Chapter 1: The Time Jump

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In the laboratory full of equipment, with iron walls that were like a metal fortress, Bai Jing lay on the bed, silently, arms and legs held by metal restraints.. His youthful face motionless, he let researchers inject him with a newly developed drug.

Piercing, tearing pain washed over him , and his young body throbbed. Those researchers showed their excitement : “Hurry,…hurry…there’s a reaction, increase the dosage.”

Then, more people gathered around the bed, one of them quickly administering another shot of the drug. Regardless of Bai’s struggle, in his eyes, Bai was nothing more than cold equipment.

The pain that came from the soul had already completely overwhelmed his body. Bai Jing desperately struggled, gouging wounds on his legs and arms deep enough to show bone. Blood flooded the ground, and Bai became motionless before falling into darkness.

And he still thought : It’s great that I could die like this, but what if the clock could turn back………

Blinking once more, Bai Jing went blank. His eyes looked directly at this familiar yet unfamiliar place. This extremely luxurious room had been his favorite. Bright, shining sunlight shot through the big sliding door, and the fresh air was fragrant with flowers and grass. It was just like usual life before the apocalypse.

Lifting up his stiff arms, he looked over and over again at his white hands that looked like jade. There was no rough skin, no scars or needle holes. He clearly remembered that before he passed out, these two hands were bloody.

Is this a dream? Bai Jing thought dimly. Staring blankly at the plants outside, Bai believed that he was within a dream that he pictured, so now what he looked at seemed unreal. This place was just like where he lived after his seventh birthday. Even the view outdoors was the same.

Slowly lifting up his body, his brain painfully throbbed. Bai Jing suddenly stiffened. He would never ever forget this familiar pain.

Harshly slamming himself, he looked around. Sure enough, on the headboard was his old cell phone. Fighting strongly against the pain in his bones, Bai shakily climbed to the bed. Picking up his cellphone, he saw…?

2019 July 31st!!

“Pi!!” The cell phone fell upon the floor.

Bai Jing went limp, his body kneeling on the bed. Suddenly, he began laughing quietly, then louder and louder until tears streamed endlessly. Then he cried, and then he howled. His crying sounds were painful, howling as if to shake the room, as if to wash away the years of those grievances, suffering, horror and fear.

He cried until he was tired. Feeling hungry, Bai Jing now gradually calmed down. Then another throbbing pain stabbed into his brain, unstoppable, but this time there was a strong dizziness. At that time when Bai Jing’s sad emotions were so strong, he could not see the difference. Now that he jumped back to the time before apocalypse, what the hell was with this headache?

It’s not the same pain as when he had been drugged in the institute, a pain as if the whole body was going to explode. It’s more like his psychic had been exhausted and all energy drained, dizzy with bouts of pain.

Bai Jing checked his psychic power instantly with a thought. 0 rank? It’s fine, at least he was still a Psychic Warrior. Bai Jing felt relieved. Holding back the loss within his heart, Bai regained his spirit. After all, he was so lucky as to be reborn; he couldn’t get any more greedy. The date is 07/31/2019, a full year before the apocalypse. He had enough time to prepare.

And right after the beginning of the apocalypse, they will meet each other, right? The man named Xiao Sa!

Bai Jing’s still had complex feelings towards Xiao Sa. He couldn’t tell what this feeling was. Even when Xiao Sa died for him, he still felt unsure and disbelieving. But the one thing he could clearly answer is that if people ask what he felt about his rebirth, he would undoubtedly answer, to find Xiao Sa!

It was a knot in his heart that could not be untied, that could not be released, especially with the subsequent experiences, Xiao Sa’s feelings became his only memory in his life. When the memory that Xiao Sa was ripped apart by zombies resurfaced, his heart ached. The ache penetrated deeply to the bone, to the heart, and to the lungs. It was so painful that it made him forget the abuse he suffered.

He remembered the first time they met was the time Xiao Sa saved him. Undoubtedly, it was all because of his hidden dimension. At that time, hidden dimension warriors were not unimportant. The cost of Xiao Sa’s help was expensive. It cost him almost half of his storage space within the hidden dimension.

Then, he joined Xiao’s group. By that time, Bai felt too good about himself. Even when he was the one that was saved, he felt no gratitude and only thought that rescue was a natural thing to do. He paid the price!! He also arrogantly said that if they escorted him to B City, his dad would pay them handsomely.

The him of then surely was disgusting. So Xiao Sa pushed him to edge of life and death, and saved him from death again and again.

