Chapter 600: “Lifelong Pledge”

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“The Headmaster will not attend this Alliance of Ten Conference?”

Su Xing was considerably surprised when he heard Ju Yueke’s answer. Ever since the Alliance of Ten was formed in the Azure Dragon Territory, countless sects sustained heavy injuries for this reason as they strived to obtain a position in the Alliance of Ten. To become one of the Azure Dragon’s Alliance of Ten, no matter the sect’s location in the Azure Dragon Territory, they would receive promotion as well as every sort of salary that was beyond normal levels. For example, the Most High Path, head of the Azure Dragon Territory’s sects, enjoyed every sort of benefit.

The four heads of the Four Spirit Peaks thought the same as Su Xing.

“Senior Su Xing, you must advise the Headmaster. This is but a Heaven bestowed opportunity for a resurgence of the Four Styles School.” Fire Spirit Peak’s chief, Ruan Hongde, solemnly used this honorific.

“He is right. Not only can this Alliance of Ten Conference redetermine the Azure Dragon Territory’s Ten Sects, every property under the Most High Path’s name will be redistributed. If we miss this, that will be too pitiful. Senior Su Xing, please advise the Headmaster.”

“Yes, Senior Su Xing has been greatly favorable to this sect. The Headmaster will definitely listen to you.”

The group of leaders each anxiously urged Su Xing. After the Crystal Dragon Palace, the Azure Dragon Territory’s number one Most High Path could be said to be that only in name. Although the Most High Path still had numerous powerful Supercluster Late Stages standing guard, three of its Four Great Elders had already died, and the remaining Northern Darkness Has Fish had capitulated to the White Tiger’s Demonkin. Now, there were even rumors in the Azure Dragon Territory that cultivators on the level of Emperor Liang were preparing to break down the Most High Path’s power.1

One thing for sure was that in the Alliance of Ten Conference, the Clear Void Most High Path of old would inevitably be expelled.

“Senior, there is no need to be so polite with Your Servant. Just call my name.” Su Xing said: “As for the Alliance of Ten Conference, I will speak with the Headmaster, but I heard that to enter the Azure Dragon Territory’s Ten Sects, there is a requirement of one Supervoid Cultivator guarding the sect in order to join the Four Sword Sects?” Su Xing remembered that the Four Styles School’s highest Headmaster Daoist Master Xuan Tian was no more than Supercluster Late Stage.

Ju Yueke slightly smiled: “This is due to your Life Extending Flat Peach, Su Xing. Not only has it saved the Headmaster’s life, it has allowed the Headmaster to break through the Supercluster Late Stage bottleneck. This is not unforeseen. In two days, the Headmaster can leave seclusion.”

“So this was the case.” Su Xing understood: “However, Master, why does the Headmaster not want to attend the Alliance of Ten Conference? Is this not a good opportunity?”

“It is because of Falling Blossom Ghost Kingdom.” Ju Yueke shook her head.

“What is happening with the Falling Blossom Ghost Kingdom?”

“Do you remember when you first entered the school, Master mentioned to you matters concerning the Falling Blossom Ghost Kingdom?”

Su Xing nodded. The Falling Blossom Ghost Kingdom had a very famous Ghost Martial Cultivator who was unmatched. The deepest thing in his memory was that Fire Eastern Island was situated at the throat of the Falling Blossom Ghost Kingdom’s route into the Azure Dragon Territory. Because of this, only the Four Styles School persisted after the destruction of the ancient Nine Dragons Great Sect.

“Can it be that the Falling Blossom Ghost Kingdom wants to seize a chance to invade the Azure Dragon Territory during this turmoil?” Su Xing pondered and actually thought that this was possible. The White Tiger’s Demonkin appearing on stage made the Most High Path’s number one ancestral master defect. If they truly eyed the Azure Dragon Territory like a tiger eyes its prey, it was not impossible they would ally with the Falling Blossom Ghost Kingdom to invade while the Azure Dragon Territory was still at the end of its rope.

“The Falling Blossom Ghost Kingdom specially cultivates in a type of Ghost Path sword chant.” Ju Yueke said: “Some time ago, the Falling Blossom Ghost Kingdom’s ghost-qi suddenly magnified, and the Four Styles School particularly sensed it. This clearly demonstrates that the Falling Blossom Ghost Kingdom has someone that cultivated the Ghost Path Sword Art to its peak. This is a dangerous sign. And I have investigated that several island nations around the thousand li of the Falling Blossom Ghost Kingdom have nearly a hundred black warships. I fear that the Falling Blossom Ghost Kingdom is already finished preparing.” 

“En, the Ghost Path Sword Chant’s completion is but a catastrophe. Several dozen years ago, the Ghost Cavalry King led a slaughter in all directions, and in the end, he was sealed thank to Emperor Liang’s plan.” The other heads spoke in deep worry.

