Chapter 152: Chise Sakura And The Ghost Martial Cultivator

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“This Kagoshima actually is a good place.” Su Xing praised as he held a Astral Bag in his hand. He had come to Kagoshima for only a few hours, yet his harvest was quite plentiful, even more than robbing and killing for a Birth Outline Heavenly Spirit Chest. One piece of Ice Kite Arctic Stone, one piece of Daybreak Frost And Snow Essence, as well as Li Ruojin’s double offer of four hundred million liang of gold and the Galaxy Artifact Origin Heaven Wheel.

An Suwen lightly smiled: “Sister Yizhen is truly incredible.”

“Next, let’s go see whether or not we can help Little Yi purchase what she needs to upgrade her Star Weapon.” With this much capital, Su Xing was energized.

“Slave Servant has troubled Master.” Yan Yizhen was flat as before.1

Yan Yizhen needed Roasting Yang Stone and Yin Cold Jade to upgrade to Two Star. The former could actually be regarded as easy to purchase, for he was just able to use the four hundred million Li Ruojin sent to buy two pieces of Roasting Yang Stone. The latter was more difficult. This kind of Yin Cold Jade was not an ordinary jade, rather, it was a perfect arctic jade extracted from going through a jade craftsman’s sculpting. Its value was even more expensive than Daybreak Frost and Snow Essence. Su Xing searched for half a day before he saw one at an auction, however, this type of item did not use gold for the transaction. It used magic weapons, precious stone materials, treasures, etc. Su Xing roughly estimated that piece of Yin Cold Jade’s value was one billion liang when converted to gold, which truly made Su Xing feel that money was not money.

Su Xing’s most valuable was only the Extreme Winding Essence Gold. Due to this Extreme Winding Essence Gold’s purity still not being the best, it would be approximately a hundred million liang apiece when converted to gold. This was only five hundred million, and add on the other messes, he actually could barely come up with one billion. However, the auction’s owner simply did not value the other pieces of trash, so it was bought away like this by a great cultivator.

“Little Sister, what does your Child and Mother Linked Hearts Needles need for its upgrade to Two Star.” Su Xing asked An Suwen. Turning his head, he discovered the girl had suddenly separated without a trace.

Yan Yizhen was stunned, having also not seen this.

Just as Su Xing was about to use Star Crest reaction, he suddenly saw An Suwen run out from inside an alley, carrying an extra little girl upon her chest.

“Big Brother!”

“You…what is this?” Su Xing looked at the little loli in An Suwen’s embrace, seven or eight years of age, with pink hair. She had on an elaborate skirt, and she wore a bow and a red scarf. Pink and cute, she had a pair of large, innocent and shining eyes, as if she was a doll.

“She seems to have wandered away from her family. Little Sister somewhat did not have the heart to leave her be.” An Suwen said apologetically.

Su Xing smiled. An Suwen’s identity was the Divine Physician, one of a kindly disposition. For her to do this, Su Xing was not surprised at all. “Little girl, what’s your name?” Su Xing slightly smiled and asked.

“I’m called Chise Sakura.”2 The little loli blinked, a completely unguarded mentality. He feared a lollipop was enough to lure her away, and such a small girl not becoming lost was strange. Whoever her parents were, they truly were not careful.

However, what made Su Xing curious was the words that the little loli said, which unexpectedly was the language of cherry blossoms. It was basically the same as the Japanese language from Su Xing’s previous world.

“Chise Sakura, not a bad name. What about your parents?” Su Xing asked afterwards.

An Suwen and Yan Yizhen showed shocked expressions: “Big Brother, you can understand the language of cherry blossoms?”

Su Xing naturally could.

Hearing Su Xing’s words, the little loli happily spoke up, and Su Xing more or less understood her words.

This little loli named Chise Sakura came out with Aunt Manxiang,3 however, that Manxiang woman truly was very irresponsible to let her go out first. “Let’s go back and help you look. Right, what does she look like?” Su Xing asked.

The little girl hugged An Suwen, her hand brushing past her hair: “Aunt Manxiang has pretty purple hair, very pretty eyes and is very gentle to Sakura-chan…and this place is very big…” Chiyo Sakura buried her head into An Suwen’s bosom and rubbed with all her might, making Su Xing whisper, “Fuck.”

An Suwen shot her a rebuking glance, slightly blushing, somewhat embarrassed as she looked at Su Xing.

Purple hair and a very big chest.

Her traits actually were very easy to find.

