Chapter 121: The Most Tender Under The Moon

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“What about Yuan’er?”

Only when Su Xing turned his head back did he discover the Thief Star had disappeared.

“I even saw Little Sister Shi Yuan here just now.” An Suwen covered her mouth. The Thief Star was a concealment expert. If she wanted to noiselessly leave, that was not something that would be hard for her.

“It seems she has gone to chase after the Living Goddess of Lightning.” Lin Yingmei answered.

Su Xing pulled his hair. Could it be that Shi Yuan wanted to snatch back the Heavenly Spirit Chest?

“The Flea on a Drum actually is very formidable in pursuits, so she should be able to find the Living Goddess of Lightning’s trail.” Wu Xinjie blinked.

Everyone waited for while, and not long after, the Thief Star returned, as expected. But it seemed she hung her head dispiritedly. “That Living Goddess of Lightning is too much for me. It was very difficult to find her and then she unexpectedly played hide and seek with me.” She probably had been unbearably angered by the Inferior Star’s Flash Jump. Shi Yuan puffed her cheeks as she clung to Su Xing’s arm, acting like a spoiled child as she sought comfort.

Wu Xinjie dipped her forehead, “Don’t vent, let’s quickly leave. Powerful enemies again will be here in a moment.”

The Wind Swayed Raft ascended and flew away from the Southern Yue Kingdom. Flying into the sky, Su Xing noticed there were not any places worth going to. In the big Liangshan, there unexpectedly was not any place to stop over. “Young Master, you should find an Immortal’s Abode to practice in ease.” Lin Yingmei opened her mouth.

The indifferent Yan Yizhen nodded: “Master’s current cultivation is still a bit too shallow.”

Su Xing was still at Nebula Late Stage right now. Although he had obtained Yan Qing’s Star Energy after he contracted her, apparently even though his Star Energy was filled to the brim, his Star Energy was still a cloud that had difficulty becoming a river.1 Every realm of cultivation, from one realm to another, for a Star Cultivator would become extremely difficult to attain the later the realm. Su Xing now had reached a bottleneck, and An Suwen had no way out for him despite making some pills.

“Didn’t Big Brother obtain a Purple Rose Jade Pendant?” An Suwen said.

“Su Xing, actually, I always had a question I’ve been dying to ask you?” Shi Yuan hesitated.

Su Xing smiled: “What, could it be you’re afraid of hurting me? Ask away.”

Shi Yuan looked at her sisters and mumbled: “We have been with Young Master this long, but could it be that Young Master does not have any close relatives?” Turning the words, Shi Yuan stuck out her cute tongue: “Su Xing, don’t you be angry, it’s just that you look as if you’re homeless…” Being able to contract the Majestic Star, Shi Yuan always thought Su Xing perhaps had some exceptional status.

“In this world, besides all of you, I don’t have close relatives.” Su Xing shook his head.

Shi Yuan felt sorry for Su Xing, somewhat regretful that she brought this topic up.

“This isn’t something you can’t mention.” Su Xing smiled and stroked her face. His heart slightly sighed, for he did not have a permanent home in Liangshan. Being all over the place also was not a solution, and he always felt he really seemed to be missing something. Perhaps this just was Su Xing always looking for a sense of belonging?

This was something he should think about it properly. Right now, the Great Liang Dynasty, and even the entire Azure Dragon Territory, was currently looking for the Purple Thunder Monster. It was not too possible for Su Xing to return to the city, so he found a remote mountain cave and then entered it. While SU Xing controlled his flying sword, he assumed an Immortal’s Abode stance.

It seemed he at long last would not be that miserable.

The girls could not help but want to smile, feeling their Young Master truly was melancholy and moody enough.

Moving out the Heavenly Spirit Grade chest, Su Xing then controlled his Star Energy to open it, and everyone was filled with anticipation.2

A silver light twinkled.

