Chapter 623: Reminiscing The Xiao Players At Fenghuang Terrace

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When the Heaven Rank Nine Immortals Bewitching Song played through the White Horse Highlands, top-notch cultivators like Emperor Liang and Immortal Outside Heaven immediately felt frightening chills. At nearly the moment the first note was played, before the other cultivators could even react, the complexions of Emperor Liang and the others changed. Without hesitation, they used escape techniques to instantly flee the White Horse Highlands.

A Star General’s Heaven Rank was a terrifying legend in Liangshan Continent. No one wished to try one.

But Iron Whistle Yue Qingshang’s Nine Immortals Bewitching Song was very formidable. In an instant, her song transmitted through White Horse Highlands, as if a giant, invisible net had covered it. There was no world-shaking force, and there was no dazzling magnificence.

A melodious, sublime song played from the Xuan Nü Xiao.

There was only a simple quietness.

Able to make water cease its flow, wind suddenly freeze, it seemed as if the world had abruptly fallen silent, sinking into a sort of frightening tranquility.

Every magic weapon, ability, and Flying Sword completely lost their power at this moment.

Even Emperor Liang’s innate kingly might was nowhere to be seen. At the same time, all cultivators seemed to have lost consciousness, unable to free themselves from the profound flute song that came from the nine firmaments above. Their weak appearance was such that even a child with a dagger could easily slaughter them.

This was precisely the formidable aspect of the Nine Immortals Bewitching Song.

Yue Qingshang’s Heaven Rank Nine Immortals Bewitching Song could make the surrounding targets lose any opportunity to defend themselves. Any powers and abilities would crumble away. As the saying goes, they were sitting ducks.

Some of the stronger cultivators perhaps could maintain lucidity, but to lose their means of attack and defense, this was no different from death.

Old Pig indifferently looked at everything, his gaze even staring at them with some pity. Originally in the Star Duels, he had relied on Yue Qingshang’s Heaven Rank Technique coordination to dispatch the Star Masters of many top-notch martial generals. Against these cultivators, Old Pig honestly was a bit disapproving.

“Only those who participated in the Star Duels will know what is called the Heaven that is outside Heaven. A Supervoid Peak? You can only flaunt your might in Liangshan Continent.”

“Why have you appeared here?” Emperor Liang said incredulously.

“What? Your Majesty? Are you willing to help Old Pig complete that agreement?” Old Pig smiled and asked.

Seeing Emperor Liang’s unyielding expression, Old Pig regretfully shook his head. “Since that is the case, then Old Pig shall destroy all of you.” His fingers spread, and a Gentle Earth Divine Thunder opened from his palm. It attacked Emperor Liang. Emperor Liang could not avoid it in time, and was blown away by it. Only by relying on his profound cultivation did he remain standing.

“Big Brother, do not waste time.” Tao Fenghua urged.

Old Pig knew that Yue Qingshang’s Heaven Rank could not last too long, and he did not want too give rise to too many side issues either. He circulated his Star Energy, and the Gentle Earth Divine Thunder in his hand immediately enlarged, changing into a mountain in midair.

At this moment, several rays of killing intent quickly approached.

These killing intents were very sudden in the completely quiet White Horse Highlands. At practically the moment they appeared, Old Pig had already sensed them, but the opponent’s speed was honestly too swift. As fast as lightning, they surprisingly breached the tune of “Nine Immortals Bewitching Song” and made a beeline for him. Old Pig’s complexion was greatly astonished, and he could only point his finger.

The Gentle Earth Divine Thunder ability “Mountain Mist Amassing Thunder” attacked.

Ice-cold qi clashed with the Gentle Earth Divine Thunder. The powerful force unexpectedly and unbelievably intercepted the Gentle Earth Divine Thunder. But the incoming attacker’s figure was not limited to just one. Just after the Gentle Earth Divine Thunder was entangled, another figure like light smoke circled around the Gentle Earth Divine Thunder.

In the blink of an eye, it was already in front of him.

Double sabers of golden and green light manifested. The woman who appeared was absolutely beautiful, her golden eyes looked at him with pity.

The Yellow Gown of Coronation appeared to block the sabers. Old Pig waved his sleeve and retreated. The Yellow Dragon Flying Swords immediately attacked.

“Watch All Rivers Reach Seas!”

