Chapter 142: Demon King Of Chaos

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The Black Dragon Armor Shirt girl showed a cruel smile. As if she already saw the claw tear apart Su Xing, her razor-like five fingers glinting. Who would have thought would raise a single fist, sending an intense impetus. Those five claws grabbed Su Xing’s fist but no scene of it being ground to dust appeared. Su Xing lowered his waist, raised his fist, gathered his strength, and boom.

The young girl revealed a trace of astonishment. She did not anticipate that Su Xing’s boxing would be this powerful, unexpectedly slightly retreating when her arm went numb. This little bit of a retreat gave Su Xing his chance. He spared no effort and rose, one foot stepping on the girl’s shoulder, using her as an anchor. 1 His Star Energy took in the Blue Waves Heavenly Clear Damask, and he also urgently did not let go of the Heavenly Spirit Chest afterwards. Currently, the Forward Star Tong Hua’s Crimson Star enveloped the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon, rendering him incapable of movement. He could only stare blankly as Su Xing stole his spoils of war.

“Courting death!!” As if the girl was humiliated, she was completely red in the face from anger. She wildly turned around, her long hair demonically fluttering, her five claws releasing a terrible noise. The twinkling of the two shining stars seemingly was like an eye of hell, brimming with a terrifying feeling.

This claw went over, and Su Xing absolutely would die, without doubt.

Just at this moment, a maid’s figure flew out, making a circle with the Yin Yang on her hands combined, blocking in front of Su Xing. One of her two fists was still while the other moved. Time seemingly followed Yan Qing’s movements, and although the Yin Yang Pisces Fists were only One Star, how could the Heavenly Star’s One Star be inferior to the counterpart’s Two Star. In the instant her fists parted and came together, streams of air carried everything away.


The girl’s face changed, violently spitting a mouthful of blood. She had been beat back by a punch.

Yan Yizhen did not stop in the slightest. Do not see her as a person who tried her hardest to not offend anyone, but as someone who was absolutely devoted. For injuring her young master, she would not let anyone go. The Skilful Star’s figure flit by, her two fists crushing the other. It really was air swallowing the mountains and rivers, the Five Sacred Mountains pressuring from above.

It was just that the people present were far from being limited to that girl alone. Several water swords soared the seas and shot over, emerging from the ocean just like dragons, attacking Yan Qing.

Yan Yizhen could only stop and then smash the dragon with a fist.

The gloomy girl found an opportunity and wanted to get there in one step. An evil wind whistled on the demonic claw, with bursts of ghostly bawling. The five claws in an instant became infernal malicious spirits, a black density that diffused. The girl coldly shouted, her demonic claws stretching out. From the countless demons forming a black claw, they immediately rushed out and grabbed Yan Yizhen. The talon tips were sharp, the unblockable black qi wishing to swallow Yan Yizhen’s energy clean.

Yellow Rank Style:

Purgatory Soul Fragmenting Claw!2


A purple colored thunder light exploded with a bang.

“Ming’er,3 come back!!” From her ear she heard a woman’s shout.

The pupils of the black-haired Ming’er filled with hatred, but she nevertheless did not dare stay. Hastily leaving the attack area, by lucky coincidence, at this moment, a figure appeared at the place where she stood.

Su Xing thought, “What a pity,” waved his hand and blocked with the Earth Shield.

A water dragon slammed onto the Earth Shield.

The mighty power shook Su Xing enough that he nearly spat blood.

“Little Yi?” Su Xing anxiously looked over Yan Yizhen.

Yan Yizhen shook her head. Luckily, her Star Energy dispersed the black ghost qi on her body, but her complexion was slightly wan. Surprisingly, it was the Yellow Rank Style utilized by a Two Star Destined Weapon. Its power was not that simple.

“Five Chief Demons Infernal Devil Claws!!4 Correct Star Demon King of Chaos Fan Rui!”5 Su Xing lowered his voice, again shooting a glance at the girl standing to the side on the sea as if she was treading on stable land. Her good looks were alluring, yet her expression showed an abnormal grandeur. She was truly terrifying, especially that White Night Dragon Carving Lance. The Star Magic it used simply made people feel frightened. “Longevity Star River Dragon Li Jun!!”

“He actually is a Holy Lord of Draconic Demon, and not just in name only.” A River Dragon and a Demon King of Chaos. Truly somewhat of a thorny problem.

At present, he only had Yan Yizhen at his side, and the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon before him had a cultivation that was not only super high, the secret arts and cultivation methods he had were also extremely superior. The current him simply did not have even a bit of a chance at success.

