Chapter 151: A Weapon That Could Not Possibly Appear In Liangshan

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Seeing that the Daoist Cang Jing was unsettled and wavering, Su Xing said: “If Senior does not wish to exchange, there is no problem. This one beneath you can understand. Liangshan’s great and eccentric items are more and more emergent. Even if it was Senior, you could not possibly have seen everything. In the future, speaking cautiously will do.”

Hearing these words, Ruojin was extremely angry. How could he not hear the needle hidden in the silk of Su Xing’s words. What understanding was that, it was clearly mockery. As far as this virtuous, prestigious and arrogant tool refinement great master was concerned, how could he lose face.

“Senior Cang Jing, this sword is only a cheap trick, not something that counts as odd.” Ruojin promptly said.

The Daoist Cang Jing waved his hand, hinting at him to say no more. Deeply sighing, “This Old Man did not correctly guess this sword’s capabilities, so naturally, This Old Man admits that it is a rare item. This Old Man also is indeed fond of it, but a solely ‘sealing’ type artifact or magic weapon in Liangshan is not extraordinary. Using it on a sword is something clever to get what you want, as he says. How about this, then. If you can find another thing that This Old Man has similarly never seen before, then This Old Man will not object.

Without mentioning that An Suwen was somewhat dissatisfied, feeling that he was finding an excuse, even Yan Yizhen wrinkled her brow. The maid would rather use martial force to teach an untrustworthy person a lesson.

The Daoist Cang Jing’s refusal was actually within Su Xing’s expectations, and he only indifferently said: “This one beneath you actually has a similarly peculiar item. Senior absolutely has not seen it before, however, it seems that Senior does not sincerely want to exchange and merely wants to use this as a pretext to experience treats for the eyes. This one beneath you withdraws.” Saying this, Su Xing then rose to leave.

“Wait!” The Daoist Cang Jing promptly shouted. Should Su Xing truly leave, his reputation would be completely ruined. “If it truly is a peculiar item, This Old Man shall exchange with you.”

“This one beneath you has never planned to exchange this at all.” Su Xing turned, slightly smiling.

“Senior Cang Jing, what good thing could he have. He must be fooling you.” Ruojin immediately said.

“If it truly is something This Old Man has never seen before, then This Old Man does not want your things but will gift the Daybreak Frost and Snow Essence to you. How about it?” The Daoist Cang Jing’s words were within Su Xing’s expectations once more. Such a prideful and arrogant tool refinement great master as he would certainly not be resigned to this, so opening this sort of condition was reasonable.

“Then Junior will believe in Senior for once.” Su Xing nodded. From his Astral Bag flew out something sparkling with a bright silver light. It could be held in the hand, seemingly a sword yet not a sword, shaped extremely oddly. This naturally was Silver Blade.

The Daoist Cang Jing felt it up. Searching inside with his Divine Intent, he showed a shocked expression. He had thought himself experienced and knowledgeable, with much self-confidence on tool refinement, but the strange structure of the Silver Blade that Su Xing brought out was unprecedented. Even he had never seen anything like those dazzling components. Furthermore, the interior had some mechanisms that were even more fantastic. The Daoist Cang Jing knew with a look that was something that Liangshan could not possibly forge.

With regards to his shock, this was again within Su Xing’s expectations. Although Liangshan Continent’s tool refinement was superb, Silver Blade was built with a few industrial arts using modern super accurate machinery. In particular, this Silver Blade was specially manufactured with some mixed elements and materials that were simply impossible to appear in Liangshan.

“This sort of thing is only shaped strangely?” Ruojin did not accept this.

Su Xing took out a few bullets he had manufactured beforehand, and he loaded them into the magazine afterwards. Handing it over to the Daoist Cang Jing: “Senior, what kind of rank do you think this weapon is categorized as.

“This Old Man is unsure…” The Daoist Cang Jing shook his head. The handgun did not have any magic energy, nor was an amulet or magic seal engraved upon it. In short, of the characteristics an artifact should have had, it did not have a single one. On first glance, it was ordinary without any oddities. It was that sort of only a simple decoration as Ruojin said, but the internal structure was clearly terrifyingly precise.

