Chapter 25: Embarrassing (^_^;) Things

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Some people were born with an attractive temperament. Once Bai Jing stepped into the restaurant, he became the focus of attention. That kind of cynical arrogance, cold and straight face, was difficult for people not to pay attention to.

Xiao Sa saw him, too, and with only one glance, he no longer moved his eyes. No wonder Bai Jing was worth his fancy. He was so eye-catching, but there was only a moment of appreciation. Xiao Sa was not happy, and he coldly looked around at everyone’s eyes. He was angry his property was being peeped at. 

Understanding, seeing Bai Jing stare at He Yong, seeing him and nothing, Xiao Sa spread out  more cold. That guy smirked, what was there to look at, but Bai Jing kept looking at him and he knew to have this young man by his side, he was afraid he would have to put lots of effort. Xiao Sa casually swept his gaze past He Yong and decided to temporarily give him a break. 

He Yong bitterly smiled. This should counts as an accidental injury, seeing them talk to each other, he then said with a smile: “Master Jing may not remember, but last year, you saved Xiao Sa once. That’s to say, when he knew about our meeting, he stalked to keep up with me, and said to repay you the favor of life.” 

The favor of life? Bai Jing doubted this. When that happened, how did he not know, and for Xiao Sa’s character to be a stalker? No way! Bai Jing thought, and felt a chill. He felt that Xiao Sa knew only coercion. 

However, by He Yong’s words, he seemed not to be so nervous, and to meet Xiao Sa in advance, he thought about that before. But since last time they missed each other, he buried the thought in the bottom of his heart. Who knew today they suddenly would meet. He did not even get prepared. 

As Bai Jing was thinking of this, he had a shocked expression, looking stunned at the man in front. He never thought Xiao Sa’s cold, hard face could even bloom with so charming a smile, and Xiao Sa’s tone could also be incredibly gentle. Bai Jing swore he had never heard this in the last life. 

“Last year, when I was in D city, I accidentally suffered a serious injury. Thanks to Master Jing who sent me to the clinic. I had always wanted to thank you, but unfortunately, Master Jing has been busy. Finally having a chance today, and I know that Master Jing likes jade, I deliberately collected some. I hope you like those, that is my little gift for you, so don’t refuse.” 

Bai Jing blankly nodded and did not pay attention to what he said. The current Xiao Sa, the shocking impact on his mind was too much. In the last life, Xiao Sa was fierce, but also was very good to him, but he did not like the current one that emitted hormones. And in the last life, Xiao Sa was very calm and determined like a mountain, almost like as long as he was there, whether it was his gang of brothers or Bai Jing, everyone could be safe and secure. 

“As long as you like it…” Xiao Sa said and would not take Bai Jing’s refusal. He asked for Bai Jing’s contact number and asked where Bai Jing’s car was. He then picked up the phone and commanded people to send the jade and waited in the parking lot. 

Bai Jing exhaled, recovered his mind. This was right, tough action was Xiao Sa’s style. As for the cordial look from before, he almost thought that he was the wrong person.

He Yong’s eyes were about to stare out. He swear that he absolutely did not know this person. Before, Xiao Sa shot out chilly air, and now Xiao Sa’s face changed even faster than his own. He even knew Xiao Sa liked men, but could he not be so exaggerated! Master Jing was someone no one dared to mess with! He Yong thought, and his heart could not help but worry about when Master Jing started his bad temper, there was nothing and no one that could stop him. 

But soon, he knew that he was worried about nothing, and he found that Master Jing also was either stunned or scared silly, blankly looking at Xiao Sa, dumbfounded. 

Xiao Sa had a poker face, his whole body exuding a low pressure, and he was upset to the extreme. He fiercely cursed Han Yan in his mind, only wishing to skin a layer off Han Yan right now. Whatever he said, men would smile, and he spoke gently and softly, without a cold face to scare people. But he looked at Bai Jing, whom looked clearly scared by his smile. No wonder Han Yan was still after Zhou Ji after so many years. He just did not count on his bad ideas, only blaming this own extremely anxious mood when everyday he listened to Han Yan’s nagging in the ear. How could he not believe Han’s stupid words. 

Then, He Yong asked Bai Jing when was he going to the warehouse, and he also specifically mentioned about those medicines which Xiao Sa helped a lot to collect. 

Bai Jing glanced at Xiao Sa, his mood very subtle. If he did not sense wrongly, Xiao Sa was chasing him right now. 

“Thank you.”  Otherwise, Bai Jing did not know what to say, his heart thought all over of Xiao Sa. When they meet, he only felt at a loss. 

He Yong was surprised. Master Jing never said thank you to others, and the sun did not rise from the west, right? How had he not heard this before, but these two might not really hit on each other! 

“Don’t mention it.” Xiao Sa stiffly answered, he suddenly found that chasing a lover was indeed a technical job. 

Seeing them quiet down, He Yong touched his forehead. These two men were more like kindergarteners. One said “thank you,” one said “Don’t mention it,” and there would be a “sorry” and ”it does not matter,” so he quickly said: “I need to thank Master Jing for your help last time. If there is any need, Master Jing can just say it.” 

Bai Jing nodded. In fact, he was also very embarrassed. How did he not find out last life that Xiao Sa actually was so awkward. He only remembered when saw his cold face, the first feeling was he was in a bad mood, and then it was always tit for tat with Xiao Sa. Now thinking about it, it seemed it was his own bad interpretation of Xiao Sa’s behavior, often mistaking kindness for bad. 

