Chapter 143: Yan Yizhen, Yin Yang Palm

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The defense of the Highest Good is Like Water exhibited a crumbling momentum under Yan Qing’s swift and fierce boxing.

Those pupils of the River Dragon Li Xiangfei that were like deep waters at last showed a trace of surprise. Yan Qing’s offensive that was this violent had rather greatly exceeded her expectations. In the midst of that boxing, fast as a torrential rain, lifting astral winds, each whizz caused a jolt. If it was not for the River Dragon’s body being on the sea, the Star Magic water’s defenses being superb there, then it was hard to say what would happen if she were to step off from there.

The pinwheel-like attack continuously hit upon the water screen surrounding Li Xiangfei’s body. The immense power gave rise to a twisted posture, releasing an ear-piercing “huahua”1 noise. Yan Qing knew the frightening aspects of the Star Master in front of her, also doing all she could to dispatch the opposing Star General in the opening moments to ease the pressure on Su Xing.

Under this sort of serial strikes, the River Dragon Li Xiangfei maintained the indifference on her face as before. Her defenses had also surpassed Yan Yizhen’s imagination. Although she could still rely on the Star Magic to partially resist the assault, she nevertheless completely lost the opportunity to counterattack. Being battered in unbroken succession, the surrounding ocean exploded into layers and layers of waves under Yan Yizhen’s boxing, the attacks not halting in the slightest.

What Yan Yizhen waited for was an opportunity. To the Skilful Star’s continuous strikes amidst wrestling that was brought to the pinnacle of perfection, she truly was like a fish back in water at this moment. The attacks that her hands and feet released were like rain. The repeated care on Li Xiangfei’s body then tore apart her water screen defense.

The woman’s expression already began to grow grim. Her eyes then revealed a dignified brilliance, and her entire body tightly curled up. The White Night Dragon Carving Lance continuously fluttered, taking in seawater to resist the attack. Her entire body threw up a deep blue light, no longer considering the possibility of a counterattack. She could only hope to defend until that moment Yan Yizhen was powerless.

Her complexion was still flat while Yan Yizhen’s assault continued to be uninterrupted, when she coldly chuckled very softly. Her figure once again flit by in the air, already arriving above her. Through the force of her rotation, from above to below, she planted the splits ruthlessly against her back.


A massive noise was released. The terrifying power was briefly like a tide as it engulfed everything.

Li Xiangfei grunted, and her body floated. In an instant, she unexpectedly recoiled backwards several zhang. As if her figure was completely outside the influence of time and space, she showed a strange presence. Yan Qing’s fist merely struck empty space futilely, and afterwards, the woman stabbed the White Dragon Dragon Carving Lance into the ocean. One the sea’s surface, she used an instant escape technique, breaking away from Yan Yizhen’s pressure.

Yan Yizhen wanted to pursue and attack, but at this moment, Fan Ming came attacking.

“Yan Qing, watch This Great Aunt’s!” The Demon King of Chaos Fan Ming angrily shouted. The Five Chief Demons Infernal Devil Claws instantly attacking. She already arrived in front of Yan Yizhen, and leaning her body, the sharp claws attacked with all their might!

The Five Chief Demons Infernal Devil Claws bound starving demon spirits. A black wind twisted with the sound of ghostly howls entering the ear. A sharp hissing that ripped the atmosphere made people unable to help but cover the airs. The Correct Star Demon King of Chaos Fan Rui also was similarly a martial magic dual cultivating Star General. One claw went down, and a dark wind broke a whistle, a Star Magic attack.

Yan Yizhen’s arms blocked, and there was the sound of flesh tearing. A wound deep enough to show bone was slashed down from her shoulder. The Demon King of Chaos Fan Ming’s claw made Yan Yizhen sustain injury. Her vermilion pupils went cold, and Yan Yizhen’s footwork moved as if she swept dead leaves, heavily kicking away the close Fan Ming.

“Bang!!!” The air suddenly transmitted an enormous noise. The ranked twenty-sixth Longevity Star River Dragon’s high speed instantly advanced to the limit. Her entire figure brought about a mirage. She simply was unable to be seen clearly, and unexpectedly, she was Ten Thousand Techniques Realm!

