Chapter 137: Kissing Goodbye

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Su Xing was not in a position to decline, and add on that he was curious about the Four Styles School’s Sword Arts, he sought for them inside this Classics Storage Pavilion. It was reasonable to say that the Four Styles School, as an ancient Nine Dragons School, should have more than a few Supreme Grade rare books, but Su Xing searched for half a day and discovered that not even seeing one was genuinely incredible. This made Su Xing very flabbergasted.

Seeing Su Xing’s bewilderment, the Daoist Master Xuantian then explained the reason. The Four Styles School in the past indeed had many Supreme Grade, even Ancient, Sword Arts. It was just that when the sect extinguishing disaster occurred, they were looted with nothing left. Currently, the remaining Sword Arts mostly were conserved by pure fluke, or created by a few disciples in the following hundred years. Inside were some Sword Arts that really were not that bad, but to Su Xing, this type of grade was far from contending against Zhao Hanyan’s “Seventy-two Outer Void Flying Immortals,” so practicing them undoubtedly somewhat squandered time.

Su Xing feigned satisfaction as he picked, finally choosing a “One Hundred and Eight Qiankun Overturned Sword Art.”1 This was saved by the Fifth Generation Headmaster, but cultivating it was abnormally challenging. One hundred and eight swords required Heavenly Qian Magnetite2 and Kun Spinning Sand3 to forge; it was simply unable to be practiced. The reason why Su Xing chose this was only because he felt this One Hundred and Eight was mutually a good fit with the Heavenly Spirit Earthly Fiend Purple Rose Five Elements Sword. Upon it was recorded a few Sword Arrays that could not be said for sure to intercommunicate usage.

“Allow This Headmaster to say some words out of kindness. Youngsters must not bite off more than they can chew. Being able to adapt yourself is the most important.” The Daoist Master Xuantian stared blankly when he saw the Sword Art Su Xing chose, thinking that Su Xing had been attracted by the link recorded in the Sword Art, and he immediately advised him.

With Su Xing’s current capabilities, forging a hundred and eight Qiankun Swords simply was an impossible to achieve assignment.

“Su Xing, this ‘Eighteen Dark Fire Heavenly Li Sword’4 or this ‘Four Styles One Qi Sword’5 also suit you.”

“Many thanks to Headmaster, but Disciple has a different plan.” Su Xing said.

The Daoist Master Xuantian muttered to himself, but did not stop Su Xing: “Since your intentions are already decided, that is fine. If you encounter a problem, you can speak to This Headmaster.”

“Thanks, Headmaster. Disciple engraves this great favor to memory.” Su Xing bowed.

Before he left, the Daoist Master Xuantian also gave him a bottle of “Transforming Qi Powder” that could breakthrough to Galaxy Cultivation. Although it could not be compared to something like the River Scattering Pill, it was still a Spirit Pill.

By the time Su Xing left the Headmaster’s pavilion, he had an additional two unexpected harvests.

“Why is this Daoist Master Xuantian this intent on roping Su Xing in?”

The girls emerged from the Star Nest, and Shi Yuan asked, confused.

“Young Lord used Nebula6 Late Stage Divine Sense to thwart Jiao Shu, and he can also easily take a Nebula Magic Weapon when confronting it. Finally, one person regulating more than a dozen cultivators at the same stage…wouldn’t you say Young Lord attracts attention?” Wu Xinjie smiled.

The cultivation Su Xing currently displayed was something he possessed prior to entering the school. As one might imagine, the inside of the sect would certainly spare no effort to give Su Xing benefits to make him have even more of a sense of belonging, so much so that Su Xing wanted to let those inside the sect forge the Heavenly Spirit Earthly Fiend Purple Rose Five Elements Sword’s “Wood Element Sword” without the slightest hesitation in consent. Only, it was a pity this type of Immemorial Sword Art absolutely could not be made public.

“Ju Yueke also should have movements.” Wu Xinjie guessed.

“Go as you wish.” Su Xing happily reaped where he had not sown.

Seeing Su Xing’s expression was cheerful, Wu Xinjie’s charming voice said: “Then, Young Lord, what do you think of Xinjie’s proposal?”

“Do you really want to go to the Azure Dragon Territory to solve a few of the labyrinths on the Ten Thousand Spirits Notice you spoke of?” Su Xing asked.

