Chapter 81: Shi Yuan is in Trouble

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The Supercluster Cultivator’s action was out of the ordinary. A water net spread out when the blue light flashed, and the Water Splitting Dragon Binding Net fell over the Thief Star, covering her. With this, she had no way of escaping. Shi Yuan was not afraid, on the contrary shouting curses: “Shameless Old Daoist, sneak attacking someone younger than you, don’t you feel you’ve thrown away your own self-respect.”

Ancestor Baili descended before Shi Yuan, a sneer blossoming in his eyes. “Thief Star, the Blooming Water Sword Sect’s Ancestor Baili has been looking forward to meeting you for a long time.”

Hearing him yell out his own Star Name as a Blooming Water Sword Sect Ancestral Master, Shi Yuan’s heart thumped, thinking to herself of how did she meet with this unexpected failure. Her mouth still stubbornly said: “Do you want to break the rules of the Star Duels with this sort of action? Heh, not afraid of the Liangshan Maiden finding trouble with your Sword Sect.” The reason why Shi Yuan was this confident was that she knew the Star Duels – before the second phase started, the other great sect’s powerful cultivators could not interfere in the Star Duels. Of course, this was only a tacitly agreed upon unwritten rule; during the phase when the Star Duels only just began, the majority of sects concealed many old freaks. Even if a Star General could ignore cultivation, possessing a super strong Star Weapon could not be placed on par with these old monster Star Cultivators.

During the time of the first Star Duel, the Star Generals were from the illustrious reputation they held today. Everybody in Liangshan knew, the first Star Generals fighting each other in close combat was like child’s play from the perspective of the major schools. Some sects even contrarily killed Star Generals for their Star Weapons, Astral Gemstones or even for their lovely beauty. Among these, it must be brought to attention a great sect that could not be put on equal terms with the Clear Void Daoists, the “Devil Fiend Holy Sect.”1

The stupidest thing the Devil Fiend Holy Sect did was that they publicly issued a manifesto to kill all Star Generals to prove they were Liangshan’s number one great sect. In reality, when this proof was ready, Liangshan’s number one sect did not need even a day to be destroyed.

Reportedly, the Liangshan Maiden had a thousand magnificent stars fall onto the Devil Fiend Holy Sect. Its power made every hero under Heaven hide within their own sects, not daring to emerge; during that night, the Devil Fiend Holy Sect’s hundred thousand followers were obliterated from history. At that time, the Devil Fiend Holy Sect’s “Demonic Head” was a Transforming Star of Annihilation Stage pinnacle adept, but even if he was like this, he died as quietly as an ant. Ever since then, every great sect not only decisively killed errant peoples as a gesture of goodwill towards that Liangshan Maiden, they actively participated in the Star Duels. The purpose was to glimpse the Liangshan Maiden’s true face, to fully grasp the Transforming Star.

Ancestor Baili disdainfully sneered: “Should you steal from over this sect’s head, certainly no wonder this ancestor would be unscrupulous.”

“When did this Young Lady steal.” Shi Yuan’s eyes turned, unwilling to concede.

“Thief Star Shi Qian, I trust you have been well since we last met.”

Gong Xu walked over, his eyes carrying a thread of hatred.

Shi Yuan stared blankly, really not expecting the Thousand Machine Gang would participate in this. At this moment, she heard another sneer.

“Little Sister Shi Qian, if Elder Sister killed you, there shouldn’t be a problem, right?”

Tong Yao squatted down, engrossed, her face carrying a mischievous expression sizing up the Flea on a Drum caught by the net.

Seeing two Star Masters, then seeing the Thousand Machine Gang’s multitude of disciples and the Blooming Water Sword Sect’s attitude, she realized why they had come. Her heart immediately was helpless: This time, this Young Lady’s doom was at hand, about to be a Falling Star.  

“Two Elder Sisters came, Shi Qian truly has a reputation. I just don’t know how you two sisters will go split me up, seeing as how Little Sister is only one person?” The Thief Star giggled, not knowing how to die.

“This won’t console Little Sister’s worries.” Tong Yao smiled.

“Shi Qian, bring out the thing you stole. This Ancestor can agree to admit you into the sect.” Ancestor Baili said coldly.

“This Young Lady did not steal any of your things.” Shi Yuan twitched her mouth.