When she found out the White Night Dragon Carving Lance could not pose too great a danger to Yan Yizhen, Li Xiangfei instantly transformed the White Night Dragon Carving Lance into the White Night Dragon Carving Sword. Raising the sword and slashing, this was exactly the prelude to the River Dragon’s martial force attack.

The sound of a whistling wind pervaded the sky, as if it even wanted to tear open space.

Yan Yizhen was grim. She crossed her fists, as if holding a taiji. The girl was very clear of the terrors of the River Dragon.

The sea dragon overflowed the heavens, becoming a helping hand to the River Dragon. Its speed was very swift, and this sword slashed upon Yan Yizhen’s fists. The Yin Yang Pisces resisted for a moment and were then torn apart. After all, her master was already cultivating Galaxy Middle Stage, so the Star Energy she had also was far more powerful than the Skilful Star’s. Yan Yizhen was instantly struck broken.

The ocean exploded with a tremendous sound. Yan Yizhen’s entire person already was already struck by an immense power, and that power was so great that the maid completely was incapable of withstanding it. Even the groans the bones in her whole body released could be heard. Her entire person already had been shot out far away like a cannonball.

“Ming’er, you go help Young Master. This Fei alone can handle Yan Qing!” The River Dragon yelled. The Heavenly Stars all had their own pride, and this was even the location Li Jun liked the most. This pride and confidence did not want to have a second person interfering.

The Demon King of Chaos Fan Ming nodded.

That pair of cold vermilion eyes of Yan Yizhen’s suddenly flashed a chilling light. As the girl flew upside down, she abruptly lifted herself, dodging away from Li Jun’s lifting sea dragon. Her figure seemed to blink, stopping the Demon King of Chaos Fan Ming. Yan Yizhen was very clear that if she let her and that Holy Lord of Draconic Demon pincer attack Su Xing, Su Xing definitely would have no chance.

“Don’t think that you can harm Master!!”

Yan Yizhen fiercely shouted suddenly, a palm smashing Fan Ming’s Black Dragon Armor to pieces, her right palm’s flames seemingly carved onto the girl’s body. The power was like a madly rushing river, instantly shaking the palm several hundred times.

Fan Ming’s Black Dragon Armor suddenly depressed with a deep palm-shaped bloody hole. Her thigh’s blood sprayed out from that hole as if there was no tomorrow.2 The fresh red mist of blood instantly covered the sky, seemingly raining a slight drizzle.

“You are courting death!!” The Demon King of Chaos shrieked. Star Energy protected her body, and the Five Chief Demons Infernal Devil Claws simultaneously grabbed at Yan Yizhen. The hurricane-like Five Claws’ black light, just like an immense beast biting down, also tore open five deep gashes on Yan Yizhen that showed bone, spraying blood.

The Two Star Heavenly Weapon claws were terrifying, the acute pain nearly making Yan Yizhen pass out. The maid resolutely restrained that painful feeling. This move of the Demon King of Chaos was extremely powerful, and that type of frightening purgatory-like energy violently came pouring into her body. It wantonly destroyed her body, nerves and internal organs. It looked as if this wound was not large, but it nevertheless was very painful. It made Yan Yizhen’s brow tightly wrinkle, her teeth drawing blood.

And the reason why she did not scream out was that she merely wanted the fatal moment where she used the other Yin Cold palm at the same time, her palm scraping past empty space. A frigid intent swept over Fan Ming’s skin, and this palm’s Yin Cold went through her whole body and four limbs. Fan Ming suddenly felt her entire body turn ice-cold, a flame and chill mutually alternating, colliding inside her body. Her internal organs seemed to be roasting yet also freezing. This cold and hot directly broke Fan Ming’s Star Energy, also making the girl vomit a mouthful of blood,  screaming as she fell over.

“Little Sister Ming’er——Yan Qing, don’t think you can be impudent in front of This Fei!!” The River Dragon shouted, slashing with her sword.

Unaware of when it stopped, the sea breeze at this moment suddenly was like a demon released from its cage. Roaring opened teeth bit at Yan Yizhen. Taking advantage of the dissipated sea winds, Li Xiangfei hastily joined her empty hands, the sea waters then held up by Fan Ming. The girl had difficulty enduring the pain, her face ice-cold for an instant, then flaming hot, as if in a struggle.

