Chapter 123: Yan Wudao

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The Shi Yuan who had been waiting for a long time exhibited the excellent body techniques of a robber, rushing towards the treasure chest. She thought of taking the treasure chest, and the treasure chest radiated brilliantly. Shi Yuan released Star Energy, and then fought against the treasure chest. The Cyclops Jinn was tangled by Lin Yingmei and Yan Yizhen. It cried out continuously, its two arms whirling around, but the two Star General’s bodies were light as swallows, relying on their unparalleled Star Weapons to resist for a short while.

The Cyclops Jinn fired a light beam from its eye towards Shi Yuan, which Su Xing blocked with the Earth Shield.


The pressure shook the Earth Shield with tremors, a power that was tyrannical.

The other Cyclops Jinn that went to disperse the other Star Cultivators again rushed back, pouncing on Shi Yuan.

Su Xing raised both his hands this time, purple lightning hovering about his ten fingers, a lightning serpent that swelled and contracted. Waving his hands, they released a Blooming Water Divine Thunder that looked like claws and teeth. The Purple Thunder immediately grabbed this Cyclops Jinn, and when Su Xing put his hands together, the lightning claw immediately merged and suddenly released the tips of teeth, Purple Thunder tearing it apart. The Cyclops Jinn wailed in anguish, yet this Ancient Monster’s eye released a cold light.

The Nebula Magic Weapon Earth Shield once again cracked.

Su Xing stared, for how could he dare again receive the attack directly.

Shi Yuan at this time got rid of the treasure chest’s light. Taking up the chest, she advanced under the cover of An Suwen and Wu Xinjie’s protection. These Cyclops Jinns’ heads had a Divine Intent of protecting the Birth Outline Treasure Chest carved into them. Seeing the chest had been taken, they madly threw themselves towards Shi Yuan, wanting to bite the girl to pieces then spit out the chest.

Su Xing’s Shark Claw Hook and Blood Rain Pot simultaneously rose.

The Shark Claw Hook grappled onto the pursuit attack of the Cyclops Jinn while the Blood Rain Pot’s blood-light beat the Cyclops Jinn’s solid body, but this monster’s skin was just like Essence Gold. The Galaxy Stage Artifact Blood Rain Pot had great difficulty piercing through, and he only heard the clanging sound of striking metal.

Seeing Su Xing alone stall a Cyclops Jinn, Lin Yingmei and Yan Yizhen accelerated their attack rate. A moment had not passed when the Cyclops Jinn at last was unable to support itself, turning into ash.

The last Cyclops Jinn’s hair stood on end, releasing a low roar from within its throat, an expression of excessive ruthlessness as it immediately pounced. Its immense body gave people an intensely oppressive feeling. Just this slightly human appearance was enough to scare stiff crying children, and those two long arms waved. Su Xing had been bolstered by Wu Xinjie’s Speed is a Crucial Asset in War, and relying on speed, he finally suppressed the Cyclops Jinn.


A sound that broke the air.

Without even a bit of hesitation, Lin Yingmei and Yan Yizhen immediately went for the kill. A chilly and icy light appeared on Yan Yizhen’s Yin Yang Pisces Fists. In the moment her figure swayed, she already was powerfully punching continuously.

The Cyclops Jinn’s body may have been enormous, but the flexibility of its movements made people gasp in surprise.

As an ancient fifth rank Demon type, it always had its own original place.

Lin Yingmei silently rushed out, her soldierly figure rolling out a whirlwind where she was. The Majestic Star’s speed already displayed brilliance, and although the Cyclops Jinn’s two arms were like whips with strikes that vigorously gusted, it was awfully clear that with plentiful combat experience, the effect she received was greatly mitigated.

The girl’s eyes were filled with detachment, and Lin Yingmei’s figure already swept past the Cyclops Jinn’s side. A cold thread in her hand suddenly appeared and immediately faded away. The Cyclops Jinn’s stomach had been punctured had a bloody hole the size of a bowl, and a thick pillar of blood like a fountain rushed into the air. Its tremendous body rocked, then fell on its face where it was.

Su Xing also timely released a Blooming Water Divine Thunder to interrupt the Cyclops Jinn’s continuous attacks, and then An Suwen and Shi Yuan each took out their Destined Star Weapons to finish it off. While everyone ganged up on it, this monster Cyclops Jinn could not help but howl in anguish. This time, a soul flew out, and Shi Yuan then received it. After having plundered and killed several Birth Outlines, they finally encountered one with a soul.

When those fleeing cultivators saw that the Cyclops Jinns had been killed, they again flew back.