Seeing Su Xing load conical iron bullets inside, the Daoist Cang Jing wrinkled his brow.

“Senior, try pulling the trigger.” Su Xing said.

“Trigger?” The Daoist Cang Jing was confused.

“It’s this.” Su Xing pointed.


The bullet left the barrel.

It whizzed, seemingly breaking the air.

Unexpectedly, it was far more powerful than those conical projectiles.

“Could this be a firearm?” The Daoist Cang Jing said in shock. Liangshan had firearms, but whether it be shape or this kind of weapon structure, it was completely different. Furthermore, they could not possibly have such speed.

“It is whatever Senior feels it is.” Su Xing stowed Silver Blade away.

The Daoist Cang Jing mockingly smiled.

“From Elder Senior’s shock just then to now, it may be assumed that you have never seen it before?” An Suwen thought he was about to renege again. She could not help wrinkling her brow, her tone resentful.

“If I may ask, I wonder where this thing came from?” The Daoist Cang Jing seriously said.

“I found it in a ruin.”

“As expected, it is this. This type of mysterious thing can only appear in ancient prehistoric ruins.” The Daoist Cang Jing exclaimed.

“Ah, Senior, you are not actually thinking of using four hundred million liang of gold to exchange for five million liang?” Ruojin was about to go mad.

“To be able to see such a supernaturally fine thing, do not tell me it is four hundred million. It may as well be worth forty billion.” The Daoist Cang Jing was resolute.

Su Xing thought, He is indeed a wily old fox. Now, he’s actually saying some pretty words.

“Little Brother is a god as expected. This Old Man is won over, so this Daybreak Frost and Snow shall be gifted to you.” The Daoist Cang Jing waved his hand, and a piece of white, sharply shining stone that was like snow yet unlike it appeared. It was the Daybreak Frost and Snow Essence Su Xing needed. Su Xing’s heart was content, and he received the Daybreak Frost and Snow Essence without hesitation. The eyes of the Ruojin watching from the side were red.

“This Old Man no longer wants that sword either. As long as Little Brother informs This Old Man how it is refined?” The Daoist Cang Jing cupped his fist this time. Within the veins of a tool refinement master, asking for instruction from subordinates was not at all a shameful matter.

Su Xing nodded. The Devil Sealing Sword was not that exceptional anyways.


“Senior, you truly are mad. You do not want Ruojin’s four hundred million liang, yet unexpectedly because of these spare pieces of scrap…” Ruojin blurted out.

“You may leave now.” The Daoist Cang Jing’s tone was ice-cold.

Ruojin was unsightly. Ruthlessly glaring at Su Xing, he then angrily left.

When he left, the Daoist Cang Jing kindly warned: “This Li Ruojin1 is the son of one of the Azure Dragon Territory’s aristocratic families. Now that you have taken the Daybreak Frost and Snow Essence, you must take note of him.”

“A single slip may cause everlasting sorrow. We’ll just have to see what he will go choose.” Su Xing said disdainfully.

The Daoist Cang Jing’s eyelids jumped: “What Diao Yu said was true. Little Brother is sure enough a distinguished genius. Your future prospects certainly have no bounds, so This Old Man has here a ‘Tool Refinement Program’2 that Little Brother can take away to analyze if you have interest.”

“Then thanks to Senior.” Su Xing cupped his hands. This Daoist Cang Jing’s qualifications were ample, and by means of his wandering the four seas, he made friends with and understood the perspectives of every large sect. His accumulated experience was evidently very helpful, for tool refinement masters were just this way. If he wanted to constantly improve, to walk down a few less winding roads, the lifetime of experiences of a tool refinement master were extremely helpful. The Wu Tie from that time was only an average tool refinement master, yet his life experiences brought Su Xing the greatest conveniences. These Great Masters’ experiences would certainly be recognized with a thought.

When he came out of the Grass Storage Shop, the Daoist Cang Jing’s deferential attitude made Su Xing feel embarrassed.

“I never expected to obtain the final piece of Daybreak Frost and Snow Essence this easily.” Su Xing’s present mood was in fairly high spirits.

However, there were people who were bound to not let Su Xing pass with such relaxation.

