Chapter 102: The Thousand Year Pact – Intertwined Branch Swords

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“This sword is called Intertwined Branch Sword!“1

Zhao Hanyan replied. Dropping these words, the other floating green sword was sucked away by her.

Intertwined Branch Sword? Su Xing felt that not only was this sword’s appearance eccentric, its name was also very odd.

Ages afterward, Princess Ling Yan washed her body clean. Appearing in front of Su Xing, her feet upon a flying sword, wearing a simple and elegant palace robe, her expression gentle and refined, filled with a noble air, she had already resumed a princess’ dignified appearance.

“This Princess will leave first to find Junqing.”

An escape light leapt up after Zhao Hanyan finished speaking, rushing towards the east.

“You don’t want this sword?” Su Xing was somewhat surprised.

Princess Ling Yan did not reply, leisurely distancing herself. Su Xing responded to Lin Yingmei’s position, soon after following over. He turned over in his hands the Intertwined Branch Sword that showed a trace of an uncommon breath, again, not knowing just what this was. I’ll ask Xinjie when I get back, she should know, Su Xing thought, always feeling that the expression Zhao Hanyan had after emerging was somewhat unusual.

The Void Liangshan was extremely large, without dividing the day and night. Riding sword flight for several days without seeing the slightest sign of human habitation, the thick undergrowth and mountains were continuous and unending, the forest a snaking wave of pines like the sea. That Demon Beast’s speed indeed was really abnormal. It had flown for not even several hours only, yet Su Xing fully used several days and was not halfway there.

During these days, Su Xing and Zhao Hanyan conserved their Star Energy on one hand while recovering on the other. While en route, they ran into many Demon Beasts, and the lowest was a Sixth Rank. They even ran into two Ninth Ranks, a Clear Sky Azure Dragon2 struggling with an Ocean Swallowing Python.3 This type of Demon Beast’s strength equivalent to Supervoid was sufficient to rapidly dispatch the two people. The power raised by the two beasts turned the sky and earth upside down. Toppling the mountains and overturning the seas, the birds and beasts within a hundred li were eradicated.

Su Xing and Zhao Hanyan did not have thoughts of catching the snipe and the clam in a deadlock. Who were they kidding, Ninth Rank Demon Beasts fighting against one another then taking them down with itself, that was a dream.

And they did not know just what background the Void Liangshan had, and it made Su Xing’s heart increasingly heavy to obtain the Purple Rose Writ.

When Su Xing’s Purple Rose Pearl showed a second crack, the two finally ran into Shi Yan.

The Star Generals were all travel-worn, having also met many difficulties along the way. Seeing that Su Xing and Zhao Hanyan were safe, their hearts that were stretched taught for ages also relaxed.

“Princess, you’re alright?” The Steadfast Star Dong Junqing already changed into a red smock, asking with some worry.

Zhao Hanyan shook her head.

“Princess, this is your Golden Deity Sword!” Dong Junqing raised her hand, and eight golden swords appeared before her eyes.

Princess Ling Yan smiled reminiscently when she saw that golden sword. Storing the Seventy-two Outer Void Flying Deities Sword in her Astral Chain Bracelet, “It seems that in the future I’d better think of a way. Only by pouring it into This Life’s heart could it work.” Poured into this sort of heart, even if a Star Cultivator lost consciousness, suffered harm, the golden sword would automatically defend, and it would not lose its Divine Intent and be lost.  

Lin Yingmei and Wu Xinjie were with Shi Yuan. An Suwen also promptly walked over, the Divine Physician checked Su Xing’s pulse, and at this time, a concentrated killing intent came from behind.

Lin Yingmei turned, her spear catching the Dragon and Phoenix Yin Yang. Dong Junqing’s eyes had resumed their murderous look, the corner of her mouth hooked into a giddy smile. Just when Su Xing and Zhao Hanyan returned, a battle was initiated. The Steadfast Star General of Double Spears really was not willing to waste a single bit of time.

The Majestic Star swung her spear and flung Dong Ping away.

As she stopped in midair, Dong Junqing suddenly grasped rightly the Dragon and Phoenix Yin Yang double spears. A cold light and a warm light evenly circulated. One look showed she was preparing to use “Yin Yang Cross Slash,” and Lin Yingmei blossomed into a disdainful sneer, her spear edge’s white light circulating, wind and snow twisting.

Long Blizzard Nights was awaiting activation after having gathered power.

Just at this moment, two voices agreeing by chance abruptly spoke.

“Yingmei, forget it.”

