Chapter 131: Weapon Removal Scroll, Four Schools Deep Arts

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“Why did you do it like this?” On the Fire Beacon Chariot, Tang Lianxin asked.

“Other people said you were a sissy, and you are actually slightly effeminate.” Su Xing creased his brow. Was the Tang Lianxin in front of him a man or not. Even if he had been scolded by a mad dog, there should have been no need to scold back in turn, but whichever way this man was looked at, he had an appearance of indignation.

He was at a loss.

Tang Lianxin did not mind these kinds of words, but he looked at Su Xing, puzzled. He repeated his question. “There was no need for you to go provoke those annoyances for me. We do not have any sort of friendship.”

Su Xing slumped. This Tang Lianxin indeed was incredibly antisocial. He slightly understood why Ju Yueke so bitterly wanted to change his temper.


“Master already said we are brothers that are to share our fortunes and misfortunes. Don’t give me that sort of icy manner. In any case, we are comrades in arms. You may feel indifferent, but I feel that this is important.” Su Xing patted his shoulder, for this was his customary action to show closeness.

Tang Lianxin’s expression oddly looked at the hand on his shoulder, but he did not say anything more.

Then, Tang Lianxin again brought Su Xing around Flaming Eastern Island. Reticence and silence were his personality, and there were many places that even he did not know, so in the end, he still came across Protector Yang Yanyu. Only when this open female cultivator acted as a tour guide were things not awkward.


The Fire Beacon Chariot arrived at a cape of Flaming Eastern Island.

Yang Yanyu said: “Ghost Chopping Cape,1 the Four Styles School’s most important place!”

“Ghost Chopping Cape?” Su Xing felt this name was very strange.

Following Yang Yanyu’s explanation pointing at the sea, Su Xing then understood. Beyond Ghost Chopping Cape’s ten thousand li of sea area was the Falling Cherry Ghost Kingdom! The Falling Cherry Ghost Kingdom was the kingdom of a Demonic Cult that produced in abundance a kind of devil mask and body techniques that monstrous cultivators were fond of wearing. Thirsting for a kill, they were known as “Ghost Martial Cultivators,” and they were loathed by the Azure Dragon Territory’s cultivators. Frequently, there would be Ghost Martial Cultivators that sneaked into the Azure Dragon Territory to commit massacres, and usually, when Star Cultivators found out, there often were villages littered with corpses and rivers running with blood.

Consequently, Ghost Martial Cultivators were called “Demons Among Demons,” devils that each and every one of the Azure Dragon Territory’s cultivators killed. Thus, did the Ghost Chopping Cape receive this name.

Again navigating around the villages of Flaming Eastern Island, this place’s climate was a considerably torrid heat. The earthly fires were too many and ill-suited for wheat and crops. The foodstuffs inside the villages were mostly supplied by the Four Styles School, and the villagers planted large tracts of “Scarlet Monkey Fruit”2 and other such spirit fruits to act as remuneration.

Su Xing sighed.

After bidding farewell to Yang Yanyu, Su Xing and Tang Lianxin then returned to the sect. Just at this time, several escape lights fell before them. Su Xing looked, and the tsundere3 girl he previously chided them to was sure enough not resigned, having called for rescue troops.

“Master Brother Jiao,4 he is the one who bullied Little Sister.” Ruan Hongxue pointed at Su Xing, her expression itching to destroy him.

Su Xing stared, and the girl again very fearfully retreated.

This time, Ruan Hongxue brought more than twenty Fire Cloud Peak disciples with cultivations that were not low in a show of force. Among them was one whose face was smart and bright, with red lips and white teeth. He was an elegant man of approximately twenty-seven or twenty-eight years that made Su Xing feel concern. His forehead was full, his Essence Qi deep and resounding, Divine Intent surging. Although he was only Galaxy Early Stage, it seemed he had practiced Secret Techniques and such.

From Yang Yanyu, Su Xing understood what was up with this tsundere girl.

Ruan Hongxue, the daughter of Fire Cloud Peak’s First Seat, Ruan Hongde.5 Running amok in the Four Styles School with a Nebula Magic Weapon, the “Fire Dragon Whip,” every disciple did not dare provoke her. So this man should be the Fire Cloud Peak’s Chief Elder Disciple, Jiao Shu.6 Known as one of the Four Styles School’s Four Great Disciples, his sword arts were very exceptional.

“You really are spoiled.”7 Su Xing coldly looked at her.

