Chapter 110: A General Achieves Renown Over the Dead Bodies of Ten Thousand Soldiers

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It was unknown how the Slays Six Generals was arranged. There still was seven days’ time, and taking advantage of these days, Su Xing began to search for a paradise to train his spirit vessel so as to avoid wasting the Purple Rose Grade Liangshan Outlaw Jade Pendant.

Wandering around the Cloudcover for half a day, searching through several towns, Su Xing did not find any place that could be used for training. This could not be helped. Liangshan had several thousands of years, and the Azure Dragon Territory was like a girl on her wedding night, having already been felt up everywhere, up to the majestic forbidden areas and down to the remotest escapes. If spirit vessels did not follow a sect, then they followed the control of a powerful family. Scattered Star Cultivators wanted to find an Immortal’s Abode of their own to train in were dreaming.

In actuality, Su Xing could find a few places where the spiritual influences were vigorous, but it was just that he would greatly squander the Purple Rose Grade Jade Pendant this way.

“It seems Young Master can only chisel a way through the wall.”1 Wu XInjie said. What she referred to was to lower his head and enter those sects to use those treasured grounds. He could choose to join and secretly open the Immortal’s Abode. The average sect was extremely large, anyways, and the disciples under a sect that wanted an Immortal’s Abode were countless. As long as he was careful, it would be hard to be discovered.

Su Xing nodded. He could only do this.

However, the time to go chisel a way through the wall currently was too late. Su Xing thought about it, and still decided to first return to the inn.

At the Stone Tablet Inn, he requested a single room.2

Wu Xinjie knew intuitively to lay down in the surroundings of the room a “Heaven’s Qi Great Array.”3 This magic circle’s greatest use was that it could make spiritual power and Star Energy seemingly not flow, so as to avoid detection by outsiders. Using it to refine artifacts and such, this was a magic circle Star Cultivators were required to learn.

Su Xing then aroused his Divine Intent, and a sword and shield flew out.

These two Ancient Lost Treasures obtained from the Crying Infant’s body were dark and colorless. When they appeared, they let out an owl’s weeping cry, and the girls all could not help but furrow their brow.

Seven days already were spent refining this, and this Heaven Sword and Earth Shield were still violent as before.

“This Ancient Lost Treasure really is mysterious.” Shi Yuan said.

“Should Young Master be able to refine these Ancient Lost Treasures into Nebula Magic Weapons, then they would be very useful.” Wu Xinjie slightly smiled.

In regards to Star Cultivators, magic weapons were devices to divide the work of complex and easy tasks. From Stardust Stage to Galaxy Stage, Star Cultivators used artifacts. Galaxy Stage and above used magic weapons. Not only did magic weapons have far greater spiritual power than magic artifacts, in all aspects, they were stronger by several levels. On average, magic weapons required the Star Energy of a Supercluster Cultivator, whose was vast as the ocean, in order to be refined, so magic weapons could only be used at Supercluster or Galaxy Late Stage, at the very least.

However, there were times that Nebula Cultivators used magic weapons for battle.

In addition, this type of magic weapon was refined from an Ancient Lost Treasure. However, to refine an Ancient Lost Treasure into a Low Grade Magic Weapon was simply hated by men and gods alike in the eyes of others.

After the magic circle was placed, Su Xing controlled the Heaven and Earth Sword and Shield to float in the air. Then, he wiped some essence blood on the sword and the shield, and he urged his Star Energy to begin refining the remnants of the Crying Infant’s breath on the Ancient Lost Treasure. The ancient breath and Su Xing’s Divine Intent, blood and qi mixed together, and a formless battle unfolded in his mind. Refining two Ancient Losts at the same time very much put to the test a Star Cultivator’s willpower and control, but it enormously promoted a Star Cultivator’s ability to control Star Energy. It was precisely thanks to refining these two Lost Treasures that Su Xing could effortlessly play with the two copper lions at will in his hands.  

At the same time Su Xing earnestly refined the Ancient Lost Treasure, the other girls were not idle.

Lin Yingmei was responsible for taking up guard duty.4

Wu Xinjie brought out several dozen maps and more than ten ancient annals, the jade strip and scrolls, flipping through the pages on one hand while she took notes, planning for future matters.