But at that time Bai hated him so much. Now thinking back, Xiao Sa never treated him kindly, but he never let Bai get cold or get hungry. He hadn’t yet suffered a series of betrayal and misfortune, but only remembered Xiao’s wrongs without thinking of Xiao’s kindness. That caused his confusion about Xiao’s death. His death was so unreal.

However, thinking about his own hidden dimension, Bai quickly checked. Now that he could use his psychic power maybe he could use mutant powers as well.

The moment Bai Jing’s mind attempted to do so, just right at the time he charged his psychic power, his brain pounded, like it had been stabbed by needles. A sharp, throbbing ache came, and he broke into a cold sweat. Even when it was so painful like this, it definitely could not suppress this huge surprise.

Not only did he still keep his hidden dimension, but it was also upgraded. Inside the space, there were 8 acres of land. But if he could use the dimension, why then was his psychic power downgraded to 0 rank. In the apocalypse, mutant power grades went from 0 rank up. Most likely,a person who only just awakened their mutant power was 0 rank. He recalled that time, the time he awoke his hidden dimension ability.

At first, the dimension had only 20 cubic meters. At the time everyone sought after hidden-dimension warriors. He was so full of himself, believing that once he had this power no one would go against him. But after a while, hidden dimension warriors became object people guarded against most. Everywhere there was a shortage of food, and people were afraid of hidden- dimension warriors secretly hiding living supplies. Until one developed dimension isolate, dimension blade, etc. skills, hidden dimension warriors could breathe a sigh of relief. No matter which group they joined, there always was someone on guard against them. During the apocalypse, one can only become a cold, bloody, selfish person. There was no helping others, and there was not putting out your heart to trust others.

Whether it was friends, lovers, even if it was your parents, when facing the crisis of survival, everyone was an enemy.

He recalled after Xiao Sa died, his gang blamed him so bad that Han Yan really tried to kill him for revenge, until Zhou Ji stopped him. Bai felt so wronged and could not understand. Xiao Sa was so ferocious. How could he die? It obviously was Xiao’s wrongdoing. Against his own will, Xiao had sex with him. Bai believed it was humiliation, that Xiao Sa only wanted to toy with him in the apocalypse. Bai Gin hated him, and always would even after Xiao’s death.

It wasn’t until later, when he lacked food, running around from place to place, with people fighting to the bitter end just for a can of stinking food. It was then he remembered Xiao’s kindness.

In fact, Xiao Sa did not only like to have sex him, he also liked to train Bai and spew out words of irony at him. Frequently pushing him into a zombie heap and saving him when he could not hold out any longer, it seemed Xiao Sa never truly hurt him.

During the time he survived alone, he was particularly grateful to Xiao Sa. He did not develop any other abilities, only relying on Xiao Sa’s harsh survival training to live through until he joined another team.

Thinking about that team, Bai Jing’s eyes flashed with a piercing glare.

When he joined them, he did not seek a wholesome life, only asking to not be hungry.  He done his best doing his job where he was on the frontlines killing zombies. Even if they did not trust him, he kept his mouth shut.  Hoping not to be kicked out of the team, he truly was afraid of surviving by himself. He was always alert, suspenseful, fearing that if he was careless, he would not see the light of tomorrow.

He was so careful to stay alive, and he was elated when his dimension mutated, developing land. Everyone was so nice to him. They could have a harvest, and he thought they could live happily after. No one knew, though, that just for the right to live in B City, the boss sold him out to the mutant institute.

Whenever he thought of that period of terrible living, Bai Jing’s mood became agitated, strong hatred surging throughout his heart, entering every bit of his blood and every cell. With a sudden headache, Bai Jing mind returned. With a bitter smile, maybe he should be glad for the life he led at the institute. At least, his endurance to pain were extremely tough. When biting pain hit, he still kept his calm; there was nothing to worry about.

To cope with the physical discomfort, Bai Jing sorted out his memories. Feeling hungry he decided to eat first then worry about nothing later. There was still one year until the apocalypse after all.

Throwing on a random set of clothes, he opened the door. His eyes saw the magnificent hall. His lips could not help but twitch. How did he ever like this style before.

Young master, you’re awake. Would you like something to eat?”

“En!” Bai Jing nods. He remembered this maid. When the apocalypse came, because she feared for her family, she left, and with this leave, she never returned.

Bai Jing leisurely came to the restaurant, and the kitchen quickly put the dishes together. Regardless of their surprise, Bai Jing speedily devoured, every morsel a great enjoyment.

It was only when he was absolutely stuffed that he put down his chopsticks. He elegantly wiped his mouth and looked around. There were six bodyguards in the house, two of them kept within his sight. Besides them, there were also three maids, Nanny Chen, who was nowhere to be found, and the chauffeur, who might be asleep.

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