The Heavenly Spirit Grade Birth Outline was amazing as expected. A pile of dazzling items even more in quantity and even more precious than an Earthly Fiend Grade, there were a few drug ingredients, crystals and stones that need not be mentioned. What made Lin Yingmei happy was that there was one piece of Daybreak Frost and Snow Essence required for her to refine her second Star, and there was also the one piece of Falling Mercury Crystal that Wu Xinjie just happened to be short of in order to be complete. Besides these, inside was unexpectedly an additional feather garment. Surprisingly, a look showed that it was a small bodice with a very tender fragrance. Su Xing could not help but pick it up to sniff it.3

Besides the indifferent Yan Yizhen, the beautiful maidens could not help but be red in the face, rebuking him: “Young Lord, how can you be like this.”

Su Xing did not want to be a pervert, but it was just that the fragrance of this bodice was extremely splendid, causing him to be unable to resist stuffing his nose into it and sniffing. If it was put onto anyone’s body,4 then that was a beautiful scene. Su Xing felt his beastly blood boil thinking about it.

“This is a Snow-winged Cicada Bodice.”5 Yan Yizhen explained.

“Why would there be this sort of thing inside the chest. Is it very important for a Star General?” Su Xing asked.

Yan Yizhen calmly answered: “This is an Astral Tool. Not only is it unbreachable by water and fire, it can make the amount of time a Star General can spend fighting in the air even longer.”

“Which one of you wants to change?” Su Xing chuckled.

The girls’ cheeks were slightly red, and they shook their heads.

“Little Yi?”

“This Slave Servant does not need this.” Yan Yizhen replied very seriously.

“Little Sis Suwen?”

“Little Sister thanks Big Brother for his kindly feelings.” An Suwen bashfully refused.


“This Young Lady is a robber and does not like the color white, hey.” Shi Yuan was without a choice.

The Knowledge Star Wu Xinjie faked embarrassment, “Xinjie likes this bodice, however, if Young Lord personally helps Xinjie change…”6


The girls were stunned by her bold statement.

“Alright.” Su Xing was not a pure and innocent little boy. How could he turn down this sort of happy occasion.

Wu Xinjie’s expression was very charming, and she really began to undress.

“This…” Lin Yingmei’s brows wrinkled, nevertheless saying nothing. Turning her head away so she could not look, An Suwen found it embarrassing as she turned her gaze. Shi Yuan was very curious, and Yan Yizhen was even more incomparably calm.

Taking off her jacket, she revealed a blue bodice and snow white skin delicate enough to break if blown on. Exquisitely smooth and tender, Wu Xinjie lowered her head and shyly bit her lip. This appearance was on another level of alluring. “Young Lord certainly must feel tenderness towards Xinjie.”7

Lin Yingmei scowled.

Su Xing reached out his hand and drew Wu Xinjie into his embrace. The girl’s delicate body was on his chest, her high mountains in conflict. Following her tender skin, his hands actually were about to undo the knot to her bodice.

“Don’t.” Wu Xinjie finally uttered, having still been defeated. Undressing and being changed in front of her sisters, even if she was the Knowledge Star, she was still very bashful. “Lin Yingmei is still best suited for this Snow-winged Cicada Bodice.”

Su Xing had already known she would say this. He could not help but kiss her cheek and drape clothes over her. When Wu Xinjie was revealing herself, Su Xing felt that his body burned in lust.

Lin Yingmei did not act shy at all as she reached out her hand and received it.

Afterwards, everyone teased each other for a bit. Wu Xinjie seized the chance to refine her Heaven Concealing Star Fan to One Star, and the sky at this time was already dark. Having toiled for a day, all the girls were very tired, one after the other entering the Star Nest to rest.

The Immortals’ Abode was cold and cheerless all of a sudden.

Su Xing cultivated for a bit, actually not sleepy in the least. He raised his head and watched the bright moon in the sky, and then he was met directly with the summit. Reclining on it, moonlight bathed his body, unexpectedly with a sort of fantastic feeling.

Heaven and Earth were calm, and there was only the one man.

“Young Master!”

Beside him appeared a warm presence, and Su Xing did not have to turn his head to know who it was.

Lin Yingmei appeared, clear, cold and refined in the moonlight. She had lost a bit of her heroic air, but gained a slight charm.

“Is Young Master moody?”

This appearance of Su Xing’s made Lin Yingmei somewhat worried.

“It’s nothing. It’s just that it’s almost the fifteenth of the Mid-autumn Festival,8 so I was of the mind to admire the moon.” Su Xing smiled.

