Chapter 150: The Daoist Cang Jing And Daybreak Frost And Snow Essence

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Extreme Ice Holy Palace? One of the Azure Dragon Territory’s three palaces. To have this sort of friendship, Su Xing actually felt that this was exactly what he was looking for, and he did not mind whether or not he could help her in the future. He said: “Miss Diao Yu, then you’ll tell me now?”

“This is only natural.” Diao Yu slightly smiled. “On the southwest corner of this Earthly Treasure Street is a ‘Grass Storage Shop.’ Inside is a Senior Cang Jing. He is also a tool refinement Great Master, and for all his life, he was fond of collecting every kind of precious ore. However, he has never received a customer. Only stores that have a good relationship with him can make recommendations. If the Arctic type ore that Young Lord Su Xing wants is not in This Store, in the entire Kagoshima Market Square, the only other who could have some is his place.”

“Then, many thanks.” Su Xing bowed his head.

“Diao Yu can only help recommend you. As far as whether or not you can purchase it, that depends on Young Lord.” Diao Yu said, taking out a warrant talisman and handing it over to Su Xing.

When he came out of the South Kingdom Arctic Wind Store,1 Su Xing then went to find the place that she pointed out. By the time he departed, another blue clothed girl inside the store stepped forward and was confused, saying, “Senior Sister Diao Yu, why did you send him the Ice Kite Arctic Stone as a gift? He is only Ju Yueke’s disciple, not the person herself.” That woman thought over it but could not understand. If she had made friends with Ju Yueke herself, then it would not be anything, but gifting her disciple is rather somewhat extravagant. In addition, she felt it was nevertheless difficult to say whether or not Su Xing was Ju Yueke’s disciple, seeing as how his features were elegant and distinguished. Holding a beauty in his left and hugging another in his right, it truly was not the manner of a tool refinement master.

Diao Yu smiled: “Junior Sister, you just do not understand this. Do you know how I discerned that the Ice Kite Arctic Stone had been affected by a trick?”

“That is because Senior Sister’s insight is sharp. Otherwise, why would the Headmaster hand Kagoshima’s South Kingdom Arctic Wind to Senior Sister Diao Yu.” The woman complimented her.

“Wrong. I did not see a gap at all!” Diao Yu shook her head.

“Ah?” The woman showed a bit of astonishment.

“I only verified it had been inspected before when I held the Ice Kite Arctic Stone, but when it was in that man’s hand, a blemish appeared in the blink of an eye…I am confident that I did not see wrongly, so he must have used some method. However, to be able to restrain the Ice Kite Arctic Stone’s Arctic Qi in a split second, only the Heavenly Water Heart Flame is capable of that…Diao Xiu,2 do you understand my meaning?”

That woman named Diao Xiu suddenly understood. To be able to do this pace in the blink of an eye and even fool her Senior Sister’s vision, this type of person indeed was hard to imagine. “I did not think that the Four Styles School would unexpectedly have this sort of incredible tool refinement master. It seems that Emperor Liang’s blockade is not tight enough.”

“That is their business. Using a piece of Ice Kite Arctic Stone to make friends with this person is always not a bad thing.” Diao Yu smiled. Those tool refinement scholars, you could give them ten pieces of Ice Kite Arctic Stone and they still would not necessarily put it in their eyes, but as far as the tool refinement master that had only set out without showing any indications, one piece was sufficient to make them engrave him into their memories.

“He seems to only have become Galaxy Early Stage not long ago. I wonder what jade and stone he wants to buy that even we do not sell. Could it be that he wants to give those ores to a Star General to advance the rank of her Star Weapon?” Diao Xiu smiled.

“What does that concern us. Back to work.” Diao Yu objected.

The “Grass Storage Shop”3 that Diao Yu spoke of was in a corner between two splendid and large stores. The store did not seem to be lofty, expansive or showing itself off like the others. On the contrary, its terrain was lower, with stairs leading downwards. A board of plant ash was dull and colorless. If one did not look at it carefully, it would actually be very easy to neglect this Grass Storage Shop.

“This shop is really eccentric.” An Suwen was very bewildered. She had run a business before, so naturally she did not understand how anyone would build a store to be this low profile. How could a customer drop in like this.

“Perhaps he simply does not want to do any sort of business.” Su Xing hinted. Outside the Grass Storage Shop was a forbiddance that simply did not allow people to enter. This store showed increasingly such a low profile and oddness, which made Su Xing increasingly confident. He took out the warrant talisman, and throwing it, its script turned into flames, shooting in. Not long afterwards, the forbiddance opened, and Su Xing’s group walked in.

Compared to the store’s nondescript appearance, the store’s interior was much more dazzling.

