Chapter 86: Three Beauties Serving One Master, The Alliance of Ten’s Chase To Kill

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The forehead of the Shi Yuan kissing Su Xing suddenly twinkled with a brown light. This light was just as if someone had used a knife to draw a portrait stroke by stroke, the strokes vivid and powerful. Entering his bones, at the same time, Su Xing felt his forehead burn with a fiery pain.

The Su Xing who originally already had been exhausted of strength in a split second felt a fantastic power cram into his body.

A Crimson Star glittered in the sky.

The kiss finished, Shi Yuan’s big eyes opened slightly, covering her mouth as she looked at the Star Crest of Su Xing’s forehead. Inconceivably, she unexpectedly signed a contract?

To the side, Wu Xinjie and Lin Yingmei were dumb as wooden chickens.1

“Kiss Contract?!” The Knowledge Star said in a low voice, disbelieving. She had only heard of a Star Master’s Kiss Contract; she had never heard of a Star Maiden initiating the Star Cultivator’s Kiss Contract, and this time, it greatly toppled Wu Xinjie’s understanding towards contracts.2

Lin Yingmei cast an indefinitely bewildered glance towards the Resourceful Star. Su Xing, who had signed on his third Star General, had surpassed all others before and since in Liangshan. Just what was going on.

“Fortune and misfortune lead to each other, wipe your eyes and wait!”3 Wu Xinjie lightly waved her feather fan, slightly smiling. “It seems our Master has revised the Maiden Mountain’s structure!”

“Have you two signed a contract?”

Su Xing touched his feverish forehead, perplexed. He naturally did not know how irregular of a matter it was for he to sign a third Star General. With regards to this guest in Liangshan, genuine shock was far from as grand and magnificent as three Star Maidens, and another expansion of his Star Energy made him but pleasantly surprised.

“This Young Lady, the Thief Star Flea on a Drum Shi Qian, from this day forth, is Su Xing’s woman.” Shi Yuan said bashfully.

Hearing this seemingly familiar declaration, Su Xing for a moment did not know what expression he should have had.

“We had better leave quickly. This was has already attracted the attention of many people.” The Knowledge Star knew now was not the time to heave a sigh.

Grindstone Mountain’s extraordinary image was continuous, spreading to a thousand li, and in addition to the fall of two Crimson Stars, perhaps now already attracted were great quantities of Star Cultivators, Star Masters, and schools all rushing towards this place. If they still did not leave, in case they were encircled, given the current state of everyone, everything pointed to disaster.

Su Xing nodded and arranged his things. There was no time to lose.

The three Star Maidens glanced at one another, flashing into the Star Nest with good coordination. His ocean of consciousness swelled, and Su Xing felt his Divine Intent once again expand several sizes. Then, he hastily rushed towards the bottom of the mountain.

If the Knowledge Star’s expectations were true.

Ten minutes later,4 dozens of escape lights arrived at Grindstone Mountain in succession. They wore blue robes, their feet planted on Blue Water Flying Swords;5 it was the Blooming Water Sword Sect’s Headmaster as well as four protectors and twelve hall masters.

When they saw the Falling Star from the main hall, the Daoist Luo River had even believed the Ancestral Master already achieved the objective, and thus was secretly delighted. Originally, when he found out that Ancestor Baili personally appeared, he thought that victory was already at hand. A Supercluster Stage Cultivator was top quality in the Azure Dragon Territory, broadly speaking. Even if Lin Chong’s Star Master was only Nebula Stage, how could he possibly be an opponent.

But soon after the Purple Thunder Heavenly Calamity, the Magic Fireworks Sea immediately made this Blooming Water Sword Sect Headmaster’s complexion change greatly. That entirely was not a Blooming Water Sword Sect power, and in his impressions, the Ancestral Master also did not have this kind of magic. Thus, he awakened the twelve hall masters and the four protectors to rush over on their flying swords.

However, they were a step too late.

Reflected in their eyes was something like an asura, and the wretched sight of the desolation of trauma filled their eyes. Half of the place was cold and icy to the bone like the extreme north. Half was burnt by flame and choking as if they had reached the underworld of purgatory. As far as the eye could see, there were the bodies of both schools’ hundred disciples.

“Ahhhh…” The protectors and hall masters grieved, crying out loud and heartbroken, the sound shaking a hundred li.6

“How could this be…” Ling Xian said, trembling.

It was still the Daoist Luo River that was the most calm. He shouted: “Quickly go look for the Ancestor!”

A moment after.

A hall master discovered Chen Zhonglin’s corpse in addition to Ancestor Baili’s remaining adornments. One act of a liver and guts cut to pieces7 fact was placed before them. Immediately, several cultivators nearly fainted.