Things were completely terrible.6

“Yin Yang Pisces Fists?? Skilful Star Wanderer Yan Qing??”

The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon revealed a trace of astonishment when he saw that indifferent maid. He was immediately ecstatic: “Ha, ha, ha, ha. This Holy Lord indeed is lucky, unexpectedly encountering Yan Qing’s Star Master. Legend has it that this Skilfil Star is accomplished and well-educated, proficient in all manners of verse, song and poetic essay. Heh, heh, to be her master, it cannot be possible without dipping yourself in ink. Seeing as how your cultivation is merely so, you are quite capable?”

The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon already sized Su Xing up with an expression of looking at spoils of war, completely not putting this Nebula Late Stage Star Master in his eyes.

And how was the Skilful Star?

The River Dragon was sufficient to sort her out.

Su Xing also knew things were grave. The River Dragon Li Jun was an overlord on the seas, and she was a powerful Star General that cultivated both martial arts and magic, especially when they were on the sea that the River Dragon flipped over. Forget that it was Yan Qing, perhaps not any of the Heavenly Stars were an opponent. Furthermore, her master’s cultivation was unexpectedly this terrifying at Galaxy Middle Stage.

“Young Master, allow Ming’er to dismember him to ten thousand pieces!!!!” The Demon King of Chaos Fan Ming had been baffled by Su Xing’s fist just now, and her expression was extremely ugly. That Five Chief Demons Infernal Devil Claws’s demonic spirits lingered, beginning to become restless.

“One who has contracted two Star Generals. I’ve actually finally seen it.” Su Xing said.

“No need to envy This Holy Lord. This round of Star Duels naturally is something in This Holy Lord’s bag. The kind of supporting characters such as yourselves should obediently wash clean your necks.” The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon’s was egotistical without doubt, gesturing with his hand.

The River Dragon Li Xiangfei suddenly held up her White Night Dragon Carving Lance. The lance broke the water’s surface then executed a Star Magic: the seawater was like ten thousand stampeding horses. The waves were several zhang tall, frantically rolling over.

“Master, careful!” Yan Yizhen’s figure dropped like a swallow, agilely sweeping past. Her figure suddenly flashed then pierced through the seawater and instantly arrived right in front of Li Xiangfei. Her two warm and cold fists moved about, the shadow of her fists dazzling, it was that Swallowflash Samsara!!

The River Dragon blocked with her lance, and the seawater then condensed onto her skin to act as a shield. The world’s Highest Excellence Is Like Water, and the remaining power of every one of Yan Qing’s punches was absorbed by the seawater. The maid’s figure wandered about Li Xiangfei’s whole body at high speed, her shadows appearing alternately.

“Ming’er, that Yan Qing is not easy to face. Go help Xiangfei.” The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon coldly said.

The Demon King of Chaos Fan Ming indignantly glanced at Su Xing, and then went to Li Jun to provide assistance. Although the Longevity Star’s rank was above Yan Qing’s and her magic energy on the seas had no equal, in true close quarters martial strength, especially boxing with the Skilful Star before her, even she knew this was grim. Besides that, Li Jun’s Star Weapon was only One Star, so it was very difficult for her to occupy the advantage in close quarters against Yan Qing.

“Yan Qing, watch This Great Aunt’s.”7 Fan Ming shouted, the Five Chief Demons Infernal Devil Claws tearing.

Yan Qing engaged two Star Generals in combat at the same time. Su Xing nevertheless had no way to back her up as a single biggest trouble was in front of him.

“Being able to see This Holy Lord who possesses two Star Generals before your death, you should be satisfied.” The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon hooked his lips into a crooked smile.

“Two Star Generals already makes you this pleased with yourself?” Su Xing chuckled. The imposing air he exuded was actually insufficient to make Su Xing feel afraid. If he knew Su Xing had five, it was unknown what expression he would have.

“What? You think that by relying on Yan Qing, you can defeat two Star Generals?” The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon laughed loudly. He narrowed his eyes: “Can that arm of yours really be used?”

Su Xing shivered. This Holy Lord of Draconic Demon’s vision was sinister. Just now, although one fist was able to occupy the winning position in handling the Demon King of Chaos Fan Dui just now, this Fan Rui’s Two Star Destined Weapon added to her master being Galaxy Middle Stage indeed made Su Xing suffer. That punch disintegrated his own bones.

“Won’t you know if you try it!”


The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon did not see the panic and dread that appeared on Su Xing. Presently, though extremely angry, he smiled. He coldly spat out these four syllables, a cold light in his eyes.

