Chapter 106: The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon

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The man in front of the  not killing them made the Detective Star Green Eyed Tiger and her master go blank.

The glamorous and alluring girl recalled her weapon, walking back to the man’s side.

“Inform the Azure Dragon Territory’s Star Generals, these Star Duels belong to This Holy Lord. Let them ponder hereafter that point.” The man arrogantly said. His eyes suddenly shot a black qi, and the black qi was just like a winding silk of evil qi that shrouded his counterpart. Exposed black threads immediately crawled up the face of the Detective Star’s master, his eyes rolled into his head, and his expression was pained to death. He cried a blood-curdling scream as he frothed at the mouth.

“You!!!” The Detective Star Li Yun’s face was pale, her five fingers clenched tightly, taking up her Destined Star Weapon Black Wind Beheading Wheel Saber to execute slash him.

“Only one chance to live was given to you, so properly treasure it!” The Black Dragon Armor Skirt wearing gloomy girl said. Her gloves were strange, dark silver gauntlets. Demonic marks were engraved on her armor, her ten fingertips acutely slender. Dispersing a black qi that was even sharper than a razor, it directly grabbed the Destined Star Weapon of Green Eyed Tiger Li Yun and put it into her own hands.

“This is…”

Not letting Li Yun finish, the girl sent her flying with her own weapon.

“Hmph.” The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon waved a hand. He did not place this opponent in his eyes as he controlled his sword to fly to the Divining Star Platform.

“Master!!” The girl anxiously ran over, regardless of the injuries on her body. The Star Crest’s flickering let her calm down with much difficulty. That Holy Lord of Draconic Demon was extremely vicious. Although he let them go, he planted a frightening seed in her master’s ocean of consciousness. “Holy Lord of Draconic Demon, two Star Generals! Hmph.”

The Detective Star Green Eyed Tiger gnashed her teeth.

“Are you someone from a Demonic Sect?! I’ll show you!!”

Su Xing stepped off the Divining Star Platform. Looking at the sky, he felt the same as Zhao Hanyan. He seemed to have stayed in the Void Liangshan for a long time, yet the final Star that would start the Birth Outline had not fallen.

“The Birth Outline is the Star Duels’ most crucial part. I am afraid the final Star will take some time.” Wu Xinjie surmised that even if a few Star Generals did not fear battle, they would not openly kill.

“That’s fine, too. Should I elevate my cultivation to Galaxy Stage or not.” Su Xing muttered. Galaxy Stage would allow him to practice “Sword Art Abilities.” This indeed was a super powerful type of Sword Art, more useful than artifacts and magic weapons. However, this sword art mostly was cultivated by schools. Although each school had one and many, had high and low, a few Basic Grade Sword Arts and such, Su Xing definitely would not go waste this vital time to practice that. In addition a few Supreme Grade Sword Arts the likes of Zhao Hanyan’s “Seventy-two Outer Void Deities Sword” could not be voluntarily imparted by sects.

Su Xing could not create one anyways. Although he had this type of Immemorial Sword Art, the “Heavenly Spirit Earthly Fiend Purple Rose Five Elements Sword,” this simply could not be trained, or should he let Shi Yuan play a trick to go steal one?

Just as he thought this, the sky suddenly erupted with a screaming dragon cry.

Su Xing raised his head and the moment he looked, his heart jumped. He saw a sinister and fiendish dense shadow fly over. That person was draped in a black robe, wearing black armor, his entire body dispersing a strange, demonic charm.

Even though they were separated by a great distance, there was still a kind of dreadful oppressiveness. This was still the first time Su Xing sensed a trace of pressure, one different from a Supercluster Cultivator’s. This sort of pressure came across as very strange and abrupt.

In the blink of an eye, that person descended. Su Xing stared for a bit. This man’s cultivation unexpectedly was Galaxy Middle Stage, and being able to enter the Divining Star Platform proved he was a Star Master. A Galaxy Middle Stage Star Master? Su Xing clicked his tongue. This cultivation was too incredible. Compared to Zhao Hanyan, he was a cut above her. Could it be a another person nurtured by some sect or royal family?

“Hmph.” The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon disdainfully glanced at Su Xing, then walked towards the Divining Star Platform.

