Chapter 91: Four Beauties Serving One Master, Forced To Go To Liangshan (Latter)

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“I do not have this type of pill.” An Suwen apologetically replied.

Wu Xinjie giggled, “Little Sister Suwen, do you like Young Master Su Xing?”

“Of course I like Big Brother Su Xing.” An Suwen’s calm made people feel her affection was that of between brothers and sisters.

Su Xing slightly understood what Wu Xinjie was planning. “Xinjie, you aren’t thinking of having me and Suwen sign a Star Duel Covenant, are you?”

“Exactly.” The Knowledge Star nodded.


The group stared blankly. If it was from before, probably they would have felt the Knowledge Star’s brain was frying, but after signing on the his third Star General, the Thief Star, Lin Yingmei was not too certain Su Xing had a limit when all was said and done.

“Elder Sister Knowledge Star is joking. Because Big Brother Su Xing saved Little Sister Shi Yuan it was doable, but Suwen appears to not have anything special.” The Efficacious Star the Divine Physician shook her head and smiled.

“Suwen, there is never harm in trying, is there?” Wu Xinjie also did not have confidence, but since the Divine Physician An Suwen and Su Xing matched as brother and sister, their relationship could be considered to be very close. Since he could smash Liangshan Continent’s Star Duel structure and sign a third Star, then how could they definitely not try for a fourth Star.

“Young Master, do you agree?” Wu Xinjie asked.

“Suwen is my little sister, that can’t be too good, right?” Su Xing hesitated.

“It’s precisely because she is your sister that you need to sign. You can never hand over your cute little sister to someone else, right?” Wu Xinjie mischievously winked. How could Su Xing not know what she meant.

Su Xing did not want to compel others, finally directing an inquiring gaze towards An Suwen.

“If Big Brother is willing, Little Sister is willing to give it a try!” An Suwen was not in opposition at all.

“Hurry and try it now. Remember that you must want to sign a contract.” Wu Xinjie somewhat expectantly came to a seat and sat together along with Ling Yingmei and Shi Yuan to the side to watch the spectacle, her mood slightly excited.

Su Xing approached An Suwen, knowing saying anything more was useless. In Liangshan’s Star Duels, being able to sign a contract with An Suwen was, in the end, not a bad thing. Just as Wu Xinjie said, his little sister certainly needed the love of her own family, and he could not let the fertile water flow to the fields of outsiders.

An Suwen’s cheeks were a light scarlet. Her clean, bright and beautiful eyes were somewhat expectant and somewhat restless. If she were to say she was not tempted to contract with Su Xing, then she was deceiving herself, but losing to the Thief Star, she truly did not know what should she do? After all, this did not have a precedent, so An Suwen could still have a hopeful fantasy.

“Are you ready?” Su Xing faintly asked.

An Suwen affirmed.

Su Xing held An Suwen’s shoulders, and the girl’s heart tightened, her palms sweating. Just as she thought of the matter of the contract, she suddenly saw Su Xing lower his head and plant a kiss on top of her lips.

This kind of matter of kissing each other’s lips, for a moment, made An Suwen’s entire body motionless. Her eyes opened wide, seemingly incapable of believing, but following Su Xing’s tenderness touching her red lips, An Suwen’s eyes seemingly raised a layer of rain and fog, hazy and moist, sinking down without any sort of resistance. Returning Su Xing’s kiss, the Efficacious Star’s first kiss was taken just like that.

An orange Star Crest shimmered on the two people’s foreheads, and a gorgeous Star Array fluttered and whirled.

The three beautiful maidens to the side were dumbstruck.

A fourth Star General!

Su Xing really contracted a fourth Star General!

“Sister Xinjie, just what sort of person is Su Xing?” Shi Yuan’s face was filled with adoration. Contracting four sisters, who would believe it if they said so.

“However, Su Xing truly is very shameless, unexpectedly using a kiss…” The Thief Star giggled.

In the sky outside the room, a Crimson Star gradually lit up.

