Chapter 620: Crossing Swords

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Wang Lun?

That original leader of Liangshan that had been slain by Lin Chong’s spear had surprisingly manifested so savagely in this woman. Su Xing’s heart bled. The Four Symbols Seal was but his most favorite magic weapon. Normally, even against enemies he did not need to spend too much Star Energy to summon the four Holy Beast True Spirits. This time, knowing the might of Star World, Su Xing had specifically pushed hard, but the gods had determined to sabotage his plans.

This full power activation of the Four Symbols Seal had instead been easily smashed by Wang Lun’s staff.

“Lady truly is skilled in martial arts. Your Servant is Su Xing. In the future, Your Servant shall ask for guidance, but we shall take our leave now.” Su Xing wryly smiled, cupped his fist in salutation, showing a wholehearted expression. As he spoke, he moved towards Hua Wanyue. Seeing that Wang Lun had broken his magic weapon so easily, Su Xing had no more interest in wasting time on her.

I’d better leave this Wang Lun to Yingmei.

Wang Lun easily swung the staff around. A ray of killing intent cracked like a whip, stunningly splitting the galaxy neatly between Su Xing and Hua Wanyue. The woman disdainfully said: “If you wish to leave, then please leave by yourself.”

“No hard feelings?” Su Xing said.

She swept her gaze over them, the corner of her lips curling: “This is the rule of the Double Sevens. Star Generals are unable to cross this bridge of magpies.”

“What kind of rule is this?” Su Xing’s voice sunk. The Double Sevens had only this one exit. If it did not allow passage for Star Generals, then they would undoubtedly be trapped in this place.

“The Double Sevens’ rule!” Wang Lun loftily said.

“Now, Your Servant shall give you two choices. The first, you leave on your own, and Your Servant shall not make things difficult for you. The second choice, you can play the hero, and then you will die under Your Servant’s staff.” Wang Lun slightly smiled, twirling her staff in one hand. She spoke with a resounding voice, confident and easygoing. She did not treat Su Xing and Hua Wanyue as opponents at all.

Su Xing knew that she indeed had the qualifications to be this confident, but to destroy the Prehistoric Supreme Grade Spirit Treasure in one strike, even a top-notch Star General could only achieve this with True Phoenix Realm levels of martial force. However, they would not necessarily achieve this as easily she did.

There was a burst of anger in Su Xing’s heart. He thought to himself that he had naively stepped in dog shit, to unexpectedly bump into a Star General of the legendary Star World. There had never been a more shitty person in Liangshan Continent’s thousands of years.”

“Su Xing, you leave first. I can handle this place.” Seeing Su Xing was caught in a difficult situation, Hua Wanyue spoke from her side of the galaxy, “This place is the Double Sevens. Star Generals enter this world to train their martial arts. You do not need to worry about Me.”

These words sounded even more like she wanted to give Su Xing an excuse to leave that would assuage his conscience. How could Su Xing not understand what she was thinking of. Wang Lun had shattered the Four Symbols Seal in one blow. If they actually clashed against this level of martial force, the two of them completely lacked any chance of victory. If this was the case, they might as well be direct.

Su Xing thought over and over, but he had no choice but to acquiesce: “Then, Wanyue, I’ll be going first.”

Wang Lun’s eyes showed a slightly taunting expression.

“En, go then…” When Hua Wanyue heard this, her heart immediately seemed to feel relief. He was honestly afraid Su Xing would impulsively and stubbornly face off against Wang Lun. This provided no benefits to either of them; however, it was obvious thinking it over carefully. Su Xing had millennial martial generals like Lin Yingmei and Wu Siyou, twelve beautiful contracted existence defiant of the natural order. Even if he was any more hornier than he was, he understood gains and losses.

Dying for her sake.

Not worth it!

These three words suddenly made Hua Wanyue’s heart somewhat sour. She watched Su Xing helplessly walk towards the magpie bridge, and an unprecedented feeling of disappointment appeared in her heart.

“This is the choice a mature Star Master ought to make.” Wang Lun nodded in satisfaction. Seeing Su Xing leave towards the magpie bridge, she placed her gaze on Hua Wanyue once more. Just as she was about to speak, all of a sudden, a fragrant wind gusted, and flower petals attacked.