Su Xing took note that the path he chose astonishingly was the Purple Rose Grade Outlaw Writ.

“This Star Master is exceptional.” Su Xing said.

“Three years and he unexpectedly reached Galaxy Middle Stage. Perhaps he practiced some Demonic Martial Art? Seeing that thick, baleful aura, he certainly is someone from a Demonic Sect.” Wu Xinjie hypothesized.

A Demonic Sect. Because of its strange and evil training methods and orders, the Azure Dragon Territory bitterly detested it. Currently, the Demonic Sects in the Azure Dragon Territory were all small schools concealed in the corners. Few people, particularly Star Masters, would appear with a swagger. The Demonic Sects seemed to be extremely prosperous in the Black Turtle Territory, with “One Great Demons’ Castle, Four Great Demons’ Cults.”1 The “Black Turtle Demonic Ancestor”2 among the Demons’ Castle and the “Taixu Immortal”3 of the Clear Void Daoists” were called Liangshan Continent’s Two Great Opposing Representatives.4 They both were legendary Transforming Star of Annihilation Stage Star Cultivators.

Because what the Demonic Sects paid particular attention to was cruel and vicious, their progress was fast, so Star Generals signing a contract with a person from a Demonic Sect was not strange.

With regards to Star Generals, regardless of the right way of justice and austerity or the sinister, hair-raising evil way, both each were only one type of tool to attain victory.

“But he is noteworthy. Choosing the Purple Rose Grade, his background isn’t small.” Su Xing talked to himself.


A petite figure that walked off the Divining Star Platform was reflected in Su Xing’s eyes.

“Big Brother Su Xing!” Han Yu saw Su Xing as he stepped off, a smile across his face as he cheerfully ran up. The seven or eight year old little loli Savage Star Bao Xiaoyu was hesitant as she walked over.

“Have you guys obtained the Outlaw Writ?” Su Xing grinned and asked.

“Thanks to Big Brother, Xiaoyu obtained it.” Han Yu smiled.

“Thank me for what?”

“Because you gave use an Astral Bag. Inside were a few items that were very useful for Master.” Bao Xiaoyu’s voice was tender and lovely.

“Why are you so good to us? Are you not a Star Master?” Xiaoyu blinked her eyes, appearing perplexed.

“You can just think of me as an alternative to this world’s rules.” Su Xing did not want to give any greater explanation.

Bao Xiaoyu seemed to understand yet not understand. “In brief, you and Elder Sister are both good.”

“What are you two preparing for next?” Su Xing somewhat worriedly asked. Although Bao Xiaoyu could be said to be the God of Death Savage Star, any way she was looked at right now, she was just a seven or eight year old prepubescent. The children who had not yet reached ten years old formed a “Star Master” lineup that, needless to say, Su Xing had never seen. This was even the first time Wu Xinjie heard of such a thing.

“I want to help Master find his father and mother.” Bao Xiaoyu said.

“Look for his parents?” Su Xing stared blankly.

“Having obtained the Earthly Fiend Writ Plate, we will first establish an Immortals’ Abode. If we encounter something dangerous, we can now conceal ourselves. As long as we are careful, other people shall not doubt our identities.” Bao Xiaoyu then said. It would appear that a plan had already been properly arranged. Su Xing also did not have a problem with that, in brief, calling for them to be careful. He had An Suwen gift them a few pills and talismans.

Before she departed, Bao Xiaoyu turned her head, hesitating again and again. Nevertheless, she stepped forward and said: “Su Xing, you appear to be a very good Star Master. Perhaps Sister Zhen5 will like you.”


“Sister Zhen is someone Xiaoyu ran into when we came to Grand Calm Prefecture’s6 Stone Tablet. She is a very good sister. Not only did she save Xiaoyu, she even helped Xiaoyu advance Xiaoyu’s sword to One Star. She is currently at Stone Tablet City recruiting for a Star Master. Perhaps you two are compatible.” Xiaoyu’er earnestly said. “Xiaoyu does not want Sister Zhen to be contracted with those detestable people.”

“I’ll remember that. Do you want to go together with me to take a look?” Su Xing asked.

“No. The time to search with Master cannot be delayed. Until…in the future I will…” Bao Xiaoyu wanted to say something, hesitantly withdrawing her words.

