Chapter 14: Wounding

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Seeing things escalating, Zou Zechen’s friends came over. 

“Zechen, what happened, you…ha ha ha ha…” that man insolently laughed, his waist bent, laughing until he just barely had stomachaches. 

Zou Zechen was angry, looking at Bai Jing with ill intent. Wang Xuebing moved in front of the young master, one meter and eighty-three centimeters tall with an always well-trained posture, a look that was of a practicing specialist. 

“You two, has my brother done something miserable to you?” The man’s look was cold. He could laugh at his own brother, but others could not bully him.. 

Bai Jing also ignored him, only looking around, blaming the attitude of the poor service staff. Although the hall was noisy, and although he made a fuss, the security was not here yet. With such a thought, feeling upset, he and Xie Minhang thought not much to say of friendship, but looked for Xiao Sa’s sake. They could not make him suffer, not to mention the most annoying things was a man that had been rape against his will, but he could not directly rush into the private room. For no reason, he could not be exposed saving Xie Minhang, otherwise, how could he explain. 

The man showed anger at being ignored. A few nearby people also walked up, and Bai Jing squinted and swept over them. Since there was no security coming over, then he could make a big commotion. Anyway, he made up his mind. Xiao Hong and Wang Cheng did not come out. He swore to make them, beat the table, overturning it. It seemed inadequate, so he went to the next few tables and smashed them. 

Everyone was shocked. Who was this, to be so arrogant. Did he not know where this was? 

Someone feeling sorry shook his head. Seeing that Bai Jing looked handsome, he had pity for him. This young man was completely a waste. The Emperor Club’s boss was not a good fellow. 

But some people waited to see. Xiao Hong taking on the master’s position did not take long. What was the background of this young man that he dared to make trouble 

Wang Xuebing felt very helpless. Seeing the matter escalate, he quickly called Cao Lei. He still had some understanding of the young master’s temper and that today certainly would not easily finish. A bodyguard’s greatest misfortune is to have a troublemaking master. His young master valued his ability too highly. One should know that fists could not withstand four hands.

Even Zou Zechen and Jiang Xiuyu were shocked, feeling even more angry. What situation is this? Hitting people was reasonable, but he just asked some things, and now that guy even hit more things. 

While being angry and calming down at the same time, this boy looked unfamiliar. It should be his first time here, and they are serious businessmen, not triad. In this unclear situation, Jiang Xiuyu immediately called the man in charge. 

Here, the commotion was so large, it naturally alerted the security personnel, and soon, a few husky fellows with fierce looks came over. 

Bai Jing sneered. What he saw here was not a club, but obviously a bandits’ nest. 

“You’re the one here making trouble?” The leader of the husky fellows, his face gloomy, asked. When saw the appearance of Bai Jing, confusedly sizing up Bai Jing. 

Zou Zechen could not bear this. Although he was angry, a man always had a thing to like a good-looking, lovely beauty. Looking at the young man with an arrogant, cold appearance, although his teeth were numb, he felt some points were cute and did not want him fall into the hands of these people. 

Without waiting for him to say anything, the young man gave a kick, a flying sweep, a clean and tidy action catching that fellow by surprise. He was kicked in the body, his body going crooked, knocking into the next table on the head, blood suddenly flowing out.   

Zou Zechen’s first reaction was to cover his face and found the young man treated him nicely. 

“Ah -” there, a timid has screamed out. 

“Something’s happened….” 

“Call the ambulance!”  

More people frantically made emergency calls, the sound of music stopped, and the hall was noisy. 

Bai Jing was insufferably arrogant, proudly standing in the hall, stand out, instantly becoming the center of attention.

“Brother Sa, let’s go.” Seeing the situation in the room, Zhou Ji frowned. Looking for Wang Cheng today evidently was not possible. 

“Just wait.” Xiao Sa’s face was expressionless, his obsidian-like eyes glued on the young man, his heart rising with an unprecedented must-have determination.. 

“Brother Sa, that kid is no good.” Han Yan saw his eyes, hurriedly speaking out everything that happened at the door. Not only did that boy had an ill temper, impatience, arrogance with his nose in the air, but he also liked to stir up trouble. Although he also liked someone stirring up trouble in the Emperor Club, the young could not see the situation. He thought such a person was not worthy of Sa bro. 

They spoke here, and on the other side a few fellows teamed up, a bandit’s air exposed, looking fierce and vicious. Everyone was in a pinch of cold sweat for Bai Jing, worried about what misfortune would happen to him. There were people that wanted to see the skill of Bai Jing. That kick was simply cool enough..

While waiting for a cue to start, Bai Jing suddenly took two steps back and leisurely sat down. Everyone was stunned, and even those fellows were stunned for a moment. 

