Chapter 139: White Night Dragon Carving Lance

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“Yingmei, can Xinjie ask you a question?”

The Fire Beacon Chariot flashed by with the speed of a shooting star. Wu Xinjie looked at Lin Yingmei and abruptly smiled.

“What question?” Lin Yingmei looked at her.

“Just how did you sign your contract with Young Lord?” Wu Xinjie was truly curious about this. She believed that she was not the only one, but any person would be brimming with curiosity about the legendary Majestic Star that had signed a contract, when she had never done so.

From that kiss when they had just left, Lin Yingmei apparently had not been compelled at all.

“Yeah, Elder Sister Yingmei. How did Young Lord Su Xing make you sign a contract?” Shi Yuan asked.

“This is not important.” Lin Yingmei shook her head.

Seeing that Lin Yingmei’s disinclined to reply manner, Wu Xinjie stuck out her tongue and no longer questioned her.

The Fire Beacon Chariot suddenly stopped, and Wu Xinjie gazed at a hill far into the distance.

“What’s the matter? Sister Xinjie, the ‘King Liang Historical Remains’1 aren’t here, right?” Shi Yuan said.

Lin Yingmei followed Wu Xinjie’s line of sight and also spotted that upper ridge, and her eyelids could not help but jump.

“That is Jingyang Ridge.” Wu Xinjie exclaimed all of a sudden.

“I never heard of Jingyang Ridge having anything good.” Shi Yuan pondered.

Wu Xinjie shook her head, “They say that after the Birth Outline of the Star Duels’ second phase begins, a Slant-eyed White-Headed Beast will sometimes appear on Jingyang RIdge.”

“Slant-eyed White-Headed Beast?” Shi Yuan’s brows wrinkled. Inside her memories of the Star Duels, she vaguely remembered a trace of the meaning contained in this name. “I seemed to have heard of this before…”

“You’ll know it by its other name.”

“What name?”

“The Slant-eyed White-Headed Beast is known to us sisters as the White and Black Unicorn Tiger Beast!”2

“White and Black Unicorn Tiger?” Shi Yuan was astonished. “This isn’t…”

“It is exactly the Pilgrim Wu Song’s Starborn Beast!”3 Wu Xinjie said with certainty, a peculiar brilliance within her eyes.

“Ah, so it’s Elder Sister Wu Song’s.” Shi Yuan said in admiration. “No wonder the previous generation’s Wu Song could proudly fight for supremacy. We can only obtain our Star Beasts during the Third Phase, and Elder Sister Wu Song surprisingly already obtained hers at the Second Phase.”

“Obtaining it is nevertheless not simple.” Wu Xinjie shook her head. Turning her head back to look and smile at the blankly staring Lin Yingmei: “Yingmei, should we go to Jingyang Ridge to take a look. It can’t be said for sure if we might run into the Harm Star that will not sign contracts, like you. Since the previous generations, the relationship between you and she was pretty good. I heard that it seems the previous generation’s Lin Chong almost could for the first time aim for Liangshan without a contractor.”

“So there was this sort of thing also?” Shi Yuan looked at Wu Xinjie with admiration. She proved herself to be the ranked third Knowledge Star. On the other hand, Shi Yuan herself was unaware of many of the Star Duel’s Liangshan Maiden Sisters’ secret rumors, without exception.

Lin Yingmei was briefly distracted before she finally lightly shook her head. “We had best not waste time. Young Master is still waiting for us.”

Wu Xinjie thought this over and also nodded, once again driving the Fire Beacon Chariot.

Lin Yingmei turned her head back to glance at that Jingyan Ridge, a pensive look in her eyes.

On Jingyang Ridge.

An immense white tiger meekly lay on the ground. Its whole body was like snow, completely lacking impurity. Its two pupils looked like frost and snow, close to a transparent white; two girls leaned upon its body. One of them, a girl with long black hair fine as water gently pet the white tiger. She was precisely the Harm Star, Pilgrim Wu Song.

“Indeed worthy of being the Harm Star’s Star Beast, Xiao’er almost just died here.” All the bones in Xiao’er’s body were broken.4


“Remember your agreement with Xiao’er?” Xiao’er shrugged her shoulders.


Wu Song gazed at that cold splendid beauty of the white tiger, revealing a faint smile. In an instant, she turned her head and glanced at the horizon, her starry eyes half-squinted.

“What’s the matter?” Xiao’er said.

Wu Song slightly shook her head.

Just at this time, they saw several dozen sword lights flicker onto Jingyang Ridge.

Xiao’er yawned, “A group of idiot cultivators come to throw away their lives?”

