Chapter 122: Clinging Fire Domain Sword

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The sect Wu Xinjie chose was known as the Four Styles School.1 This sect was located in the Azure Dragon Territory’s most remote eastern Cooling Kingdom Refining Prefecture’s “Flaming Eastern Island.”2 It could even be said to be cut off from the rest of the world; the Four Styles School in the ancient past was once a reputedly illustrious Great School. For the Champion Nine Dragons3 of Azure Dragon Territory legend, he took possession of a seat in public office, and was called by others as the “Refining Dragon.” After the Star Duels began, Azure Dragon Territory’s cards were shuffled, and the Champion Nine Dragons was the first to be overthrown. For all kinds of reasons, the Four Styles School declined.

However, a camel starving to death was bigger than a horse. This Four Styles School somewhat still had the leftover Champion Nine Dragons. In the Azure Dragon Territory, he still had a bit of military glory. To give Su Xing the beautiful spirit vessels the Four Styles School occupied could not be any more suitable.

The other important reason why Wu Xinjie considered the Four Styles School was because the Four Styles School was a school adept at tool refinement. Su Xing had slightly entered the world of tool refinement, and he had many materials on hand. To forge the Heavenly Spirit Earthly Fiend Purple Rose Five Elements Sword in the future, he would need tool refinement methods. This would help Su Xing solve the Purple Rose Outlaw Writ together at once, and two, also could conveniently give him mastery in tool refinement.

“To go from here to Cooling Kingdom is approximately a ten day route. Although it is somewhat long, we can conveniently plunder a few Birth Outlines along the road.” Wu Xinjie actively said, “For the time being, we must still prepare for the important appearance of the Purple Rose Grade Birth Outline.”

“Is entry into this kind of ancient sect possible?” An Suwen asked.

Wu Xinjie smiled.

Shi Yuan took out a jade pendant. This jade pendant was carved with a fantastic design that formed the word “Refine,” appearing like a portrait at first glance.

This was precisely the Four Style School’s token.

Two years prior, Shi Yuan received this from a skeleton she found exploring a labyrinth. Besides this token, there were several jade strips, a flying sword, a red pearl and a hundred talismans.

Su Xing took the token. After his Divine Intent responded, some information about the token entered his ocean of consciousness, and then he looked at those jade strips. These jade strips recorded this token owner’s name and his entire life. His name was Yuchi Qingshan,4 and what made Su Xing surprised was that he was unexpectedly a great tool refinement scholar;

“This flying sword is so beautiful, did he forge it?” An Suwen praised it.

The flying sword was approximately three chi long, one finger wide, its entire body refined from crimson jade and treasures. Engraved into it were veined patterns like flame, and stimulating his magic energy, they saw dark red spell runes revolve around the flying sword. The sword’s edge was brightly lit, its hilt had a pearl, and engraved on it were the four words “Clinging Fire Star Domain.”5

“Could it be this is the Clinging Fire Divine Thunder of the Liangshan Continent’s Five Elements Astonishing Thunders?” Yan Yizhen frowned.

“That should not be the case. Clinging Fire Star Domain Sword, hearing this name, it actually seems to be an Astral Treasure.” Wu Xinjie was not too certain.

“Ah? Astral Treasure?” The girls were astounded.

“You have never brought this thing out before, Shi Yuan?” Lin Yingmei said in surprise.

Shi Yuan stuck out her tongue, but she could not be blamed for this. In these three years, the Thief Star stole from countless ancient tombs and labyrinths, and sometimes, she would steal from under a careless cultivator. In three years, she accumulated not much, but not too little, and Shi Yuan could not use artifacts at all anyways. Thus, the majority were completely exhausted being swapped for talismans, travel money and the like, leaving only a few things she felt looked great but were useless.

This sword’s design was extremely gorgeous, making her love it too much to part with it. It was a pity that this sword was not sharpened, so it could only serve as a decoration. Afterwards, Shi Yuan just forgot about it.

Su Xing picked up this Clinging Fire Star Domain Sword. Sure enough, just as Shi Yuan said, he could only use his Divine Intent to levitate it in front of him without any way to propel it. Imbuing it with more Star Energy only made the sword glow even brighter, but there was not any sort of use.

“This Clinging Fire Star Domain Sword has had a forbiddance engraved onto it.” Wu Xinjie was considered to have some understanding of magic weapons. It seemed the talisman engravings clearly were placed by an adept, and this made the Knowledge Star somewhat excited. If this was the case, this sword certainly was unmistakably an Astral Treasure.