“Master Brother Jiao, see how very rampant he is, he insulted Little Sister like this.” Ruan Hongxue said.

Jiao Shu was very mild, his lips forming a hook.

In an instant, a powerful Divine Intent immediately spilled over. He used his Divine Intent to probe Su Xing, who inwardly sneered. He had practiced the Thousand Machine Gang’s Great Spread Divine Art and had five Star Generals at his side. Comparing Divine Sense, he had not yet felt fear, and he released his Divine Intent.

The two formless things were practically visible to the naked eye. In the space between them where no one was at, an impact exploded. A fierce astral wind immediately guested, scattering in every direction. The atmosphere and air suddenly was violent, and the Fire Cloud Peak disciples on riding swords were endlessly blown over.

The Tang Lianxin in the Fire Beacon Chariot was actually nonchalant; this Astral Tool certainly was not something these Divine Intents could ravage. Tang Lianxin still was that aloof as he stood to the side, spectating, an appearance that did not want to pay attention.

Seeing this situation, everyone was shocked, promptly releasing Star Energy for protection.

Explosions rang out continuously, and layers of strong winds formed a slipstream, suddenly sucking the two into the middle. The two people’s silhouettes were instantly indistinct. High in the air, as if there was no form, the two were motionless shadows.

Ruan Hongxue was shocked to the extreme, not expecting the Nebula Late Stage bastard before her to surprisingly be able to contend against Master Brother. She knew that Senior Brother Jiao fortunately obtained a kind of Divine Sense refinement secret art, regarded as higher than the rest of the disciples in the entire Four Styles School.

Jiao Shu’s expression slightly changed, the robes on his body uplifted. The fire-light was fierce, only seeing Divine Intent become fire, an ignition. Su Xing was unconcerned, slowly increasing his own Divine Intent. His Divine Sense was like a vast lake shrouded in mist, covering Jiao Shu. The flames immediately died out, and Jiao Shu could only raise an artifact to protect himself, otherwise, he would probably be knocked down by Su Xing’s Divine Intent.

He looked at Su Xing with an expression of unabashed shock.

The Fire Cloud Peak disciples thought that when they saw their Great Senior Brother suddenly released his artifact that he was about to act. Immediately, every kind of sword and polearm clattered. Carvings and paintings were thrown out, rays of light leaking everywhere, imposing and scathing.

Jiao Shu was too late to stop this.8

Su Xing also did not anticipate these Fire Cloud Peaks to unexpectedly loot a burning house. They belonged to the same school, and acting without the slightest hesitation, his heart was furious. Su Xing wanted to use the Blooming Water Divine Thunder to teach them a lesson.

At this time, Tang Lianxin was also finally displeased. He lazily tossed his hand, and a scroll was thrown into the air.

That scroll hung in the air. Suddenly, both sides unraveled then shot out a white mist. This mist wrapped and completely assimilated the artifacts of various ranks that were thrown over into itself. Then, the scroll rolled up and fell into Tang Lianxin’s hand.

Everyone was dumbstruck.

“Astral Tool!!!”

“Ah, it’s an Astral Tool!”

“Weapon Removal Scroll!”9

Jiao Shu was shocked.

Su Xing was also astonished. His heart said this Tang Lianxin truly was incredible. He seemed antisocial and harmless, so he did not think that he unexpectedly would even have an Astral Tool. In addition, this Astral Tool seemed to be very powerful. More than a dozen artifacts were sucked into it nearly without resistance.

However amazing it was, Su Xing still was annoyed by these sneak attacking disciples.

“This Young Lady certainly did not sneak attack you.” Ruan Hongxue’s heart was shadowy, promptly putting things to order.


Jiao Shu heavily yelled at every disciple, reprimanding them: “Did you want to slaughter your fellow sect members? Who let you act!”

“Ah? But we didn’t do it for the Young Miss…”

All the disciples were confused.

“Apologies for just now.” Jiao Shu apologetically cupped his fist, his expression actually sincere with no sign of falsity. “This child, Hongxue, is too tsundere. Precisely as Junior Brother Su Xing said to the extreme, she has been spoiled and needs someone to discipline her. When I heard someone could chide her, I actually wanted to make friends with him. I must implore that you do not mind the matter that occurred just now.”

“She definitely needs some proper control. However, her being spoiled is something you indulge her in.” Su Xing snorted.