An Suwen let out an alluring sigh, somewhat reluctant to part as they ended their fervent kiss.

“Big Brother – how could you be like this towards Little Sister…” An Suwen’s tender voice was without strength, her eyes containing three parts blame and seven parts joy.

“What did I do wrong?” Su Xing actually did not know where he went wrong because the three before were contracted after the kiss. His subconscious mind believed contracts required a kiss to work.1

If An Suwen knew her first kiss was this confusedly taken away, she would not know whether she should rejoice or grieve.

“Master Su Xing, you’s re too lecherous. No wonder Xinjie wants to satisfy you.” Shi Yuan laughed aloud.

Wu Xinjie glared at her, and she also saw that Su Xing apparently knew nothing about contracts. She turned her eyes, not at all bluntly pointing things out, but nervously asking: “Young Master Su Xing, do you see anything abnormal?”

Su Xing experimented a bit. There was a sudden Star Energy swelling up inside his body, and his ocean of consciousness had an additional trace of inspiration pertaining to medicine arts and medical knowledge. Clearly, this was the Efficacious Star the Divine Physician An Daoquan’s mark slowly assimilating.

From any perspective, this was a perfect and immaculate contract.

Su Xing had succeeded signing the contract. His Star Energy stopped swelling, and as long as he slightly refined An Suwen’s Star Energy to completion, entering Nebula Late Stage was not a problem, and even approaching Galaxy was possible.

“Then Xinjie has a plan. Does Young Master want to listen?”

Su Xing nodded as an indication.

“Currently, two Stars are still needed, and then the Birth Outline will begin. It would be better that before the next Crimson Star falls, Young Master for now cultivates in Tile Dyke Village. Then, when the last Crimson Star remains, go to the Divining Star Platform to inquire about the Liangshan Outlaw Token.2 The “Liangshan Outlaw Token” was a required item for Star Masters. Besides rapid cultivation, an absolutely safe secret base also was a great help, and at that time, they would not need to worry about being chased.

“If Xinjie has not guessed wrongly, nearby the Divining Star Platform definitely will be many enemies waiting for Young Master to walk right into a trap. Temporarily, it is best to not go.” Wu Xinjie judged the situation. Because everyone knew that Star Masters possessed the token’s benefits, the Su Xing being pursued by the Alliance of Ten certainly was “forced to go to Liangshan.”3

“That’s fine, however, I will make the Blooming Water Sword Sect rescind the kill warrant.” Su Xing coldly smiled.

The Star Maidens revealed unconvinced expressions, and even the Resourceful Star did not know what Su Xing was planning. The Blooming Water Sword Sect’s strength was greatly injured, and suffering a humiliation, they would need to swallow back down the words they spat…if he really could do it, then he truly was a genius.

Wu Xinjie did not ask any more, her unconscious mind nevertheless very convinced Su Xing could turn the tables.

In order to deal with the Birth Outline that could launch at any time, the Knowledge Star even arranged each of their own training plans. Besides the Chaotic Tail Escape and the Soul Technique, Su Xing first of all used the Blooming Water Cultivating Origin Pills to accelerate the Five Spirits Law Heavenly Book’s Blooming Water Divine Thunder power. His remaining time was spent cultivating fighting capabilities with the Majestic Star. Lin Yingmei strengthened her Yellow Rank Spear Technique “Long Blizzard Nights,” and if she could comprehend her Dark Rank Spear Technique, that would only be even better.

The Thief Star Shi Yuan delved into the Mo Attack Mechanism Records’ Puppet Mechanism Arts and comprehended her Dark Rank Magic. Xinjie herself began to start on preparations for the Divining Star Platform, the Birth Outline and such of a series of matters. Also, she also made herself enter the Dark Rank Magic.

The Efficacious Star the Divine Physician naturally was refining a few pills. At any moment, the pills always were able to be used at the pivotal point.

“Suwen, how is the training of your Essence Swallowing Dragon?” Wu Xinjie abruptly remembered it.