As Su Xing thought this, he walked into a remote pathway in the sea. The serene seawater slapped against the reef, and the sakura trees to the side shivered in the cold wind.

“Master. Watch out!”

Yan Yizhen suddenly tightly clenched her fists.

The group stopped their march, and several shadows pounced towards them at high speed.

“Aunt Manxiang said they are bad people.” Chise Sakura showed fear.

The newcomers were more than ten in number, wearing a fierce and toothy devil mask that would frighten children. They wore black clothes, their hands holding double sabers and the like.

“Ghost Martial Cultivators!!” An Suwen cried out in alarm.

“So it turns out these are the Falling Blossoms Ghost Kingdom’s renowned Ghost Martial Cultivators?” Su Xing nodded.

“Hand her over to us and nothing will happen to you here!” A Ghost Martial Cultivator wearing a red devil mask coldly spoke.

Su Xing knew that lost little lolis that randomly came from the road would always bring with them a string of troubles.

“So many of you to capture one little girl, are you still men?” Su Xing said.

The Ghost Martial Cultivators circled them, the edges of the saber glinting with a sharp light.

“I will say it once more, hand her over to us, and you may leave.” The red Ghost Martial Cultivator this time used his most extensive Chinese dialect to shout.

“If we do not do this?” Yan Yizhen’s vermilion eyes had a cold light. Su Xing did not even need to order the warmhearted her, and she would not hand over a girl too weak to stand in the wind into the hands of a group of queer uncles.4

“Then die!!”

The Ghost Martial Cultivator dropped these words, and seemingly like an illusion, a deep darkness shrouded Su Xing and the group’s surroundings. Starlight could not be seen and the seawater had disappeared. Even the traces of the vaguest shadows were unable to be grasped,  an expanse of the most pure darkness. The legendary Ghost Martial Cultivators would use every sort of “Ghost Arts,” and seeing it now, it was exceptional as expected.

The sounds in the darkness gathered together, and seven, eight Ghost Martial Cultivators rushed over. These Ghost Martial Cultivators’ training was natural, seemingly like a demon.

Their strange body techniques and speed continually were what cultivators most dreaded, however, Su Xing remained unmoved. He closely used Divine Intent to protect An Suwen so as to avoid any sneak attack mounted by these randomly appearing and disappearing Ghost Martial Cultivators.

And for the mission to slay these Ghost Martial Cultivators, Yan Yizhen naturally accepted without the slightest hesitation.

Two chilly weapons slashed downwards, which Yan Yizhen avoided by tilting her body. Her body was wedged between their attacks such that even her hair found it hard to pass through the danger zone, seriously a hair’s breadth.

Yan Yizhen’s bearing was skillful and dexterous. Easily straightening herself, she arrived between the two Ghost Martial Cultivators, and her left and right hands simultaneously seized their weapon hands. Her fist technique split muscle and ground bone, and before they heard two cracks, the two Ghost Martial Cultivators had let go of their weapons.

The long sabers had not yet fallen to the ground.

Yan Yizhen’s next move was an attack. Her fists waved, and one cold and one warm meandering Pisces flashed on her hands in the darkness. The fantastic power made the two Ghost Martial Cultivators’ bodies involuntarily fly backwards at ninety degrees, violently into an additional three people, and the five of them bumped each other into a single jumbled mess.

Completely not pursuing and attacking, at the time the weapons were practically fallen onto the ground, Yan Yizhen’s two hands lifted high into the sky. She turned her body to block the pincer attack slash of the Ghost Martial Cultivator’s swift sabers, splashing sparks.

The Ghost Martial Cultivators of the Falling Blossoms Gost Kingdom deserved to be described as the “demons among demons,” regardless of cultivation or sword chant, they were all entirely different from the cultivators Su Xing had previously seen. Their cultivation methods were strange, inferior and sinister. They practically moved towards a fatal area to attack, just like vipers in the darkness. Each and every attack was on the human body’s weakest joints.

Yan Yizhen felt two tremendous forces rolling towards her. Wielding sabers, there immediately was another attack.

Within the darkness, sharp fireworks revealed a sight.

A bone-chilling cold was threading together.

Two Ghost Martial Cultivator braved the yet to be extinguished fires on their bodies, resisting the pain to fight for time, using courage to make up the difference in battle strength. They wanted to inhibit Yan Yizhen.

“Ghost Kill Magic Circle!!”5

They heard a sharp yelp.