Li Ruojin had waited outside for a long time, and he barred Su Xing’s way.

Yan Yizhen put herself in front.

Su Xing patted the maid’s shoulder, notifying Little Yi to fall back to the side. Su Xing smiled. “Does Fellow wish to rob me?” He was not worried. If his opponent truly had wicked intentions, Su Xing did not mind getting rid of an evil for the people.

Li Ruojin’s expression fluctuated between fine and evil. He harrumphed: “How could This Young Lord do that sort of base thing as looting. This Fellow used those cheap trick items to obtain the Daybreak Frost and Snow Essence, which Ruojin finds admirable. How about selling that piece of Daybreak Frost and Snow Essence to Your Servant? Four hundred million apiece is not low!”

“Do you feel I will agree?” Su Xing asked in turn.

Li Ruojin was somewhat unsightly, “Does Fellow not fear scalding his hand holding this kind of precious thing?”

“What say you?” Su Xing thoughtfully asked, smiling.

Li Ruojin had no words to say. From the outfit on Su Xing‘s body, he naturally knew his counterpart’s background was not low. Although he was Galaxy Early Stage, looking at that cold and detached maid, her martial force had an appearance out of the ordinary. Li Ruojin harrumphed, not wanting to stir up trouble over this Daybreak Frost and Snow Essence. Just as he wanted to leave, Su Xing rolled his eyes, with the crafty thought to loot a burning house: “Brother Ruojin, if you truly want it, then this one beneath you has a way.”

“What way?” Li Ruojin smiled and could not help but ask.

“Wouldn’t it be better for us to make a bet?” Su Xing said: “I’ll wager the Daybreak Frost and Snow Essence, and you wager the four hundred million liang of gold and whatever Origin Heaven Wheel artifact that was.”

“How do we gamble?”

“Let those two bodyguards of yours and my Little Yi have an unarmed battle. Whoever wins will go back.” Su Xing looked at Yan Yizhen. The maid’s face was expressionless, but she imperceptibly nodded.

“Two bodyguards against your one maid. That’s rather too arrogant.” Li Ruojin lowered his voice. His bodyguards were certainly incredible martial cultivators, and to handle a Galaxy Early Stage Cultivator, they were enough to ensure a grisly end for the counterpart if he did not use a Sword Chant. Hearing Su Xing’s words, he coldly sized up Yan Yizhen, but he could not make out anything.

Star General??

But if it was unarmed, this type of Star General was extremely few. Li Ruojin naturally was not convinced the superficial youth could contract the talented and brilliant Skilful Star.

“How about it? This will also give you a bit of enlightenment, so as to avoid you making a slip that causes everlasting sorrow.” Su Xing dully said.

Hesitating over and over again, although his counterpart made clear he was provoking him, Li Ruojin really did not believe his two martial cultivators could not take care of the opponent. He also indeed had thought of robbing and killing, and now the other party gave him an open and candid excuse. Li Ruojin did not want to miss this.

“You two go, do not show mercy.” Li Ruojin coldly said: “Beat her, one man for ten million times.”

“As you wish, Young Master!”

“Little Yi, don’t mind increasing our traveling expenses by a bit?” Su Xing said.

“Master is gentle as expected. Does Slave Servant still need to be considerate handling this type of person?” Yan Yizhen apathetically said, her tone cold as she walked forward.

The two martial practitioners assumed their stances, as if feeling that two big men bullying a woman was somewhat without face. One of them looked at his compatriot.

Yan Yizhen’s expression was indifferent, as if their figures wandered outside of her line of sight: “You two come over.”

“What an arrogant maid.” One of the bodyguards shouted. “Watch my Fierce Tiger Descends the Mountain!”3 Immediately, he rose in a leap, his two fists vigorously raising wind, with the faint hiss of wind.

The maid’s figure dodged.

That was a matter that happened in a split second.

Li Ruojin was unable to react.

That bodyguard covered his throat as he knelt where he was and vomited. Yan Yizhen slowly brushed past him.

The maid’s tone was an old well without a ripple.

“Next is you.”

The bodyguard was dumbstruck.

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  1. 李若錦
  2. 煉器綱領
  3. 猛虎下山


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