Chapter 130: Fire Dragon Whip, Ruan Hongxue

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Su Xing’s flying sword really was too quick; everyone did not return to their senses.

They only saw the dark-faced man scream.

Su Xing simply did not have the intent to kill him.

The dark-faced man was white from looking at the flying sword next to his brow, but he was also Nebula Late Stage. Naturally, he certainly would not fear Su Xing, and he defiantly smiled: “What is that, a man named Lianxin. If this is not girly, then what is it.”

“Your brain is not broken, is it? What are you called?” Su Xing coldly asked.

“This one beneath you is Zhou Bao!”1 The man said proudly.

“Oh, could it because you are called Zhou Bao? Are you a beast, then?…”2 Su Xing sneered.


The stiff-faced to the extreme Tang Lianxin heard Su Xing’s words and could not help smile. That smile truly had the same motions as a beautiful woman’s, and Su Xing’s heart said this was abnormal.3 This Tang Lianxin’s smile truly was somewhat flirtatious, so it was no wonder that this bunch of men were jealous.

Honestly speaking, at this moment, even Su Xing felt that he was a woman.

Su Xing was frightened by his own heart’s thinking, so he hastily calmed his mind.

Zhou Bao was rendered speechless by Su Xing’s words, unsightly as he held back.

At this time, a Fire Cloud Peak disciple that was with him was resentful.

“You, quickly lower your sword!”

“Do not think you can do as you please just because you are under Ju Yueke’s school.”

“Any way you put it, we are your Senior Brothers. Quickly lower your flying sword and apologize!” All the disciples were Nebula Stage, and they relied on their own numbers being greater, also hooting insults at Su Xing as a newcomer.

“I will never apologize.” Su Xing spat.

Zhou Bao seized the chance to curse: “Brothers, this guy does not pay respects to his elder brothers. Scared stiff by he alone, how could Fire Cloud Peak ever face anyone after this.”

Fire Cloud Peak’s disciples were angry, immediately striking seals.

Su Xing snorted. Seeing that several dozen glittering flying swords on the Sword Storage Pavilion, he made a hook with his finger, and the flying swords hung upon the wall lazily shot out as if there was some spiritual influence. The dozen immediately flew towards those disciples.

These Fire Cloud Peaks nearly fainted from fright when they saw this. One person controlled several tens of flying swords, yet it was not a powerful sword art; this Divine Intent was extraordinary. Su Xing’s right hand turned, and the backs of the dozen flying swords snapped like a whip at them. The Fire Cloud Peak disciples ran away in a flurry, continuously making pitiful noises. A few disciple wanted to use flying swords, but their Divine Intents simply were too late as they had been whipped silly.

Consequently, an odd play was exhibited outside the Sword Storage Pavilion.

Su Xing controlled swords with both hands, the several dozen flying swords dancing wildly without stopping, making these disciples cut sorry figures as they endlessly fled like rats.

At this time, the disciples of the other peaks heard the commotion at the Sword Storage Pavilion and crowded around. Seeing Su Xing alone teaching a lesson to seven, eight cultivators about the same cultivation as him, they were nearly astonished to death.

When did the Four Styles Sect some out with such an immensely powerful Nebula Cultivator.

“Daring to humiliate my Fire Cloud Peak disciples, you are courting death.”

From the side came quite a delicate cold shout.

A burning hot fire broke the air.

Su Xing waved his hand, and the dozen flying swords immediately uniformly formed a sword-shield that blocked in front of him. Since it was not a sword art, this seemingly gorgeous sword shield was easily broken. The dozen flying swords were jolted all over the place. Using his current Divine Intent to form this type of sword array was too difficult. The sword-shield broke, turning into a pile of scrap iron that completely lacked spiritual powers, however, it also helped Su Xing successfully arrive under this sneak attack.

Then, a second whip practically did not stop as it whizzed through the air, the burning noise ear-piercing like a dragon’s cry.

This whip entirely swept away the leftover flying swords, imposing and overwhelmingly fierce.

The one who appeared was a young girl with her black hair in a cloud bun, wearing red soft armor and a red hat. Her figure was slim, exceedingly beautiful. She actually was a beauty, but the angry glare of that pair of eyes more or less destroyed her beauty.