But just at the instant the last syllable left his mouth, he suddenly spouted out a black light

After blurting out this black light, it exploded with nothing left in an instant. Soon after, “rustle,” disappearing without a trace.

Seeing this scene, a grave look flashed across Su Xing’s face. Without thinking, he opened his mouth and simultaneously spat out more than a dozen Rock Piercing Water Droplets. The Rock Piercing Water Droplets that passed through the Purple Qi’s nurturing were far more powerful than the drops of the Heavenly River Sword School. The more than dozen Rock Piercing Water Droplets lazily flashed, scattering.

The next moment, the black light suddenly appeared right in front of Su Xing, even-handedly meeting the Rock Piercing Water Droplets, releasing an oppressive noise.

Su Xing’s expression slightly changed, for the several dozen Rock Piercing Water Droplets unexpectedly were unable to match the black light the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon spat out. The power of the collision immediately sent Su Xing flying several zhang away.

This Galaxy Middle Stage’s cultivation was not like the average cultivator’s, as expected.

Only at this time did Su Xing clearly see that the black light was a several zhang sized peculiar pointed cone. Its entire body was a solemn black, glittering like frost and snow, talisman script twisting. It even released a monstrous crackling sound.

The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon also was stunned. He did not expect his own Galaxy High Grade Artifact “Lethal Awl”8 to surprisingly be unable to obtain a result in battle. He had originally believed this abruptness was sufficient to strike through his opponent. Afterwards, what remained was to slaughter him, enjoying that despairing expression begging for forgiveness.

Su Xing’s abilities exceeded his expectations. The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon’s face went cold, and he controlled the awl to continue its attack.

Su Xing did not think much as he linked his ten fingers together. Ten purple thunder-lights like sharp claws simultaneously shot off his hands, and a “Purple Thunder Dragon Capture”9 grabbed hold of the black light, tightly wrapping the awl. The Blooming Water Divine Thunder was a Five Elements Astonishing Thunder, and it had been refined by this type of rare cultivation method, the Purple Transforming Qi. Its might was unlike the ordinary, and the purple thunder light tightly grasped the Lethal Awl, not letting it have any room to move.

Su Xing did not dare attempt to let this type of terrifying high-speed thing get away.

The Purple Thunder’s ferocious stored strength struck, and Su Xing then joined his hands together. The surging purple thunder transformed into an immense python that bit down on the Lethal Awl. Immediately afterwards, Su Xing raised the Nebula Magic Weapon Heaven Sword. The purple python wrapped around this magic weapon, and making a continuous hissing noise, it hacked at the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon.

The space seemingly was ripped apart, the pressure it gave off enough to make people’s complexions change.

He did not expect his own attack would not have an effect against the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon. He only showed a trace of a surprised expression, “Nebula Magic Weapon? Somewhat advantageous.” The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon was secretly startled, but he also was a person who went through many aspects of the world. Although the mad Thunder Purple Python added to this magic weapon of Su Xing’s was able to terrify people, he nevertheless calmly joined his hands.

This banner was approximately three to four inches long. A black light twinkled, its spiritual influence menacing.

The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon shook the banner, and countless black clouds and mist all at once gushed out, surrounding the attacking Purple Thunder Python. The powerful Purple Thunder unexpectedly was seemingly digested by this black cloud. In addition, the Nebula Magic Weapon struggled with all its might under the black cloud, its chopping seemingly like it had fallen into a swamp, continuously struggling.

Not good.

Su Xing’s Divine Intent was jolted, and he hastily wanted to recall the Heaven Sword.

But that black cloud was increasingly large, and in the blink of an eye, the Heaven Sword was completely submerged. Star Cultivators and their own artifacts possessed a Divine Intent link control. If the artifact suffered damage, the Star Cultivator also would exhibit injuries. A piercing pain, disgusting, and an ice cold feeling in his limbs attacked his whole body. Su Xing then knew that the Nebula Magic Weapon Heaven Sword unexpectedly was unable to be maintained.

“Taste the might of This Holy Lord’s ‘Corrupting Spirit Banner.’10 Watch how This Holy Lord torments you to death.” The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon laughed out loud upon seeing this.

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  1. This guy used me as a springboard!
  2.  煉獄碎魂爪
  3. 瞑兒
  4. 五鬼煉魔爪
  5. 地然星混世魔王樊瑞
  6. I was tempted to go with army lingo and say TARFU, but I don’t think many would understand the language.
  7. Yes. She referred to herself as Great Aunt.
  8. 奪命錐
  9. 紫雷擒龍
  10. 污靈幡


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