Chapter 148: The “Healthy Star” Yu Baosi

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Cloud Brocade Mountain, Heavenly Master Ruins1

Ever since the Star Duels commenced, forbiddances that could only be broken into by the Star Crests of Star Generals had been opened. Previously, many Star Generals had already come to these ruins. Besides a few talismans, there were no valuable things at all. On this day, another three pretty girls had come to the Heavenly Master Ruins.

Inside the ruins, they exchanged the items clutched in each of the hands of two enormous statues.

On that jade plate on the largest hand of the Heavenly Master Sculpture, the jade plate suddenly opened. A talisman that released a light blue halo appeared, “Ha, ha, Sister Xinjie really deserves to be called the Resourceful Star, breaking open this complex of a mechanism.”

The girl wearing the black jumpsuit giggled.

The three were none other than Wu Xinjie, Shi Yuan and Lin Yingmei. At this time, they had been apart from Su Xing already for close to a month. Touring the Azure Dragon Territory, the ruins and tombs they had broken into were many while their harvest was also pretty good. Now, Wu Xinjie happened to plan that after they finished exploring the ruins, they would then return to Flaming Eastern Island. Not meeting for a month made Wu Xinjie quite miss him.

Wu Xinjie slightly smiled, ordering: “Be careful.”

“Watch This Young Lady’s.” Shi Yuan’s body was light as a swallow. She rose, and every sort of mechanism and trap was consecutively set off, but they were easily avoided by the Thief Star as if she was on a familiar path. In the blink of an eye, she was in front of the Heavenly Master’s Statue. Shi Yuan subtly looked it over for a bit, and confirming it was free of problems, only then did she take the talisman. In the blink of an eye, she was already back between Wu Xinjie and Lin Yingmei.

Shi Yuan then gave the talisman to Wu Xinjie.

The talisman’s paper was a light blue, its magic script splashing, revealing a mysterious light. The space faintly moved, and Wu Xinjie was hoarse, “Territory Breaking Talisman!!”2

“This is that Supreme Grade talisman that can eliminate any magic circle or forbiddance?” Shu Yuan was astonished. Quietly counting, this Supreme Grade talisman unexpectedly came with five copies, “This really is too good. This Young Lady did not expect to even obtain a Supreme Grade Talisman. Heh, heh, Su Xing definitely will be shocked.”

The final trip always counted as having a perfectly happy harvest, and Wu Xinjie rubbed her forehead.

“Hiding in a secret place, you sneak, why don’t you come out and show yourself!” Lin Yingmei turned around, abruptly speaking in a cold voice.

Wu Xinjie and Shi Yuan immediately stowed away their relaxed mood and also turned around.

“How rather perceptive.”

Within the darkness, a man and woman walked out. The man wore a black robe with armor protecting his chest. His appearance counted as rather passable, and the girl was more bright on the eyes. Draped in a blue overcoat with flame motifs on the cuffs and a long flame pattern on her riding boots, she wore a red head cover bound with a hoop, and she had a very weary pair of eyes.

The Heavenly Master Ruins had been bolstered with a Star General forbiddance, where only Star Generals and Star Masters were able to enter, so this man and woman’s identities were exposed.

The man slightly smiled, “So it was the Knowledge Star, no wonder you are so incredible. I indeed walked into great luck this time.

“Enormously bad luck?” Wu Xinjie smiled.

The man laughed out loud and looked at the three girls. Other than the noteworthy woman with the flourishing heroic spirit, the others looked to be harmless. The Knowledge Star was ranked third, but her military force was absolutely crippled. This Star Master was not afraid that Wu Xinjie could have some helpers, the so-called birds of a feather flocked together. To be able to strenuously and meticulously break the ruins’ idea, it may be assumed their strength was only so. The man said to the girl beside him: “Yuandan,3 how about it?”

“Elder Sister Wu Yong could just give us the talisman just now. You having it is a waste.” Yuandan stepped forward and said dully.

“This certainly will not do. My Young Lord is but waiting for me to return.” Wu Xinjie giggled.

“Then don’t blame Little Sister.” Yuandan raised her hand, and a silver, engraved with countless flames, flashing a single star, double-edged axe appeared in her hand.

“Mountain Cutting Double-edged Axe!4 So it turns out to be the ranked 105 Healthy Star God of the Dangerous Road, Little Sister Yu Baosi.”5 Wu Xinjie discerned the affiliation of this Destined Star Weapon. In the Earthly Stars, the God of the Dangerous Road actually was a military general with rather good military force.

