Chapter 71: “Five Spirits Law Heavenly Book”

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Su Xing deadpan parted lips with Shi Yuan, glancing around the vicinity. His Divine Intent already could no longer sense the Daoist Luo River, “Has he already left?” Su Xing’s completely oblivious to what happened expression made Shi Yuan open her eyes wide.

This was too shameless. That was her, the Thief Star’s, first kiss.

She wanted to curse a few words of hate at him, and she was on the verge of saying so when she swallowed her words. Speaking about this out loud would only add to her embarrassment, so she might as well put on a nonchalant appearance.

“He searched for some time and left after not finding us.” Shi Yuan replied. She prepared to struggle free from Su Xing’s body, but Su Xing immediately blocked her. Several dozen escape lights flew over one after another. One look showed that they were Blooming Water Sword Sect disciples.

“For the time being, don’t go out. We’ll set out again tomorrow. Perhaps that old Daoist is waiting for us to show ourselves.” Su Xing whispered.

Shi Yuan hesitated for a moment. Her hand gently pushed against Su Xing’s chest, and raising her eyebrows: “Then, don’t even think of taking advantage of this Young Lady!”

Su Xing solemnly promised, his mind wholly concerned with the surrounding vegetation. The two people’s qi hiding arts were both the finest. Never mind a Galaxy Cultivator, a Supercluster Cultivator would not find it that easy to find them, and this brambly forest’s range was a hundred li. Even if they came with a carpet style search, it was not that easy. After that, the Blooming Water Sword Sect’s dark blue escape lights were like shooting stars.

Apparently, the Blooming Water Sword Sect was pouring out an all-out effort to find them.

Su Xing still leisurely considered countermeasures for afterwards. Shi Yuan definitely was not this relaxed. Actually, this was the very first time she was staying alone with a man in a narrow space. Especially frightening was that she suddenly, with no explanation, kissed her counterpart.1 Although this kiss was only a gesture of gratitude because Su Xing staked his life to accompany her on an adventure, with regards to the Thief Star, what Star Duels, what Maiden Mountain, none of it was like having someone sincerely go wild and have fun together with her.

Shi Yuan furtively looked Su Xing up and down and discovered he actually was a very ideal man. The Thief Star vaguely somewhat understood how the Knowledge Star Wu Yong would review the Majestic Star in that way.

Just as she was thinking these thoughts, for the latter part of the night, the Thief Star fell asleep upon Su Xing’s chest.

Su Xing smiled as he glanced at her. Gently holding her in his embrace, he entered the state of Oneness of Heaven and Man.

This night was sleepless.

Blooming Water Sword Sect, Heavenly Water Hall!

All the protectors and hall masters each looked as if they were facing a great foe, cold sweat soaking their backs. In particular, the Guardian Hall of the Overboard Summit was even more pale. “Don’t worry, Hall Master Wei2, the Headmaster will definitely catch that thief.”

“Exactly. Hm, hm, unexpectedly stealing from directly above the Blooming Water Sword Sect’s head, they’re acting recklessly, ha, ha.”

“Hmph!!” An exceedingly chilly, cold grunt sounded out. That laughing cultivator immediately felt his four limbs grow ice cold, oppressed where he stood by a powerful strength.

Headmaster Daoist Luo River walked into the Heavenly Water Hall, his expression extremely unsightly and vile. The numerous cultivators present changed their expressions. Unexpectedly, the Head could not catch them.


All the disciples clasped together their hands in greeting, shouting loudly.

“Surprisingly, someone snuck onto this school’s Blooming Water Hall and not a single person knew? Just what are you all cultivating.” Daoist Luo River yelled.

“How can this Daoist face the secluded ancestral master and explain this to him!! Absolutely disgraceful. Overboard Peak Guardian Hall, go to the Disciplinary Hall to receive punishment!!”

“As you wish!!”

The Guardian Hall disciples promptly said.

“Just what cause is that thief, that the headmaster was unable to capture them?” A female cultivator said. Although her cultivation could be said to be at Galaxy Middle Stage, the secluded ancestral master was her instructor, and she completely did not fear the so-called Head’s expression.