In the blink of an eye, Jingyang Ridge already was completely surrounded by a hundred cultivators. These cultivators stood on flying swords, their hands raising Sword Arts. Artifacts in hand, each and every one a powerful enemy. The one in the lead was a severe old man, and his cultivation had reached the peak of Galaxy Late Stage. Thirty-three Raging Flame Flying Swords formed a sword array, appearing to be extraordinary.

“Wu Song!! You killed our Nine Suns Sect Headmaster. If you are willing to sign a contract with our Nine Suns Sect, we will not look into this matter any further. Otherwise, do not blame us for being rude.”

The hundred Nebula Stage and above cultivators were brimming with self-confidence. Even if it was the legendary Wu Song, being encircled by this many people, it was impossible for her to escape unscathed, right. It seemed this Nine Suns Sect wanted to become the first Great School in Liangshan Continent’s history to contract Wu Song.

“Wow, a hundred Star Cultivators. So imposing and scary.” Xiao’er giggled: “Elder Sister Wu Song truly has attracted affections. Shall Xiao’er help you? As long as you tell Xiao’er your true name…”


The Harm Star thought this beneath her. That White and Black Unicorn Tiger abruptly stood, and an ice-cold to the extreme aura immediately enveloped Jingyang Ridge.

“Ah? The Slant-eyed White-Headed Beast?”

“This is bad, Wu Song has subdued her Star Beast!”

“How can this be. How can she subdue this type of Star Beast. What sort of Star General is that girl?”

Every Star Cultivator seemed to have already gave rise to a panicked expression.

“Do not panic!” The severe old man shouted, his voice like a booming bell. “How could it be that we are afraid of her with this many people?”

“Another one who is not willing to peacefully enjoy his late years.” The Harm Star sneered. Her eyes were like morning stars, bright and penetrating. “Then let me send you on a journey.”5



The white tiger’s howl resounded on the ridge. Nine Suns had met misfortune with the Harm Star!

Under the pretense of Su Xing’s excuse, ever since he knew of Tang Lianxin’s identity as a woman, not only did the relationship between the two not fall off, they actually were somewhat close. In psychology, it seemed this probably would be called “shared secret,” a kind of secret that only two people would know that would make their relationship become outstandingly close. Su Xing felt this indeed was rather useful.

Su Xing would inquire her about whatever things he did not understand about tool refinement, and Tang Lianxin’s level truly was excellent. Many details pertaining to tool refinement were all emptied among each other. If it was any other person, they would need a year to grasp these things while he did not need even a day to be able to comprehend. This sort of progress could be said to be fierce. Su Xing actually had a plan to ask her to help forge a few powerful bullets for Silver Blade.

Not long after, Ju Yueke also taught Su Xing the introductory Soul Technique for the “Heavenly Water Heart Flame.”

Right now, Su Xing’s mission could be said to be burdensome. Everyday, he was inside the Purple Rose Void Immortal’s Abode unceasingly cultivating the Heavenly Water Heart Flame, the Innate Bagua Escape Technique, Chaotic Tail Escape, Absolute Sincerity Soul Technique, the Blooming Water Divine Thunder, and Purple Rose Transforming Qi. Fortunately, he had a Purple Rose Grade Void Immortal’s Abode. Although his cultivation had been stuck after reaching a bottleneck, the Immortal’s Abode’s Spirit Qi actually helped Su Xing seemingly walk the clear skies in practicing the cultivation methods.

And just when Su Xing was occupied increasing his strength, another major event occurred in the Azure Dragon Territory.

The unique and exceptional genius Xie Zhenyuan who had been described as the Azure Dragon Territory’s number one Star Master fought over a Heavenly Spirit Grade Chest with another Star Master. The result was that this top-notch genius unexpectedly lost. In the end, it still took the intervention of a few elders from the Most High Path in order to save him, and this event made the Azure Dragon Territory shook up.

The cultivators of the Azure Dragon Territory discussed three immortal and three deities of this generation’s Star Duels, the six Star Masters that possessed the greatest talent. The cultivation of these six were not only at Galaxy Stage and above, their strength and background were all exceptional. In particular was Azure Dragon Territory’s number one Great Sect, the Most High Path’s Xie Zhenyuan, who was even more chosen as Azure Dragon Territory’s Head Star Master. However, no one had ever expected he would surprisingly lose at the hands of another Star Master.

And the name of that Star Master that struck down Xie Zhenyuan with a single blow was immediately memorized by everyone. He had turned into the second name after the Purple Thunder Monster that shook Liangshan.

Coming from the Black Turtle Territory, he was the “Holy Lord of Draconic Demon.”

