Chapter 73: Sworn Brother and Sister, The Emotional Suwen

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After staying at the Health Cottage for several consecutive days, the Blooming Water Sword Sect gradually withdrew its great fanfare. Liangshan Continent was large; finding a person was truly not that simple to do. Su Xing also finished learning the technique of the Five Spirits Heavenly Book Blooming Water Scroll over this time period, successfully refining the Blooming Water Divine Thunder once. Legends said that after twenty-one refinements were completed, Star Cultivators soon afterwards could refine the Blooming Water Divine Thunder into any sort of form, as if controlling another arm.

On this day, Su Xing set out to bid farewell to An Suwen.

These past days, they were under the care of the Efficacious Star. Not only doing every sort of convenience in Rippling Wave Kingdom, but Su Xing also feasted his eyes on the materials of pills and herbs, even becoming proficient in that tiny bit of knowledge of pill concoction.

An Suwen was earnestly adorable. Looking after him in every possible way made Su Xing very moved. He could not help but think of her like the little sister in a family; he was extremely reluctant to part. However, since ancient times, heroes feared a soft countryside lacking a heroic air the most. Su Xing also knew that he could not delay. Next, he needed to go to the Great Liang Dynasty not only to see the Divine Star Platform to hear about the matter of “becoming an outlaw,” the Relic Blade Sand of Bian City was also a required aspiration.

“Young master, careful on the road. Return any time you wish.” An Suwen faintly smiled, gifting some pills specially refined for today.

“How about we become sworn siblings as of this day?” Su Xing momentarily had an impulse.

An Suwen gasped in astonishment, red clouds flying across her cheeks.

Lin Yingmei and Wu Xinjie looked at Su Xing, dumbstruck. Their own Master truly could not be judged with common sense, unexpectedly wanting to be sworn siblings with the Efficacious Star. It seemed the Master really did not treat the Star Duels as a thing.

“Young master Su Xing, do not make a joke out of Suwen.” An Suwen repeatedly shook her head, softly saying: “Suwen believes she cannot match the two sisters at the young master’s side.”

“What do you two feel about Suwen and I becoming sworn brother and sister?” Su Xing asked.

Lin Yingmei uttered not a word, definitely not in opposition.

Wu Xinjie rolled her eyes, showing a cheerful smile, “Suwen, Young Master is this considerate of you, are you turning your back on Young Master?”

“Elder Sister obviously knows Suwen is not thinking like this.” The Efficacious Star Divine Physician was somewhat embarrassed.

“Heh, heh, then Little Sister Suwen is Master’s little sister from now on. Hm, hm whoever dares to bully Little Sister Suwen is basically bullying my Master!” How could the Efficacious Star not know what Wu Xinjie was implying. This was even more like some sort of disguised contract, a covert protection.

“It looks like I still cannot match up with you, Suwen.” Su Xing pretended to be disappointed.

“There is no need for the young master to say as such. As long as the young master does not avoid this burden that is Suwen, Suwen promises the young master that it is so.” An Suwen bit her lip. Even Lin Yingmei could not help but smile upon seeing her bashful blushing.

Wu Xinjie laughed loudly without restraint, holding two cups of oath swearing sake.1

“The ancients have the Oath of the Peach Garden.2 Today has Master and Suwen forge a conjugal union…”

Conjugal union, yeah, right. Su Xing glared at her, but he still merrily drank the sake, and sprinkling it: “From this day forth, An Suwen, you are my, Su Xing’s, little sister. Your brother swears under oath, if in the future, brother treats you unfairly, then it shall be as if this celadon cup has ended…” Su Xing grasped the cup in his hand, and the celadon cup immediately became specks.

An Suwen’s eyes were slightly red. Opening her mouth, she wanted to say some things, but she could not speak.

“Little Sister Suwen, won’t you say ‘Brother’?” Wu Xinjie teased.

An Suwen returned to her expression. Looking towards Su Xing, she softly called, Big Brother.

Su Xing burst with joy, saying, embarrassed: “Don’t be this awkward. Just being like usual will be fine.”

“Little Sister Suwen, then do you want to go with us to Bian City?” Lin Yingmei opened her mouth.

“If Big Brother has business, then Little Sis naturally will arrive. It’s only that to this Bian City that Little Sis cannot go. It can’t be said for sure that Shi Yuan will return to ask for information about Brother Su Xing.” An Suwen softly said.

“That’s also fine.” Su Xing nodded. This trip to Bian City would be ominous and dangerous. Before they lacked bedding in Liangshan again, An Suwen staying at the Health Cottage was clearly even safer somewhat.