“Then that’s good. Watch out for yourself.” The Su Xing whose sister complex illness had flared up helplessly said.

Taking several steps, Bao Xiaoyu remembered something, turning around and warning: “Sister Zhen’s outward appearance is seemingly very cold, but at heart, she truly is a good person. You cannot hurt her.”

Her explanation finished, Bao Xiaoyu and Han Yu departed his line of sight.

Su Xing sighed.

Wu Xinjie just smiled at his truly exerted effort on any method to entice Bao Xiaoyuan to journey together with him.

“How do you see that Sister Zhen that Xiaoyu spoke of?” Su Xing inquired for the opinions of the beauties present. What Bao Xiaoyu said was really thought-provoking. As a Star General, saving the Savage Star and even helping her advance her Star Weapon to One Star actually was slightly beyond expectations.

It sounded as if there was really an elder sister taking care of her younger sister. Su Xing was very curious.

“Since Young Master is interested, going to take a look is good.” Wu Xinjie said: “The Birth Outline seems to need more time. Xinjie is also very curious as to just who this little sister is that is this enthusiastic as well as publicly recruiting for a master!” The Knowledge Star still had another plan that was that she vaguely felt Su Xing seemingly shattered the regulations of Liangshan’s Star Duels. Seizing the chance, she wondered if he could sign a fifth Star General.

If he really did sign, this Star Duel would be in their control.

“Calm Prefecture is on the border of the Great Liang and the Covering Cloud Empire,7 and that’s actually a bit far.” Wu Xinjie thought it over, “And what do you little sisters think?”

“This Young Lady approves with both hands, heh, heh. Hearing the Savage Star’s introduction, This Young Lady is very interested. Such a good sister, Shi Yuan really has never thought of one before.” Shi Yuan giggled.

An Suwen nodded, answering.

Lin Yingmei smiled at everything Master decided.

There was no time to lose. Su Xing urged on the Wind Swayed Raft and flew in the direction of Calm Prefecture.

Divining Star Platform Purple Rose Main Hall

The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon boldly walked into the hall, his posture even arrogant as he looked at Yan Poxi.

“This Star Duel truly is unlike those before. Yet another wants to obtain the Purple Rose Jade Pendant. That is what you are also planning, correct?” The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon’s baleful aura from head to toe made Yan Poxi lift her eyelids this time, that aged expression seemingly storing a great many a story.

“This Holy Lord is not the first to come obtain the Purple Rose Writ?” The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon was engrossed: “How many additional Star Masters were there before me?”


“Three? Not many then.” The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon nodded: “Have they all perished?”

“They all obtained the Purple Rose Jade Pendant.” Yan Poxi replied, unmoved.

The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon’s smile froze in a split second at the corner of his mouth: “They all obtained it…Interesting, it appears the Azure Dragon Territory still has interesting Star Masters…truly interesting.” He could not help but recall the youth he saw just now at the Divining Star Platform. It seemed that mediocre youth actually obtained the Purple Rose Writ indeed was pitiful. Not being able to fight a Star Master that obtained a Purple Rose Writ really was regretful.

The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon frowned.

“Have you thought over this?” Yan Poxi asked. “You have only once chance!”

“Hmph, do not bring out this sort of one time chance to scare This Holy Lord. Since three people have obtained it, how would This Holy Lord be afraid, what a jest!” The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon sneered.

When the Purple Rose Pearl appeared, he grasped it in his hand.

Purple smoke dispersed.

In the blink of an eye, he disappeared from the main hall.

“This time’s Star Masters apparently all are interesting.” A charming voice suddenly sounded out from Yan Poxi’s throat, completely in contrast to her previous aged and hoarse intonation. Anyone that heard this voice practically would believe it was a beauty.

“Song Jiang, this time, you certainly must not disappoint I, your servant. You, the incompetent Leader Star, should be a bit more interesting by now.”

Yan Poxi muttered to herself, revealing a smirk.

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  1. 一大魔宮,四大魔教
  2. 玄冥魔祖
  3. 太虛仙人
  4. 梁山大陸兩大正邪代表
  5. 真姐姐
  6. 泰安州
  7. 雲蒙帝國


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