Su Xing had unintentionally tangled with them. Raising the Wind Swayed Raft, he departed, easily breaking away from them. He arrived at a plateau on a mountain, and only then did Su Xing open the treasure chest. A silver light and a golden light shone, and it was a chest of silver stones. It had cloud patterns, soft and pure. From the Ascend a Mountain and Dive for Pearls and the Notes, then Su Xing knew this kind of silver stone should be the Cloud Patterned Dipper Silver.1 One piece was equivalent to twenty million liang of gold, and the chest had five pieces in total.2 Along with these five Cloud Patterned Dipper Silver, there was also five pieces of the soft as silk golden ore jade stone. From its flawlessly pure gold color, it was astonishingly Extreme Winding Essence Gold.

It was a pity that there was not any Daybreak Frost and Snow Essence. Su Xing was somewhat regretful, and as he stowed away the stones, the group was currently preparing to depart from Cooling Kingdom.

Just at this moment, from the empty sky came a tearing feeling. Everyone immediately put up their guard. There was a loud rumble, and a figure seemingly was spat out from empty space, heavily dropping down; it was not clear if it was alive or dead.

Su Xing was surprised stiff by this unexpected scene.

They flew over to it, and they saw a handsome youth with his bangs parted to the side collapsed on the spot. He wore a black robe, but the young man himself looked ordinary, commonplace with nothing strange, except that his face was exceptionally pale.

“Those are the Lifeless Hall’s robes.” Wu Xinjie said, confused. This Lifeless Hall was one of the Two Halls of the Azure Dragon Territory’s Great Sects. How was this disciple of the Lifeless Hall in such a sorry state?

The Knowledge Star searched, only to discover his cultivation had unexpectedly reached Galaxy Late Stage.

Su Xing looked at this youth wrinkling his brow, his expression in bitter pain.

Evidently, he had just received some kind of attack.

“Big Brother, shall we save him?” The Divine Physician asked.

Su Xing nodded, and the Efficacious Star took out a pill that she made him swallow.

This youth’s expression then finally calmed somewhat.

“Why would the Lifeless Hall be here?” Shi Yuan was curious.

“Most probably he was here to snatch a Birth Outline when he encountered a powerful monster.” Lin Yingmei guessed.

“Lifeless Hall has a Star Master described as being at the level of a monster. I heard he is very powerful, and for this Birth Outline, the Lifeless Hall definitely has exhausted their funds for him. It is reasonable to say that for his being at Galaxy Late Stage, robbing and killing the Birth Outline should not be so difficult.” Wu Xinjie really was unable to understand.

“Forget it, don’t worry about him. Let’s leave first.” Su Xing was not interested in caring about this sort of thing as the Lifeless Hall. Seeing his expression was calm, they could be considered to have been extremely benevolent.

Just as the group was about to leave.

“Leaving from the side of Biluo’s3 Young Master.”

The sound of someone approaching was like a whistling wind, accompanied by the sound of panting that broke the air.

Yan Yizhen moved forward a step, and her hands grabbed.


Several green lights flashed.

Unexpectedly, they forced Yan Yizhen to continuously retreat several steps. The indifferent maid’s expression revealed a trace of astonishment.

A delicate figure suddenly appeared before everyone’s eyes.4 The speed was oddly quick; it was a young woman. Her eyes were limpid, with natural good looks, wearing a blue Smoky Emerald Vest,5 a green pleated skirt that scattered flowers and mist. Her shoulders were draped with a light blue shade of a blue water thin smoke muslin, and her hair was in a bun with a Dragon and Phoenix Hairpin jutting into it.

She was actually a budding beauty.

“’Young Master?’”

Su Xing was stunned, “Could he be a Star Master??”

Everyone gazed at this ordinary man and felt disbelief. A Galaxy Late Stage Star Master simply was a monster.

Yan Yizhen immediately put out an attack stance.

The emerald smoke girl pursed her lips tightly, her fists clenched hard. They saw a moss green flame ignite in her hand, and the blaze floated about. From time to time, it appeared like a malevolent monster’s face, seemingly terrifying.

The girl’s forehead had a dark green Star Crest. Her identity was vividly displayed – Star General!

The group’s entire bodies were on guard. Su Xing stealthily used his Divine Intent to grab onto the artifact flying sword. The girl before him had a type of indescribable imposing air, especially her young master that was unexpectedly at Galaxy Late Stage really was too unbelievable.

“Biluo, do not move your hand against them.”

Just at this moment where anything could happen, a warm and magnetic voice called out. The unconscious man had slowly opened his eyes under that pill of An Suwen’s.