The flames on Yu Yuandan’s double-edged axe circulated, and that pair of weary eyes gradually became serious.

Lin Yingmei stepped forward, waved her hand, and an ordinary spear appeared in her hand.6

The man smiled while Yu Yuandan was powerless: “Elder Sister Wu Yong’s bodyguard is actually impressive-looking but worthless, unexpectedly taking up an ordinary weapon to fight Me?”

“It is enough to defeat you!” Lin Yingmei put one foot forward, her qi like a boulder.

The God of the Dangerous Road Yu Yuandan sensed a sort of pressure, and her eyebrows lifted, unexpectedly not as relaxed as before.

“Little Sister Yuandan, you must try very hard. If this Elder Sister is angry, a spanking would certainly be very painful.” Wu Xinjie said. When Shi Yuan heard this, she laughed.

“Hmph.” Yu Yuandan immediately raised her hatchet and then went to attack.

Her silhouette dodged away, a resounding firework.

The God of the Dangerous Road was startled. Her own One Star Mountain Cutting Double-Edged Axe unexpectedly did not slash apart that spear. A Star Energy Barrier?? The God of the Dangerous Road was then stunned, discovering this spear already had a layer of Star Energy upon it. A Star General??

Yu Yuandan abruptly straightened up, her eyes shooting a swift and fierce light. Gritting her teeth, she lifted her axe up sideways and chopped.

Lin Yingmei’s spear already thrust out, launching towards the opponent like lightning. As the attack was en route, it suddenly changed direction, but it was not at all a purely abrupt change in direction. Rather, it was an arbitrary attack that followed the master’s intent. Even if a weapon such as a Destined Star Weapon was used to block, the speartip that was struck away could in a flash turn around and counterattack like a snake, simply not letting there be the slightest bit of time to gasp for breath.

The God of the Dangerous Road this time was truly breaking out in a cold sweat. The young girl’s body dodged away from this strike, and suddenly shouting without the slightest hesitation, the Mountain Cutting Double-edged Axe raised an expansive arc of light that rapidly spun like a snowflake. The axe weapon danced, and a vast stretch of red flamelike qi rays sprayed towards Lin Yingmei, seemingly an unstoppable hurricane, enveloping its prey tightly inside the flame axe edge’s shadow.

Without a doubt, it was the Healthy Star’s Yellow Rank Axe Technique.

But a Yellow Rank attack like this was incapable of halting Lin Yingmei’s pace. The girl was just like a peregrine falcon traveling to and fro in the midst of its quick attacks. Even if she was occasionally forced to a dead end of the flame axe, the spear’s accurate and swift attacks were enough to lift the siege. Regardless of how crafty the God of the Dangerous Road Yu Yuandan’s attack angle was, how frequently she changed her speed, her attacks seemingly were incapable of harming Lin Yingmei even a tiny bit. That handle was suffused with a cold light, the pike conducting a whirling dance under Lin Yingmei’s control, just like a tightly packed iron rampart. Washing away every slash the girl brandished, in the blink of an eye, that ice-cold silhouette arrived in front of her, breaking open all the gaps in her defense. The spear finally split open, but Yu Yuandan was too late to feel glad. The spear split, and Lin Yingmei directly used the short spearhead to suddenly stab, bringing an ice-cold light to Yu Yuandan’s eyes.

“Which Elder Sister are you?” Yu Yuandan asked, overwhelmed with shock.

Lin Yingmei did not reply.

When the master of the God of the Dangerous Road saw this, he hastily wanted to back her up.

But just at this time, Lin Yingmei’s figure fled, appearing in front of him like an illusion. A chilly to the bone nip in the air penetrated into his marrow. Immediately, this man gave up all hope.

“Don’t!!!” Yu Yuandan yelled loudly.

The spear point pressed against his throat. Lin Yingmei did not stab it through, for he was unworthy of her stabbing him.

“Next time, you will not be this fortunate.”

Lin Yingmei asserted, throwing the spear. The man’s legs then went limp.

Emerging from the Heavenly Master Ruins, Shi Yuan excitedly said: “Elder Sister Lin Yingmei is truly too cool. It’s fortunate that Su Xing had Elder Sister Yingmei come with us.” Thinking back over every kind of ruin, secret place, forbiddance and tomb they explored, it was lucky that they had Lin Yingmei protect them. Otherwise, they truly did not dare imagine they would have this much success.

“We had better quickly return.” Lin Yingmei gazed at the horizon. The emotions in her eyes had a trace of undulation.

“Does Elder Sister Yingmei miss Su Xing?” Shi Yuan laughed into her sleeve.