Wang Xuebing was full of black lines. He was helpless to his young master, but he who is his bodyguard saw a fellow move close. Wang Xuebing, without thinking, quickly dodged to block in front of Bai Jing. The action was not slow, his fist hitting straight the man’s weak point, then he turned to another person. Although it was one against six, Wang Xuebing easily defeat them; he was highly competent. 

The sound here was getting bigger and bigger. Twenty more people rushed in. 

Bai Jing now did not dare to be careless. Putting on a cold smile, maybe he should also try his skills! 

“What happened, what happened?” At this time, Wang Cheng’s angry humming sound passed over. His door opened, and Wang Cheng unhappily came out, followed by Xie Minhang, with ferocious stares at him, looking embarrassed but fortunately intact. 

Wang Cheng’s impatient eyes saw Bai Jing right then and became obsessed. A pair of greedy eyes scanned Bai Jing up and down, and even those twenty individuals under his command dared not to be frivolous.

“One more look and I’ll dig out your eyeballs.” Bai Jing showed a cruel and tyrannical look with ferocious anger. For the first time, someone dared to look at him like this. There was no need for Xiao Sa’s revenge; Bai Jing instantly sentenced him to death. 

“Oh, good, good, little one, if you like, I’ll give you my eyeballs. Even the balls of my lower half can be gifts to you.” Wang Cheng did not put a thought to it. At the same time, he was excited. The more immature, the more challenging it was to do great.  

“Ha ha ha ha!” The people around him laughed, words between the action relaxed the tension, just as if Bai Jing had now been stripped naked. 

Xiao Sa hazily looked at that, who even spread out a more cold air, his sharp, cold eyes flashing a murderous intent. 

Han Yan was surprised. Brother Sa should not be serious about this; it must be because of Wang Cheng. Brother Sa has always been cold at heart, and he did not believe how Brother Sa would be tempted by a stranger whom he had only met twice. 

Just as he was thinking this, from his ears came Xiao Sa’s irrefutable voice: “Keep him safe.” 

“Brother Sa.” Han Yan frowned, and now the situation was out of security and would certainly bring more trouble. He was not afraid of what would happen to him, but he was more afraid of being implicated by Brother Sa. He did not agree to come here, which, to say is Xiao Hong’s territory. Had all of Brother Sa’s men been out of here, if there was enough trouble to investigate, what would Brother Sa do? 

But he did not need to worry about that. With a “bang!” “bang!” two shots rang, and the hall quiet down. Then came the screams, all unconsciously stepping back. 

“He killed him…” panic and sounds of fear rang out. 

Bai Jing’s eyes were indifferent, one hand with a gun, condescendingly watching the prostrate, trembling body on the ground, blood instantly dyeing the ground red.

“Who are you people, daring to hit the Emperor wherever you go?” The Leader put down hard words, his eyes alert, but he no longer came forward. 

Wang Xuebing was blank. The young master’s eyes made him scared, as if what he shot was not a man, but a lowly ant. He was surprised by young master’s marksmanship; it was skilled. He knew the young master had guns. Master put away his equipment two years ago, but he never knew the young master’s marksmanship was so accurate. Two shots aimed just at the knee; the man may not even able to walk in this life. 

Wang Xuebing’s feelings were very complicated, but he was not tangled for long. No matter how the young master changed, he was a bodyguard, anyways. The young master was the employer, and the young master did not hold anything against he and Cao Lei. To be honest, he was happy from the bottom of his heart. 

“Brother Hong came, Brother Hong is here.” It was unknown who shouted. People in the front instantly made way. 

Bai Jing gave a faint look, a calm and steady expression without a trace of emotion. That man and Xiao Sa looked similar. Unlike Xiao Sa’s coldness, he seemed to be more gentle, but that pair of ambitious eyes held an indescribable viciousness.

Men behind him pointed guns at Bai Jing, and there was silence in the hall. 

“Unrelated people leave, and today on Brother Hong’s invitation, we welcome the next time you return. Our Emperor Club hopes to make your satisfaction.” 

“Can we do anything we like?” One laugh and said, perversely looking at Bai Jing.  

“Yes, yes, yes, and so on to solve this heap. Play however you want.”

“Bang!” Another gunshot. The one that made the rude remarks blankly looked at Bai Jing, then looked down at the blood emerging from his chest. Until the moment he fell, he could not believe what happened. 

Xiao Hong’s face was livid. He did not expect in this case that the young man actually dared to hurt people. 

Behind him, a man just made a move. He had no time to press the trigger, when “bang!” he fell to the ground, shot between the eyebrows, unlike the previous one, which was an injury only. 

No longer daring to make fun of him, fear instantly enveloped their hearts. This time was a real death. 

Wang Xuebing pulled out his gun, alert, his body tightly stretched, secretly anxious. Where was Cao Lei. His was not afraid of facing many people, but the other side, with their guns and ammunition, Wang Xuebing took a look and knew they were triad. 

The crowd had no time to evacuate. With a burst of the police siren, Xiao Hong fiercely extinguished cigarette butts. The police arriving also really was not timely. The people behind him quickly put their guns up. 