“En. Xinjie does not wish to be idle.

Su Xing knew the Knowledge Star had fixed her resolve. Turning his head to Lin YIngmei and Yan Yizhen, he said: “Then you two go together with Xinjie.”

“Master, it is necessary to have one person stay behind to protect you. Forgive Slave Servant for difficulty in complying.” Yan Yizhen was stern.

“Young Lord, do not make Xinjie worry about you.” Wu Xinjie softly said.

“You also saw it. Mazes and puzzles inevitably are solvable but the dangers are not few.” Su Xing was not able to relax over this point. Although Wu Xinjie and Shi Yuan combined were strong, their martial strength actually was still somewhat deficient.

Lin Yingmei said: “Young Master, let Your Servant go together along with the Knowledge Star.” Having been in contact for so long, Lin Yingmei’s and Wu Xinjie’s friendship was fairly deep. Seeing that Wu Xinjie wanted to exert a bit of strength, naturally she had somewhat of an understanding.

“Then good.” Su Xing nodded.

“Yan Yizhen, you must protect Young Master!” Lin Yingmei solemnly said to Yan Yizhen.

Su Xing smiled: “Yingmei, this place is the Four Styles School’s center, how could there be any danger. Moreover, am I that unable to withstand a single blow?”

“Apologies, Your Servant…” Lin Yingmei exposed a trace of regret.

Su Xing interrupted her words. He actually did not mind, but hearing Lin Yingmei’s tone was that concerned, he actually was somewhat happy.

“You girls hold on to this Purple Rose Token. If something dangerous happens, immediately use Paradies in a Flash.” Su Xing ordered. Seeing Wu Xinjie still wanted to decline, he said in a commanding tone: “If you are unable to let me be at ease over this point, then I cannot let you girls go out.”

“Xinjie understands.” Wu Xinjie bit her lip.

“But how will Elder Sister go?” An Suwen suddenly asked, recalling a difficult problem. The Azure Dragon Territory was so vast, and those labyrinths and remains were separated by great distances, if she relied solely on her two legs, a month of time simple could only open a few, which was a problem. Furthermore, the Four Styles School was isolated on its lonesome on the sea, so returning was troublesome.

“No need to worry, Yuan’er already finished a flight mechanism. Although its speed is somewhat slower, it is usable.” Wu Xinjie said.

“It would be better to first wait a bit, see whether or not I can borrow an even better chariot.” Su Xing said.


Mirror’s Flower Stream, Bamboo Forest House

Tang Lianxin sat inside the house, reading an old book held in his hands. His expression was serious and cold. He did not even care that Su Xing entered the house.

“Tang Lianxin, what are you looking at?” Su Xing took the chance to sit beside Tang Lianxin, placing one hand naturally upon his shoulder.

Tang Lianxin seemed to be unaccustomed to Su Xing being this close. His brow creased, but he did not pay attention.

Su Xing was already accustomed to that antisocial and apathetic disposition of his. Seeing Tang Lianxin reading a tool refinement True Flame program, his heart said this child really was obsessed. That Four Schools Deep Arts’s recorded mutual engenderment refinement style could be rated as exquisite, and now, he again was researching how he could use some other type of method to replace the Four Styles Refining. “That book you gave me last time was very enlightening, so I really don’t know how I should thank you.”

“En.” That expression of Tang Lianxin’s probably wanted to say, Letting go with your hand will do.

Su Xing pretended to be oblivious, smiling: “Are we not brothers?”

“No!” Tang Lianxin did not want that.

“It can’t be? We count as brothers no matter what, right? You saw that I helped you, so you gave me a very useful book. Any way you put it, our relationship is very close…”


“Master said to make us close as brothers. Wouldn’t you saying this make her feel very hurt?”


“Every day, we sleep together, and last time, you even hugged my arm. Is our relationship still not close?”

“…” Tang Lianxin’s pupils widened, his ears turning red.

Su Xing began to continuously utter embellishments.

The beautiful girls in the Star Nest could not clearly figure out what medicine he was selling.

“Just what is Su Xing doing?” Shi Yuan was confused.

“This Tang Lianxin is somewhat strange.” Wu Xinjie was puzzled.

“Strange? Indeed. Young Lord is this close, and he still has that manner that makes people stay three chi away. Truly dislikable.” Shi Yuan said.