Su Xing again looked at that red pearl. It was also very ordinary, and imbuing it with Star Energy only made it let out a dazzling scarlet light.

The things the tool refinement scholar brought indeed were elusive.

“Shi Yuan, if you have anything more, do not forget about it. If it was not for choosing a sect for Young Lord, this top-notch treasure would have been forgotten by you.” Wu Xinjie unhappily smiled.

Shi Yuan searched her pockets and shook her head. She really had nothing else.

“Since forbiddance engravings have been added, the Four Styles School should have a way to release it. At that time, we can again think of a solution.” Wu Xinjie then again gave Su Xing an explanation of items to pay attention to when he entered the Four Styles School.

According to the plan the Knowledge Star composed, Su Xing had best assume the identity of this Senior Yuchi Qingshan’s apprentice because it seemed from letters that this Yuchi Qingshan left seclusion to find an apprentice with the roots of intelligence. Ever since the Champion Nine Dragons collapsed, the Four Styles School was cut off from the rest of the world. Generally, to accept an apprentice, seniors would leave seclusion of their own accord and wander the four seas, seeking opportunity, and they did not know why such a great tool refinement scholar would perish within an ancient tomb.

In this way, Su Xing would very legitimately become a Four Styles Sect disciple. However, he would first have to practice some Four Styles Sect entrance secret arts. Those just happened to be recorded inside the token, and relying on the innate gift of Su Xing’s Absolute Sincerity Soul Technique, within several days, that would not become a problem.

Everything was planned to be watertight, and then, Wu Xinjie stood on the Wind Swayed Raft, looking into the distance at the Birth Outline Starlight of the Maiden Mountain.

After the Birth Outline opened, there appeared every day a light that carried a Birth Outline. The majority that were robbed and killed first of all needed their positions judged according to these faintly discernible lights. Some Birth Outlines seemed to be very close, but perhaps they were as far as ten thousand li. To rob and kill for the Birth Outline, the experts of a majority of sects all used protection techniques for the Star Masters in their schools. Sometimes, even if a Birth Outline was seen, they6 could only give up.

After all, to use their current strength to handle a completely armed sect was very hard without any dominance that could be spoken of.

Wu Xinjie took a glance, and the direction of Flaming Eastern Island flashed through her ocean of consciousness. Within the several lights, she locked onto one path among them that would conform. A Birth Outline there was not within the range of influence of a Great Sect’s power, so everyone then took off in that direction.

Rushing to the place where the Birth Outline would appear, the Star Cultivators there were not many, perhaps more than three hundred people, and the cultivations that were at Galaxy Stage actually were not few.

Su Xing arrived. The hundred Star Cultivators just looked grim, brimming with hostility as they looked at him.

Su Xing lightly smiled, but in his heart, it was actually a cold smile. This time, he was not like how he was last. Stopping over briefly, he immediately turned into an escape light that went far away. Those Star Cultivators did not relax and actually had sect members use Divine Intent to lock down the surroundings. At this time, Su Xing used the Oneness of Heaven and Man to then directly conceal himself in a secret place; he might as well be the fisherman that snatches the snipe and clam.  

The troops escorting the Birth Outline were revealed; it was a Heavenly Spirit Rank treasure chest, and the escorts were famed and great. Two Cyclops Jinns,7 one in front and one in back, carried the chest together, and the surroundings had an additional sixteen Flying Apsara Blood Centipedes.8

Su Xing raised his head and looked, only to see more than a dozen Galaxy Stage Cultivators release sword art abilities. Several hundred multicolored sword arts formed every kind of sword array, that imposing air seriously ferocious. The Flying Apsara Blood Centipedes in the blink of an eye were down by four.

Every sort of artifact flew out one after the other.

In the sky, a multicolored light was on the move, flying a splendid rainbow.

Su Xing clicked his tongue. Although there were few people, their strength certainly was far too much more powerful compared to those Star Cultivators at Whistling Wind Mountain.

This Cyclops Jinn was an ancient monster. Surly and unreasoning, it was hard to find a rival. Its one eye released an incandescent light that broke a sword array. The Cyclops Jinn’s flesh was like metal, hard as steel, impervious to sword and spear. Those imposing and violent flying swords stabbing onto their bodies only gave off clanging noises as if they were striking stone.