“Junqing, desist!

The two Five Tigers Stars stopped and revealed astonished expressions at Su Xing’s and Zhao Hanyan’s mutual understanding, but they did not dare disobey, restraining their powers. They cast expressions of not being able to understand, especially Dong Junqing’s eyes, which concealed a trace of indignation.

Although Su Xing had four Star Generals with him, if she resolutely risked it all, with Zhao Hanyan’s cultivation and the Seventy-two Outer Void Flying Deities Sword, other artifacts and Astral Treasures, the opponent simply would not have any chance at obtaining victory. Even if she could not kill them, seizing the opportunity to force them out of the Void Liangshan was also a gain. She, Dong Ping, certainly did not want to see the master of the General of Double Spears be irresolute when confronting the enemy.

Princess Ling Yan had no alternative. How could she not want to pull out the muscles and bones of Su Xing, this lecher who philandered she, the First Princess of the Great Liang, and smash his bones and scatter his ashes. It was only an accident arising from many causes that she currently not only could not kill him. She even had to spare no effort in protecting him if he received harm.

The reason was very simple.

“Intertwined Branch Swords?”

Wu Xinjie was shocked. “It couldn’t be the Divine Sword of the legendary Thousand Year Pact, could it?”

Su Xing shrugged his shoulders, as he was quite not guilty.

In fact, during these days on a hasty journey, Su Xing foresaw that there would be a fierce battle when they met up. If it was one on one, he knew that he was not a match for Princess Ling Yan’s Seventy-two Outer Void Flying Deities Sword. Now and then, he took advantage of Princess Ling Yan’s complete lack of defense and he did not fail to think of first seizing the chance to make her lose her resistance, but just as this thought formed, his Divine Intent would have an incomparably acute pain.

Princess Ling Yan rejoiced at his misfortune as she informed him of the cause.

The “Intertwined Branch” was an Immemorial Secret Treasure. It took the “Golden Cassia Intertwined Tree”4 a thousand years to have two mature Intertwined Branches. Created using a forging and melting flame of the mind, its pair of swords required the Essence Blood and Divine Intent of lovers in order to work. When the Divine Intents were arranged, then the man and woman pair were not allowed to have any harmful intentions towards the other party. Otherwise, under the spell, a party would be in so much pain they would wish for death, and if any one party died, the other would suffer damage if the party was personally killed by the hand of the other. Even if the counterpart died, if the Intertwined Branch withered, the party’s own mind would be extinguished, going to the underworld together.

It could even be said to be a genuine “on Earth, we will become two branches that will never separate.”5

“Princess, how could you carve down the Intertwined Branch with this man?” Dong Junqing’s expression was extremely unsightly, as if she was itching to swallow Su Xing alive.

Zhao Hanyan was also treated unjustly. After she broke away from her predicament, she had thought of slicing and dicing Su Xing, and only when her Divine Intent received a stabbing pain did she remember it was because of this sword. At the time she took out the Intertwined Branched, she did not know at all this sword’s name, after all, the Intertwined Branch Swords that had not been seen in a thousand years was just a legend. This was only a memento left behind for her by her mother, who said it was for when she would meet a difficulty in the future, to find a beloved man and use this sword together with him, and that difficulty would be easily solved. Zhao Hanyan only took it to be a powerful magic weapon that was to be used by a man and woman together. Otherwise, if she had known that she would sign a lifelong contract with a man, Zhao Hanyan would rather have died instead of doing so.

“But I heard that the Intertwined Branch Swords was not so simple that Essence Blood and Divine Intent could promise an underworld oath.” Wu Xinjie knit her brow, her heart somewhat uncomfortable. She carried a trace of a lover’s jealousy as she looked at Zhao Hanyan: “If both parties’ hearts were not connected, then it would be impossible…Could it be…” The Knowledge Star suddenly felt her throat clog.

“Of course I and Zhao Hanyan urgently escaped, perhaps that connected our hearts.” Su Xing replied, somewhat with a lack of confidence.

Princess Ling Yan’s charming face was slightly red. That long time of close skinship probably was one among several reasons. Zhao Hanyan doubted herself over whether it was because she had all her secrets seen by the man before her that she would have this kind of thought.

No matter how it was said, the Intertwined Branch Sword was just like a signed contract, their Divine Intents simply incapable of erasing it. As long as the intertwining someday did not break, then Su Xing and Zhao Hanyan could even be said to be “husband and wife.”

