Chapter 625: Pledging Allegiance

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Old Pig was completely shaken by Lin Yingmei’s chilling cold temperament. Everything that happened before his eyes was outside of his expected forecast. Tao Fenghua and Yue Qingshang’s Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Skill “Reminscing The Xiao Players At Fenghuang Terrace” was boundlessly powerful in both offense and defense, but these Star Maidens in front of him unexpectedly used self-sacrifice to build this frosty woman a staircase to victory.

In the end, without any suspense, the defense of the Fenghuang Terrace was unable to stop Lin Yingmei’s enraged thrust.

“Impossible…Impossible…” Old Pig’s expression was unsightly to the extreme.

“Big Sister.” Seeing Yue Qingshang Starfall, Tao Fenghua’s heart was in incomparable pain.

In Old Pig’s Star Duels, Iron Whistle Yue Qingshang played a critical role. Now that she was dead, this was the same as Old Pig losing an arm. Then, the Lin Yingmei who bore the determination of all the Sisters pointed her spear directly at Old Pig. Without any hesitation whatsoever, she pounced, stabbing straight at Old Pig.

Victory was already clear.

“Big Brother.”

Tao Fenghua selflessly threw her body in the way.

The Feng Armor Huang Shield was cleaved apart by the Arctic Star Serpent Spear. Then, the ice-cold spear penetrated the girl’s chest. Nine Tailed Turtle Tao Fenghua disregarded her impending death, turning her head back to utter her last words: “Big Brother, quickly flee…”

The unceremonious spear technique easily sent Tao Fenghua’s True Spirit back to Maiden Mountain.

Old Pig bellowed. His fingers snapped. Gentle Earth Divine Thunder, the Yellow Gown of Coronation, the Yellow Dragon Flying Swords, and every kind of magic weapon flew out. Their power was vast, tumbling towards Lin Yingmei like a collapsing mountain.

Lin Yingmei sneered, her Five Star Destined Weapon cutting apart all of the attacks.

“Roar.” Old Pig howled as he pounced at her.

Lin Yingmei spun around, her spear piercing into Old Pig’s body. “If you are willing, would you inform Your Servant just what is the matter with Maiden Mountain? Your Servant is willing to plead with Young Master to take revenge for your Sisters.” Lin Yingmei seriously said.

Old Pig laughed aloud. “Take revenge? After you ascend Maiden Mountain, you will not say these two words.”

“No matter how powerful Maiden Mountain is, Your Servant shall not have second thoughts.” Lin Yingmei’s brow rose, assertive.

Old Pig’s expression was a bit shocked. He could see that the girl before his eyes was not bluffing, but for a Star Maiden who descended from Maiden Mountain to unexpectedly face off against Maiden Mountain? No Star Master in any of the other generations had thought of this. However, it was clear that Lin Yingmei and her Sisters were already outside of Old Pig’s understanding.

Just what kind of person is that Purple Thunder Monster?

The disdain previously in his heart gave way to bewilderment. For the first time, Old Pig realized that the man who was able to make Maiden Mountain issue this trial could not possibly be normal, that the man who was able to make the Majestic Star follow him could not possibly be normal, and that the man who could make so many Star Maidens brave any danger could not possibly be normal…Old Pig suddenly was very eager to meet this Purple Thunder Monster, but this was already too late.

Old Pig’s expression contorted. He painfully croaked, “Since this is the case, Old Pig wants to see just whether or not you all can achieve that bold declaration…” Saying this, Old Pig waved his hand. A True Dragon broke away from that Yellow Gown of Coronation, “This robe is the last pride of the Yue Dragon School. Old Pig asks that your man carry forward this pride to greater heights…”

The sect’s decline already made Old Pig disheartened. When he remembered the past, this final Yellow Gown of Coronation was the last testament to the Yue Dragon School’s former glory.

He let out a bitter howl towards the sky. Whether he was venting the frustration in his heart or reminiscing the heavy price he had paid, Old Pig’s True Spirit finally vanished into thin air during that heart-rending scream.

The White Horse Highlands finally resumed its calm.

The remaining cultivators already looked dumbstruck at the situation in front of them.

“Yingmei.” Wu Xinjie, Hu Niangzi and the other girls stepped forward, concerned.