The girl, Biluo, harrumphed, her fists relaxing. The green demon flame dispersed, and she promptly ran to the man’s side.

“Thank you for your Compose Behavior Pill.”6 The man slightly smiled. Although he looked commonplace, his smile was very kindly, one that made people almost forget his status as a Star Master.

Unexpectedly, it was a Galaxy Late Stage Star Master, this had to be a joke, right? Su Xing was speechless, smiling on the surface: “Fellow’s expression looked bad. I wonder what happened, could it be said Fellow encountered another Star Master?”

Biluo glared at Su Xing: “What nonsense is that of yours. How could a Star Master be Young Master’s opponent. Young Master was but inattentive in handling a Sixth Rank Black Water Dragon…”7

“Biluo.” The man lightly smiled, and the girl tactfully ceased speaking.

“What, you alone were handling a Sixth Rank Demon Beast?” Wu Xinjie’s heart could not raise any more shock. They had needed Junqing to handle a Fifth Rank Demon Beast, yet this man unexpectedly dared to pick a fight with a Sixth Rank Demon Beast? Although a Sixth Rank Demon Beast theoretically was equivalent to Galaxy Stage, for a lone cultivator to get rid of one was harder than climbing to Heaven.

“We missed the critical moment by a bit.” The man was warm. He looked at Lin Yingmei and the rest, his eyes unexpectedly did not show a change of mood in the slightest, his heart frightfully calm.

“You, could you be that monster of Lifeless Hall?” Shi Yuan for the moment could not recall the name.

“You are Yan Wudao!!” Wu Xinjie stared at the other person.

“This one beneath you is indeed Yan Wudao.” He calmly confessed.

The atmosphere for a time was grim. Su XIng did not expect the person they just saved would surprisingly would be described as the Azure Dragon Territory’s monster Star Master, Yan Wudao. This guy was frightening, as expected. Without mentioning this exaggerated Galaxy Late Stage Cultivation, he unexpectedly dared to fight a Sixth Rank Demon Beast. Particularly looking at that Biluo girl at Yan Wudao’s side, her forehead had an air of arrogance.8 Clearly, her identity was not simple.

“Your name has been known to me for a long time. Sure enough, you are amazing.” Su Xing cupped his fist.

“This time, I was conceited.” Yan Wudao frankly admitted to his own carelessness.

“This one beneath you wonders what to call your distinguished self.”9

“Su Xing.” He was this rejuvenated, and Su Xing actually did not think of concealing himself as a peon.

“Many thanks for Brother Su Xing’s kindness in saving the life of this one beneath you today.”

“I did not save you.” Su Xing replied. Even if he did not eat that Compose Behavior Pill, he would not have died.

Yan Wudao actually did not believe this was the case. Wearing a profound smile, that calm expression seemingly saw through Su Xing’s status as a Star Master to give off this graciousness. “Biluo, have you obtained the Heavenly Spirit Grade Chest?”

“Only naturally. It was a mere trifle.” Biluo pridefully said. “Biluo alone settled things.”

A chest then appeared.

This time, even Lin Yingmei was somewhat astonished.

This really was too terrifying for a Star Master. If that man was sent flying handling a Seventh Rank Demon Beast by himself, that would be it. This Star General unexpectedly picked a fight and got rid of the Demon Beast. Lin Yingmei’s fist clenched tightly as she stared fixedly on the two.

“Wudao has not yet opened this chest. Brother Su Xing, if you would not turn your back on me, then please take anything from this chest at will to count as remuneration in turn.” Yan Wudao said, his expression very sincere.

“In turn, then forget about it. If you really want to be magnanimous, then send me that chest.” Seeing his expression was this generous, Su Xing could not help but speak some banter.

“You truly are without shame. This is but the Birth Outline Treasure Chest Young Master nearly threw his life away to plunder.” Biluo was indignant.

“Brother Su Xing is really humorous.”

Yan Wudao’s finger moved, and a black jade flew to Su Xing’s hand.

Author’s Note:

Pleading for a monthly ticket, the rank is in imminent danger, continuing to stake it all after the 20th

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  1. 雲紋罡銀
  2. He’s not poor anymore!
  3. 碧落
  4. Invisibility, eh? Too bad she did not have enough foresight to keep silent.
  5. 翠煙衫
  6. 定神丹
  7. 黑水蛟
  8. She’s basically what would happen if you slapped Shi Yuan’s mouth onto Lin Yingmei. Undoubtedly, if Yingmei wasn’t so taciturn, she’d probably be blabbing at every chance how Su Xing is so much better XD
  9. Yan Wudao to Su Xing.


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