Chapter 147: That Song For The Dead, She Is Softly Singing

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“And that sister?” Xiao’er winked.

Su Xing knew she was referring to Lin Yingmei, “There were some things she needed to do, so she isn’t here for the time being.”

Xiao’er’s eyes slightly widened, incredulous as she looked at Su Xing: “You unexpectedly do not put her at your side? You truly are an interesting Star Master.” This was actually the first time she had heard of a Star Master allowing his Star General to independently leave, “Xiao’er did not expect that you would surprisingly sign Yan Qing. Truly, truly admirable. Have you interest in telling Elder Sister the inside story? It must be very interesting, hee, hee.”

Su Xing helplessly looked at her, “More like my little sister.”

“You surprisingly want to let Xiao’er be your little sister?” Xiao’er’s eyes again widened, “Within the Liangshan Maiden, Xiao’er is indeed big enough to be the Elder Sister.”

”You may follow the ranking order of your sisters, but in my eyes, you are still a little girl.” Su Xing chuckled.

“You want to let Xiao’er act as your little sister? You certainly are bold. No wonder you could sign Lin Chong.” Xiao’er covered her mouth, carrying a sort of disapproving smile: “However, Xiao’er is afraid you will not be able to enjoy that.”

Just as Su Xing wanted to speak.

The Wu Song to the side coldly interrupted to ask: “Xiao’er, what are you and he chatting about? We should leave.”

“Oh.” Xiao’er turned her head, “Little Sister Wu Song, Elder Sister suddenly had an idea. How about we let Su Xing go together with us to plunder the Purple Rose Grade Birth Outline?”

Su Xing said, “Hey!”

“Su Xing?” Wu Song pursed her thin red lips. Her expression was tranquil yet cold: “Your Servant shall not collaborate with a Star Master.”1

“But he is not an ordinary Star Master, though?” Xiao’er meaningfully said.

Wu Song clearly did not care for the profundity in Xiao’er’s words. Having the Harm Star Pilgrim join hands with a Star Master, this was something that would not happen in even a dream.

“Alright.” Xiao’er helplessly replied. It was an arbitrary question, anyways, and in the end, she kindly whispered a warning to Su Xing: “Wu Song is but a tigress. Do you know what Xiao’er means?”

“En. If she finds out I am that person…what will happen?” Su Xing felt this was a thorny problem. That White and Black Unicorn Tiger looked to be actually exceedingly swift and fierce. A Sixth or Seventh Rank Demon Beast would not provide Su Xing such great courage.

Star Beast?

Neither did he know what the history of this was.

“She will kill you. Without the slightest hesitation.” Xiao’er very seriously replied.

Su Xing naturally knew that he currently was not an opponent for the cool and elegant woman before him. Just that White and Black Unicorn Tiger was very difficult to settle. “Why didn’t you expose me?”

“Lin Chong is not by your side, and neither does exposing you have any sense. Let alone…” Xiao’er’s words changed the topic, mysteriously smiling: “The Star Master that could sign Lin Chong is the first in a millennium. Xiao’er always would have some expectations.”

Giggling, Xiao’er rose high into the air and fell onto the white tiger.

Wu Song’s jade brows slightly creased: “What did you and he speak about? How are you two so close?”

“Is Little Sister jealous?” Xiao’er teased.

Wu Song icily glanced at her, holding disdain for her humor. Finally, she glanced at Su Xing, only then did she pat the white tiger. The White and Black Unicorn Tiger’s figure escaped. Like a streak of white light, it suddenly disappeared in front of his eyes, no longer wanting the previously mentioned Heavenly Spirit Grade Chest.

Su Xing already knew from a glance that many cultivators were rushing here. No longer staying, he rode a sword and flew back towards Flaming Eastern Island.

Wu Song. It seems she is a very dangerous woman.

Su Xing thought.

Su Xing did not hastily enter the sect. The River Dragon Li Jun and Fan Rui’s slashing weapons left his whole body bruised all over. Although these were all superficial wounds, if someone from the sect found out, this would not be easy to explain. Su Xing found a corner to first stop his bleeding, and then he used Star Energy to briefly stabilize himself. Changing into a new set of robes, only until he looked to be in his normal good health did he return to the Four Styles School.

“Little Yi, do you want to return to the Immortal’s Abode and let Suwen help examine you?” Su Xing asked with concern as he walked towards the Bamboo House.

“No need to make Little Sister Suwen worried.” Yan Yizhen’s tone was indifferent yet showed a trace of seriousness.

