Chapter 141: The “Longevity Star” River Dragon

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Su Xing had believed that the Cave Emerging Dragon Tong Hua had discovered him. Just as he was about to appear, he suddenly discovered that things were not too favorable for him. All of the Bo Sea Sword School’s cultivators faced formidable enemy, where even the Forward Star Tong Hua wore a grim expression. Their guard was actually directed in a different direction.

Black smoke condensed in the air, and when it condensed, it again dispersed, from which a figure slowly appeared. The newcomer was draped in a black cloak, wore black armor, an imposing appearance. His appearance was demonic, and his expression had a kind of sharpness that tore into people’s hearts.

Su Xing could not help but stare blankly when he saw his appearance.

A Galaxy Middle Stage Star Master?

That Star Master they once briefly encountered at the Divining Star Platform, Su Xing never thought that he would unexpectedly appear here? And seeing his body techniques were abnormally ghostly, he unexpectedly could not sense it.

“Devil Smoke Shapeshifting!!1 You are a disciple of the Black Turtle Territory’s Devil Cults!!” The eyesight of the Bo Sea Sword School’s elder was sharp, breaking through the magic the opponent used with a glance. His complexion was pale, for he could not help but be stunned. The Devil Smoke Shapeshifting Escape Technique was an extremely incredible Concealment Escape Technique. This type of Escape Technique necessarily made the cultivator’s mind pass through the tempering and refinement of eighteen hells to begin. Ordinary cultivators simply were incapable of mastering it, and the cultivator that could execute the Devil Smoke Shapeshifting would undoubtedly be a frightening character.

The Bo Sea Sword School elder was astonished some. The young man before him was just twenty-five, twenty-six, but the Devil Smoke Shapeshifting unexpectedly was somewhat matured. He feared that of the eighteen layers of hell, at least ten layers had been passed. A kind of unprecedented pressure made the elder’s forehead flow with cold sweat.

“You surprisingly know, so you have some eyesight?” The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon’s lips flashed a loathing smile.

“Since Your Highness is of the Black Turtle Territory and is capable of the Devil Smoke Transforming Shape Escape, it may be assumed you are a man of the ‘Heavenly Underworld Sect.’”2 The Bo Sea Sword Sect has already revered the Black Turtle Territory’s number one sect, the “Heavenly Underworld Sect,’ for a long time, not at all hostile.” The elder’s voice carried a trace of deference. This made Su Xing feel rather flabbergasted. Intruded upon in their own Bo Sea, they actually showed such meekness. This Heavenly Underworld Sect’s influence was not small.

Su Xing watched this Star Master whose cultivation was unexpectedly Galaxy Middle Stage, fearing that he was not simple.

“Your eloquence makes it sound so pleasant, This Holy Lord actually cannot make things hard for you?” The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon loudly laughed, an attitude of entreating lower people, “How about this, the Heavenly Spirit Chest belongs to This Holy Lord, and This Holy Lord will let go of that Forward Star.”

“Disciple of the Devil Cults, cease your ravings. Calling yourself some ‘Holy Lord,’ I see that you are merely of a generation that is impressively posturing yet lacks substance.”

“Elder, speaking on such good terms with this Devil Cult person.”

“These Devil Disciples that do not know the immensity of Heaven and Earth, within the range of influence of This School, the sea is this savage. It truly is unknown whether one will live or die.” The Bo Sea Sword School’s disciples’ angered voices sprung up all around, already unable to bear looking at this Holy Lord of Draconic Demon’s arrogant manner any further. The Bo Sea was the Bo Sea Sword School’s sphere of influence. If they were intruded upon by an outsider and made to so submissively present the Birthday Outline Chest to him, if word got out, the Bo Sea Sword School could not show its face thereafter.

The elder had a trace of indignation, lowering his voice: “This Daoist deeply respects the Underworld Heaven Sect Master of the Heavenly Underworld Sect. Your Highness is rather too arrogant among this Bo Sea Sword School.”

“Hmph. You want to profit from us in front of I, the Cave Emerging Dragon. You truly are dreaming.” Tong Hua coldly shouted, already resentful of the man before her. Her hand gestured, and the Blue Waved Heavenly Clear Damask rolled up. The seawaters gathered, and under her reaction, they were already like a released dragon. The ocean surged, the waves overflowed, and a sea beast formed of water took shape. Astonishingly, it was about the same as the Sea Mother just now.

