Chapter 622: Across The Milky Way, Crossing The Magpie Bridge, This Life Has Been Decided (Former)

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Brilliant starbursts splashed out of the heavenly river, and the brilliant ringing of weapons echoed around.

Above the endlessly beautiful galaxy, a man and woman flitted quickly about, “dancing” in the middle of the river.

The woman was dressed in thin silk and possessed a wonderful figure. Her inherently graceful body nevertheless emitted a powerful aggression.

“Watch this!!” Scholar in a White Robe Wang Lun had hardly finished speaking when the White Jade Red Luan Staff in her hand struck straight towards Su Xing.

The wind it brought gusted. Though Wang Lun waved her staff about as light as a feather, it was in fact heavy as Mount Tai upon striking a body. Each time considerably drained Su Xing’s defenses. If it was not for that Five Star Destined Weapon in his hand, to think of facing Wang Lun head on even with sufficient strength and weaponry would leave him at an inevitable disadvantage. How else could he have lasted more than a hundred bouts in this battle.

The two of them were very obviously experts at combat. Each exchange, each instant was potentially fatal. The whirling weapons and surrounding killing intent were like soaring dragon fangs crossing in midair. The river of stars split and cracked under each and every bit of their killing intent.

“Hè.” Scholar in a White Robe brows were already slightly furrowed, as if she was a bit incredulous that a single Star Master could last so long under her attacks. Her heart did not concede this at all, and she swung her staff once again.

The front of the staff suddenly became a thorough red, as if it was burning. Wherever it swept, not only did it make Su Xing feel scorching pain, even the hazy river of stars seemed to evaporate. The white-hot weapon brought with it a wave of heat, as if an incorporeal sword blade swung with metallic body itself to attack Su Xing.

This was Heart Burning With Anxiety!!

The Meditative Mind Lotus Flower blossomed in midair, inhibiting the staff’s burning strikes. Seizing his chance, Su Xing did not stop here. He roamed about, like a fierce tiger. His body stretched taut and launched. For as long as he could maintain the Dragon Sparrow Dew Long Saber, he would wield this Star Weapon to its limit with his full power.

A several dozen meter wide murderous aura shot out from the saber’s tip. It crisscrossed like two dragon fangs, launching directly towards Wang Lun.

The latter promptly withdrew, blocking with her staff. Then in the next instant, Su Xing waved the saber again. This time, Purple Mansion Immortal Thunder burst out from the fingers holding the saber. Five bolts of lightning menacingly cut off Wang Lun’s escape path. This time, the Purple Mansion Immortal Thunder broke through Wang Lun’s defenses without slowing at all.

This timely attack did not faze Scholar in a White Robe at all. In actuality, with the height of Wang Lun’s Realm, Su Xing’s pittance of realm and tricks were completely not worth a mention, though she praised Su Xing’s Purple Mansion Immortal Thunder. Her staff ripped space apart, and the Meditative Mind Lotus Flower protecting him became smithereens. Shadows of the staff blew Purple Mansion Immortal Thunder clean away, and the staff’s wind followed its assault immediately. Everything was integrated together, leaving no leeway.

Scholar in a White Robe had counterattacked in that instant.

Her excellent judgment and skill immediately made the Su Xing who had taken the initiative lack any better choice than to retreat and defend.

Seeing Su Xing withdraw, Wang Lun’s fighting intent sharply ignited. Her blood seemed to boil, and Wang Lun did not hesitate at all to dash over. The speed of her second swing could not be tracked by the naked eye. Su Xing dodged around with her, warding off each and every bit of pressure put against him. From time to time, the river of stars would be swept over by a sharp weapon, and then it would immediately let out a wretched ripping sound.

The glaring staff and the afterimages it brought jumped about dazzlingly in the galaxy. The Su Xing caught in the middle of the staff-shadows appeared just like he was pinned by the weight of a mountain, the light of the Dragon Sparrow Dew Long Saber in his hand growing weaker and weaker.

A second strike, third, and a fourth.

Each was even more fierce than the last.

Their power increased as fast as they struck.

Su Xing became even more grave.