A young girl clearly shouted, rolling a tidal wave in midair to trap the Yellow Dragon Flying Swords in a whirlpool.

Shuffle, shuffle, shuffle.

The scraping sound of chains echoed in the air. Several chains suddenly appeared out of thin air, link after link wrapping over. The Yellow Gown of Coronation’s light magnified. A nine-clawed True Dragon endlessly flowed around Old Pig’s body, repelling the chains.

The prelude of the attack only just started.

“Snapped Bowstring Magnolia Lily Ballad!”

“Fire Tree Silver Flower!”1

“Dual Modes Ruler.”

“Heavenly Paradise Water Moon Mat Marked Flying Swords!”

Using the ice-cold storm of “Freezing Frost of Nine Provinces” as an obstruction, the remaining fully charged attacks sprung up from all directions towards Old Pig. There was a boldness to take him down in one go. Even Old Pig was astonished, and he felt incapable of believing this.

All of the attacks were planned meticulously, completely not giving him even a bit of a chance to breathe.

Any other top-notch cultivator perhaps would suffer greatly.

But against the Old Pig who possessed a top-notch defensive Star General, the result was difficult to say.

“You Little Sisters are honestly loathsome.” Tao Fenghua said disdainfully. The Feng Armor Huang Shield suddenly activated, unleashing Firm As Stony Heavens. An invisible force spread in all directions with Old Pig’s body as the epicenter.

The power of this force was like ten thousand galloping horses barreling over. The sneak attacking girls were completely unable to block this in its entirety. Receiving the momentum of this force, their bodies became leaves in a swell, each of them sustaining heavy injuries.

That pressing, terrible attack suddenly retreated as easily as the tide under the moon.

“You are?”

When the storm stopped, Old Pig was somewhat shocked to see the group of sneak attackers.

Not only him, even Emperor Liang and the others felt flabbergasted.

There was no need to say.

They were none other than Lin Yingmei, Wu Xinjie and the rest.

“Knowledge Star Wu Yong, Majestic Star Lin Chong, Damage Star Zhang Shun, Skillful Star Yan Qing…A truly formidable lineup.” Old Pig announced their Star Names one by one, his expressionless face impressed.

“What a pity.” Wu Xinjie licked the blood off her lips and heaved her breath.

Although all of her plans had unfolded as she had imagined, Nine Tailed Turtle’s defenses were honestly too thorny, especially for a Nine Tailed Turtle who had ascended the peak. Her impenetrable defenses made them helpless. One attack had completely thrown away the siege that she had meticulously planned, which made Wu Xinjie a bit depressed.

“How is it possible you are unaffected by the Nine Immortals Bewitchment?” Old Pig wrinkled his brow, but he immediately noticed a girl in blue healing the Sisters.

Child And Mother Linked Hearts Needles!

“Efficacious Star Divine Physician An Daoquan. Never imagined you would have also come.”

Old Pig was very clear that Divine Physician An Daoquan possessed a Dark Rank named “At Peace With Oneself.”2 This Technique could allow them to resist the negative effects of any and all illusions and soul techniques. It could also allow Star Generals to reach the peak of their Realm in battle, making a Star General’s attacks far swifter than before. It was no wonder that Old Pig was only able to sense their sneak attack at the moment they drew so close. However, to contend directly against Yue Qingshang’s Heaven Rank with this Earth Rank was a dream. The sole solution was only to wait until Yue Qingshang ended the Heaven Rank. To enter battle like this using At Peace With Oneself could only last so long.

Back in his own Star Duels, it was precisely because Old Pig was not clear on the Efficacious Star’s Earth Rank that he nearly suffered unexpected failure. Thereupon, he committed this to memory.

In other words.

These Star Generals were already waiting for Yue Qingshang to use her Heaven Rank?

Old Pig had a frightening thought.

“What a clever scheme, Knowledge Star, to surprisingly dare plot against Old Pig. Impressive, impressive.” Old Pig beamed from ear to ear. His smile was increasingly kindly, yet it instead felt increasingly sinister.

