Chapter 140: The “Forward Star” Tong Hua

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A crimson long sword floated in front of Su Xing. Its entire body was darkness and light, the magic engravings flying. The flame pattern engraving carved onto the blade’s edge immediately fluttered. Su Xing pressed his Star Energy, enshrouding the sword in a tremendous Star Energy. The fire-light shone intensely, and the talisman carvings flying in loops slowly melted.

This happened to be the Clinging Fire Star Domain Sword that had been given a forbiddance marking. Ever since he had some degree of achievement with tool refinement, Su Xing also knew he should somehow break the forbiddance mark upon this. In actuality, it was not difficult. Using the mutual restraint power would work.

Forbiddance marking type fire. Su Xing already grasped the scope of the “Heaven’s Will Water Flame” he acquired from Ju Yueke’s teaching. It so happened that it could break that. For the past few days, the Clinging Fire Star Domain Sword also reached the final juncture. Su Xing struck several hand seals, and the Heaven’s Will Water Flame sprayed out from his mouth. The dark blue water-flame was like fire yet not like fire, like water yet not like water. Endlessly profound. Under the violent launching of the Heaven’s Will Water Flame, the fire type magic carvings broke, one by one.

After several hours, finally, the last magic engraving collapsed.

This Astral Treasure suddenly screamed. Su Xing made his Divine Intent enter it, controlling this Clinging Fire Star Domain Sword to his hand. His heart could not help let loose a breath, delight on the tip of his brow. With this Astral Treasure in hand, he could count as having a helping hand for the future Purple Rose Grade Birth Outline.

As he thought this, the room’s door gently opened.

The indifferent Yan Yizhen walked in. Seeing Su Xing had at last completed the Astral Treasure’s refinement, her eyes secretly carried a trace of praise, yet she expressionlessly said: “Master, Slave Servant has discovered that a Birth Outline will appear in the Bo Sea waters near Flaming Eastern Island. Does Master wish to go plunder it?”

“Birth Outline? Of course we’ll plunder it.” Su Xing nodded. Regardless of whether it was a Heavenly Spirit or Earthly Fiend, it was impossible to miss. Because some Birth Outlines fell into a few places that Great Sects were incapable of contending against, they had no choice but to give up. Like the other chests, all were needed to be retrieved by any means necessary, particularly the chest this time that surprisingly was about to fall onto his doorstep. Staring blankly and missing it just was not Su Xing’s style.

However, Su Xing had just finished refining the Clinging Fire Star Domain Sword; his Star Energy was greatly depleted. In the end, only after he drank several bottles of Return Spirit Liquid did he exit the Four Styles School with Yan Yizhen. With this type of business as the robbing and killing for a Birth Outline, Su Xing did not bother An Suwen. The Efficacious Star currently concentrated on the Galaxy Stage breakthrough pill. She probably would be laboring these several days, so Su Xing did not want to disturb her.

The sea area of the Bo Sea near Flaming Eastern Island was vast.

Several hundred cultivators had already waited for a long time. Su Xing restrained his breath, concealing his figure in a dark place and biding his time. The robbing and killing of the Birth Outline was the crucial point, anyways.

This time, the cultivators in the air above the Bo Sea all were from the sect, Bo Sea Sword School. Located in their sect’s territory, because the distance was far, although the other small schools and Scattered Star Cultivators wanted to compete, they nevertheless were powerless. They could only stare and watch as the Bo Sea Sword School lay down a Great Array.

Rays of light fled to the Bo Sea’s air like meteors falling into the ocean. They saw the sea’s surface suddenly churn, and a pair of matchlessly surging wings of sea waves unfolded from behind. That wing was like a sword edge, tearing open the air.

An immense beyond compare water morphological creature emerged from the sea.

That huge creature was just like an iceberg, its entire body of water form and structure. Its entire body was also transparent, making it possible to see a light-emitting treasure chest inside its stomach. Shockingly, it was a Heavenly Spirit Grade treasure chest.

The water monster roared, spraying out a great expanse of water bullets.

A type of unprecedented pressure bore down towards all the cultivators present. When confronting it, there unexpectedly was a kind of choking feeling that made them unable to move, and the prepared Great Array was immediately forgotten. The water monster’s water bullets diffused like a torrential downpour, which turned several dozen cultivators into honeycomb by the attack. It was completely the water figure’s immense power it fired that was tyrannical, for ordinary artifacts’ defenses completely lacked usefulness.