“What’s the of the fifteenth Mid-autumn Festival?” Lin Yingmei was blank.

Su Xing shook his head, not answering.

A moment later, Lin Yingmei then knelt nearby, watching the unattainable Heaven raising pillar that was the Maiden Mountain. Out of the corner of her eye, she again looked at Su Xing, quietly guarding from nearby, not saying a word.

With regards to the first girl that signed a contract with him when he came to Liangshan, Su XIng’s heart always had a kind of indescribable feeling. He customarily drew Lin Yingmei’s shoulder towards him. In the army, this was a very close comrade-in-arms gesture. Lin Yingmei clearly felt the change in Su Xing’s heart, for she did not struggle.

A long time afterwards, Lin Yingmei whispered: “Young Master, could you help Your Servant change into that Snow-winged Cicada Bodice?”9

Su Xing went blank, looking at Lin Yingmei with surprise, and the girl buried her head away from him.


Su XIng naturally would not decline.

Lin Yingmei turned her body away, and her upper garment very quickly was peeled off. The icy luster of gems pervaded her back that was without even a single scar. Within the light wind, Su Xing clearly felt Lin Yingmei’s body tremble ever so slightly. When he undid the knot to her bodice, her shuddering changed to a rigidity.

“I’ll really help you change?” Su Xing made certain.

“En.” A reply of consent quiet as a mosquito.

Su Xing felt that the Lin Yingmei and he tonight both alike became somewhat strange, and he did not know whether or not his mood influenced her. Su Xing calmed down his mind. Despite looking at that naked upper body of Lin Yingmei, he could not help but feel somewhat crazy in love. Bringing that bodice to cover her front, the tips of his fingers at this time touched that ample softness, and Lin Yingmei let out a shallow moan.

“Your Servant is Young Master’s chamberlain. Regardless of whether Young Master is or is not homeless, Your Servant does not care.” Lin Yingmei suddenly said. “In the case that Young Master is willing…willing…to…you can look upon Your Servant as your family…”

Su Xing shook, smiled, then kissed her pure white neck, tenderly answering: “Of course you are precisely my family!”

Lin Yingmei moaned, not knowing whether Su Xing kissed too sensitively or if his words stirred the softness of her heart…

The second day

When Su Xing rose, he walked into the living room and found the beautiful girls already were up. They gazed at Su Xing, then at the Lin Yingmei keeping watch from afar, her face ambiguous. Su Xing pretended he did not see, and he saw a pile of tokens, flags and such were arranged on the stone table, curiously asking: “What are you all doing?”

“Sister Xinjie is helping Big Brother choose a sect.” An Suwen charmingly replied.

“A sect?”

“Considering our current situation, Xinjie proposes to first use the Purple Rose Token to create an Immortals’ Abode. Because it requires spirit vessels, as a result, we must enter a sect. Young Lord, you will not oppose, will you?” Wu Xinjie blinked.

Su XIng agreed. Last night, he was just thinking over this matter. He had gotten hold of the Purple Rose Grade Outlaw Writ for more than a month and actually never used it; this was too wasteful. Besides the Birth Outline that already began, after more months pass by, the Purple Rose Grade Birth Outline would appear. At that time, the entire Azure Dragon Territory would flare up. Powerful sects would all turn out in full strength, and according to his current situation, he simply did not have the chance to get involved in the Purple Rose Grade this time.

“But I seem to already have been listed as someone to arrest.” Su Xing was for lack of a better option. Due to the opposing energy between the Devil Suppressing Stele and the Ghost’s Godsbane, two Great Sects were looking for him, so entering a sect was easier said than done.

Shi Yuan proudly revealed every sort of prop that was stacked up on the table like a mountain: “Su Xing, just leave this to This Young Lady. This Young Lady was wandered all over Liangshan, so the tokens of every sect are here as they should.”10

“The Knowledge Star currently is seeking for Master one that already will not delay the current Birth Outline Plundering and will not delay Master’s practice. In addition, that sect can let Master earn for this reason without bringing trouble.” Yan Yizhen apathetically started to talk.

It sounded like they wanted to kill three birds with one arrow.

“It can’t be this perfect.” Su Xing smiled.

“The Knowledge Star has already found one.”

Lin Yingmei said.

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