“Impossible, how could the Ancestral Master…” Ling Xian was dumbfounded. This result was something they did not anticipate in any event. The ambush by a hundred disciples guided by the grand Azure Dragon Territory’s front ranking cultivator was unexpectedly completely extinguished. Who would believe this if they spoke of it.

“For the sake of the Ancestral Master’s revenge!!”

“We must slaughter Lin Chong!!”

Every cultivator was extremely furious. This was the heaviest price the Blooming Water Sword Sect had paid since its founding. Everyone currently wished for the aftermath of their killing to quickly arrive.


The Daoist Luo River’s face was enveloped with cold frost, “For today’s disgrace, this sect and Lin Chong’s Star Master cannot coexist together. Ling Xian and the other hall masters, hear my orders.”

“Subordinates present!” The cultivators were solemn.

“Immediately send out the ‘Alliance of Ten Kill Warrant.’8 Have the Alliance of Ten smother Lin Chong,” The Daoist Luo River’s voice was frigid. The Alliance of Ten Kill Warrant was the Azure Dragon Territory’s Ten Great Schools. Once it was issued, it signified that the other nine Great Sects necessarily had to kindly provide their assistance.

However, with this much on one hand, everything that occurred on Grindstone Mountain inevitably would be known by the other sects.

Although this matter would become a disgrace upon the Blooming Water Sword Sect, at this very moment, it was already not the time for face. Even the Ancestral Master was dead, so it was obvious how frightening Lin Chong was. The Daoist Luo River would not brave this danger.

“Shall we inquire with the Ancestral Master?” Ling Xian asked.

The Daoist Luo River muttered to himself, “I shall personally report to the Ancestral Master.”

Gazing towards that Grindstone Mountain, the Daoist Luo River looked fierce.

“This Daoist will make Lin Chong in the Azure Dragon Territory have no place to stand, unable to move a single step!”

Everyone of the Blooming Water Sword Sect at Grindstone Mountain searched the surrounding hundred li for ages, and only after they buried the disciples’ bodies did they unwillingly leave. They had not left for long, when the group including the Daoist Luo River did not discover a white cloud in the hundred li above Grindstone Mountain slowly separate. An exceedingly refined girl sat upon this mist, carrying a trace of a profoundly mysterious smile as she leisurely departed.9

Just at the time of the Blooming Water Sword Sect shook, everywhere in the Azure Dragon Territory and the Vermilion Bird Territory simultaneously shook because of the crimson fall of two stars and the rising of another Crimson Star. Only three years had passed since the start of the Star Duels, and according to what was recorded in the past, the very first four or five years was the time Star Generals hid their strengths and bided their time. The majority of Star Masters were unlikely to truly be irreconcilable adversaries, even if they met. Nowadays, this split second fall of two Stars was considered rarely seen, especially with the raising of another. As long as a person had even a bit of brain, they would also feel this was a dangerous sign.

The Alliance of Ten Chase to Kill Warrant was transmitted down immediately. The Lin Chong that signed a contract alarmed the entire Azure Dragon Territory, and Lin Chong’s Master was one who made his name in war. The Ten Great Allied Schools and the Hundred Great Schools all without exception established an oath to smother the Majestic Star. In a while, “Grindstone Mountain’s Paired Star Fall” had been fervently blown up into many problems and troubles, becoming the topic every cultivator leisurely chatted about.

To increasingly distort the truth, Grindstone Mountain’s Paired Star Fall10 was more and more exaggerated. Su Xing was portrayed as a being with formidable powers, an ugly monster that used some shameful method to dominate Lin Chong. His cultivation was extremely strange, opening some kind of mysterious halo. When he killed the Blooming Water Sword Sect’s Ancestor, one “Summon Purple Thunder Heavenly Calamity, Spur On Nine Underworld Magic Flame”11 later and the Supercluster Cultivator was tyrannically and simply killed. This method and power could be rated as very frightening, just like its terrible name could be compared with the Demonic Head of those days. Due to not knowing the name of Lin Chong’s Master, everyone dubbed him this nickname for him – Purple Thunder Monster.12

However, how could Su Xing know at this time of these gossipy scandals. Traversing over land and sea, recuperating for many days, did he finally return to Heavenly Water City.

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  1. 呆若木雞, dumbfounded.
  2. But you initiated, didn’t you?
  3. 拭目以待, wait and see
  4. 一盞茶的功夫
  5. 碧水飛劍
  6. This seems to be a pun since Ancestor Baili’s name uses the same characters.
  7. 肝腸寸斷, all cut up
  8. 十盟殺令
  9. IDK who this is, but it probably is not Gong Caiwei since she wears a face veil, which probably would have been mentioned. It could be L’il Er or that woman he rescued from the Flower Dragon Cave, but I have no idea who this is.
  10. 石磨山雙星墜
  11. 召喚紫雷天劫,驅使九幽魔焰
  12.  紫雷魔頭


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