An Suwen took out an Astral Gemstone. A slim, almost thread-like, fine Demon Beast flew out and lay on the girl’s shoulder. The Essence Swallowing Dragon was smaller than it initially was at the Kun Wu Monument, not trying at all to swallow essence qi.

“What a pity, there’s only one.” Su Xing said.

“Actually it can reproduce more, however…” An Suwen wanted to say something but hesitated.

“However what? Could it be needs a lot of expensive essence materials?” Wu Xinjie asked.

“The Essence Swallowing Dragon uses fissiparity.4 It needs Essence Qi to live, and swallowing more perfect Essence Qi gives it a greater chance to reproduce, however, perfect Spirit Qi is very rare…”

Su Xing knew An Suwen knew An Suwen hesitated like this, and he smiled: “This Suppressing Evil Gem Bamboo. Suwen, you take and use it.” A blue light flashed, and the Suppressing Evil Gem Bamboo appeared. The Essence Swallowing Dragon saw it and began to stir, but without An Suwen’s command, it could only drool with desire.

“But Big Brother needs it to forge a Divine Weapon.” An Suwen shook her head. The Thousand Year Suppressing Evil Gem Bamboo was an extremely fine nourishment for the Essence Swallowing Dragon, and it could exhibit great effect during the early stages of training. However, like this, it would be hard to avoid damaging the Suppressing Evil Gem Bamboo’s Perfect Spirit Qi.

“Don’t worry, this Suppressing Evil Gem Bamboo already has a thousand years. Its Perfect Spirit Qi can self-recover, and leaving it right now is also a waste.” Su Xing said.

An Suwen saw this and did not decline any further.

“Right, which of you can advance your Star Weapon to its first Star? I still have lots of surplus Relic Blade Sand.” Su Xing said.

Lin Yingmei’s Arctic Star Spear required 40 liang of Relic Blade Sand and six pieces of Daybreak Frost and Snow Essence5 to advance to the second Star. Su Xing currently had 69 liang of Relic Blade Sand, however, pity that the two did not have a single Daybreak Frost and Snow Essence. Lin Yingmei said herself that advancing to the third Star would no longer require Relic Blade Sand, and the leftover 29 liang was enough for the three maidens to each advance a rank, provided that their materials were all ready.

Shi Yuan directed her gaze to Wu Xinjie.

The Knowledge Star knew her meaning, smiling: “If Little Sister can advance, then advance your Star Weapon first. Xinjie does not have a single piece of her required ‘Falling Water Star Crystal.’”6

“This Young Lady doesn’t need to for now. Sister Suwen’s Child and Mother Linked Hearts Needles7 actually can advance first.”

Wu Xinjie nodded. Using the Child and Mother Linked Hearts Needles for medical examinations and healing was effective.

The Efficacious Star’s Star Weapon grade advancement materials were far from being as harsh as a Heavenly Star’s. Her materials were all complete. As for Relic Blade Sand, the Efficacious Star herself had collected five liang, and ten liang was sufficient to refine her Child and Mother Linked Hearts Needles.

The remaining 24 liang again was divided into fourteen liang of Relic Blade Sand to be given to Shi Yuan to refine her Hoodwinking Flying Claws.

And like this, Su Xing’s four beautiful ladies, had among them three each that had a Destined Star Weapon advance to One Star. Moreover, the base ingredient Spirit Sand wholly was the treasured Relic Blade Sand, and placed in the entire Liangshan Continent, there were no precedent ancients.

And this was merely the beginning.

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  1. Remember, the explanation the author gave about contracts was for the reader only. Su Xing himself has yet to know about the other forms of contracts.
  2. 臥草梁山令牌
  3. Coined by Chairman Mao, this basically means taking drastic measures.
  4. It undergoes mitosis, it seems.
  5. 晗霜雪精
  6. 落水星晶, 水星 is Mercury, the planet for an FYI. I don’t think the author means for the material to be Falling Mercury Crystal…
  7. 子母連心針


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