Chapter 22: Return

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But to rent an apartment was also good because the items purchased were not much. Even buying daily, no one would ask. For more than ten days, Bai Jing fought for those fish and shrimp, crabs, scallops, sea mussels, and then he got some sea plants to keep. He also went to the beach at night, secretly put a few rocks into the dimension, and as for the case of the disappearing rocks on the second day, it was not his business at all, acting like nothing happened as he walked back home. Looking at the blue sea water in the hidden dimension, he felt particularly satisfied. 

He was busy here, but he did not know that Xiao Sa was busy, too. He heard that Bai Jing was back in D City and finished the things at hand. Xiao Sa directly sent a command, booking a ticket to D City.  

Arriving at D city, Xiao Sa was determined to contact Bai Jing, but he spent all his mind and still could not find a way to meet. He had been to Bai Jing’s home a few times, but every time he knocked on the door, he only saw a woman with a poker face answer, ”not here,” then “bang,” shut the door closed. Xiao Sa had a black face, the cold air from his body about to form ice. Even if he was rejected, no one dared to shut him out like that, but thinking that it was the doing of Bai Jing’s people, Xiao Sa’s eyes turned dark, deciding temporarily not to care about it. 

Who would have thought that things would repeat every time he came. Even so, he simply sent for to people watch the door. He did not believe that Bai Jing would not come out. The greater the difficulty, the hotter his heart. He was interested in Bai Jing , but to think of the forces behind Bai Jing, he also had a little fear. But after hitting the wall many times, Xiao Sa rose in anger, for Bai Jing was bound to get it. The thing he liked was even to rob by force, that was what he would do. 

But it was clear that Xiao Sa’s efforts were in vain. It was half a month later, and he knew only that Bai Jing’s bodyguards returned. Hearing that Bai Jing went to Y province, then went to T City, and then went to the S City. As for his whereabouts, who knew anyways. Hearing from the news, Bai Jing would call home every time he left a place, , and he only called the bodyguard, seemingly saying what about modified cars, and jade and the like.

Xiao Sa listened expressionlessly. He only blamed his men for being useless, as they did not confirm first about Bai Jing’s return and told him the wrong news. And now, after inquiring about imformation for so long, he even got only a few words. 

However, it was better than nothing. Xiao Sa moved his brainwaves, and at least he knew what Bai Jing likes. Thinking of Bai Jing’s trip to T City, he should be a jade lover. To please one well, naturally he had to find what he loves. Although he did not chase anyone before, one did not eat pork before seeing what pig it was. Everything always had a first time, and chasing after someone was simple. There was always one way or another.  

Xiao Sa’s mind was set, and his efforts were not aimless. He sent his people to find jade, and asked for the most top-notch. Bai Jing’s identity was something no one could compare with. Xiao Sa did not know how long this interest could be maintained, but thinking of that domineering, head held above all young one, his heart was like a clawing cat, a kind of urgent desire to get him. Of course, he certainly went along with his own mind. As to the future, he did not put a thought to it. Anyway, he would not wrong Bai Jing, and even if it was for a sack, Bai Jing helped him twice.  

Xiao Sa did not stay in D City for long. Knowing Bai Jing was not here, he explain a few words then went back, and his men felt relieved. They could not help but be sad: Boss, if you want to chase a man, do not release a chilling air all day. They had a lot of the pressure, and their little hearts really could not cope. Not that they did not work hard, but the truth was that the bodyguards were too professional. Bai Jing’s two bodyguards were closed as clams. No way, they really had done their best.

Since Wang Xuebing and Cao Lei knew someone was inquiring about the young master, they upheld the duties of bodyguards. They went to check, and did not expect it was actually this kind of result. Thinking the young master had made trouble in N city, that look of a chic, big style, it was normal that some people would hope for his love. The two did not keep this in mind, only putting it as a joke. Of course they would not tell Bai Jing. Xiao Sa counted as nothing, even trying to go after their master, what a dream.

But now that Bai Jing at this moment had reached H City, and struggled with seafood for many days. Although he would like to send in some more, he could not bear too much trouble. Anyway, Bai Jing had put in a lot of sea goods. He thought that just letting them rest and wait until the outbreak began that these sea creatures would reproduce, as if he almost could see the offspring of fish, shrimp and etc…

And he now had an idea. His space could not take cattle, could not take pigs, but a piglet should be no problem. The size of a small piglet was no larger than a big dog. 

Thinking of such a thought, Bai Jing more and more felt it was right. Immediately without delay,  the next day he rented a small truck, going directly to the pig farm. He first bought a piglet and placed it in the car. After sending it into the hidden dimension, he saw it surely could be done. He sped to another far away farm, and he bought three boars and seven sows. 

Then he went to the sheep breeding grounds. As usual, he still bought three rams and seven ewes, but unfortunately there were no lambs, but this was the master Bai Jing, it was not a problem. At most, he checked the Internet a bit. H City was not far from here and had a sheep breeding base. Bai Jing remembered his house which was not taken. What fish and shrimp, he did not care anymore. Next day, he bought an air ticket to H City. 