“If you have something to say, just say it. Do not disturb me.”

Tang Lianxin finally could not take Su Xing’s blabbering. The more he spoke, the more he was lost. He revealed many of his sleeping posture secrets, making Tang Lianxin somewhat resentful.

“Big Brother has something he needs to request in return. Can you help Big Brother?” Su Xing chuckled. The reason why he chatted this long was to make the two’s relationship even closer by some.

“What business do you have?”

“It’s this. Could you lend me that Fire Beacon Chariot of yours for me to use? Oh, it’s like this. I am very curious about Flight Astral Tools, so I want to research…” Su Xing saw Tang Lianxin show suspicion, so he promptly explained.

“It’s fine if you can’t. I was only randomly asking. Don’t ruin our brotherly bonds because of this.” Su Xing laughed. He did not have much of a hope that he would lend his Astral Tool.

Tang Lianxin’s hand moved and placed the Fire Beacon Chariot on the ground. Then, he buried his head back in the book without saying a word.

“Thanks.” Su Xing did not expect he would unexpectedly be this good at speaking. Patting his shoulder: “In the future, if you encounter anything bothersome, tell Big Brother and that will do. If you were a woman, I’d really want to give you a kiss, ha, ha.”

All the girls blushed with shame.

Leaving the bamboo forest, Su Xing lent the Fire Beacon Chariot to Wu Xinjie. With this kind of Astral Tool Treasure Chariot, he could be even more at ease.7

“Who is that Tang Lianxin? Surprisingly, he has a Flight Astral Tool.” Shi Yuan was astonished.

Originally, even if it was an Astral Tool, Flight Astral Tools were even fewer.

“It’s probably something he refined himself.” Su Xing saw Tang Lianxin’s tool refinement extreme talent, and coming out with two Astral Tools, he randomly said something.

Wu Xinjie’s brow locked tight.

“In short, you girls be careful. Yingmei, carefully look after Xinjie and Yuan’er.” Su Xing instructed.

“Yingmei understands.”

This nevertheless was still the first time they would be apart for a month. Although it was not long, it still actually made Su Xing somewhat reluctant to part.

“Thank you, Young Lord, for letting Xinjie be willful.” Wu Xinjie restrained her feelings, smiling. She stepped forward and stood tiptoe. Drawing herself past Su Xing’s neck, she deep kissed him.

The lips of the two lingered, and only when she was made to pant did the Knowledge Star drop her lips.

“This Young Lady also wants to.” Shi Yuan was not resigned to let this chance pass.

In front of everyone’s faces, they kissed. After their passionate kiss, Shi Yuan’s beautiful body powerlessly fell onto Su Xing’s shoulder: “That was really good.”

Finally, they directed their gazes to the girl with the blank face.

Lin Yingmei stared blankly, realizing the meaning of these expressions. Her face turned slightly red, and she retreated a step. She firmly said: “It is not necessary for Your Servant.”

“Little Sister Yingmei, why are you shy, you will not see Young Master for a month. Can you endure it?” Wu Xinjie giggled and pushed her.

Lin Yingmei was pushed into Su Xing’s chest.

The girl’s clean pupils were somewhat helpless like a fawn’s, “Young Master, don’t…”

Recalling that other night when he helped Lin Yingmei change into the bellyband, the girl’s gentle as water appearance, Su Xing’s heart stirred. Smiling, he pulled her in and tenderly kissed Lin Yingmei’s lips.

Lin Yingmei’s pupils froze.

She was somewhat inexperienced for her first kiss, but when Su Xing’s tongue pried open the girl’s white teeth, wantonly sucking her sweetness, both of Lin Yingmei’s arms trembled slightly as she grabbed Su Xing’s clothes. Her eyes were misty, completely surrendering under the man’s dominance. Her tongue unconsciously hooked around his forlornly. They sucked at each other, responded to each other. It seemed as if this kiss lasted a century.

The nearby beauties were startled, dumbstruck.

Was this really that legendary Majestic Star?

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  1. 一百零八乾坤顛倒劍訣
  2. 天乾玄石
  3. 坤轉砂
  4. 十八玄火天離劍
  5. 四法一氣劍
  6. Raws say Galaxy
  7. Don’t ever let Su Xing borrow your things! They turn into long term loans, or he wrecks them.



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