Five Ghost Martial Cultivators once again grabbed sabers and attacked. The cold light of the cutting edges instantly came over. What they were experts in were the most simple and straightforward, lethal blade kills. And this kind of style also made them possess even more excellent close quarters killing experience. They trapped Yan Yizhen within, attempting to break through Yan Yizhen’s defenses.

It was just that the one they bumped into was the Skilful Star Wanderer Yan Qing. To break through the girl’s boxing defenses, five Ghost Martial Cultivators were very far from enough.

“Chop off her arms and legs!” A Ghost Cultivator grit his teeth and loudly roared.

Falling Blossoms Martial Kingdom’s Ghost Martial Cultivators believed in demons among demons, always possessing a life pledge mentality. Although courage was worthy of respect, to think of defeating Yan Yizhen was a bit too pale. If they compared battle experience, the Yan Yizhen whose close quarters boxing power among the Liangshan Maiden’s 108 Stars was number one absolutely was entirely worthy of the title of tyrannical. She had not been trapped within the katanas for more than half a minute when her boxing became a mirage. Darkness was completely incapable of covering the girl’s sense of sound. Raising a Star Energy that was seemingly nothing, she wrapped around and trapped the fierce sabers closing in from all directions.

Yan Yizhen was calm and composed, forming a swirling cutting edge that was like a thread between her palms.

Unconsciously, every time the saber light struck, Yan Yizhen concentrated on the cutting edge of her palms, which bit into the opponent’s offensive, and the not at all incorporeal winding thread also slowly showed its purpose. Every Ghost Cultivator vaguely felt something was wrong. Their accustomed sword swing movements began to become heavy, a burden that was as if someone had tied a large stone to the tip of their blades.

With every swing, this sort of uncomfortable feeling was even more clear. The muscles on their arm was bound more and more tightly. To maintain the swing speed of their blades, they needed to exhaust the strength of every inch of muscles up and down their whole body.

“It’s Star Energy!!

“Look out!!”

The Ghost Martial Cultivators were alarmed and promptly shouted. Yan Yizhen lifted her indifferent lips into a hook, and her figure glinted instantly. Between the ups and downs of her boxing, the cutting edge shot in all directions. The Ghost Martial Cultivators spared no effort in howling loudly, yet they realized the heavy fetters pulled tight around their bodies immediately lightened greatly.

An indescribable, uneasy light feeling.

In a split second, she had firmly trapped all the Ghost Martial Cultivators’ hands. No matter how they struggled, they were incapable of breaking free from the pressure. Suddenly, it would disappear without a trace. They lost the burden, but they could not help but raise every katana high above their heads. Their two legs stood on tiptoe, as if their bodies were in a deep sea of decompression, where every part of their bodies was about to float up.

Then an irrevocable crack appeared.

The Ghost Martial Cultivators opened their eyes wide and looked at the scene unfolding before them.

Yan Yizhen had already set her palms, and a small, bloody hole sunk deeply into the stomachs of all the Ghost Martial Cultivators, as if penetrated by the five fingers of a closed fist, but those five fingers easily broke through the Ghost Martial Cultivators’ defenses. It was just like the hearts under the bloody holes were ripped apart.

“Star General!!”

At least, someone discovered this fact, but it was too late.

The darkness was stripped away, revealing a resplendent Starlight.

Yan Yizhen drew back her hands, indifferent, as if nothing had ever happened.

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  1. Her tone, not her chest, you pervs 😛
  2. 千世櫻, It could be Chiyo, but without the Japanese script, I can’t tell.
  3. 滿香
  4. 怪叔叔, AKA pedophiles.
  5. 鬼殺陣法


  1. Heh this line is too funny, specifically the bolded part.

    Their cultivation methods were strange, inferior and sinister

      1. It is less efficient/powerful, so they compensate by using vicious and damnable methods. At least I assume so. A man who trains with the best methods is usually weaker then someone who is trained with less effective methods while under the constant threat/fear of death.

  2. 滿香 would probably read “Mitsuka”.

    I’m actually surprised that the author would actually insert a sympathetic Japanese character, considering his previous description of this Japan expy. I may still be proven wrong, though.

    1. This. It’s rare to see Japan not being depicted as a barbaric place with deplorable people in a Chinese (or Korean) story xD. I for sure thought this was gonna be an “evul kingdom” type of arc.

  3. The fight was entertaining for once. I guess I’m just getting tired of the articat-throwing brawls that Azure Dragon cultivators are prone to in this novel.

    Also, purple-haired buxom Lady. Please be a Heroine.

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