“Haha, Junior Brother Su Xing truly has hit the mark with those words.” Jiao Shu laughed.

“Senior Brother Jiao, what are you saying.” Ruang Hongxue thought she had misheard. “How could you become friends with him??”

“Hongxue. From now on, you must not act without regard for the rules. Your acting as you please in the Four Styles School, that is because you have the Headmaster at your back and an Astral Treasure upon your person that you can run amok here. However, if you exit the Four Styles School, you will pay the price.” Jiao Shu lectured her.

“Hmph. This Young Lady does not want to go out. Isn’t going out death?”10 Ruan Hongxue twitched her mouth.

Jiao Shu shook his head.

Thing had suddenly become like this, so Su Xing was slightly surprised by the turn of events. Nevertheless, he happily watched this play.

A moment afterwards, Jiao Shu said: “The matter just now was somewhat in violation of the rules. Is it possible to return the artifacts that were absorbed to the disciples?”

Tang Lianxin coldly looked at him, throwing tha Astral Tool, Weapon Removal Scroll. The scroll once again opened, and the artifacts flew out. Everyone looked at Tang Lianxin with lingering fears. Even Jiao Shu was slightly afraid.

“As expected, Master Aunt Yueke is somewhat insightful. Junior Brothers Su Xing and Lianxin are both giants among men. The future Four Styles School will rely on you two Junior Brothers.” Jiao Shu sincerely spoke.

“Go to hell. The Four Styles School does not need to rely on this shameless bastard.” Ruan Hongxue angrily stamped her foot. She raised an escape light, not wanting to stay a moment longer. Before leaving, she glared at Su Xing.

Su Xing could tell she probably wanted to eat him alive.

He chatted with Jiao Shu for a while, finding that he had grown as a refined and smart person, not at all someone who would aid an evildoer as he had imagined.

After returning to the Mirror’s Flower Stream, passing through the matter that previously occurred, the relationship between the two had been pulled greatly closer.

Just as Su Xing prepared to first go to the Void Immortal’s Abode, at this time, Tang Lianxin took the initiative to call out to him.

Su XIng thought this was strange.

That charming youth threw a similar thing to Su Xing.

With a look, it was a book titled “Four Schools Deep Arts.”11

Su Xing did not understand.

Tang Lianxin explained: “If you want to learn the Four Style School’s true tool refinement, this will be of aid to you.”

Su Xing was curious. Flipping through it, inside were a few of Tang Lianxin’s notes, and among them were a few shallow Four Styles Foundations that made Su Xing very surprised. This Four Styles Foundations portion was something else. It was precisely the Four Styles School’s “Four Styles Refinement” gained through experience.

Actually, there was one important reason Wu Xinjie chose the Four Styles School was that the Four Styles School’s tool refinement was a characteristic that was absolute in the Azure Dragon Territory, even in the Great Liang Dynasty. They used the four styles of “fire, thunder, water and wind” in their refinement technique.

“Heavenly Fire Tempering, Thunder Roll Refinement, Warm Water Moistening, Divine Wind Engraving,”12 every step contained the power of the the Four Styles of Heaven and Earth. Using this Four Styles to refine an artifact far surpassed others by a rank, and it could also make the Star Generals with their “Essence, Qi, Spirit” refinement technique to feel this was an admirable refinement technique.

However, this kind of Four Styles Refinement was extremely difficult. First of all, four different kinds of power seize the level of perfection. Moreover, to be able to mutually use them skilfully, to master this Four Styles needed a very long time. Even if it was the tool refinement scholar Yuxhi Qingshan or Ju Yueke, both had grasped two styles. The former was Heavenly Fire Tempering and Thunder Roll Refinement while Ju Yueke was Warm Water Moistening and Divine Wind Engraving.

Originally, Su Xing hoped that being able to grasp one refinement style was pretty good.

Looking over this “Four Schools Deep Arts,” Su Xing could not help but pleased beyond his expectations.

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  1. 砍鬼角
  2. 赤猴果
  3. 嬌蠻, Yes. This is Chinese for tsundere.
  4. 阮洪德
  5. 焦書
  6. 侍寵待嬌, to be precise, it sort of means using a charming appearance to make others do something.
  7. The disciples are launching a sneak attack against Su Xing, not Jiao Shu, if that was unclear.
  8.  解兵書卷
  9. Coward!
  10.  四門玄法
  11. 天火淬,雷霆煉。溫水潤,神風刻


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