The Flying Apsara Blood Centipedes spat out poisonous blood. The blood became swords that splashed and scattered throughout a hundred meters. This poison blood was extremely ferocious, for a few cultivators’ defensive artifacts melted on contact. The Star Cultivators who were splashed immediately had their blood poisoned, screaming endlessly.

“Kill the centipede first.” A Star Cultivator shouted.

Galaxy Stage cultivators’ sword arts became essential. A hundred flying swords were matchlessly gorgeous, occasionally spiraling and twisting to kill, occasionally cutting from side to side everywhere; the sword array had myriad fluctuations. The sword rainbow broke through the poison blood, and the Flying Apsara Blood Centipedes did not hold out for long before vanishing like smoke.

The Birth Outline escorts were suddenly down to only the two Cyclops Jinns. The Star Cultivators thought they had glimpsed hope, their offensive more wild than swelling waters.


The Cyclops Jinns suddenly dodged, their speed oddly quick.

Flashing into the mass of Star Cultivators, it was just like a small mountain had pressed onto them. The Cyclops Jinn’s arm waved, and it swept over several dozen meters away like a whip. Weakened Star Cultivators screamed and became dust and smoke.

Galaxy Cultivators coordinated the usage of their sword arts for a blocking kill as thousands of talismans just like snowflakes wafting through the entire sky exploded.

The Su Xing below watched everything that unfolded above him. His eyes revealed admiration, for this scene really was too spectacular.

The Cyclops Jinn radiated a golden light, its arms waving. The single eye released a light that broke through the annoying sword array. The Star Cultivators that came here had robbed and killed several Birth Outlines with good coordination, but they did not expect the Birth Outline escorts this time to be ancient monsters, to be this unreasonable. Flying swords lost the favorable position, and perhaps only martial arts could have an effect.

Which cultivator here would have the courage to dare directly face these Cyclops Jinns.

Gradually, the cultivators’ formation began to scatter.

Suddenly, a sword light escaped far away, unexpectedly fleeing.

“Ah? Fellow…”

The others knew from a look that a plunder was no longer possible, successively using every escape technique. The Cyclops Jinns roared, the golden light violently shooting and exterminating several cultivators. Several hundred cultivators scattered like birds and beasts, and the Cyclops Jinn gave chase.

“Master, careful!”

Completely lacking warning, a huge shadow was in his face, a golden light descending.

Yan Yizhen flashed out of the Star Nest, her fists crossed together as she firmly caught this attack. The girl’s arms made a circle, soft as running water, and her left and right hands alternated, staggering this power.

The remaining Cyclops Jinn carrying the chest on its back bellowed above Su Xing. It deserved the name of ancient monster, for Su Xing’s Oneness of Heaven and Man was discovered in an instant. The Cyclops Jinn’s long arm grabbed at Su Xing.

Su Xing opened his five fingers. A purple Blooming Water Thunder and Lightning that was like a claw captured the Cyclops Jinn. The Cyclops Jinn loudly cried under the Blooming Water Divine Thunder and Lightning, but it seemed this did not have any effect.

It looked as though they could only rely on martial strength, as expected.

A crisp and clear, dazzling cold light appeared.

Lin Yingmei coldly shouted and raised her spear, her jet-black hair whipping in the wind. Her cloak rose, and her collar opened wide, vaguely revealing a white bellyband. The Lin Yingmei that changed into the Snow-winged Cicada Bellyband had her body techniques made even faster, as if she was stepping on clouds and mist. Suspended in the air as she battled with the Cyclops Jinn, the Arctic Star Spear slashed down again and again, and the Cyclops Jinn’s skin that was secure as a city finally revealed wounds.

Yan Yizhen timely moved, her fists violently waving and striking. Every strike brought tremors to the Cyclops Jinn, the might unexpectedly not any one bit inferior to the Arctic Star Spear.

The Cyclops Jinn howled in grief repeatedly, unable to bear the violent attacks of two Star Maidens as the treasure chest it held aloft with its hands immediately fell down.

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  1. 四法門 This is tentative, as there is a second way this could possibly be interpreted.
  2. 涼國煉州“火東島”
  3. 九龍至尊
  4. 尉遲青山
  5. 離火星寰, it should be noted that 火星 is Mars.
  6. Su Xing and the girls
  7. 獨眼巨靈
  8. 飛天血蜈蚣


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