Shi Yuan, as usual, studies the Mo Attack Mechanism Arts and upgraded the final Copper Man Puppet using the Sixth Rank One-Eyed Dragon’s soul, and she asked Wu Xinjie for assistance when she reached difficult portions. The Knowledge Star quickly provided her wisdom, and Shi Yuan’s Puppet Mechanism operation made speedy progress.

An Suwen also was not unoccupied. Besides using the Evil Suppressing Gem Bamboo to breed the Essence Swallowing Dragons, the Efficacious Star currently mulled over a bold plan – to manufacture a “Pill Talisman” that transformed a pill to have a talisman’s use. Inside the Void Liangshan, acting as the Divine Physician, An Suwen mostly was on the sidelines worrying helplessly. Since she could not formulate a flawless trap and kill plan like the Resourceful Star, nor did she have any way to charge and break through enemy lines like the Majestic Star, it was the Flea on A Drum’s random appearing and disappearing that could bring about surprising results.

An Suwen did not want to stand on the side looking and worrying helplessly. Regarding the Efficacious Star’s helping the dying and healing the injured, that was her personal strength. There were myriad changes in an instant inside a fight, but that would not give her this chance. Vital qi, essence qi, magic energy, Star Energy and so on all were crucial. If she could create a few talisman-like, fast-acting pills, in a battle, it could manifest unexpected turning points. However, that the entire Azure Dragon Territory had never heard before of a Pill Talisman was not a small challenge.

One man and four women regularly and thoroughly had their hands occupied with work. They were very clear that without the support of a strong Great Sect, future Star Duels would only be even harder. Everything could only be based on their own great effort.

And just like that, in the blink of an eye, they had arrived at the appointed final day.

The Heaven and Earth Sword and Shield hovered in the air. They saw the dim appearance had already regained it silvery light, the pure rays binding ninety percent of it. Su Xing continuously struck seals, and his Star Energy fiercely shot over. The Crying Infant’s breath was under continuous bombardment before it finally dispersed.

The Heaven and Earth Sword and Shield shone with a dazzling brilliance, its entire body again resuming its dim appearance. Compared to artifacts, the Heaven and Earth Sword and Shield’s power was reserved. A Star Energy dense as clouds shrouded the sword and shield, just like a Nebula Grade Magic Weapon! It had a greater spiritual nature than it did previously, and Su Xing’s Divine Intent lacked much of the Sixth Rank Demon Beast’s powerful presence. Although it was weakened by more than half, Su Xing still was quite satisfied.

Swallowing several spirit liquids that restored magic energy, An Suwen fully used a Spiritual Aura Distribution to make Su Xing’s vital qi restored to perfect condition.

“Now we’ll go see just what background this Heavenly Star has.” Su Xing smiled.

Putting away the magic circle, the group walked out the door. The four beautiful ladies meticulously suppressed their Star Maiden auras. Regarding how they concealed their identities and disguised themselves, this was nothing out of the ordinary for Wu Xinjie, An Suwen and Shi Yuan. On the contrary, Lin Yingmei had the innate Panther Head’s pride and was incapable of concealment. Her forehead’s heroic spirit pressing, her eyes carrying a profound icy arrogance, she was like a guard that did not reveal deep secrets, which more and more manifested Su Xing’s hedonistic and spoiled son style.

Exiting the inn’s door, just as they were about to arrive at the public square, from far away, they saw an Old Daoist walk over to Su Xing.

“Fellow Yun Youzi, we meet yet again.” Jiang Yundao good-naturedly smiled and said.

“Senior Jiang, still guarding this Devil Suppressing Stele? That is indeed exhausting.” Su Xing likewise smiled.

“Not tough. For the common people seeking good fortune, this is the responsibility of we Star Cultivators. The Star Duels are what is exhausting, how bitter.” The old man laughed aloud.

The girls’ pupils rolled, glancing at each other.

Su Xing smiled and knew he had something to say.

“Does Fellow Yun feel this way or not? The Star Duels of those Star Masters and Star Generals is you die, I live. How is that as free and at leisure as we, and happy? Just like Fellow Yun brings four beauties on an outing, it indeed makes people envious, haha.”

Su Xing lightly smiled: “I hear the victor can obtain a wish. To even be able to go to the legendary Liangshan Maiden, this enticement is not small.”

“Could it be that Fellow Yun has also been enticed?” Jiang Yundao was intrigued.