“So the Headmaster has ordered the Four Styles School to enter seclusion for the next few months, to guard Fire Eastern Island with full power. There is no possibility to join the Alliance of Ten Conference.”

“Senior Yueke, Hongde shall say this. If the Four Styles School can become one of the Azure Dragon’s Ten Sects, then protecting Fire Eastern Island can be much easier. Once the Ghost Path’s Sword Saint appears, our Four Styles School will be in an inauspicious position. With just us alone, it will be difficult to resist them.”

“But if we go attend the Alliance of Ten Conference, the Ghost Kingdom can seize the gap to invade. The Four Styles School will suffer a disastrous drowning. The Headmaster cannot bear this loss.”

As the group argues, Su Xing was continually in deep thought after he heard Ju Yueke’s words.

“Su Xing, what do you think?” Ju Yueke could see that Su Xing was thinking and believed he had an idea.

“Headmaster’s worries are logical, but not attending the Alliance of Ten Conference is nevertheless a bit regrettable.” Su Xing said.

Ju Yueke sighed: “Master understands. The Alliance of Ten Conference is held once every fifty years. There were changes this time only because of the Most High Path’s betrayal, and Senior Brother Xuan Tian has finally entered Supervoid Stage. Next time, who knows what changes there will be.”

“Exactly. Junior Brother Su Xing is also Supervoid cultivation. If you can help take action for our Sect, the Four Styles School can possibly become the Four Styles Palace.” Ruan Hongde restrained his excitement. This was why they were so determined to go attend the Alliance of Ten Conference. To have the Four Styles School encounter another peerless genius Supervoid Cultivator was simply once in a century.

“If this is the case, I can introduce my wife. Her cultivation has also reached Supervoid, and she can lend Headmaster a hand.” Su Xing thought of Xi Yue. For the Four Styles School to manifest three Supervoid Cultivators, even across the Azure Dragon Territory’s Ten Great Sects this was a rare sight.

Everyone was delighted, not daring to believe this as they asked: “Does Junior Brother Su Xing actually have a Supervoid Cultivator wife?”

“En, I shall go back and speak with her.” Su Xing nodded.

The seniors present cupped their fists in worship, and even Ju Yueke felt lightheaded. As far as the Four Styles School was concerned, to have two Supervoid Cultivators emerge in an instant nearly made them faint.

“However, we should still wait for Headmaster to emerge from seclusion, then discuss.” Ju Yueke calmed down: “Everything follows Headmaster’s decision!”

“Disciple understands.”

After discussing a while longer, Su Xing found an excuse to take his leave first. When he left the main hall, Tang Lianxin was sitting on a stairway, meticulously recording notes. When she heard footsteps, Tang Lianxin rose and welcomed him: “Elder Brother, what is happening with the Four Styles School”?”

“There are things to do, let’s go back and talk.” Su Xing smiled. He held Tang Lianxin’s soft body and used an escape technique, suddenly vanishing from the plaza.

Su Xing returned to the place he lived in at the Four Styles School – into the Mirror Flower Stream hut.

Lin Yingmei, Wu Xinjie, Wu Siyou, Xi Yue and the others were busy with their own matters. When they saw Su Xing return, they immediately inquired with him. Su Xing then explained the Four Styles Hall’s situation from beginning to end.

“Ghost Path Sword Saint? The Four Styles School surprisingly has such a large problem.” Xi Yue sighed: “So long as This Wife2 can help Sir, then This Wife is dutybound.”

“Don’t worry about this yet. I actually have a plan right now.” Su Xing said.

“Young Master, what do you want to do?” Lin Yingmei apparently caught on to the scent of danger.

“I want to take a trip to the Falling Blossom Ghost Kingdom.” Su Xing said.

“Elder Brother, what are you going to the Ghost Kingdom to do?” Tang Lianxin was confused.

“I see you want to act cool and go face the Ghost Path Sword Saint.” Hua Wanyue disdainfully twitched her lips.

“The Ghost Path Sword Saint won’t be easy to handle. Rumor is that the Ghost Path Sword Saint cultivated to the limit and possesses an immortal body. Before, the Vermilion Bird Territory’s Ghost Cavalry King of the Ghoul Clan had cultivated this Ghost Path Sword Chant to achieve great renown in the world. The Ghost’s Godsbane in his hand was hailed as a divine weapon of the Ghost Path, extremely formidable.” Wu Xinjie said. She suddenly thought of something and looked at Su Xing in slight astonishment, blinking: “Could it be that Young Lord is thinking of…”

“That’s right.” Su Xing confirmed Wu Xinjie’s thinking.