Lin Yingmei retracted her spear. She cast a grateful expression towards Wu Xinjie and the others, but she also sighed for the dauntless charge of the other Sisters.

“That man will definitely be very angry.” Zhang Feiyu panted.

Although Wu Xinjie and the others had succeeded in dispatching the Fourth Overlord without Su Xing, the price they paid was considered the most disastrous they had since the beginning. An Suwen, Tang Lianxin, Shi Yuan, Yan Yizhen, and Zhang Yuqi had all fallen into the Star Nest. The Su Xing who was ten thousand li away would definiely blow his top when he finds out about this.

“This is Xinjie’s miscalculation. This is all my responsibility.” Wu Xinjie felt ashamed of herself.

Lin Yingmei shook her head. To do something for Su Xing’s sake, not only her wish, but also the wish of all the Sisters. After all, none of them wanted to always see Su Xing wounded and battered for their sake. They were Star Maidens. They were supposed to be ones offering their lives for their Star Master. Who would allow a Star Master to lead their charge.

“If Dear Husband blames us, then Niangzi shall shoulder the punishment.” Hu Niangzi calmly answered.

Boatman Zhang Feiyu saw their struggle, and she shamelessly said, “Is that punishment you speak of cumming your brains out on a bed?”

These bare words made the calm Hu Niangzi blush furiously.

Wu Xinjie, on the contrary, thought that this delinquent’s idea was very palatable. Liangshan Continent had a saying that a husband and wife arguing at the bedside could resolve their dispute by making love on the bed. Futhermore, they had not been together for many days. Wu Xinjie immediately felt this logic was acceptable, making Lin Yingmei and Hu Niangzi even more bashful. However, the KNowledge Star did not forget to snicker at Zhang Feiyu’s master: “Xi Yue, although you address Young Lord as Sir, do you not feel that a little something is missing between you two? Would it not be better to change all of that together?”

“Huh?” Xi Yue’s eyes widened, and her face turned crimson.

“Zhang Feiyu, that was a good idea. How about you steal a march on your Little Sister to service Young Lord.” Wu Xinjie suggested to the absolutely unrestrained Zhang Feiyu.

“Sure, Feiyu also wants to watch this brother-in-law on behalf of Little SIster.” Zhang Feiyu facetiously replied.

Lin Yingmei gazed at the Yellow Gown of Coronation that Old Pig left behind and recalled his final words.

“Yingmei? Is something the matter?” All of the girls gazed at the pensive Lin Yingmei.

Lin Yingmei shook her head, not speaking for a long time.

Originally, the White Horse Highlands was a supposed to be a chance for the Azure Dragon Territory to reorganize, yet no one could have anticipated that there would be the scene of the ancient Yue Dragon School’s reprisal. Instead, the Azure Dragon Territory suffered hail on top of snow, a disastrous loss. It was obvious that the Azure Dragon Territory’s vitality would be harmed for at least the next several centuries. However, what captured their attention the most was the Majestic Star Panther Head’s valiant charge onto the Fenghuang Terrace. This scene was etched deeply into the cultivators’ minds. Centuries of reverence and legend about the Majestic Star had reached a peak, but this was a story for another time.

Now, this nevertheless made everyone finally realize just how defiant of the natural order the Purple Thunder Monster’s strength had already become.

Among those shaken were Qingci and Yunshang.

“It appears that their relationships are very close. This does not bode well for us.” Xuan Yunshang rode Flower Tribute down to Song Qingci’s side, gazing in Lin Yingmei’s direction with a moved expression.

Originally, they had thought that with Su Xing’s numerous top-notch Star Generals, there would definitely be a weak link among them. But now, it appeared this was far from the case.

To be able to face a powerful alone for and without their Star Master was already unimaginable, let alone sacrificing their own lives.

Song Qingci grunted.

“Elder Sister’s plan is no longer feasible. If this continues, even the Majestic Star and Knowledge Star will understand the meaning of the Star Duels at the end. I fear that they will even throw aside our sisterly bonds for the sake of that man.” Xuan Yunshang continued to analyze.

“It would be better to fall out with him now.” Li Longkui’s murderous intent surged as she watched Lin Yingmei. She was very nearly about to start a slaughter.