Fifth Rank Demon Beast – “Sea Mother”1

“Quickly kill it!” An elder of the the Bo Sea Sword School directed everyone, and more than a dozen Galaxy Cultivators controlled their Sword Arts. The watery flying swords synchronized, flashing a dazzling cold light, but the Sea Mother’s body was like water. The flying swords pierced through its body without any resistant, not the least bit useful.

On the other hand, the Sea Mother released an extremely strange tone. Its water physique violently shot, and more than a thousand water snakes soared from its surface, just like a blossoming water flower. Afterwards, its tone flattened, turning into a violent tempest like a sharp arrow.

This was the first time he confronted this kind of torrential style oppression. Even the Su Xing hidden far away could feel the heavy pressure pressing on his whole body.

Worthy of being the Birth Outline’s final stage, the Demon Beast transporting the Birth Outline was increasingly frightful. This “Sea Mother” was aquatic, so the usual methods were simply completely useless.

The Bo Sea Sword School cultivators simultaneously raised their flying swords. A forbiddance of blue splendor opened, like a transparent water screen; fully aware of the power of this type of torrential arrow storm from the Sea Mother, even if it was a Galaxy Stage Cultivator, they still would not dare directly touch it. The defensive light added onto their bodies caused a majority of the water snakes to die out on contact, however, the defenses were not at all endless. Along with the water snake’s degree of concentration, the defensive light was also currently slowly weakening.

The Bo Sea Sword School’s elder rushed out of the downpour of arrows. The power of the sword light of fifteen blue treasure swords made the waves utterly crash, but it was useless. To the “Sea Mother,” his power alone really held no threat whatsoever.

“See how the great me will slaughter you.” A penetrating and conceited male voice.

Su Xing paid attention to that.

A Nebule Middle Stage Cultivator appeared in the air. His cultivation could only be said to be ordinary, and to the Sea Mother, he simply did not constitute a threat at all. However, his forehead flashed a faint blue Star Crest. The light dazzled with the luster of gems; astonishingly, he was a Star Master.

The Sea Mother took in and sent out an expanse of water snakes that went to attack him. In the robbing and killing of the Birth Outline, these transport Demon Beasts often prioritized their hostility on Star Masters.

That man was not at all afraid.

“Ha, ha, haaa” A loud laugh that seemed to abandon all restraint. A woman’s figure flew out from behind him, and that was quite a beautiful woman. Her hair was dark blue, and she wore a blue palace skirt. Particularly eye-catching was the girl’s muslin damask on her shoulder, a blue serene to the depths. Talisman script circulated, and a shining star flashed.

The girl raised the streamers of her shawl, and countless blue spearheads shot out from within the streamers, possessing even more of an imposing air than the Bo Sea Sword Array. After slaying several hundred water snakes, and braving the roaring wind pressure, every one of the Bo Sea cultivators seized the chance to once again attack.

The Sea Mother opened its mouth. It was difficult to imagine that that body made from water was could release such a tyrannical power, as if it sucked the sea into its chest. A powerful stormy sea immediately made the majority of cultivators terminate their operations. This space already became a hurricane-like hell. The movements of all the cultivators began to have difficulty, and these water waves certainly were not the same type of waters as the ocean, rather, it was a power created from the strong magic energy the Sea Mother used.

The Demon Beast Sea Mother issued a strange low roar. Its body let out a loud sound that ripped ear drums, and suddenly, several dozen shooting stars that dragged a watery spray shot out from its surface, falling from its body. A water shooting star smashed several hundred meters away, the airflow of the attack scraping whole body burns on people.

“Young Master, be careful!!” That blue robed girl sneered.

The two individuals really were not ordinary. Glancing at each other with a tacit understanding, they suddenly leapt into the sky and flew towards the Sea Mother.

The rays of light from the girl’s streamer reached their peak, and that man struck hand seals, each of their Star Crests shining. Forming a flowing light, Su Xing was very familiar with this scene, knowing at a glance the two were using resonance.

“Eat my Yellow Rank Magic – Muddy Sea Breaks the Sky!”2

The girl shouted, and the streamers suddenly flew out.

In Su Xing’s astonished view, he heard a high-pitched dragon’s cry resound through the sky. The streamers were like a dragon, and the water of the sea condensed onto its body, its imposing manner especially dreadful. High up in the air, there was a shift in the sky. Already diving downwards at high speed, it formed a frightening tsunami.