A dazzling flower garden of myriad purples and reds sprung up in her surroundings.

A unique scent invaded, and a baleful aura attacked.


Wang Lun was taken aback. She turned her back in astonishment to find that the man who was previously upon the magpie bridge in dejection was now revolting. A gorgeous Dragon Sparrow Broadsword rolled a powerful fragrant killing intent towards her. Su Xing had changed from his previous helplessness, his eyes bursting with killing intent so terrifying, it moved even her.

Earth Rank Saber Technique!

“Clothes Full Of Flower Fragrance!!”

Su Xing swung the saber. Myriad scents and this abrupt Earth Rank caught Wang Lun by surprise, but the woman’s reactions were indeed fierce. The saber-wind directly attacked her chest, and the White Jade Red Luan Staff in her hand caught the blow.

Saber and staff clashed.

Wang Lun was repelled by this slash, and the wonderful silk binding her was torn open with a red hole. Blood and underwear mixed, but compared to the wound on her body, Wang Lun was even more shocked at Su Xing’s counterattack.

“Wanyue.” Su Xing’s full power slash left him gasping for breath. A Star General’s Earth Rank Technique was too powerful, as expected. Even with his unmatched Star Nest, his abnormal Divine Intent, and his unfathomable Star Energy, he nearly was unable to continue.

Hua Wanyue promptly drew her bow and fired the Ten Thousand Li God Killing Arrow.

Wang Lun shouted furiously, smashing the Ten Thousand Li God Killing Arrow with her staff, then once again obstructed the magpie bridge, staring at Su Xing with a pondering, ice-cold glare. 

“You despicable fuck, surprisingly exploiting Your Servant’s good intentions.”

“That was certainly rude, but who let Your Distinguished Self bully people using Star World’s influence.” Su Xing shrugged.

Wang Lun laughed: “Your Servant thought you were very mature, but Your Servant never expected you to be so childish. Do you think a sneak attack can defeat Your Servant?” Although she had been struck by the Earth Rank, the Scholar in a White Robe still maintained a lofty gracefulness and grandeur that not only did not weaken, it instead became even more oppressive because of the blood dripping from her sword wound.

“Su Xing, you really should not be so impulsive.” Hua Wanyue’s expression was conflicted.

Su Xing smiled: “No need to worry. If we actually fight, Wang Lun inevitably can easily kill me.” Seeing Hua Wanyue was still concerned, he directly said to Wang Lun: “Wang Lun, think carefully. Your fright just now was feigned.”

“Was feigned?” Wang Lun gripped the staff in her hand, her brows rising.

“You had me use my strongest magic weapon, yet you downplayed its destruction in one strike. Your martial arts are indeed extraordinary. Perhaps even a Supervoid Peak Cultivator would be afraid. But thinking over this carefully, you deliberately did so to threaten me, to make me escape the Double Sevens in fear, isn’t that right?” Su Xing indifferently smiled, “That attack looked powerful, but in fact, you secretly should have used much of your strength to do so, thus…Your Servant feels there is no harm in fighting a bout against you. After all, I was taught by none other than my wife, the Majestic Star.”

“You do not fear that I will kill you?”

“I accept your killing intent!”

Wang Lun’s heart was astonished. This man’s eyesight was surprisingly so keen to have guessed things so accurately.

No mistake.

The Double Sevens’ final trial tested what choice the Star Master would make when Star General and Star Master were faced with overwhelming power, so Wang Lun from the very beginning made Su Xing activate his strongest magic weapon, and then she would use her long already fully charged finishing technique to smash it in one strike. On the surface, she appeared very easygoing, but it in fact consumed much of her strength. At the very least, against Su Xing’s sneak attack, she could only barely block it, leaving her with a slight cut.

But…But to be able to maintain this clarity under such domineering intimidation, Wang Lun herself thought this was unbelievable.

For a time, she stared at Su Xing, surprisingly speechless.

If Scholar in a White Robe was like this, Hua Wanyue need not be mentioned.