Upon the shelves, Essence Steel and weapons were all nearly arranged, with the Essence Steel leaking light in all directions. The natural qi it had was penetrating, and all were some extremely precious ores. In addition, the weapons glittered with a bright light. Untainted by even a speck of dust, their cutting edges were swift and fierce. With a look, one could tell these were first-rate artifacts.

“Senior Cang Jing, could it be that you are unwilling to sell it for four hundred million liang of gold? This is my highest price, and the Daybreak Frost and Snow Essence’s market price is three hundred million at maximum…if you still do not like this, then does this Galaxy Stage Artifact ‘Origin Heaven Wheel’4 not sway you? This Law Wheel5 is but something that came from the Western Regions and is considered an odd item. Don’t tell me that Senior would still not exchange the Daybreak Frost and Snow Essence like this?”

Su Xing entered the room and heard a voice.

He saw a youth wearing a magnificent green robe, shaking a white fan. Behind him were two intrepidly cold people following him along. His Essence Qi was reserved, his forehead full, his temples large. Unexpectedly, it was a Martial Practictioner Star Cultivator.6

The so-called Martial Practicioner Star Cultivators specialized in training their bones and muscle, unlike those Star Cultivators that used Star Energy, but their martial arts achievements were very good. Simply put, Martial Cultivators were analogous to Star Generals, but without any Star Energy for support and that there were more Star Generals. This youth directly faced and patiently persuaded an elder immersed in tempering. Hearing that he also wanted Daybreak Frost and Snow Essence, Su Xing could not help size him up a bit more. His cultivation was Galaxy Early Stage, but those two bodyguards had attained Galaxy Middle Stage.

“If Senior Cang Jing is unwilling with this and dissatisfied with that, it cannot be helped that this has forced me to drastic measures.” Seeing that he was unable to convince the old man, the youth was somewhat indignant.

“I do not value this sort of thing.”

The old man raised his head. His eyes were ordinary and mediocre, yet they had a kind of courage.

“And what business do you have?” The elder then turned his gaze to look at Su Xing and the others.

Seeing that people had entered, that youth said nothing more. Seeing that Su Xing and his two maids were slightly startled, he again looked at Su Xing’s seemingly impressive yet worthless appearance with some pity.

Su Xing stared at that youth without replying.

The youth smiled: “Could it be that this Daoist Brother fears that I will spy on you.”

“It is not this that I fear, but I fear that one slip may cause someone everlasting sorrow.”7 Su Xing smiled and said.

The two martial practitioner bodyguards were somewhat annoyed, and the youth narrowed his eyes, saying: “These words Ruojin8 shall keep them in mind.”

Seeing that he did not intend to leave, Su Xing did not mind him any more. He bowed his head: “This is Senior Cang Jing?”

“You are the one Diao Yu introduced? I heard you are a genius tool refinement master?” The old man’s attitude was very mild, calling out to Su Xing to sit down.

“You flatter me.”

The Daoist Cang Jing said: “And what do you wish to purchase?”

“This one beneath you wants to purchase Daybreak Frost and Snow Essence!” Su Xing said. With these words, that Ruojin youth to the side was stumped, gazing at Su Xing with a full guard.

“Ha, ha, it seems this piece of Daybreak Frost and Snow Essence of This Old Man’s truly is wanted by many?” The Daoist Cang Jing leisurely said.

“Putting it that way, Senior does have it?” Su Xing chuckled.

“Senior, this is but what This Youth came for it first.” Ruojin worred.

“What first or not first. Should you be able to obtain what This Old Man wants, then This Old Man shall give it to you.” The Daoist Cang Jing was resolute.

Ruojin clearly knew the rules, yet his complexion was nevertheless unsightly.

“What does Senior want?” Su Xing saw that four hundred million liang of gold was not valuable, so it seemed his own Cloud Patterned Dipper Silver and Extreme Winding Essence Gold perhaps had no chance.

“This store is named Grass Storage, meaning storehouse! This Old Man is fond of gathering Liangshan’s bizarre things. If you want to exchange from This Old Man this Daybreak Frost and Snow Essence, that is not a problem. Bring some peculiar items to exchange.” The Daoist Cang Jing chuckled.

Su Xing’s brows slightly wrinkled. This elder’s request was indeed odd, rare things. It may be assumed that his identity as a tool refinement great master had some rare items that had never been seen before. Seeing Su Xing crease his brow, Ruojin then smiled: “By Senior’s experience, what things hasn’t he seen. This rare item is too difficult for people?”

“If you do not have any, then do not waste This Old Man’s time. This Old Man likes this piece of Daybreak Frost and Snow Essence.” The Daoist Cang Jing was annoyed.