After he arrived, he first contacted the building materials company. When they received Bai Jing’s call, the manager could simply be said to be pleasantly surprised. Although Bai Jing left behind a 2 million yuan deposit, he also blamed him for being too greedy. Seeing that Bai Jing paid generously, he greedily asked for more. The house was good, made from the most expensive materials. Not only did it look beautiful, he dared to promise the sturdiness of the house, the entire thing was absolutely not comparable, but who knew Bai Jing left without contact. He had been anxiously waiting! 

But his move sure pleased Bai Jing. Bai Jing instantly liked the house when he saw it, and the decorations were very luxurious. Although there was no sewer, no power, nor water, there was the network of various pipes as well as a larger water tank. Under the roof, the person in charge specifically pointed to him. As long as a connection was made, the house could be used. 

Inside the house were not only decorations, even the facilities were complete. One could stay with luggage, and the house was surrounded by a layer of anti-theft electric fences built with steel. Not only could it stop thieves, Bai Jing’s first thought was for anti-zombie, but unfortunately he was only going to put it in his hidden dimension as a home in the apocalypse. Even if it could not be used, looking at the house would make him happy.

It was easy to pay the balance of 5 million yuan. Bai Jing’s money bag once again shrunk. There was nothing money could not buy, and Bai Jing did not feel bad spending this much, After they all went away, he put the house into his dimension, and then tightly locked the warehouse door. He thought, then, no one would care what had been here for a few months.  

The next few days, Bai Jing  went to the major hardware store. Inside the hidden dimension which not only had pipelines as well as wires, the most important thing was that he must learn to install the water generator and a pump. Otherwise, the house would not have water nor electricity.

The potential of the human really was endless. Bai Jing set everything right within eight days. Although he was tired and wanted to lay down, looking at the two story little house in the dimension, even if he was pained and tired, he felt it was worth it. 

With some regret, this house currently could only be admired not lived in. Bai Jing sadly thought, when would he able to enter the hidden dimension. 

He was not tangled for long. After setting up the house, he went to the sheep breeding base and bought a few lambs. Bai Jing looked at the almost perfect dimension, and even the bees and birds he sent in before, were nesting in lush branches. Bai Jing released a deep breath, and finally, it was time to go home. 

At this point, Xiao Sa had left D City for two days! 

Returning to D City, Bai Jing did not go home first. He aimlessly walked in the street. Now was Lunar February 16, but according to the Gregorian calendar it was March 9. Carefully calculating the time, things really were very urgent until the day of July 31. Bai Jing suddenly found that although he was busy for half a year, there were still a lot of things not prepared. Once he returned to the familiar city, all thoughts came at once. 

He went to a restaurant he once liked before, and after putting and order, he called Wang Xuebing. 

When heard that he had come back, Wang Xuebing furiously asked for his location. In less than half an hour, Bai Jing had not yet finished the dishes when he and Cao Lei came together. 

Bai Jing saw them with a smile. His eyes stared at the parking lot outside the glass window. If he was not wrong, Wang Xuebing was driving a Hummer. 

Without the unfamiliarity of a reunion, Wang Xuebing naturally found Bai Jing’s eyes, his face showing a big smile, with a bit of pride: “How is it, young master, not bad, is it?”. 

Bai Jing nodded with shining eyes. His mouth did not care to retort: “Need to try it first to find out.”

Wang Xuebing happily threw the car keys. Bai Jing raised one hand and caught them. He did not finish his meal and pulled Wang Xuebing out of the restaurant, running directly to the car.

Cao Lei felt very helpless, staring at those two, he hurriedly paid the bill and wondered how his young master survived. Or was it because they were beside him so that the young master could go freely. 

If Bai Jing knew his thoughts, Bai Jing would certainly raise eyebrows, sneer and praise him with “Yes, correct, but unfortunately there is no prize. “ 

Then Cao Lei would vomit blood and fall to the ground… 

When he got to the Hummer, Bai Jing did not open the door. He first walked around the Hummer, carefully checking over the car. Gathering enough strength, he suddenly kicked. 

“Master -” Wang Xuebing was distressed. His eyes had become sad with sorrow. He personally managed the conversion of this car. It was just like his child. If the young master did not love it dearly, he would.

Bai Jing nodded, satisfied. Very good, good tolerance. He knew how much effort he used with that kick, and then a punch to the window, but after pounding it, he regretted it. The window was not broken, but his hand hurt. He should have used a tool, but looking at the face of Wang Xuebing, he gave a thought, then gave up. By this car’s current amount of strength, it could resist a second rank zombie easily. As to third or above, four or five, Bai Jing was very sorry that he did not even know.

After the outbreak he had never been against a third rank zombie alone, and then after he had been sold to the Institute, he even could not see a shadow of a zombie. However, the car was used for transport and escape, not for a face to face battle. He would be a fool to directly tangle with a zombie. Two Hummers, plus an RV, these should be enough to use in the apocalypse. 

But the Hummer was not fuel-efficient. Although he had collected a lot gasoline before, these things would be present less and less. He still had to prepare more. 

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