But no one could blame him. Who let Xiao Sa be so overbearing and also be so bad, a poker face as if someone owed him a lot, and even he did not know how to convey good intentions. Bai Jing did not expect that Xiao Sa still behaved the same way this life. If not for knowing for a long time, Bai Jing would certainly hate him. 

Bai Jing shallowly smiled. The depressed mood suddenly lifted, the stone pressed in his heart also was not so heavy. 

It was just that while he now was in a good mood, Xiao Sa was very depressed. It seemed everything today was not smooth. Lots of things happened when he met with Bai Jing. He had never been so ashamed. Coldly glancing at He Yong, he was thinking about whether or not to kill and silence him. 

He Yong felt a chill, and right away spoke good words about Xiao Sa. Then his back did not feel so cold. He rubbed off his cold sweat. A triad really was not so easy to deal with. 

Bai Jing at this time just knew that he had met Xiao Sa so early before, and he said, this was why Xiao Sa would only be good to him last life. There were lots and lots of desperate people living in the apocalypse, but he never saw Xiao Sa save one. So this was the reason… 

His feelings were very complex. Bai Jing did not understand the previous life’s Xiao Sa’s feelings toward him. Whether it was love or to repay the life-saving favor, or even if it really was a repayment of a life-saving favor, Xiao Sa did not have to pay with his own life. 

And, he never knew, as early as the second day of his time jump that he and Xiao Sa had passed by. But in this life, how would they get along? 

Bai Jing was tangled for a while, simply unwilling to let go. Xiao Sa had taken root in his heart, and in any case, he would not forget. Either life-saving favor or other feelings, those were not worth mentioning. He would just let it be, had not he already made his mind sure to protect Xiao Sa in this life? 

Moreover, Bai Jing glanced at Xiao Sa, and now this situation was better. At least he did not need to rack his brain to figure out how to meet with Xiao Sa and how to get close to him. 

After a while, all the dishes were set. As Bai Jing quietly had his meal, Xiao Sa saw which dish he liked and suddenly took some. Bai Jing looked at the piled up food on his bowl. How could he finish that!  

He Yong buried his head in food, only pretended he did not exist and hoped that time could pass a little faster. If he knew that he would step into this muddy water, and if State Councilor Bai knew that he helped his son become a homosexual, then his clinic may be shot down. If State Councilor Bai did not want him to pay with his little life, he certainly would be peeling off a layer of skin, State Councilor Bai was more difficult to mess than Xiao Sa. But he could not understand that Bai Jing  and Zhu Ting were fresh hot lovers last year, and even if it was to leave half a year, Bai Jing was a straight male, so how could he fancy Xiao Sa. 

He Yong was sad without tears. If this was like before, he believed that whoever dared to use chopsticks to serve Bai Jing’s bowl of food, Bai Jing would absolutely hit his head with the bowl, but now with this situation, He Yong’s stomach ached. He had just wanted to watch the fun, and looking at them now, even a fool could know that these two people were not right. 

Xiao Sa saw that Bai Jing stopped eating and stared at him with watery eyes. His heart suddenly itched, and just seeing Bai Jing not eat, he felt gloomy. How could he do all the stupid things today. He put on a cold face, and the chopsticks took back all the food. 

He Yong covered his face. Xiao Sa, you are the underworld’s big brother, do not be so silly… 

Bai Jing was also very silent. How did he not find before that Xiao Sa was quite kind of funny. 

In fact, once Xiao Sa used the chopsticks, he instantly regretted it. He felt that today was definitely bad luck, but the bowl was still half full. He could only keep on his cold face, bite the bullet and continue to unload Bai Jing’s bowl. Then, expressionlessly finish it. 

Bai Jing thought, it was fortunate he had always been expressionless, or else, Xiao Sa would certainly be furious… 

After the meal, He Yong proposed to go to the warehouse. When they came to the parking lot, Bai Jing was stunned. Around his car stood a few people, and next to them was placed a big box. 

“A gift to you.” Xiao Sa coldly said, then commanded on his own. He had people carry the box to the car, and also unyieldingly did not allow Bai Jing to refuse. 

He Yong already had nothing to say. He worshipped Xiao Sa, looked at his posture, and it was like a robber’s. The difference lay only in that robbers grabbed things, and he gave. 

Bai Jing looked embarrassed, but when he heard those were jade, he was happy. He now needed that stuff, and thought, whatever was Xiao Sa’s were his Then, he was very satisfied to keep those. As for the collection or dowry, Bai Jing did not put a thought to it. In the apocalypse, no on cared to carry those, but when the time came he was sure he could collect a lot. Anyways, those jades were not wanted by anyone. 

Putting the box in the car, Xiao Sa unsconsciously directly sat in the passenger seat. 

Bai Jing was silent for a while, driving 

He Yong drove in the front, and when he saw this situation, his lips could not help but throb. Looking at Xiao Sa’s new car, did driving the Hummer look more cool? 

Xiao Sa felt very satisfied. Once inside the car, he began to look. No man hated cars, especially the off-road car Bai Jing modified. Xiao Sa made up his mind that perhaps he could deal in the jade business. Since Bai Jing liked it, the business may be able to please Bai Jing. He felt that today, if he could get on the car, another day he would certainly be able to go to his bed.

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