Wang Xuebing was relieved. 

In a short moment, the police came and surrounded them. The captain coldly shouted: “I heard someone was shooting people?” Then his eyes moved to Bai Jing and Wang Xuebing. The two of them were the only people to have guns in their hands. 

N City knew the behavior of the underworld. If it did not clear the surface, they opened one eye and closed the other. But today was really outrageous; wounding others in public, even he cannot skip this trip. He could not help but complain to Xiao Hong, what was he doing. But he had someone on top that he did not dare to offend. Seeing the guns were in someone else’s hands, he was relieved.  

But when his voice fell, somebody shouted, “The chief of police is here.” 

The captain froze for a moment, his doubts raised. He immediately asked nothing, only waiting for the boss to say something..  

The chief was a 40 year old man, his body slightly fat. Look a little nervous, he saw Bai Jing was unhurt. Relieved at first, he wiped off cold sweat: “Mr. Bai, you’ve arrived in N City, how could you not say anything, otherwise I would have had people make arrangements. To have frightened you, I feel really sorry.” 

Bai Jing nodded, putting down the gun, sweeping his gaze around: “How did this happen? A mess, this club closed, and I want the principal caught.” 

“This…this…” The chief hesitated, the implications unclearly stated. Although Bai Jing was the top red star prince, Congressman Bai, after all, was far, far away. Not to mention the amount of benefits he would receive.

Xiao Hong’s face was ugly, knowing the situation was getting bad, and he hated the one who stirred up trouble.  

“I heard that you want to transfer to X province this year?” Bai Jing asked coolly, very glad that even he did not care about the details of Xiao Sa last life, but he was very concerned about the state leaders saying his old man was a leader, too. 

The chief put on an embarrassed smile and was secretly scared. He had only known this for two days. Before he could speak, he just heard Bai Jing say: “That place is not good, G City is better.” 

The chief looked black. Everyone knew G City was a small town in the back country, and from a province down to a city, saying that was better, they thought he was silly. But no matter how he thought, his attitude was more cautious, saying with difficulty:”Mr. Bai, you see, this wounding…”

Bai Jing sneered: “Only self-defense.” To make this threat to him, they were not qualified: “They all have guns in their hands. If I do not take precautions, then father would not have to wait for corpses.”

The police chief was silent. He knew that the truth was that Bai Jing, even if not for self-defense where so many people had guns, if Mr. Bai was killed, he was afraid no one would say anything. But with Xiao Hong over there, he was a bit embarrassed, dryly laughing twice: “We do not know what happened that prompted so much anger from Mr. Bai.”

Bai Jing twitched his mouth, holding his hands out, in disdain: “I just wanted to come to take a look. Who knew one came without eyes, then rushed to security. I also could not do anything about it.”. 

Zou Zechen let loose cold sweat, realizing he met a fiend. The police chief was so respectful, this young one’s identity was certainly not simple, but he really was innocent. God knew he was just being kind. 

Jiang Xiuyu worriedly glanced at his friend. Although they had some power in N City, they also knew that people do not fight with the authorities. The young man’s talk and behavior made him really angry, to hear him say things so casually, but all the people here could see, it was obviously his move first. 

The police chief’s mind moved, thinking about how to find a scapegoat: “I do not know which fool it was, but China has a legal system. We must properly punish him.” 

Bai Jing faintly smiled, looked at him: “You are right. My country is indeed the legal system.” Looking to the crowd, Zou Zechen’s mind tightened. The young man’s eyes swept over him, then he heard someone dimly say: “Do not remember.” 

Everyone had on a weird face, but no one stood up to talk. The Zou family in the N City’s network was also good. This young man had the police chief so humble, so naturally no one would refute him. 

Zou Zechen’s face was also odd. He was an outstanding person, his face still imprinted with slap marks. Even in the crowd’s silence, it was as if he was not there. But he also understand in his mind that the young man was deliberately finding fault. He was hit in the face and thus was made into a raft for Bai Jing.

He understood clearly, and his friends, too. Sympathetic glances were directed at Zou Zechen to the effect of telling him to bear with it. 

Zou Zechen was very depressed, but he also knew that he was eating a loss. In this world, there really could not be good people. Bai Jing gave him a good lesson, but he did not know this lesson would save his life. 

Author’s Note:

The author has something to say: Oh, the receiver and attacker temporary will not meet. I want them to precipitate their feelings, and now meeting each other is too abrupt. 

Before the receiver has been thought of as the attacker, but the attacker does not know anything. 

Now what I think is that the attacker and receiver first saved his life by chance, and then there was a second time the attacker fancied the receiver on the street. 

The third move by the receiver to help fend off the enemy, and once and for all, the attack will certainly be impressed by him. 

With these chances to meet, when they really meet, the feelings will be logical. O (∩ _ ∩) o

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