Su Xing agreed, for he did not want to make An Suwen worried either; this Birth Outline Plundering the Birth Outline this time certainly scared the cold sweat out of him. He did not expect that a place as remote as the Flaming Eastern Island would attract such a powerful Star Master. Just a tiny bit more, and they would have met with failure. That Galaxy Sword Chant was still to important, and battling with a Star Master that possessed a Sword Chant without having one himself was simply the difference between Heaven and Earth.

He needed to think of a solution in order to make things work.

Inside the Bamboo House, Tang Lianxin was still researching every kind of tool refinement path. Su Xing greeted her and went to the hot spring first so as to avoid bumping into the girl. Tang Lianxin nodded, her expression somewhat odd as she gazed at Su Xing.

Soaking his whole body in the hot spring, the hot water flowed past his wounds, and a burst of pain flashed once more. Afterwards, it settled down. The bones of his entire body seemingly had all shattered, and at this time, relaxing was indeed exceedingly comfortable.

Su Xing recalled the Heavenly Spirit Grade Chest and took it out. Opening it, this robbing and killing for the Birth Outline could be said to be a disastrous loss. Two Nebula Magic Weapons were completely destroyed, and the most important was that the “Devil Suppressing Stele” and “Profound Star Barrier” that accumulated Star Energy with so much difficulty had again lost their Star Energies. Su Xing originally took these two Magic Weapons, especially the Profound Star Barrier, as his most important counterweights he would rely on for the Purple Rose Birth Outline. Now, it looked that he would have to again think of something else.

This Heavenly Spirit Chest was a few essence stones, ore and sands, “Thread Empty Quicksilver”2 and “Mixed Sea Sand,”3 which shone before Su Xing. Although he could be said to have stayed in the Four Styles School for no more than a couple months, he had learned much about tool refinement. If these two kinds of ore were paired up with the Blooming Water Divine Thunder, he would happen to be able to forge a kind of entirely new bullet. Su Xing’s Silver Blade was not used at all ever since the Thunder Fire Bullets were completely depleted. Now, it seemed there was still a need to persist with his work on bullets.

Besides these two, Su Xing was again pleasantly surprised to discover Daybreak Frost and Snow Essence. With this, the six pieces of Daybreak Frost and Snow Essence Lin Xingmei needed to advance to a Two Star Destined Weapon was only off by one piece. Having seen Wu Song’s Two Star Destined Weapon, Su Xing was also considering letting Lin Yingmei greatly advance the Arctic Star Serpent Spear. This way, even if they encountered Wu Song someday in the future, they would have a chance.

“Little Yi, what is your Two Star Destined Weapon still missing?”

“It needs three pieces each of Roasting Yang Stone4 and Yin Cold Jade.5 Slave Servant already has one piece of Roasting Yang Stone.” Little Yi replied.

Su Xing heard these things were also precious items. Heavenly Stars’ Destined Weapon grade advancement truly was extraordinarily extravagant. Perhaps it was because if this that they would be this powerful. Reportedly, after a Destined Weapon was Five Star, even a Supervoid class Star Cultivator would not be an opponent. Beyond Seven Star, Transforming Stars of Annihilation class would have to concede defeat. Su Xing recalled the first generation’s Wu Song’s Nine Star. It truly was unimaginable what kind of power that was capable of.

“Daybreak Frost and Snow Essence reportedly exists at Ice Origin Snowy Mountain,6 but it seems there’s no more time.” Su Xing thought, finally shaking his head. To rush this when the Purple Rose Birth Outline was opening was practically too late.

“Master, if you wish to have Elder Sister Yingmei advance to Two Star during the Birth Outline, Slave Servant actually knows of a place where it perhaps can be bought.”

“Is there a market square like this?”

“En, perhaps it can be seen at the Falling Cherry Ghost Kingdom’s market.”

“That’s right, I completely forgot about the island kingdom nearby.” Su Xing nodded. The Falling Cherry Ghost Kingdom had a Sun Binding Mountain,7 and that place was an extremely cold area. Not only was it abundant in Daybreak Frost and Snow Essence and such, the Yin Cold Jade also had records of being excavated there. The Falling Cherry Ghost Kingdom was not far from Cooling Kingdom, approximately three days’ distance, and he could rush back before Wu Xinjie and the rest returned.

“Little Yi, thank you, really.” Su Xing was deeply moved.

“This does not count as anything.”

“I’m thanking you for helping me tangle up two Star Generals.” Su Xing saw Yan Yizhen go all out in using her power alone to give Su Xing space to fight.

“This is something that Slave Servant should do.” Yan Yizhen’s tone was somewhat ashamed.