Although he had Lin Yingmei’s Battle Doctrine Innate Skill and was thus capable of contending against a Star General, even if Lin Yingmei herself was here, perhaps they still would not be able to relax. Just as Wang Lun had said earlier, she was indeed very strong. She had only begun to get serious, but Su Xing was already sensing he was nearing his limit. For a Star Master to think of defeating her, Su Xing did not even consider this luxury at all.

Right now, Su Xing thought only of stalling Wang Lun as long as possible to buy Hua Wanyue a chance to cross the bridge of magpies, nothing else.

As for what would come after, Su Xing had never given it a thought.

Wang Lun’s attacks were as overwhelming as a tidal wave, and there were completely no gaps between her attacks. The raging flames on the staff bit wildly. Su Xing’s robes needed only to be grazed to instantly be destroyed by the invisible heat wave. Even the Hua Wanyue who was a certain distance away could feel stifled. It was easy to imagine how difficult it was for Su Xing to face this attack directly.

But if this was enough to make him surrender, then she was unavoidably looking down on Su Xing too much.

Even if the cold hair on his head was singed away, Su Xing would not mind in the slightest. A warrior who pursued the pinnacle of strength could not possibly react at all to this kind of threatening attack. Amidst the fast exchanges, Su Xing used beautiful footwork that could not easily be tracked. His figure evaded Wang Lun’s attacks like faint mist, inconceivably avoiding all of her attacks, surprisingly.

Suddenly, Wang Lun’s “Heart Burning With Anxiety” lost its usefulness.


Wang Lun stared in disbelief, not daring to believe her eyes.

The footwork Su Xing exhibited could not possibly be possessed by Liangshan Continent’s Star Masters. Their body techniques simply could only dream of evading the attacks of a top-notch Star General.

Seizing upon the instant that Wang Lun’s mind wandered as she stabbed fiercely, Su Xing used Light Smoke Dance Steps to flash behind the woman and attack. The Dragon Sparrow Dew Long Saber flared with its final flames, trailing like ribbons. He merely raised it just a bit, and then bone-chilling cold wrapped around his whole body.

Dark Technique.

Sparrow Drinks Winter Spring!!

But before this cold-light could taste blood, Wang Lun’s staff counterattacked. Su Xing’s heart was glum. Wang Lun was at least already True Phoenix Realm. If she was guarded, to take advantage of her was actually too difficult.

Following the staff’s high-speed spin, the white and red staff no longer drew straight lines, but it became countless different trajectories. Then, she showed a complacent sneer. Wang Lun suddenly appeared in front of Su Xing. In one hand, she twisted the White Jade Red Luan Staff. The staff shadows drew arc after arc in the air with extremely high speed, constricting Su Xing’s arms, torso, even his whole body like a whirlwind.

In just a moment, his insufferably arrogant defenses were ripped to shreds by the sharp ray the staff brought. Su Xing’s expression turned stern. This attack was far outside of his expectations. The perceptive man very quickly realized that defending would only bring him death, so he promptly stepped back.

Superb judgment saved Su Xing’s life.

Mountain-toppling killing intent twisted from behind him. It could be described as a zone of absolute death.

Su Xing’s Divine Intent moved. The twelve tottering Heavenly Abyss formed an impenetrable wall at the last moment. At the same time, the staff swung down. It had first completely destroyed the Meditative Mind Lotus Flower, and now it immediately charged Heavenly Abyss like a tidal wave.

“Please surrender to Your Servant’s staff!!”

Wang Lun’s lofty voice echoed.

Then, Su Xing suddenly felt Heavenly Abyss shake.

The Flying Swords forged of the Black Turtle Divine Iron that was hailed as the unstoppable strongest defense instantly cracked.

Bang, bang, bang.

Heavenly Abyss was nearly scattered upon sustaining this blow, “I was waiting for you!”

Su Xing shouted, dispersing Heavenly Abyss. The Dragon Sparrow Dew Long Saber in hsi hand had already vanished, swapping to an already manifested pair of gloves.

“Heaven And Earth Inverted Boxing Gloves?”

Wang Lun was taken aback.