Because the Ghost Cavalry King’s cultivation was greatly diminished, he had finally perished under Yan Yizhen’s Three Arrows Lethal Crossbow, and that Ghost’s Godsbane wound up in Su Xing’s hands. Originally, Su Xing wanted to cultivate this formidable weapon, but just touching it was like having ten thousand demons devour his soul. He was completely unable to cultivate it and gave up. Now, since he heard that the Falling Blossom Ghost Kingdom had someone who practiced the Ghost Path Sword Chant to its peak, Su Xing wanted to find an opportunity to turn the Ghost’s Godsbane to his own use at the same time.

Although Su Xing currently possessed the powerful fighting talent of the average Star General, unlike a Star General, he did not possess a Destined Star Weapon to call his own. In battle, this was a great detriment, and the sword chant formed from Flying Swords had no way of assuming the functions of normal weapons. Thus, Su Xing wanted to refine this “Ghost’s Godsbane.” Maybe he could not refine an immortal body, but at least he could practice it to perfection.

Everyone was deep in thought. In the end, the beauties stared at each other, feeling this was somewhat logical.

“Then Your Servant shall accompany Young Master.”

“No can do, this time, I order you to stay in the Immortal’s Abode and properly recover.” Su Xing did not hesitate to decline.

The battle at the Crystal Dragon Palace had been a few days ago. Lin Yingmei’s battle strength was far from completely recovered, and Su XIng did not want to make the girls too fatigued.

Hu Niangzi said: “To allow Dear Husband to go to the Ghost Kingdom alone, Niangzi is unable to be at ease. Please forgive Niangzi for this disobedience.”

“En.” Lin Yingmei also showed exceptional determination.

“Wives, your Dear Husband is not so useless.” Su Xing smiled: “If you insist on going, then I can only give up going to the Ghost Kingdom.” He shook his head, a compromising attitude.

Lin Yingmei’s heart could not bear this. Having been with Su Xing for so long, how could she not know that Su Xing’s personality liked being in the face of danger. Now that he was thinking of giving up an adventure for their sake, the Majestic Star’s heart was choked up.

“Allow Your Concubine to accompany Lord Husband.” Wu Siyou slowly said.

Everyone placed their gazes on the cool and elegant Pilgrim. Only then did they remember that she and Su Xing signed a thousand year contract that day in the Crystal Dragon Palace. Now, this was the perfect situation, and perhaps no one would dare doubt the Harm Star Pilgrim Wu Song’s capabilities.

Wu Xinjie smiled: “Then let us allow Siyou to accompany Lord Husband.” Then, the Knowledge Star winked ambiguously to the other Sisters that wanted to speak.

The other Sisters understood. Wu Siyou and Su Xing had just signed a contract, and they needed to find time to allow the two of them to adapt to each other alone.

“Ugh, okay. Sister Siyou and Su Xing signed a contract, let’s just treat it as their honeymoon.” Shi Yuan stuck out her tongue.

“Young Lord, how do you feel?” Wu Xinjie smiled.

Su Xing knew that ever since the overlords appeared, to allow him to be on his own, the girls would never be relaxed. “Of course there’s no problem, but this is a bit unfair to you.”

“As long as Young Lord remembers us in his heart, that will do. In the future, you must remember to compensate the Sisters.” Wu Xinjie chuckled.

Su Xing thought that he did owe them too much, especially the Shaqing who was far away in the Buddha Kingdom. After their contract, they had continually not been in contact. Although the time in the Star Duels was pressing, he still wanted to do something for them.

“Siyou, you must properly attend to Young Lord on our behalf.” Wu Xinjie deliberately used a very ambiguous tone when she said “properly attend.”

Wu Siyou’s face blushed slightly and nodded.

Hua Wanyue had originally wanted to say something, but seeing this scene, she knew that her speaking up would only make her an eyesore. And seeing Su Xing talk and laugh with Lin Yingmei and all the Sisters, their scene of joy and harmony, suddenly Hua Wanyue felt that she was an extra person.

“Wanyue, then I’Il leave this place to you.”

Just as Hua Wanyue was slightly preoccupied, she suddenly heard a resounding voice speak to her.

Hua Wanyue returned to her senses. Seeing Su Xing’s confidence in her, she could not help but subconsiously nod, “You had best not allow Siyou feel annoyed. I still want to personally fight you.” Hua Wanyue coldly snorted, stern.

“For the sake of our agreement, Wanyue, I will live not matter what.” Su Xing guaranteed seriously.

Hua Wanyue nodded, but she immediately thought that this agreement sounded strange. As it turned out, it felt as if they had made a lifelong pledge. Of course, what was even stranger was that Hero Star Hua Wanyue’s heart unexpectedly was not angry like before. She was even somewhat eager.

This is not encouraging.

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  1. Break down as in breaking down a company.
  2. 賤內 Xi Yue’s very humble self-address.


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