“Ling Xian,3 you’re somewhat unaware, and it is unknown what magic that thief used to disappear from before this Daoist.” Daoist Luo River sighed.

“Do we report this to the ancestral master?”

“Unnecessary.” Daoist Luo River resolutely declined, “It was only a petty thief. This Daoist will definitely capture him.”

“But what was stolen was the ‘Blooming Water Divine Thunder True Technique’!” Ling Xian frowned. This was the Blooming Water Sword Sect’s guarded secret; they could not leave this unannounced.

“I have my own position. I need not say again, the old ancestor is currently at Bian City. If, when he returns, this Daoist has not captured that bandit, then certainly we will inform the ancestral master.”

Ling Xian said nothing more.

“Headmaster, Chen Zhonglin and his Star General ask for an audience!”

A disciple said.

“Let him enter.”

Chen Zhonglin walked into the great hall. Passing through that very night’s self-cultivation with the sect’s best healing secret pill, the two people completely did not have those sorry appearances that the numerous disciples saw last night.

“Zhonglin, you two are actually fine?” Ling Xian asked, concerned. The Blooming Water Sword Sect indeed placed all its strength onto Chen Zhonglin and his Star General. During the Star Duels phase, saying that they were the Blooming Water Sword Sect’s most guarded treasure was not an exaggeration.

“Many thanks to Senior Ling Xian for your concern. Thanks to the instructor and many disciples’ treatment, your junior is now already healed.”

“Every detail of the events leading to last night’s incident.” Daoist Luo River asked.

The rest of the people in the main hall did not dare gasp a breath.

Chen Zhonglin briefly told the whole story once, but when he spoke about Lin Chong, the cultivators in the entire main hall actually let out a breath of cold air. “Lin Chong, you didn’t see her, did you? How could it be Lin Chong?” Ling Xian shouted, astonished.

“Yao’er absolutely was not mistaken. That definitely was the Arctic Star Serpent Spear!” Chen Zhonglin was unsightly. How could he not be willing to see with his own eyes. The Panther Head Lin Chong astonishingly had signed a Star Duel Covenant; do not mention how envious his heart was.

Everyone looked at each other in dismay.

“Unexpectedly, it’s the Majestic Star! Maiden Mountain’s Five Tiger Generals!”4

The situation had turned grave.

“Hmph, even if it is Lin Chong, the one that signed the contract must die. We must capture him.” Daoist Luo River sounded cold.

“Zhonglin, do you still remember the thief’s appearance?”

“It was too dark. Zhonglin could not see clearly.” Chen Zhonglin shook his head.

“In short, keep this secret first, we must not beat the grass to scare the snake.5 As for the Blooming Water Divine Thunder True Technique, as long as the other side uses the Blooming Water Divine Thunder, we can catch him.” Ling Xian declared.

The others nodded. It could only be this way.

“Zhonglin, you two rest properly. The others, immediately go look for that Nebula Stage Star Master!!” Daoist Luo River ordered. He turned and left the hall, an escape light that ascended and flew towards the Blooming Water Hall.

Inside the Blooming Water already were more than twenty disciples standing guard. Daoist Luo River entered the main hall, and securely closing the door, his hand grasping a token, he walked to an absolutely empty court. He abruptly gave a shady, lopsided cold smile: “If it is Lin Chong, then that’s even better. Cultivating that type of Divine Thunder True Technique requires you die without an intact corpse!!” Daoist Luo River laughed loudly, an actually carefree smile.

He swept his eyes over the chamber, and moving his Divine Intent, a secret compartment popped out.

Daoist Luo River’s smiling expression froze with a start. He saw the secret compartment was unexpectedly completely empty without a single thing inside.

Immediately, it was as if Daoist Luo River was struck by lightning.

“Not good, he stole the Five Spirits Heavenly Book!!”

The Blooming Water Sword Sect already caused a great disturbance in the Rippling Wave Kingdom. In the Heavens, on the Earth and everywhere there could be seen flying swords and escape lights, making the Star Cultivators of Rippling Wave Kingdom feel uneasy. At this moment, inside An Suwen’s Health Cottage, the Blooming Water Sword Sect did not know the person they sought was at this moment openly dwelling inside the cottage’s bedroom.