Su Xing’s figure shifted, and a blur swept forth. His fists became dragons, but Wang Lun jeered at this man’s stupidity. Although a Star Master could use the techniques of a Star Weapon, he did not know his knowledge of it only barely scraped the surface. To her, this was not threatening in the least. 

But immediately, Wang Lun realized she was wrong.

Continuous punches attacked. This was not as simple as learning that barely scraped the surface. Wang Lun used her staff to break the attack, but Su Xing’s boxing was nevertheless full of technique, surprisingly not inferior at all to the weapon she held in her hand. Wang Lun suffered several punches and then swept her leg. Immediately, her hands gripped the staff tightly, and she jumped, smashing the staff downwards.

Finally, Su Xing’s punches used Monster Strength to heavily break through Wang Lun’s staff, striking the woman’s stomach. Similarly, Wang Lun’s swing smashed against Su Xing’s body, shattering his scapula, causing Su Xing excruciating pain.

The two of them withdrew at the same time, standing several meters apart as they stared at each other.

“Just who are you?” Wang Lun’s brows were deeply wrinkled. One hand clutched her chest. That punch made her heart and lungs feel like they had been struck by an enormous mountain. She had never imagined a Star Master would give her this kind of feeling.

This is too serious.

And Su Xing’s performance made Wang Lun very bewildered.

She did not know why, but Wang Lun could see the shadow of a Star General from Star World in this man. Particularly with those formidable martial arts he used to face her head-on with, Wang Lun thought of one loathsome name.1

Lin Chong, Battle Doctrine.

“What is your relationship to Lin Chong?” Wang Lun’s tone sank, and the killing intent in her eyes swelled.

“Was Your Servant’s blow too heavy, are you already unable to speak?” Wang Lun laughed. Droplets of blood rolled along the staff, gathering at the front to form a bead of blood. It tottered, particularly eye-catching.

“She is Your Servant’s wife. You two have animosity, is it?” Su Xing fearlessly replied to this provocation. Then, he vigilantly watched his opponent’s each and every move. At the same time, he took the opportunity to inspect his wounds, using An Suwen’s Innate Skill Medical Healing.

Wang Lun blinked. “Why would you believe his?”

Su Xing shrugged his shoulders,2 pondering his next way out.

“To toy with Lin Chong’s Star Master, Your Servant has not waited futilely in this Double Sevens.” The corner of Scholar in a White Robe’s mouth curled. Then, she gripped her staff and pounced, “From this moment forward…You are Your Servant’s toy!!”

Killing intent leapt at the immobilized Su Xing, and Su Xing then considered using the jade pendant to escape.

Just at this moment.

A muffled bang.

A light suddenly descended from the heavens, drawing a straight path towards Wang Lun.

Countless blinding sparks flew the moment the weapons made contact. The arrow’s revolving killing intent directly sent Wang Lun flying. Before she could stop, another three arrows were fired her way.

Seeing the arrows, Su Xing was quite surprised.

Hua Wanyue grabbed Su Xing and dashed towards the magpie bridge.

“Hua Wanyue, why haven’t you left.” Su Xing gloomily asked.

“I am looking after you on behalf of Yingmei. Do not get the wrong idea.” Hua Wanyue said as she turned her head back, her complexion changing.

An extremely fast white shadow had instantly appeared in front of Hua Wanyue, obstructing her.

“This place is the Double Sevens. Only one person can leave, how many times are you going to make Your Servant repeat?” Wang Lun disdainfully asked.

“The Double Sevens is a trial in life and death together. If Su Xing can stake everything for Me, then we should have passed this trial…” Hua Wanyue calmly said.

Wang Lun nodded: “He indeed has passed the trial. Then, now it is your turn.”

Hua Wanyue’s hand waved, and the Red Jade Star Splitting Short Spear appeared in her hand.

The Hero Star’s air of heroism chilled.

“This is what I have been looking for.”

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  1. In the original Water Margin, Wang Lun was leader of the bandit group as they were starting out. Lin Chong killed Wang Lun over some dispute.
  2. Ow, his shoulder’s broken.


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