“That Purple Thunder Monster has given Maiden Mountain quite the headache. But he looks like nothing, to surprisingly send his own Star Generals into battle while he cowers away!!” Old Pig sneered. Because this was an overlord trial, he could sense the approximate position of the trial target. Old Pig could clearly sense that the Purple Thunder Monster was trapped inside a ruin and completely unable to leave. This was why Old Pig dared to have Yue Qingshang use her Heaven Rank to dispose of Liangshan Continent’s powers.3

Now, seeing only the Purple Thunder Monster’s Star Generals but not the man himself, Old Pig of course believed that the Purple Thunder Monster was already in hiding.

“Against you, Young Lord need not worry himself.” Lin Yingmei raised the Arctic Star Serpent Spear, a disdainful smile appeared on her lips. The girl’s expression was chilling, her heroic air flourishing. Before she had finished speaking, her legs jumped, and her speartip swept straight over.

Five Star Destined Weapon, ample power. Even Old Pig did not dare underestimate her.

Nine Tailed Trutle Tao Fenghua once again activated the Feng Armor Huang Shield, blocking Lin Yingmei’s sudden attack. Majestic Star Panther Head shouted, instantly attacking a hundred times, not holding back her power in the slightest. Swiftly pouring down, even Nine Tailed Turtle felt fatigued. 

“Senior, you’re really good at blowing, mind teaching Yuqi?” Zhang Yuqi giggled and flashed the White Water Mirror Heart.

A water dragon surged out from the ring towards Yue Qingshang.

The others knew the might of an overlord and wasted no time at all, immediately following up.


Tao Fenghua grit her teeth, making her Star Weapon rotate around in the surroundings, defending with all her might.

Old Pig never imagined that the Purple Thunder Monster would use a diversion to deceive him, to surprisingly lure Yue Qingshang into using her Heaven Rank and losing this greatest foothold. Old Pig was very clear that the situation was extremely grim.

“Bind Silk Before Rain!!”

The Eight Gates Black Gold Chain silently coiled, laying down an all-encompassing net that sealed the arena.

“Many thanks to Your Majesty for your troubles. Leave this to us now.” Wu XInjie turned her head back and smiled.

Emperor Liang was taken aback. He immediately understood the entire process of the events unfolding in front of him. He could not help but shake his head and share a glance with Immortal Outside Heaven. He smiled bitterly.

All of the girls laid siege to the overlords, staggering each of their techniques. Whether it was the Majestic Star or the Knowledge Star, every one of those Star Generals was an existence that incurred the envy of people. One was enough to make a Star Master jealous, let alone so many.

Thus, the White Horse Highlands’ thousand cultivators enviously watched this one of a kind scene.

“Big Brother, we…” Tao Fenghua’s defenses were increasingly drained.

Old Pig’s expression was increasingly unsightly. He was very aware of his own capabilities. Although he was Maiden Mountain’s Fourth Overlord, but in that generation’s Star Duels, if he was not deflecting attacks, then he was using the Nine Immortals Bewitchment to create an opening.4 He had never imagined that he would surprisingly be entrapped so soon after descending the mountain for the trial.

“It seems that I, Old Pig, have truly underestimated you all.” Old Pig smiled in his extreme fury, “Then I, Old Pig, shall show you have underestimated me!!”

Old Pig’s eyes widened, and his forehead flared with two Star Crests.

When Tao Fenghua and Yue Qingshang saw this, they tacitly nodded to one another. Immediately, their figures moved.

Tao Fenghua held her hands out, making the Feng Armor Huang Shield arrange into a beautiful platform. Yue Qingshang leapt onto the platform as nimbly as a fairy, gripping her Xuan Nü Xiao. She shut her eyes and played.

A graceful, clear melody came from her flute.

Mysterious as a phoenix, the tune fluttered in their ears. In the surroundings of that terrace, phoenixes leapt about. Old Pig and his Star Generals were on the terrace, bright flames surprisingly preventing Wu Xinjie and the others from drawing close at all.

“Little Sisters, leave quickly!!” Lin Yingmei shouted. She froze her whole body solid and rushed at the flames.

“Carefully appreciate this, this legendary Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Skill – ” Old Pig displayed a lofy attitude, as if he was certain of victory.

Reminiscing The Xiao Players At Fenghuang Terrace!!!

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  1. Original text here was Burning Heart Break, which is General of Holy Fire’s Dark Rank.
  2. 心如止水
  3. As in political powers.
  4. In other words, he never was the aggressor. He stalled for an opening.


  1. [“Senior, you’re really good at blowing, mind teaching Yuqi?” Zhang Yuqi giggled…]

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