Lin Yingmei said: “We are Young Master’s Star Generals. This should be so.”

Shi Yuan stared blankly, stopped and left speechless by Lin Yingmei’s words.

Wu Xinjie laughed: “Yingmei, we indeed have troubled you, making you unable to stay at the Young Lord’s side.”

Lin Yingmei lightly shook her head.

“However, before we return, there is still one thing we need to do.” Wu Xinjie gazed at the distant Maiden Mountain, seeing that the purple light on the mountain had already begun to sparkle. The Birth Outline’s final Purple Rose Birth Outline already was on the verge of beginning.

“Is there anything else?”

“Yuan’er, go inquire for a bit, how those Great Sects are preparing for this Purple Rose Birth Outline plunder…” Pausing, Wu Xinjie cautiously asked: “Can you do it?”

“Relax, eavesdropping for information is but the specialty of This Young Lady.” Shi Yuan patted her chest as she pledged.

“Xinjie sees that in this Purple Rose Birth Outline Plundering, perhaps the other sects have already linked together. Knowing the enemy and knowing oneself is to emerge victorious from every battle. It is still better to first investigate clearly what they will do. Yingmei, what do you feel?” Wu Xinjie said.


“Good. When we get back, let us give Young Lord a great, big surprise, heh, heh.” Shi Yuan said in excitement. “Who knows if Young Lord has broken through to Galaxy Stage or not.”

“At this time, he should be breaking through.” Wu Xinjie slowly said.

The Void Immortal’s Abode.

Like Wu Xinjie thought, at this time, Su Xing sat upright and still on the Cold Ice Bed, his whole body’s breath soft and continuous, just like flowing water. Su Xing had already maintained this movement now for three days.

A fidgety An Suwen was nearby, her hands grasping the hem of her jacket, restless.

It was the always steady and indifferent Yan Yizhen that could not help but slightly wrinkle her brow: “An Suwen, your pill must have usefulness?”

An Suwen nodded, “It surely is useful. Suwen has already clearly understood the workings of Big Brother’s Star Energy when breaking through to Galaxy Stage. There is no mistake. An Suwen has already prescribed the right medicine with these pills.” When she said that she understood clearly, An Suwen’s charming face turned red.

“Why is your face red?” Yan Yizhen asked.

“It’s nothing.” An Suwen turned away her gaze, her voice very quiet.

Yan Yizhen did not care. Her gaze was completely placed upon Su Xing.

They saw that the air surrounding Su Xing already was slowly circulating. Furthermore, it was even more and more, and after a long time, Su Xing opened his eyes. His face was tranquil.

“Big Brother, you must have succeeded?” An Suwen asked.

Su Xing anxiously looked at An Suwen.

An Suwen was stunned. She sighed: “Little Sister is incompetent…”

“I succeeded, Little Sister, all thanks to you.” Su Xing softly pinched her cheeks.


“Of course,” Su Xing nodded. The Nebula energy inside his body was already like river water, flowing past his entire body’s channels. This was the characteristic of a Galaxy Stage Cultivator, where Star Energy became a river.

Because An Suwen changed from sorrow to joy, she rebuked him: “Big Brother, Little Sister almost was scared to death by you.”

Su Xing laughed out loud.

Yan Yizhen could not help but let loose a mouthful of air.

“Look at the time. Xinjie and the others are about to return.” An Suwen said.

“Then before this, we have to give them a surprise.”

“What plan does Big Brother have?” An Suwen blinked.

“We’ll go to Falling Blossoms Ghost Kingdom to see whether or not we can help Yingmei by obtaining the last piece of Daybreak Frost and Snow Essence.”

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  1.  雲錦山,天師遺跡
  2. 破界符
  3. 元丹
  4. 開山雙刃斧
  5. 地健星險道神鬱保四
  6. There we have it. Lin Yingmei somehow really does have two spears, one which is her Star Weapon, and the other for incognito stuff.


  1. Thx 4 the ddb Chs!

    Cute prank at the end. Poor Suwen… DDDAAAWWWW!!!!

    Ah, “Why is your face red?” An Suen asked… should be Yan Yizhen, yeah?

  2. Weren’t Star Maidens supposed to not be able to use ANY weapon besides their, umm… “Destined” Weapon? I’d understand if it was an Astral treasure (which was said to be usable by them), but it was a mf ordinary spear. Did I miss something or is there an exceptions clause or whatnot?

    1. They can use ordinary weapons as part of a disguise. They just can’t use artifacts from cultivators, IIRC. Astral Treasures are the exception.

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