“Senior, if you have something to say, just say it directly.” Su Xing got right to the point, truly not interested in what he was hiding.

“Good!” Jiang Yundao stroked his long beard, saying: “I hear Fellow already obtained the final place in the Heavenly Star recruiting a master?”


“Fellow Yun was outstanding and out of the ordinary the first time we met. This Old Daoist’s insight did not see wrongly. But as your elder, This Old Daoist wishes to give fellow a piece of advice…”

“Speak!” Su Xing spat out a simple word.

Jiang Yundao wrinkled his brow, feeling Su Xing was a bit arrogant and bossy, seemingly as if himself had turned into an underling: “Fellow’s women to the side, wandering Liangshan, not at all happy, there is no need to participate in the Star Duels! This Old Daoist knows this time’s Heavenly Star’s Master Recruitment. The Great Liang’s Fourth Prince is in it, and regarding this Heavenly Star, His Majesty aspires to have her!”

The apparently scared Su Xing did not know the meaning of the ambition of the Great Liang’s Fourth Prince to have her. He emphasized his tone: “Emperor Liang has the five princes and princesses participate in the Star Duels to obtain imperial power. All the princesses and princes each were provided a hundred million liang of gold. This ‘wealth’ cannot be matched by anyone. Previous large sects fell over each other in their eagerness to express goodwill, and Supreme Grade Sects gave away their secret arts. This ‘power’ cannot be reached by anyone. In addition, the Great Liang Dynasty acts as the Azure Dragon Territory’s flourishing dynasty. This ‘authority’ cannot be spoken by any words.”

Jiang Yundao was also astute and circumspect. His mouth burst open with flowers, a “wealth,” “power,” and “authority” all bluntly pointed out who was the genuine lead in this Star Duel. His words actually were not incorrect in the slightest, but there was one point that he actually was incorrect about. To have authority, wealth and power did not signify one would be the final victor.

“Senior wishes to inform this one beneath you this Star Duel is not fair?” Su Xing’s harmless smile made Jiang Yundao’s eyelids jump: “That is still alright. I have never believed in fairness. This world has never been fair.”

“So you will not think this over for your beautiful women?” Jiang Yundao tone sunk, already aggravated.

“Darlings, what do you all say.” Su Xing frivolously asked.

“Your servant willingly pledges her life to follow Young Master!” Lin Yingmei replied without the slightest hesitation. She icily glared at Jiang Yundao. A Galaxy Cultivator, the Majestic Star actually would not place him in her eyes.

Jiang Yundao stared blankly, only feeling Lin Yingmei’s imposing manner was vast. An icy and cold intent stabbed into his bones, and Jiang Yundao hastily urged on his Star Energy, blocking the counterattack of Lin Yingmei’s Cold Intent. Gazing at Su Xing, he was actually full of surprise.

“It seems This Old Daoist made an error in judgment. Perhaps Fellow also is not an ordinary person.” Jiang Yundao eased his tone, only taking Su Xing’s arrogance to mean there certainly was some large sect or family supporting him from behind.

Although the Great Liang’s princes and princesses had wealth, power, and authority, compared to a few old Star Cultivator clans and sects, they were still vulnerable.

“That Fourth Prince made Senior pass on these words?” Su Xing said. “Then let this one beneath you trouble you to pass on a message to him: A general achieves renown over the dead bodies of ten thousand soldiers;5 fair is good, unfair is also good. The ultimate king steps wearily on the bones of the dead, and it is not by relying on a few deterrent words that wishes are granted.”

Lin Yingmei and the other girls looked at Su Xing in awe. They did not expect the ordinarily gentle and kind Su Xing to be able to say the type of terrifying awakening “a general achieves renown over the dead bodies of ten thousand soldiers” was.

Jiang Yundao stared blankly, loudly shouting, “Good!”

“What a good ‘a general achieves renown over the dead bodies of ten thousand soldiers,’ This Old Daoist certainly will report this phrase to His Highness as it is. Then, This Old Daoist wishes Fellow to indeed not be careless and turn into a flight of white bones underneath the feet of another.”

Jiang Yundao was also influenced, not saying much. Turning around, he then left, and the several dozen guards hidden in the surroundings also quietly departed.

Author’s Note:

Stayed up all night yesterday, nothing happened the entire day.

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