Although it was not absolute that the most dangerous place was the safest place, at this time, it was indeed very effective. When Su Xing and Shi Qian swaggered back to the cottage, practically no one found out.

“Young Master, this time truly was too dangerous.” Wu Xinjie had lingering fears.

“Seek riches and honor inside danger.” Su Xing laughed. Taking chances could be said to have dissolved into his blood.

“Shi Yuan, did you get the item?” Wu Xinjie asked. This time, even Master faced such a great risk. Had the Thief Star returned empty-handed again, then she truly was unworthy of the title of Best Thief Under Heaven.

Fortunately, the Flea on a Drum did not disappoint.

Two items flew onto the table. One was a blue, bright jade strip, and the other was an official report booklet.

“How are there two?”

Lin Yingmei frowned.

“I dunno. When this Young Lady stole that True Technique, I sensed there was a secret compartment hidden underneath. Opening it while I was there took up a lot of time, I saw this book rolled up in there, and it was called Blooming Water something.”

This was second nature to the Thief Star. The moment she encountered a hidden mechanism or secret compartment, she could not help pitting herself against it. However, Shi Yuan was completely unaware this unintentional action actually averted a calamity for Su Xing.

Wu Xinjie curiously looked at that rolled book. Moving her Divine Intent, a row of runes appeared. The words were like bright jewels, dark blue fading in and out, almost like flowing water. The Knowledge Star cried out in alarm.

“Heavens, this is the ‘Five Spirits Heavenly Scroll’!!”6

“Five Spirits Heavenly Scroll? What’s that?” Shi Yuan was confused, the name seemingly somewhat familiar.

“It seems to be the same as the Blooming Water Divine Thunder True Technique?” Su Xing held that jade strip, his Divine Intent sweeping across it and then sweeping over that Five Spirits Heavenly Scroll. The first half of the cultivation technique was more or less linked, but there were some portions that were very odd. If previously Su Xing only felt something was strange yet could not comprehend it, nowadays, he entered the Absolute Sincerity Soul Technique’s See Mountains Not As Mountains second realm, and immediately he would understand the odd portions.

The jade strip’s cultivation technique had been amended several times and would faintly establish a Mara7 within the mind, yet that Heavenly Scroll was not the same. There were not any sort of side effects, and on the contrary, the latter stages had even more cultivation techniques.

“What a good Blooming Water Sword Sect, truly ruthless.” Su Xing smiled coldly.

“Master, what’s wrong?” Lin Yingmei and the other girls asked.

Su Xing tossed the jade strip: “Hmph, this jade strip has been edited numerous times. If anyone else were to practice it, perhaps if he just cultivated to the realm, he would have no way of controlling the Divine Thunder in his body and explode.”


They looked and immediately sensed the difference.

Thinking it over again, they then understood what Su Xing meant when he said ruthless.

Using a modified Blooming Water Divine Thunder True Technique placed on top, the true technique would actually be hidden in the secret compartment. With things this way, even if someone were to come steal it, they certainly would not think the genuine technique would be hidden underneath. Pity that they ran into a robber the likes of Shi Qian who stole both books. Of course, even more unexpected was that Su Xing could see through this at a glance.

“However, this Blooming Water Technique Scroll is really terrific. The power incantation inside is simply unimaginable. According to the practice on this, it’s no wonder that this Blooming Water Divine Thunder is so powerful…the one who created this cultivation technique is truly extraordinary. Heh, heh, we stole his successors’ closely guarded secret to practice. Isn’t that a bit too brilliant?” Su Xing chuckled.

The Knowledge Star smiled.

“Young Master is overthinking. As Xinjie sees it, the true thief should be the Blooming Water Sword Sect!!”


The group did not understand.

Wu Xinjie smiled: “This scroll is definitely the legendary Liangshan’s immemorial secret treasure, ‘Five Spirits Law Heavenly Book’!”8

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  1. That’s cause she’s practicing! For the contract, of course…or…maybe…
  2. 魏堂主
  3. 玲仙
  4. 五虎猛將
  5. Inadvertently warn an enemy
  6.  五靈天書卷
  7. 魔障
  8.  五靈正法天書


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