Ancestor Baili waved his hand. Water Thunder struck and exploded on Shi Yuan’s body, and the Thief Star grimaced. The pain was endless, but Shi Yuan was still stubborn, not uttering a word.

“Where is the Majestic Star and her master!” Gong Xu shouted.

“Are you an idiot? This Young Lady is a Star General, how could I have something to do with a Star Master. Even if this Young Lady did know, she would not inform you.” Shi Yuan sneered.

Gong Xu narrowed his eyes, sorrowfully saying: “To have you go steal the sect’s secret technique, the Majestic Star’s master has nothing to do with you? Do you take this servant to be as easy to fool as a three year old child?”

“Little Sister Shi Qian, as long as you hand over the Majestic Star’s whereabouts, Elder Sister vows to absolutely protect you safe and sound. The Blooming Water Sword Sect will welcome you as a guest. You can choose young talents as your contractor, how about it?” The Retreating Star Tong Yao enticed. “Even Elder Sister’s contractor wants to share with Little Sister.”

Shi Yuan glanced at Chen Zhonglin. A face of loathing, Chen Zhonglin’s complexion was a bit ill. Then Shi Yuan turned her head away, not looking, the manner of a dead pig that did not fear scalding water.

Everyone looked at each other in dismay, not expecting the shrewd Thief Star to unexpectedly be unwilling to hand over the other Star Master. This actually was beyond their expectations, but it also made them even more convinced the Majestic Star’s master and Shi Qian had an unclear collusion.

Ancestor Baili glimpsed that Shi Yuan’s belt had a milky white talisman. A radiance flashed in his eyes. He opened his hand, and though Shi Yuan cried out in fear, that talisman was sucked over. The milky white talisman had several magic scripts, and seeing this, Ancestor Baili abruptly laughed out loud.

“Ancestral Master, is there a solution?” Chen Zhonglin was delighted.

“Thousand Li Sound Transmission Talisman!!”2 Ancestor Baili held the talisman in his hand, lightly asking Shi Yuan: “The Thief Star surprisingly has this kind of talisman. It seems the person of this Sound Transmission and you are not shallowly involved? Is it that Majestic Star’s master?” The Thousand LI Sound Transmission Talisman had carved into it a Sound Transmission Divine Intent. Using it enabled one’s thoughts to be transmitted to a Divine Intent Cultivator. Being able to allow the Thief Star carry this one her person, their relationship was certain to be very close.

“That is only something stolen by this Young Lady from someplace, why don’t you connect it? I can’t say for sure if it might make some old monsters come.” Shi Yuan flustered for a moment, then calmed down in a moment.

How could Ancestor Baili ever be fooled by this sort of dishonest rhetoric. Coldly smiling, his finger shook, and the talisman ignited into a ball of transparent Starfire. “Lin Chong, listen to this Ancestor. I’ll give you one day to bring the thing you stole from this sect to Grindstone Mountain for a chat. Otherwise, the Thief Star Flear on a Drum will die for you!!”

“Don’t come!!” Shi Yuan yelled in a panic.

The talisman’s combustion was nearly over, changing into a ball of white mist. This mist condensed by Ancestor Baili’s Divine Intent and shot out a white light that disappeared far, far away into the horizon.

“Little Sister, that’s really stupid. Exploited by the Majestic Star, yet you still protect him so? Truly outrageous.” Tong Yao frowned, incapable of comprehending this.

Shi Yuan laughed uproariously, as if she had just seen a joke.

“You all are truly idiots. Has Elder Sister ever heard of a Star Master that would rescue the sort of Star General that Little Sister is from a predicament? Hee, hee. Even if that Thousand Li Sound Transmission is for the Majestic Star’s master, he still would not come. Actually, that is Little Sister’s Life-Saving Talisman. You all better run, quickly. If Little Sister used this talisman, Little Sister promised to become his Star General, and then he’ll come…” Shi Yuan looked around at several people, smiling self-confidently: “You all can still make it if you run now.”

Tong Yao trembled, and the other Star Cultivators felt the Thief Star’s words were reasonable, granted that Gong Xu was somewhat in a mess. After all, he knew the Knowledge Star. If there was such an extremely wise general present, it could now be assumed that, exploiting Shi Qian to capture the Majestic Star, she really would not come throw her life away.

“This ancestor truly wishes to make acquaintances with the adept you speak of.” Ancestor Baili calmly opened his mouth, his words pressing down on a disciplined heart.