Even if the attack was very far away, the intense wind pressure already blew Su Xing’s hair, leaving it fluttering in the wind. The waves of the sea rolled and folded layer upon layer, blown to the four directions. A severe and sharp whistle shook the eardrums of everyone in the surroundings.

“That’s…” Su Xing was stunned, recognizing the history of this streamer.

Blue Waves Heavenly Clear Damask!3

The ranked sixty-eighth Forward Star, Cave Emerging Dragon Tong Wei’s4 Destined Star Weapon.

“It is a Magic Energy Star General.” Yan Yizhen’s tone was concentrated, her vermilion pupils slightly narrowed.

The Star Generals altogether were divided into the four categories of martial force, magic energy, spirit energy, and martial and magic.5 Martial Force Star Generals’ attacks were strong and fierce, chopping artifacts and breaking magic like paper scraps, so this type of Star General was the most dramatic Star General in Liangshan Continent. Spirit Energy Star Generals, then, were part of every kind of support type. Their own martial power was not too outstanding, but besides erasing Star Magic, their every other aspect was excellent.

Including the wonderfully scheming Resourceful Star, the miracle cure Efficacious Star, and even the hiding and escaping into the wind Thief Star, they were all considered Spirit Energy type.

And magic energy was extremely special. This type of Star General was itself weak in martial force, but used a profound skill. The lesser of these skills could overtake sword light, and could be so large as to possibly move mountains. Magic Energy Star Generals had an enormous characteristic that what they used was not an Immortal Art or magic, but rather Star Magic, an ability specific to Star Generals. Even if it was a Heavenly Star, they would have to somewhat weigh this type of Star Magic, not daring to directly receive it, thus it could be said like this. Magic Energy Star Generals in some aspect were even more terrifying than Martial Force Star Generals. Among the most famous Star Generals was the Leisure Star Dragon in the Clouds. Her profound magic powers were such that even the Jade Qilin needed to be careful.

Su Xing had come to Liangshan for so long, yet this was still the very first time he had seen a Magic Energy Star General.

The Sea Mother was cut in half by the storm raised over the sea, but its body of water immediately condensed. However, it was smaller than before. The Sea Mother angrily howled, and a huge water spout suddenly appeared. Several dozen cultivators that were the closest were sucked into the tornado, afterwards falling onto fragmented earth.

“Hua’er,6 careful.” In the moment the Star Master saw, a weapon in his hand shot towards the Sea Mother. That dark blue sword shadow swept past a gap on the Sea Mother’s body, shuffling to and fro in its attack of a storm, just like an ocean swallow. The light arcs bright as snow cut open a large circle in the sky, suddenly cleaving towards the Sea Mother’s nonexistent illusory head.

The Bo Sea Sword School saw this and gave even more of their all to initiate an assault on the Sea Mother.

That Blue Waves Heavenly Clear Damask of the Cave Emerging Dragon Tong Hua waved, and the ocean then transformed into an attacking dragon. Its continuous attacks were far more powerful than the cultivators’ sword arts by several factors. Every time it struck upon the Sea Mother, it would stir up an immense jolt.

Even if the Sea Mother was terrifying, the Forward Star Cave Emerging Dragon Tong Hua’s Star Magic happened to be used smoothly and easily. Under the hundred cultivators’ constant assault,the Sea Mother finally could not support itself. Its body was increasingly small, broken and dispersed, a rain falling in a range of several dozen li.

The Heavenly Spirit Grade Treasure Chest then fell out.

“Hua’er, we have succeeded, ha, ha.” The Star Master laughed loudly.

The Bo Sea Sword School was briefly ecstatic. This still was the first time they had plundered this Heavenly Spirit Grade treasure chest.

Tong Hua’s face carried a disdainful smile. Just at this time, she suddenly shouted. “You sneak, still not coming out. Did you really think that you could fool me, the Cave Emerging Dragon, on the seas? How laughable!”

The Bo Sea Sword School’s hundred cultivators entered an alert state.

Su Xing secretly admired this. She deserved to be called a Magic Energy Star General, for she possessed an even greater sensitivity towards the fluctuations in Star Energy.

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  1.  海母
  2.  渾海破天
  3.   碧波天清綾
  4. 地進星出洞蛟童威
  5. 武力,法力,靈力和武法
  6. 畫兒


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