Relying on the soul of the recently perished Sea Mother, the Forward Star turned it into a terrible Demon Beast that was no different.

Su Xing secretly praised her, for this Magic Energy Star General was remarkable, as expected.

With the Sea Mother keeping watch, all the disciples believed their forces had multiplied.

“Is the Cave Emerging Dragon so amazing??” The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon sneered: “Yet how does she compare to the River Dragon??”3


Everyone was stunned.

Suddenly, they saw a dark blue Star Crest flash on his forehead, and a gorgeous and enchanting girl astonishingly appeared.

“Star General?!!”

“Star Master? A Galaxy Middle Stage Star Master??”

These cultivators’ amazement had not yet finished. The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon’s forehead once again was overlaid with a black sigil, and another dark shadow emerged.

The gloomy girl wearing a Black Dragon Armor Jacket appeared to the side of the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon. Her expression was strangely cold, a black fright: “Young Master, what nonsense is there for these trash.”


“Two Star Generals!!”

“How is this possible! How can he have two Star Generals.”

Everyone immediately was somewhat flustered. One Star General was sufficient to make them seemingly overlook a great enemy, but two Star Generals already frightened the souls from their bodies. This sort of thing was rarely seen in Liangshan.

“Two Star Generals?” Yan Yizhen’s tone concentrated.4

Su Xing was grim, treating this man from the Black Turtle Territory even more severely.

“Kill!” Tong Hua shouted.

The entirety of the Sea Mother twisted, and a pair of sea wings majestic beyond compare unfolded from its water body. That blade-like wing ripped apart the tranquil ocean, sending a watery mist galloping over the sea.

As far as the eye could see, the entire ocean shuddered under this attack of the Sea Mother Demon Beast, lamenting. The unstoppable gale blew a tsunami of a frantic attack, and like a mountain, the tremendous Sea Mother entrenched itself above the sea like this, bellowing.

A rumbling like a thunder roll.

Countless waterspouts once again bubbled up on the sea. More than a thousand water snakes broke away and pounced forth from the surface of its wings. They scuttled across the sky like fireworks, then simultaneously turned around, shooting directly towards the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon like a storm of arrows.

Facing a heavy rain of water snakes that filled the whole sky pouncing towards him from above, for a split second, a hint of despair could be sensed.

The other cultivators were also without the slightest hesitation. A hundred flying swords split the seas against the waves, attacking.

“Xiangfei, allow this Little Sister to know that a dragon is only a dragon in the end.5 In front of a dragon,6 it will savagely leave the stage. The black armored girl smiled demonically.

That beautiful and splendid girl’s hand gripped a dragon carving sword. The sword turned into a lance, immediately slashing downwards.

In the blink of an eye.

A tsunami rocketed with a quake, forming a hundred zhang tall wall that intercepted the flying swords and the Sea Mother’s attack. The young girl immediately afterwards waved the carved dragon lance, reading an incantation. A white dragon seemingly came to life and dove underwater, forming white waves that turned into a whirlpool on the water’s surface.

A booming sound.

An immense dragon rushed out of the water.

“White Night Dragon Carving Lance!!”

“It’s the Longevity Star River Dragon Li Jun!!”7

Everyone involuntarily cried.

The previously icily arrogant Forward Star Tong Hua’s expression was like ash.

The Longevity Star River Dragon was the number one naval force among the 108 Maiden Mountain sisters. The twenty-sixth ranked Longevity Star River Dragon Li Jun could be rated as abnormal, especially in naval combat. Her Star Magic was terrifying; even if it was the strongest military strength Star General, they would not have the confidence to fight the Longevity Star on the water and win.

On the sea, the River Dragon was an ocean turning divine dragon.

Cave Emerging Dragon?

River Churning Clam?

How could a dragon8 and clam have the qualifications to be mentioned in the same sentence as a dragon.9

On the seas, the River Dragon was exactly genuinely without equal.

The huge sea dragon soared high into the air. Its mouth spat out several dozen fine yet incomparably dazzling white lines. With those wandering everywhere below, the blind attack was completely different from the water waves. These rays of light streaked a dazzling trajectory in the sky, and a penetrating and roaring tsunami and gorgeous flying sword directly shot towards everyone.

The flying sword disintegrated.

The Sea Mother was extinguished.

Wherever this white line passed, the seawater seemingly was torn apart. The cultivators simply were too late to react, and neither did they have any room to resist.