Staring tongue-tied at Su Xing leisurely chatting away, even the Hero Star of extremely clear eyesight was unable to perceive the particular details of this. That fully self-confident vigor made Hua Wanyue have an indescribable feeling of safety. This must be that feeling of the heavens sending him to help her.

“This man of yours has courage.”

Wang Lun licked her chapped lips, showing a very alluring smile.

“Your Servant has decided to have you stay here with Your Servant in the Double Sevens.”

“Sorry, I still have a lot of wives waiting for me to return to them.” Su Xing waved his hand, and his Flying Swords all spun at the same time. “Wanyue, prepare to leave with me, and don’t be too careless.”

Hua Wanyue nodded, recovering her composure. She shot Wang Lun a lightning-quick glance.

“The Double Sevens originally should not have allowed you to reunite. You truly have destroyed this aesthetic.” Wang Lun wrinkled her brow as she watched Su Xing and Hua Wanyue remain together, “Su Xing, you have indeed made Your Servant gain a whole new level of respect for you…But you have miscalculated one thing…”


“This Lady is indeed very strong.”

Her laugh pierced the wind, and her white robes fluttered.

Wang Lun swung her staff at the pair, forming a series of staff-shadows, like tidals waves covering the world.

“Watch this.”

“High Love Deep Hatred!!!”1

The White Horse Highlands sunk into an unprecedented silence.

Several million gazes watched the arena with bated breath.

Ever since the greatest genius in the current Azure Dragon Territory seized control of the Great Liang Dynasty, this was the first challenge he had faced in a very long time. Several decades ago, Emperor Liang’s cultivation was already unfathomable. Now, it had reached a stage of perfection. Each cultivator was eager to see what brilliant masterpiece the greatest emperor would display.

In fact, Emperor Liang was stunning to everyone.

Old Pig did not underestimate this ruler who used imperial power to suppress countless sects, and neither did he dare look down on the one who was the first to unleash the Imperial Qi of the True Dragon Bloodline. In his mind, he already had countless practice battles, and this also made Old Pig’s expression have an unprecedented concentration.

Emperor Liang’s Seventy-two Outer Void Flying Immortals Swords were summoned. Seventy-two absolutely beautiful sword spirits subdued everyone present with gorgeous sword postures. Old Pig pointed, and two rays of yellow light transformed into two yellow dragons, twisting in front and back.

They surprisingly clashed bluntly with the seventy-two sword spirits.

The yellow dragons roared, and the Heavenly Immortals Swords danced.

The scene was magnificent.

“Yellow Dragon Flying Swords?” Emperor Liang gasped in surprise. He could tell that these were indeed the lost, legendary Flying Swords, and the two yellow dragons they manifested were not so-called phantoms but genuine dragon spirits residing in the swords.

Originally believing Emperor Liang’s sword chant could win through overwhelming force, no one expected that this unremarkable, simplistic fatso’s Flying Sword abilities were so powerful, to have suppressed the Flying Swords that maniested sword spirits.

“Dragon fights in wilderness, its blood is dark and yellow!” Old Pig chanted.

Suddenly, the two yellow dragons expanded several sizes. Their yellow-light was glaring, illuminating the entire area. The might of the powerful dragon spirits swept over everyone, “Outer Void Flying Immortals, go!” Emperor Liang nodded.

The seventy-two Outer Void Immortals flew gracefully, each opening the Outer Void Sword Array, trapping the yellow dragons.

“Your Distinguished Self is truly an adept. This seems to be a sword chant ability imbued with a dragon spirit. We have not seen this in a very long time.” Emperor Liang smiled, “But it is still too early to be surprised.” 

Old Pig snapped his fingers.

The floor of the arena was uprooted. A large area of yellow dust suddenly rose. This yellow dust appeared like smoke, but they crackled with arcs of lightning like thunderclouds. All of the cultivators did not dare believe their eyes.

Earth Volume of the Five Spirits Heavenly Books.

Gentle Earth Divine Thunder!2

Author’s Note:

Finished writing at 12 o’ clock, but I can’t log on for the life of me.

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  1. 情天恨海, lit. love as high as the heavens, hatred as deep as the sea.
  2. 巽土神雷, finally, another one of the thunders appears

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