“You outrageously mad apprentice. Unexpectedly humiliating the Fire Cloud Peak’s disciples, die!” The young girl was an irascible master. Her hand held a crimson long whip, and the whip’s whistle broke the air as it swung towards Su Xing.

Su Xing tilted his head, evading this strike, and then he leaned forward and rushed.

The young girl’s Phoenix Shoes retreated, the long whip continuously cracking. Recalling it back, the whip immediately formed a defensive appearance, the whip making a whooshing sound. Raging flames burned, appearing like a dragon swimming around the girl’s entire body. She wanted to keep Su Xing outside of three chi of herself, meaning her martial arts actually were pretty good.

Su Xing availed himself to take a step backwards.

The girl sneered, her pupils flashing a cold light. Her wrist flipped, and the whip that was making a defensive position ducked to the side, suddenly exerting power as it bit straight at him. The speed was quick, passing in a flash.


A crisp sound in the air.

The whip flogged onto Su Xing. The young woman grinned, but she discovered afterward that was nothing more than a false image.

Not good.

The young woman suddenly felt a cold wind pour into her ear. She stepped backwards continuously, wanting to retrieve the whip, but Su Xing was even faster by a step. One hand grabbed the girl’s slender hands, and crossing them, he pinned both of the girl’s hands behind her back.4 Su Xing did not feel gentle towards her, his strength actually very heavy. The young lady was in unbearable pain, the whip falling from her hands. With this, Su Xing had completed locking the girl’s arms behind her. The young woman had been fixed into a position that stuck out her alluring chest.

Her chest is actually rather impressive. Su Xing was behind her, and looking down from above, he thought this. He did not show mercy when he used the hand capture method he learned from the army.

“You’re toying around is paining This Young Lady, scoundrel.” The young girl’s tears were about to fall.

“Quickly release Milady!”

“Damn you. Quickly release her, new guy!”

“Otherwise, we will never be finished with you.”

The Fire Cloud Peak disciples originally had looked forward to the girl helping them spew their foul air. How could they have guess that in the blink of an eye, the girl would be contrarily restrained, and her posture made very sensual. The eyes of the disciples watching burned with rage.

“It hurts.”

The girl cried.

The Fire Cloud Peak disciples promptly halted their attack.

Su Xing disdainfully looked at them. His hand moved and picked up that whip. It was made from dragon tendon, its flames clear and crystal, bold and fierce, and very tough. It surprisingly was a Nebula Magic Weapon made from an Ancient Lost Treasure. Su Xing’s heart secretly said, “Fuck, this Four Styles School deserves to be called the Ancient Nine Dragons Tool Refinement Great School.” Whichever of the two he looked at, the Fire Beacon Chariot and this fire whip were both at the peak.

More disciples gathered around, and they were dumbstruck looking at this scene.

The girl increasingly had the mind to slice and dice the man behind her. She cursed a few times behind her, making Su Xing somewhat increase his strength. The girl knew this would hurt, at once pitifully and endearingly saying: “Quickly release me, do you know who my father is?”

“Your father could be Li Gang5 and it would not matter to me.” Su Xing disapproved: “What bothers me most is those kinds of high and mighty people, like yourself.”

“Bastard” The girl cursed.

“This Junior Brother. For the time being, let go of Miss Hongxue,6 then we can speak.” A disciple wearing the Water Moon Peak’s robes said.

“You’re a man, how can you treat a woman like this?”

“Is he still a man?”

“If you’re a man, then you will release Miss Hongxue.”

The Fire Cloud Peak disciples immediately agreed upon hearing this, but the disciples of the other peaks actually spoke less. They had an appearance of watching a major drama, especially those male cultivators staring with fixed eyes at the girl’s loftily raised breasts. Indeed, they wished Su Xing would not let go. If he could unfasten the buttons before their eyes, that would be even better.

“What should I care whether or not she is a woman. She isn’t my woman anyways.” Su Xing sneered. She had tried to kill him, so yielding would be stupid.

“Hmph, so it turns out that Tang Lianxin is your woman. No wonder you would act out.” Zhou Bao’s sarcastic sickness could not help but flare up.

Su Xing’s wrist moved. The whip whizzed, and a rainbow light broke.

Zhou Bao screamed as he covered his face, falling and rolling about where he stood.