“This is too ridiculous, how would the Star Duels end?” Shi Yuan was stunned. She somewhat disliked that princess, and unexpectedly, she and Master Su Xing ineffably became husband and wife.

“Legend says ‘Vega’s6 Tears’ can heal every injury of passion and contract, or it can erase the intertwining.”7 Wu Xinjie was in a very foul mood. It was evident that her relationship was all but confirmed, but that was unexpectedly stolen away by this princess.

And it was Lin Yingmei who did not leave a trace of a frown.

Besides An Suwen, the three girls all wished they could destroy Zhao Hanyan, making Zhao Hanyan herself feel confused. Could it be that this lecher called Su Xing infatuated these three Star Maidens????

The mood for a time was taciturn. Still, it was An Suwen who broke this awkwardness of enemy turned lover: “Does this Intertwined Branch have a use?”

“It does. As long as the users’ feelings are linked, the double swords can merge, its power and influence endless.” Wu Xinjie pursed her lips. The Star Maidens could also use the Intertwined Branches. She originally had a fantasy where she obtained this remnant.

“This Princess definitely will not train with him.” Zhao Hanyan mouth wrinkled.

“I also will not train this kind of hideous mess of an intertwining.” Su Xing also did not have time for this kind of spark.

“However, if the Young Masters use it, it is actually a way to obtain the Purple Rose Outlaw Writ in the Void Liangshan.” Wu Xinjie muttered irresolutely. The cranky went with the cranky, and having this Intertwined Branch actually was surprisingly useful.

The Knowledge Star asked: “Young Master, how much longer does the Purple Rose Pearl have currently?”

Su Xing took out the pearl. The purple pearl was split with two cracks. Only four more, and the pearl would shatter. At that time, Su Xing would break away from the Void Liangshan, and the Outlaw Writ Plate would be declared thoroughly shattered.

The Purple Rose Grade Void Liangshan’s dangers far exceeded the imagination. A few of the Demon Beasts that could make the Purple Rose Pearl resonate were all Fifth or Sixth Rank. Should a Star Master be by himself, if he did not have a Heavenly Spirit Grade Astral Treasure, it was hard to score a victory.

“Right now, we can only join hands, isn’t that so?” Wu Xinjie said.

Zhao Hanyan attentively gazed at the Purple Rose Pearl, not saying a word.

The Steadfast Star General of Double Spears Dong Junqing ruthlessly shot a glance at Su Xing, but she did not have any solutions.

As the matter stood, they could only join hands.

How are you, I am also great!

The sea of forest was like a wave, and suddenly, a great roar came through.

The birds of the forest disorderly flew all over the place in fright. A huge Demon Beast rushed out of the forest, and that one was a bizarre organism. Possessing sturdy forelegs and an immense body, two wings, one eye and a full mouth of sharp teeth, its forehead had single horn.

Sixth Rank Demon Beast: One-eyed Dragon!8

The One-eyed Dragon sprayed out a wide area of acid rain. Several figures were like boats in wildly swelling waters, moving between the gaps in the acid rain by a hair’s breadth. Two silhouettes skimmed over, suddenly pulling their bodies up. Like the arrow on a bowstring, they flew straight for the One-Eyed Dragon’s head and occupied it. When the people were in midair, a cold spear and two Yin Yang Double spears already violently waved forth, their power already following the weapons’ flight as they launched.

The dull “peng-peng” sound did not cease, and the One-eyed Dragon’s head and shoulders all continuously swelled with bloody flowers. It was obviously already injured by sharp weapons, but it simply did not have any reaction. Loudly roaring, every kind of terrifying highly concentrated melted matter was randomly released. The forest and earth were all corroded.

Ling Yingmei and Dong Junqing dodged in succession.

“Young Masters, quickly!” Wu Xinjie yelled.

The Riding Sword Flying Su Xing and Zhao Hanyan were in midair, the Intertwined Branch Swords at their sides. The Intertwined Branch Swords’ blue-green light faintly formed a bridge, spanning between and linking the two people, forming a kind of fantastic atmosphere. The girls who were watching were jealous to death.

Su Xing and Zhao Hanyan successively formed seals. The Intertwined Branch Swords’ blue-green light ascended leisurely, then shot over.

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  1.  連理雙枝劍
  2. 青雲蒼蛟
  3. 吞海巨蟒
  4. 金桂連理樹
  5. 在地願做連理枝
  6. 織女, Vega, the star. It also can mean the “Weaving Girl,” featured in some folktales.
  7. This may or may not become the biggest plot point ever.
  8. 獨眼蛟


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