Yellow Sea

The hundred seabirds carrying the Birth Outline Chest on their backs let out a grievous howl before finally withering and dissipating into the clouds, dropping the chest.

Plundering a Birth Outline at the Yellow Sea, it was the Yellow Sea sect, the “Giant Whale Gang,”6 which specialized in cultivating Water Arts. The sect’s disciples exceeded a thousand people, and even a few Great Schools with ten thousand people did not dare rashly provoke them on the seas.

“Quickly go snatch it back.” A bald man shouted in a loud voice.

A cultivator riding a giant whale rushed towards the chest.

In an instant, the expressions of the cultivators close to the chest contorted in bitter pain as they fell into the sea. They saw the chest was being supported by a clump of black smoke. The Giant Whale Gang’s cultivators were scared pale, every one of them stopping their movements. A black phantom appeared in it, cradling the chest in his hands.

“Tch, an Earthly Fiend Grade Chest. Makes This Holy Lord extremely disappointed.” The man muttered.

“Fellow, the Earthly Fiend Grade Chest was robbed and killed for by the Giant Whale Gang. We also ask that Fellow not set down the chest, for amiability makes you rich.” A tall and sturdy man cupped his fist while secretly using Sound Transmission to give the order to his subordinates to prepare to snatch it back.

“What kind of thing are you. What qualifications do you have to make demands of This Holy Lord?” The man hooked his lips into a sinister smile.

“Daring to call yourself Holy Lord, then do not blame us.” The big man saw that he was no more than at Galaxy Middle Stage. How could he be afraid. The hundred Giant Whale Gang cultivators struck hand seals, and a magic circle fluttered. A Great Array appeared on the tranquil sea, enveloping the man in array light as the seawaters boiled.

“Whale Roar Sea Flipping Array!”7

The Giant Whale Gang loudly shouted.

“Ha, ha, ha, ha. Truly too laughable. Unexpectedly playing with maritime tactics in front of This Holy Lord.” The man chuckled. “Xiangfei, let them know what is called displaying your skills before an expert.”

A gorgeous and alluring girl was revealed.

“It’s a Star General?”

“Star Master!!”

“A Galaxy Middle Stage Star Master??”

When she appeared, the Giant Whale Gang disciples all shouted in fright.

The woman raised her hand and revealed a sword with a carved dragon. Then, waving the carved dragon sword, the white dragon carved onto the sword swam out. The sword compressed into a weapon that was like a stick yet not like one. The Giant Whale Gang’s big man could tell that was a long lance.8

“That’s the White Night Dragon Carving Lance??”9

“What, you’re the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon…quickly kill!”

The hundred disciples shouted.

The girl whose hand grasped the dragon carving sword was cold. Her forehead released her Star Crest, the weapon’s white dragon flying to and fro.

They saw a white light suddenly shine.

The Whale Roar Sea Flipping Array was unexpectedly suppressed by her imposing air, and the Great Array suddenly collapsed.

A white light soared, lifting the sea’s surface, forming a terrifying white sea dragon. As if it had substance, when everyone saw this frightening magic, they were all stunned.


The woman shouted.


The sea dragon roared, turning over the surface of the sea. Immediately, it pounced on all the cultivators, nearly without any margin for resistance. The place the sea dragon swallowed had defenses that were laughably weak. The sea dragon continuously turned over on the sea’s surface, and in the blink of an eye, the hundred disciples suffered more than fifty percent casualties.

The tall and sturdy person was unresigned. He raised a Sword Art, and twenty-two Giant Whale Swords twisted for a kill on the sea dragon, but the sea dragon was under the operation of the girl. The sword array immediately broke, and though the big man wanted to run, a black light covered his body.

Finally, he only saw another girl appear, and his brain was immediately plucked by a black talon.

After the battle ended, the sea rolled with red blood, dead calm. Not a single cultivator was left.

“It truly is tedious that the Purple Rose Grade Chest still has yet to appear.” The Black Dragon Armor girl stretched her face.

“Holy Lord, another Birth Outline Chest has appeared.” The girl holding the dragon carving sword calmly said, stowing her sword.

“Where?” The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon asked, excited.

“The Bo Sea!”10

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  1. 梁王遺跡
  2.  白玄麟虎獸
  3. 星麟獸, really had trouble with this one. The meaning probably isn’t correct and after this, it will be referred to as Star Beast.
  4. Figuratively, not literally.
  5. Basically, it means to get rid of someone. Sleeping with the fishes ya know what I mean?
  6. 巨鯨幫
  7.  鯨哮翻海陣
  8.  白夜刻龍槊
  9. 渤海, a real location.


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