light twisted in the sky. Sparks swirled in the sky, just like fireworks, drawing a dragon and a python to dodge the pincer attack.

Gongsun Huang released Star Magic, yet it was easily shattered by the Twin Swords.

“Look out!” Xi Yue and the others shouted.

Bright Star Hu Niangzi blocked in front of Su Xing, tightly gripping her double sabers to meet it. Her expression did not waver at all.

“This time, allow Niangzi to protect Dear Husband.”

Hu Niangzi’s voice was like jewels falling onto a plate, crisp and pleasant to listen to.

“Thinking of stopping our Prehistoric Spirit Treasure?” Sikong Dangniu laughed. The Sisters had perfect tacit coordination. This treasure’s psychic communication was enough to leave Star Generals feeling inferior.

The two girls struck hand seals.

The Yin Yang Twin Swords crisscrossed and fell.

Hu Niangzi grunted. Her hands rose, and the double sabers fell on nothing.

Golden Wind and Morning Dew slashed out two crescents2 of magnificent light that struck down the Yin Yang Twin Swords. The light did not stop, flashing by.

Before the Sikong party could see clearly, they sensed that radiance breaking towards them. Not only did it destroy the Yin Yang Twin Swords, the Water and Fire generals were struck into vomiting blood.

“How is this possible.” Sikong Chuhe was startled.

Looking to Hu Niangzi again at this time, she was even more stunning.

The Bright Star’s whole body was enshrouded in the radiance of a faint golden light and clear green light. This made the girl appear incomparably illusory, as if her beauty was not of this world.

“This is…” Su Xing felt his whole body well up with limitless warmth. The golden and green lights similarly circulated over her body. As the contractor of the Bright Star, Su Xing’s mind suddenly understood.

“Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Skill.”

Everyone was shocked.

“When Autumn’s Golden Wind Embraces Jade Dew!!”3

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  1. I’ve said this elsewhere, but this was basically 108 Maidens’ mini Naruto arc, starring Hu Niangzi as Sasuke, Chao Gai as Itachi, and Guan Ying as Pain Nagato.
  2. Gestusga-Tensho! 😀
  3. 金風玉露一相逢, and so the true name of Hu Niangzi’s saber is revealed. Going forward, instead of translating it as Morning Dew, I’ll be going with Jade Dew.


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    1. They’re unlocked when a certain bond level has been reached. Wu Siyou is deeply in love with Su Xing (even if she won’t admit it) and the Xie twins have bonds with each other and Lady Snake Scorpion. Hu Niangzi’s love for Su Xing has reached the requisite level to unlock the technique.

      1. Shouldnt star general be unable to use prehistoric treasures? Or am i remembering it wrong i thought that the author stated that star general cannot use prehistoric weapon.

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      The excuse she used to show up, however, is very clear. By Maiden Mountain’s rules, a Star Maiden’s soul is to return once she is killed. However, there was nothing against using the soul as enhancement material as long as the Star General using it was still in the game. But now that Guan Ying wants to quit, Chao Gai has to show up and solve the situation since no one there can remove it.

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