“This is truly frustrating. That man has Star Generals the likes of the Majestic Star and Harm Star. We are completely no match for him at all.” Xuan Yunshang rolled her eyes.

The tall woman’s furious eyes glared, “Even so, killing one is still killing one.”

“Longkui, do not be impulsive.” Song Qingci softly said.

Only then did Li Longkui retract her hostility.

“Yunshang, do you have some ideas?” Song Qingci gently asked.

“Elder Sister has guessed correctly. Xuan Yunshang has a plan that can exploit his righteous words that drew in the Majestic Star and the others and instead break Su Xing’s group from the inside.” Xuan Yunshang sinisterly sneered, a bit chilling when paired with that ugly mask on her face.

“What plan would that be?” Song Qingci’s brow subconsciously wrinkled. 

Xuan Yunshang’s eyes glinted, “Elder Sister need not worry. Yunshang’s plan will first need to be explained to Lady Jinglun. We will see what she decides.”

“Fine then…” Song Qingci nodded, as if there was no other way.

Double Sevens.

Scholar in a White Robe Wang Lengji swung her staff, about to smash the galaxy to pieces, “You truly are insane.” Su Xing muttered. He was not willing to fight against her at all. Grabbing Hua Wanyue’s hand and left no time to explain as he jumped onto the magpie bridge.

Countless Immortal Magpies forming the magpie bridge immediately came to life when the pair stepped on. They flapped their wings and surrounded the pair. Lifted by the flock of Immortal Magpies, their bodies lost balance, floating as if in a cloud. By the time the magpies scattered, Su Xing had already left the boundless galaxy and returned to the Three Clarities Field.

At this time, owing to Wu Siyou’s full killing intent, the Most High Path’s disciples already did not dare draw near and were far more quiet than before. Sensing Su Xing’s presence, Wu Siyou opened her eyes and could not help but sigh in relief.

“Lord Husband and Wanyue ought to have successfully completed the trial of the Double Sevens?” Wu Siyou spotted the two tightly holding hands. According to her understanding of the Hero Star, no man would dare be this intimate with her.

Hua Wanyue naturally perceived this detail and wanted to struggle free, but she did not know whether intentionally or unintentionally, his hand grasped very firmly. She was completely unable to struggle free.

“Should be.” Su Xing could not surmise a guess. He turned to face Hua Wanyue.

“???” Hua Wanyue.

Su Xing said in puzzlement: “Weird, didn’t we pass the Double Sevens? Why don’t I feel any changes? Wanyue, do you feel anything?”

Wu Siyou also did not see any new Crimson Stars in the sky.

“You would see Me show you ecstatic love?” Hua Wanyue snorted.

Su Xing snickered.

In the end, other than meeting Scholar Star Scholar in a White Robe, it remained to be seen what other use this Double Seven had. “Perhaps a contract has been signed?” Wu Siyou guessed.

Legend said that the Double Sevens could give a Star Master a new contracted Star General. Perhaps the two of them needed some ceremony to sign a contract, however, this was a bit superfluous to Su Xing.

Wu Siyou’s words made Su XIng’s eyes light up. He pulled Hua Wanyue in front of him and bent her backwards. A masculine scent struck her in the face and made Hua Wanyue go limp. The Hero Star subconsciosly bent her body, avoiding a head-on collision with Su Xing. Their noses were practically touching, and she could practically feel clearly each of their breathing and heartbeats.

“What are you doing?” Hua Wanyue narrowed her eyes in indifference, using graceful haughtiness to hide her pounding heart.

Dammit, she was currently unable to refuse anything this man did to her right now.

This posture with the man on top and woman on bottom, this position of resignation to adversity was undoubtedly on full display, making even Wu Siyou doubt what she was saying. 

“Wanyue, are you willing…” Su Xing gently said, preparing to take advantage of the lingering atmosphere from the Double Sevens to sign a contract with Hua Wanyue. Just at this moment, all of a sudden, his mind seemed to explode. Several wives fell into the Star Nest all at the same time, suddenly making Su Xing’s mind temporarily unable to withstand, making him collapse, pinning the completely defenseless Hua Wanyue’s body.

Hua Wanyue subconsciously exclaimed.


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