The male cultivators that were still admiring the girl’s chest each drew in a cold breath, trembling in fear.

The Junior Brother before them was very tyrannical.

“Apologize, or I will take you back to instruct you on how you should apologize.” Su Xing spat.

“You hoodlum.” The young girl went limp.


“This Young Lady could die…ah…it really hurts…wu, sorry…you bastard…” The young girl’s eyes were moist.

“Say it more clearly.” Su Xing said impatiently. “Sorry, you bastard…Are you cursing me, or are you apologizing?”

“Sorrysorrysorry!” The girl sobbed spasmodically. “Bastard…”

Forget it. Looking at her appearance, Su Xing no longer wanted to make things difficult for her. Afterwards, he raised his chin in indication towards those rebellious Fire Cloud Peak disciples.

How could these disciples not understand Su Xing’s meaning. To take the Miss in their arms, they did not dare approach haphazardly. Moreover, they could not handle the newcomer Junior Brother before them that was a newborn calf unafraid of the lion, so they could only apologize.

“The Fire Cloud Peak today has offended you two. We should not have insulted Junior Brother Tang Lianxin.”

The disciples of the other three styles peaks wanted to laugh when they saw this. When the tyrannical Fire Cloud Peak of the Four Styles School unexpectedly was this choked with resentment, their hearts said the apprentice that Master Uncle Qingshan received was extraordinary.

Tang Lianxin continuously stared at Su Xing, which made Su Xing scared from the bottom of his heart, afraid that Tang Lianxin had homosexual tendencies. Until the Fire Cloud Peak loudly apologized, only then did Tang Liangxin turn away, not uttering a word. With an expression like a boulder, he took out the Fire Beacon Chariot.

“Women should be more gentle.” Su Xing whispered in her ear, loosening his hand.

Without the slightest hesitation, the girl turned around and kicked.

Her beautiful foot was grabbed by Su Xing’s hand without the least bit of concern for her.

“Hoodlum, let go of This Young Lady.” The young girl shouted, red in the face.

Su Xing pushed, and the girl staggered, falling flat on her rear where she was.

“Return This Young Lady’s ‘Fire Dragon Whip!’”7 The young girl shouted.

Su Xing  certainly was not stupid enough to give her something to fight him with, “Have that father of yours take it.” He said as he boarded the Fire Beacon Chariot, not looking at her at all as he departed.

“You’re a bastard. This Young Lady, Ruan Hongxue,8 must thrice announce today’s disgrace!”

The girl shouted.

“If you do not have the strength, then do not talk so big.”

From the sky came a disdainful reply, and a very red whip fell down. It was precisely that Fire Dragon Whip. Ruan Hongxue blankly grabbed it in her hands, and the several dozen spectating disciples of the other three school immediately spun on their heels, escape lights departing. Wielding a Nebula Magic Weapon and rampaging in the Four Styles School without fear, no one wished to become the target that received Ruan Hongxue’s attacks.

“Miss.” A Fire Cloud Peak disciple’s face was full of resentment. “That newcomer is too arrogant. Taking up Master Aunt Yueke’s support, unexpectedly, he taunted our Fire Cloud Peak in this way.”

“Miss will definitely make us spew our guts.“9 Zhou Bao covered his thoroughly red face, lamenting.


Ruan Hongxue raised her cracking whip, swinging it down. The group had been whipped into a panic, scattering and sneaking away like rats.

“Useless things, this many people could not best one. You have made This Young Lady lose face! Bastard, bastard, bastard, you all should die…” While she whipped, the girl’s eyes burned with a flame, shining with a face completely reflecting a proud “That man is damnable” expression. No man had ever dared to make her lose face within the sect.

“You bastard!”

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  1. 週豹
  2. The 豹 in Zhao Bao’s name is an animal, a leopard. I think you can infer why Su Xing accuses him of being an animal.
  3. The mystery deepens!
  4. As if she was getting arrested, that kind of hands behind the back, except her arms are criss-crossed.
  5. Saying “My father is Li Gang” is a colloquial way for children to attempt avoid taking responsibility for misdeeds.
  6. 紅雪
  7. 火龍鞭
  8. 阮紅雪
  9. 出口噁心, really didn’t know how to translate this.


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