Yellow Rank Boxing!

Yin Yang Palm!!

Li Xiangfei’s expression sank.

The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon saw and immediately imparted Star Energy. Only this made Fan Ming be much more at ease.

After the sea wind retreated, Yan Yizhen’s maid skirt was utterly torn, her whole body’s flesh bruised and battered, her corolla in pieces, covered in blood. However, that indifferent expression still as before was proud without falling, making people stunned.

“What a loyal and righteous Yan Qing of Heaven and Earth!”

The River Dragon shivered.

Yan Yizhen went all out to hold back two Star Generals while keeping Su Xing in her sight. In a Star Duel between Star Masters, anyone with even a bit of brain knew that the best solution was to kill the Star General’s contractor. With this, stronger Star Generals would also lose much of their vitality. This was also somewhat of a reason that very prideful Star Generals refused to sign contracts. To them, a contractor was a dangerous double-edged sword.

In the Star Duels, killing the contractor was practically the mainstream view.

Su Xing understood this point as did the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon.

The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon possessed two incredible Star Generals. If he and Yan Yizhen contended for a long time, they in the end would necessarily suffer disaster, so ever since the beginning, Su Xing wanted to get rid of the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon. And how could the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon not also think like this. The Lethal Awl at the start not taking Su Xing’s life already made him very surprised, and he also did not dare to underestimate that purple Blooming Water Divine Thunder.

Then he brought out the powerful Galaxy Supreme Grade Artifact Corrupting Spirit Banner.

Seeing the Heaven Sword in imminent danger before his eyes, Su Xing’s left shoulder shook along, the Earth Shield set in front of him, releasing a splashing silver light. The silver light was like a cold star, and the black clouds dueled with the silver light. These two Ancient Lost Treasure originally were one in body, and with this, the Heaven Sword inside the filthy cloud immediately erupted in silver light, wildly tearing it open.

The black clouds were cut open with a hiss. When the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon saw this, he immediately pinched his fingers into a seal, gathering his Star Energy and making the black cloud surge once again.

The Heaven Sword and Earth Shield dueled against the Corrupting Spirit Banner. The originally prideful Holy Lord of Draconic Demon’s smile gradually disappeared. He was amazed to discover the only Nebula Late Stage cultivator fighting with his all in front of him unexpectedly did not lose out to him. The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon originally thought he could very easily subdue these two magic treasures.

Su Xing also strenuously supported himself. He had only just finished refining the Clinging Fire Domain Sword not long ago, and his abundant Star Energy was far from its peak. He slowly felt difficulty, as this Holy Lord of Draconic Demon that contracted two Star Generals was powerful as expected.

The filthy black cloud and the silver light chopped at each other. The two simultaneously jolted, vomiting blood.


An explosion.

The black cloud suddenly disintegrated, and the Corrupting Spirit Banner ripped apart with a clatter. It was unexpectedly destroyed.

“Ah, This Holy Lord’s Corrupting Spirit Banner!!” The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon yelled.

Su Xing resisted with great difficulty the blood bubbling in his throat. Nevertheless, though he did not intend to destroy his opponent’s artifact, he was still happy. His own Nebula Magic Weapons were also cut down by the Corrupting Spirit Banner. The spiritual power on the sword was completely gone, its light dim, just like it was destroyed.

“Apparently, the skill of you who could contract the Skilful Star is not small??!!” The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon showed an evil grin. He did not anticipate by far that this mere Nebula Late Stage Star Master could surprisingly destroy his Supreme Grade Artifact. Although he had also destroyed one of the opponent’s Nebula Magic Weapons, in the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon’s eyes, this simply was not worth mention.

The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon was also aware of Su Xing’s plan. Now, between the two Star Masters, this had seemingly become the pivotal point, however, the Holy Lord of Draconic Demon was far unlike that task of confronting a great enemy like Su Xing was. His expression grim, Su Xing was but the Skilful Star’s contractor, nothing more. Regarding his cultivation that fell short of his own, his Star Energy that fell short of his own, The Holy Lord of Draconic Demon also believed that his own artifacts and abilities far surpassed his opponent’s. Besides, for him to lose when he had two Star Generals was an utter joke.

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