“Young Master!!” Tong Hua’s expression greatly changed.

“Ah!!” A blood curdling scream, and the Forward Star’s young master directly was pierced through the chest, dying just like this.

Tong Hua’s mouth spat fresh blood, her vitality greatly injured. With irrepressible anger in her eyes, she actually flipped up the Blue Waves Heavenly Clear Damask.

“River Dragon Li Jun, you are the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon!!” Everyone competed for a path in a fluster. The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon recently defeated the Azure Dragon Territory’s number one Star Master Xie Zhenyuan. How would these people dare firmly fight when they head this name.

“Run quickly!!” The Bo Sea Sword School elder loudly shouted, raising a sword light and dodging.

“Run?? What delusion do you speak of?”

The young girl wearing a demon king’s gloom blocked in front of him. A cold light fully appeared in her hand, and the elder’s urged his sword to block it, but in such a close range, being closed in on by a Star General was simply like a nightmare.

Two talons of twinkling black stars completely lacked suspense in breaking open whatever defense he had.

By the time the Bo Sea Sword School elder felt it, his heart was already held in that girl’s sharp talons, still beating with a thump-thump.

“You monster…”

The old man grieved.

It was torn to shreds by the girl’s claw, and she sneered: “I like this sort of praise.”

She turned her head.

She saw that the Forward Star Tong Hua was still going all out in her resistance, the Blue Waves Heavenly Clear Damask rolled out every sort of Star Magic. The sky was filled with water swords, tsunamis endlessly swept, but under the eyes of the River Dragon Li Jun, they could not withstand a single blow.

The River Dragon Li Xiangfei brandished the White Night Dragon Carving Lance.

The sea dragon became larger and pounced at Tong Hua.

Tong Hua blocked with both her hands.

The huge sea dragon in no time engulfed her.

A single blue streamer floated all alone.

The River Dragon Li Jun’s Star Magic sea dragon was like a monster, unstoppable as it exterminated the majority of the Star Cultivators. The water sword the Bo Sea Sword School Star Cultivators cultivated naturally was incredible, especially since they were within the range of the Bo Sea. Some Star Cultivators that broke away from the sea dragon’s attack wanted to escape, but the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon coldly smiled. How could he let these people go. Eight immense black banners rose, shrouding them in a clump of black fog, forming an immense forbiddance that made everyone have no door to hell, and no road to heaven.

“Sacrifice yourselves to This Holy Lord’s Devil Sword.” The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon coldly chuckled. A black Devil Sword like a specter wreaked havoc, with continuous bloodcurdling screams sounding inside the great array.

Just when he raised the black forbiddance banners, the Su Xing watching the battle from the sidelines suddenly felt that this was not too encouraging, “Not good!!”

Su Xing immediately used an Innate Bagua Escape Technique, his figure escaping out from its corner.

It was by a lucky coincidence.

Suddenly, an emerging specter burst out from the place he was hiding in. The Devil Sword that did not taste Essence Blood howled in grief.

Su Xing’s unexpected appearance also made the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon and his two Star Generals very surprised.

“Incredible, incredible. If it was not for This Holy Lord’s ‘Underworld Prison Banner’10 that can sense the presences of everything around, This Holy Lord unexpectedly would not have discovered a person hiding in a dark place.” The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon’s eyes let off light: “It’s you, that one that seized the Purple Rose Grade Outlaw Writ???”11

Su Xing was fully aware of the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon’s abnormal might. Immediately shouting, Blooming Water Divine Thunder boomed over. Su Xing’s figure flashed, rushing towards that Heavenly Spirit Grade Chest and that streamer that was yet to be taken by the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon. At the present moment, he could only exhaust everything he could possibly think of.

The River Dragon Li Jun waved the White Night Dragon Carving Lance, and the sea dragon blocked the Blooming Water Divine Thunder. However, this Divine Thunder’s awesome power made Li Jun greatly shocked. The sea dragon scattered with a boom, unexpectedly dispersing.

“No way you are grabbing that!” The Black Dragon Armor girl sneered, her sharp claws grabbing at Su Xing.

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  1. 魔煙化形
  2. 天冥宗
  3.  混江龍
  4. Just two?
  5. 蛟 is a “storm dragon”
  6. 龍 general way to say dragon.
  7.  天壽星混江龍李俊
  8. 幽獄幡
  9. Raws say Purple Rose Grade Birth Outline. We all know that treasure chest has yet to appear.


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