Suwen pondered. Gently pulling her fine black hair, from inside a decorative jade hairpin, she took out a bead. This bead seemed ordinary, but along with the fragrant scent she spat out, that bead immediately seemed to have had a layer of dust brushed away. It became transparent and pure, and its inside faintly had a splendid light flash.

“This ‘Detoxification Bead’3 Little Sis gifts to Brother to use for self-protection.”

“Detoxification Bead?”

The nearby two girls showed a surprised expression. It seems this Detoxification Bead’s value was considerable.

Su Xing promptly shook his head, waving his hand in refusal, “I’ll leave this to you for your self-protection, I cannot accept it!”

An Suwen smiled: “Brother’s words are mistaken. Little Sister does not fear a hundred poisons. An Suwen only held onto this Detoxification Bead to use as an accessory. Brother, on the outside, Liangshan is ruthless. Having a Detoxification Bead for protection, Little Sister can feel relieved. If Brother does not accept it, then this turning your back on Little Sister…”

What Su Xing had said early had been turned around by An Suwen to reverse their positions.

“Then I’ll gift you a little something as well.” Su Xing compromised. Searching through his Astral Bag for awhile, he did not find something that suited An Suwen. The Astral Treasure Profound Star Barrier was suitable, however she would not accept it. At this time, Su Xing suddenly recalled the good item he obtained at the Kunwu Ancient Monument, taking out a jadeite Astral Treasure.

“Ah, an Astral Treasure?” Wu Xinjie was startled, and An Suwen was also shocked. This sort of super rare item was more than enough to spare in, even if it was exchanged for a Detoxification Bead.

“Look inside.” Su Xing indicated to her.

Inside this jadeite gem, only a slim monster could be seen frozen inside. “This is the Ancient Strange Beast Spirit Swallowing Dragon?”4 An Suwen very quickly recognized it: “Brother, how could you have something like this.”

Lin Yingmei briefly told the events at the Kunwu Ancient Monument. This was also the first time Wu Xinjie was made aware that the Kunwu Ancient Monument was actually solved by Su Xing, momentarily shocked.

“I’m unable to train this Spirit Swallowing Dragon. Little Sis Suwen, you are the Divine Physician, you should have some understanding regarding this. Keeping this on me is a waste. I’ll leave this for your protection.” Su Xing smiled, completely from the heart.

An Suwen covered her mouth, her body slightly trembling, a mist lingering in her eyes.

“This, what’s the matter…” Su Xing was frozen, not understanding why An Suwen suddenly lost her composure. How could he have known this shock brought to the Efficacious Star by the thing he raised. Previously, An Suwen only felt Su Xing and she signing a contract was perhaps because she was the Divine Physician, but when he took out the Astral Gemstone’s Essence Swallowing Dragon, everything was different.

The Spirit Swallowing Dragon was an Ancient Strange Beast, a beast that specifically fed on essence. If it could be trained, then it absolutely was a terrifying trump card. This sort of thing was simply more powerful than an Ancient Astral Treasure to the unarmed and defenseless Efficacious Star.5 Su Xing should be able to understand why putting this Strange Beast in her hand would elicit a shock, however, without any hesitation, it was clear that Su Xing truly viewed her as a relative.[1 Uh-oh, does this mean contracting her is out of the question?]

How could this sort of trust not make the Efficacious Star moved.

Wu Xinjie also advised her to accept it. The Knowledge Star actually was thinking purely of using this as a pretext to make the Efficacious Star loyal only to Master and no other. Additionally, like Su Xing said, although and Ancient Strange Beast was good, truly rearing it still required a person the likes of the Efficacious Star Divine Physician for that to work. Otherwise, it was still a waste.

“Little Sister definitely will not disappoint Brother.” An Suwen solemnly promised.

“You have to carefully avoid people’s eyes and ears.” Su Xing ordered.

Su Xing then gave those Thunder Water Flowers and Thunder Water Flower Snake Crown all to the Efficacious Star to refine, and afterwards was another order.

Finally, the girl even kissed Su Xing’s cheek, “Brother, you’re worrisome!” Under the Efficacious Star’s caring gaze, Su Xing, Lin Yingmei and Wu Xinjie boarded the Wind Swayed Raft and departed.


Great Liang Dynasty6 – Bian City!

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  1. 結義清酒
  2. 桃園三結義
  3. 解毒珠
  4. 吞精蛟, previously was Spirit Engulfing Flood Dragon
  5. That’s what he thinks…
  6. Gong Caiwei, mine fair Lady, wherefore art thou? Thy husband hath returned!


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