The other people thought this as well. Generally speaking, in the Azure Dragon Territory, the Ancestral Master was a top-quality cultivator. With him keeping watch, even in addition to two great schools’ hundred disciples as well as two Star Masters, what a joke. This kind of battle array truly could kill gods if they came, could extinguish Buddhas if they came.


Although they thought as much, the two schools’ disciples still did not dare to lower their guard, properly laying down a magic circle.

Shi Yuan saw this, and her heart sunk even deeper. Even though her face feigned calm, rejoicing in other people’s misfortune, Tong Yao could see that in Shi Yuan’s eyes was that trace of exposed worry.

“Little Sister, what are you nervous about? Since an adept will rescue you, it’s not too late to be happy.” Tong Yao shook her head as she spoke: “You said it, there isn’t a Star Master that would be willing to risk life and limb for an exploited chess piece. Oh, are you worried that your adept will be sliced and diced? No need to worry, Elder Sister won’t do it like that…”

The Retreating Star River Churning Clam’s smile revealed her white teeth, “Elder Sister will make mincemeat out of him. Now, this is interesting.”

Bian City. How could Su Xing create as much trouble as Shi Yuan that two sects suddenly joined hands to oppose him. At this moment, he had only just finished harmonizing his breath. Squinting, he was very satisfied with the progress he had made. The Blooming Water Cultivating Origin Pill was indeed awesome; swallowing just one, the foundation of the refined Blooming Water Divine Thunder in his body was even more stable. Nurturing it in his body was getting increasingly smooth and easy. In ten days, he had already finished refining the Blooming Water Divine Thunder a second time.

Besides this, Su Xing also finally entered Nebula Middle Stage.

“Young Master’s progress is rapid. You can almost go try becoming an outlaw.” Wu Xinjie said.

Su Xing nodded. First of all, he still needed to first go find Wu Tie. According to their contract, the items should have been long done.

Arriving at the weapon refinement shop, as expected, Wu Tie had already waited for a very long time.

“Younger Brother Su Xing, amazing. Only ten or so days, and you’ve entered Nebula Middle Stage.” Wu Tie exclaimed in admiration. He originally thought that Su Xing would need three months at the minimum to accomplish this, but how could he know that Su Xing was contracted with two beautiful Star Generals. This sort of speed was very normal.

“This one beneath you has benefited from that “Ascend a Mountain and Dive for Pearls” and ‘Notes’ of Fellow Wu.” Su Xing smiled. Currently, he was no longer unknowledgeable about refining like he was at the very beginning. He could call out the names of the majority of refined ore, iron and stone; he could also be considered as having entered the door of weapon refinement. If he did not have that notebook of accumulated experiences, Su Xing could not have done this.

“For it to pass on weapon refinement is a given. Pity that a certain Wu’s experiences can only count as slight mastery. It’s extremely far off from great masters.”

“If you can forge the Magic Sealing Sword, then Brother Wu is being modest.”

Wu Tie laughed openly, then brought out a box. Inside were placed a hundred Thunder Fire Bullets, “This is a hundred Thunder Fire Bullets, Little Brother Su. Inspect and accept this.”

Su Xing’s Divine Intent swept over it. Wu Tie’s forging art was indeed out of the ordinary. The hundred Thunder Fire Bullets’ textures were even, seemingly like they were pressed from a mold, not even lacking in the slightest bit. This delicate working method that had been brought to the pinnacle of perfection made Su Xing speechless. He rolled the hundred Thunder Fire Bullets into his sack.

Wu Tie stared blankly. Seeing Su Xing accept the Thunder Fire Bullets so quickly without checking, even thinking he was believing in him. The good opinion he had in his heart was even deeper, and then there was a silver gun.

The surface of the Silver Blade with Relic Blade Sand forged into it was dazzling. The lines on the gun’s body vaguely flowed like a kind of indescribable graceful luster; those who was it would be dazzled. The gun was much lighter, but holding it in his hand and secretly providing Star Energy, Silver Blade immediately emitted a brilliant light. The Star Energy sustained by the gun body was even stronger than before, even more solid. This Relic Blade Sand was exceptional, as expected.

Su Xing fondled it admiringly, when suddenly at this moment, an anxious Divine Intent penetrated into his ocean of consciousness.

“Big Brother, Shi Yuan is in trouble…”

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  1. 魔煞聖門
  2. 千里傳音符


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