The atmosphere was seemingly a bit silent, so Su Xing then shifted the mood: “Right. Little Yi, what was with that Star Beast. It looks different from a Demon Beast.”

“Master, a Star Beast is a Star General’s guardian beast, much like a Destined Star Weapon.”

“I’ve never heard Xinjie speak about this sort of thing.” Su Xing said, surprised.

Yan Yizhen said: “Perhaps it is because the time has not come. A genuine Star General has a Destined Star Weapon and a Star Beast to form a mount.”

“Genuine Star General? Then, do you have them, too?” Su Xing asked in astonishment.

“Yes. Each Star Generals has her own guardian beast.” As if she knew what Su Xing wanted to ask, Yan Yizhen continued her response: “However, only after the Third Phase Evil Smiting Hall could a Star General have the chance to obtain her Star Beast Mount.

Su Xing noted the four words “a chance only after” that Yan Yizhen said, “Is it very difficult?”

“Yes. Only after Star Masters and Star Generals obtain a Star Beast Mount during the Third Phase could they count as having genuine Star Duels, and starting from this time would Star Masters truly fight in close quarters!”

“What was going on with Wu Song’s White and Black Unicorn Tiger?” Su Xing was confused. How could that White and Black Unicorn Tiger then be Wu Song’s Star Beast Mount.

“Wu Song is a special existence. After the second phase begins, Wu Song’s Star Beast has a possibility of appearing at Jingyang Ridge, yet the Star Beasts of the other Star Generals only can appear inside Evil Smiting Hall.”

Su Xing clicked his tongue. He could not help recall the Water Margin that he read before on Earth, that universally appreciated classic plot of Wu Song defeating the tiger at Jingyang Ridge. He did not expect there would be such a repeat performance inside the Star Duels, so it was no wonder the first generation Wu Song could acquire the overlord status. At the very beginning, she possessed such a cheat that put her too far in front of the others.

“It seems I cannot continue to be lazy for this Star Duel.” Su Xing inwardly ground his teeth.

Su Xing raised his head and reclined against the hot spring, pondering over the Purple Rose Birth Outline and the things of the Star Duels just now. Suddenly, an empty noise sounded beside his ear. Su Xing subconsciously raised his brows, discovering Yan Yizhen had already appeared. The maid was still that indifferent. Her external injuries had already completely recovered, but her internal injuries perhaps still needed a very long time, “Little Yi?”

Just as Su Xing wanted her to go back to self-cultivate, suddenly, he saw Yan Yizhen serenely and unhurriedly unfasten the buttons of her maid skirt. That maid skirt quickly slid off her body, revealing the snow white dazzling body underneath. Besides her underpants,8 the girl was practically naked.

Su Xing stared blankly, forgetting to turn his head away. His tone was severe: “Little Yi, what are you doing?”

“Master, this time, Slave Servant is ashamed towards Master, and is ashamed towards Yingmei.”9 Yan Yizhen entered the hot spring, one delicate hand stroking Su Xing’s back, her tone calm yet carrying a trace of guilt: “Let Little Yi serve Master by wiping his back.”

“What you’ve done is already very good.” Su Xing shook his head. This was gratitude that evolved from the bottom of the heart. To be able to confront two incredible Star Generals, who would feel what she did was not enough. On the contrary, Su Xing only felt that he himself was not able to help her.

And this guilt of Su Xing’s was nevertheless caught onto by Yan Yizhen’s sensitivity. Su Xing immediately thought of the reason the maid would do this.

“In the event that Master has come to blame himself, this is Slave Servant’s fault!”

“Still, there’s no need for you to be like this.” Su Xing helplessly said.

“This is what Slave Servant should do.”

Yan Yizhen’s tone carried the smallest trace of softness, and a pair of delicate hands tenderly stroked along Su Xing’s back. As she softly sang, her jade peaks occasionally came into contact, revealing an entirely different kind of warmth and softness. What was strange was that Su Xing this time did not have any lustful intents. His mind was completely concerned on the girl’s crooning, her singing voice suave, her lyrics joyful.

That song of tenderness with yet unspeakable sorrow10 seemingly took Su Xing to that homeland distant as a dream, a place hidden within the depths of his soul!

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  1. Oh, baby, you say that now, but when Su Xing hooks his teeth into you…
  2. 縷空水銀
  3. 渾海砂
  4. 炙陽石
  5. 陰寒寶玉
  6. 冰原雪山
  7. 縛日山
  8. 褻褲, literally pants worn underneath, not panties, however.
  9. Not for being a lewd girl. She is feeling ashamed that she nearly failed her duty to protect Su Xing.
  10. 情殤, The sorrow from a romance that ends, whether it began or not.


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