Su Xing’s eyes rolled, “Then, how can something count as bizarre?”

“As long as This Old Man has never seen it before, it will do.” The Daoist Cang Jing affirmed.

“Then Junior has something of the sort to let Senior examine.” Su Xing smiled.

“Oh?” The Daoist Cang Jing showed curiosity.

Then, Su Xing waved his hand, and upon the table, a sword edge with its whole body pitch-black and carved with talisman script suddenly appeared. Originally, the Daoist Cang Jing who had anticipation suddenly showed dissatisfaction. The youth to the side sneered: “A Nebula Late Stage magic sword, what is odd about this.”

“Senior, what do you feel this sword is used for?” Su Xing smiled but did not reply.

“It can attack, it can guard, it can rise!” The Daoist Cang Jing wrinkled his brow. “Attacking, it can kill foes. Guarding, it can break arrays. Rising, it can fly.”

“Could it be that Senior cannot think of anything else?” Su Xing said. Seeing that he was showing some mystery, the Daoist Cang Jing restored his sternness. “What, could it be that this sword of yours can still do other things?”

“Exactly. This sword cannot kill foes, it cannot break arrays, and it is incapable of flight.”


The Daoist Cang Jing and Ruojin were shaken.

“Could it be only a decorative sword?”

Su Xing again did not reply. Rising up and walking out ten paces, he immediately raised the sword. The Daoist Cang Jing was currently curious, and he suddenly saw the table pile with layer upon layer of shadows, seemingly becoming countless phantoms that surrounded him. The Daoist Cang Jing wanted to walk but unexpectedly found he could not take one step, as if space had already been sealed.

This sword was precisely the “Devil Sealing Sword!”9

This time, the Daoist Cang Jing stared in awe.

Su Xing stowed the Devil Sealing Sword away.

The Daoist Cang Jing said curiously: “This sword surprisingly has this sort of mysterious ability? Was it you who refined it?”

“It was a friend who presented it as a gift to this one beneath you.” Su Xing spoke forthrightly.

“Where is that friend of yours?”

Su Xing did not know if Wu Tie would want to make public his identity. Immediately, he elaborated, and the Daoist Cang Jing clicked his tongue, feeling it was a pity. Gazing at Su Xing, his expression had changed from its previous disapproval. In his heart, to be able to forge this sword, the tool refinement master was too talented. Unexpectedly refining the sword into a “seal” and gifting it to Su Xing, he explained that the youth before him also had achievements in tool refinement.

“How about it? How does Senior feel about it?” Su Xing chuckled. Right now, he more or less could refine it, so sending it out was no matter.

“This sword only seals, so its price seems to be five million liang of gold at maximum. To exchange for a Daybreak Frost and Snow Essence valued at four hundred million, you think that Senior Cang Jing has the blurry sight of an old man?” Ruojin grit his teeth, immediately blurting out.

“Was it not this Elder Senior who said that using a bizarre object to exchange would work? Now that you have seen it, do you not want to exchange?” An Suwen covered her smile. “As expected, you are a wily old fox.”

“Little Sister, cease your impudence.” Su Xing insincerely reprimanded her.

Senior Cang Jing glanced at An Suwen, clearly somewhat annoyed.

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  1. 南國寒風店, suddenly, the name of the store has changed from last chapter…
  2. 刁秀
  3. 草臧店
  4. 元天輪
  5. 法輪,  sometimes referred to as Eternal Wheel of Life
  6.  武修星者
  7. 一失足成千古恨
  8. 若錦
  9. Previously Magic Sealing Sword. Again, context clues have made it apparent it is Devil, and not Magic.


  1. Just call it Magic Sealing Sword lol

    Whether it be devils or humans, those that use magic will be sealed, right?? Or is it only specific towards devils even without magic??

    1. Just accuracy purposes. The connotation is that it is a tool used against Evil, like the Devil Suppressing Stele.

    1. Well, this seems pretty normal to me. I’ve been with many different groups, and there has always been some sort of overly prideful person, without exception. That and the fact this guy has nearly a billion in gold should be a hint this guy doesn’t typically play nice. Maybe Su Xing and I have bad luck?

      1. I mean, a part of the reason that it is a commonly seen character type in stories, is that it is a common character type in RL as well, as unfortunate as that is. Really, really unfortunate…..

  2. Thx 4 the Ch!

    Heh, I was wondering if he’d ever pull that sword out again… it truly is a novel thing!

    And Suwen is quite the naughty girl there… freaking cute!

  3. I thought for sure he’d take the gun out and promise to refine a similar one, but I remembered the narrator mentioning something about firearms (in some capacity) existing in Liangshan, so idk. Narrator seems kinda flakey and unreliable, tbh.

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