Chapter 159: Together To Hell With Chai Ling

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Chai Ling’s eyes opened wide as she stared very shocked at Su Xing. Compared to that exceedingly sensual, smiling yet not carefree appearance, the current Noble Star Little Whirlwind truly was like fish meat that had reached the end of the chopping board, giving Su Xing free rein to slaughter her. It was a seemingly pitiful appearance.

That flowery fragrance on the woman’s body assailed the nostrils, a serene and beautiful attractiveness. Chai Ling brimmed with indignation, yet she did not know what she should do. Su Xing gazed at her, and seeing the resentment in her eyes, he could not help but stop smiling. After all, he did not like looking at this kiss as if it were a rape as he quickly lost his mood.

The woman’s delicate fragrance and Su Xing’s male scent lingered and mingled, and for a while, neither of the two said anything. 

Just at this moment.

A charming sentence broke this type of awkward atmosphere, even bringing relief to this mood between the two. He saw Wu Xinjie walk in giggling with Yan Yizhen following closely behind. Seeing this ambiguous position that Su Xing and Little Whirlwind Chai Jin were in, the Knowledge Star’s eyelids jumped. Smiling, she said: “Young Lord. Stop teasing Little Sister Chai Ling already!”

Su Xing heard the meaning behind Wu Xinjie’s words. He then bluntly pinched Chai Ling’s pretty cheeks, saying: “Since you are my Little Sister Chai Ling, how could I kiss you!” Saying that, he then left from her body.


Little Whirlwind Chai Ling inwardly let out a breath of air, looking at Su Xing with a gaze full of fear.

“Little Sister Chai Ling, now that you alone have seen my Young Master, do you know why Xinjie and Little Yi would serve Young Master.” Wu Xinjie said.

Chai Ling straightened out the disorderly appearance of the front of her shirt. “Milady,” Yuye passed the Golden Thread Feather Fan.

Chai Ling took the fan. Unfolding it, she covered her red lips, the movement not as graceful as before. Clearly, she was still somewhat nervous. “This Palace truly admires to the extreme. Elder Sister’s Young Master indeed is an exceptional character!” The Noble Star turned the Knowledge Star into her Elder Sister, her words carrying a trace of respect that evolved from her heart.

“Since Little Sister Chai Ling has had a test, it would be better to take the chance to discuss this matter of the Red Ink Iron Certificate.”

“Elder Sister’s man is amazing. This Palace shall lend it.” Chai Ling’s eyes rolled, and flinging her hand, a piece of jade appeared, approximately two chi long and two inches wide. The main focus of the jade piece was green colored glass, sparkling bright. It had a drifting shimmer, and around this jade piece were stars as far as the eye could see, lighting up the room with its sparkling.

“Elder Sister certainly has taken advantage of Little Sister’s person.” Looking at the Red Ink Iron Certificate, Wu Xinjie did not receive it at all.

Chai Ling raised her brows, her tone thoughtful: “Why does Elder Sister not receive it?”

“About that bet just now, Young Lord was only joking around with Little Sister. How could this Red Ink Iron Certificate be bet.” The Knowledge Star said.

The Little Whirlwind declined to comment. She looked towards Wu Xinjie with a gaze full of peculiarity.

“We had better still make a deal.” Wu Xinjie said.

“This Palace likes business deals.” Chai Ling showed a bit of cheer.

“What agreement does Little Sister want to be willing to lend the Red Ink Iron Certificate to us?” Wu Xinjie shook her head.

Chai Ling glanced at Su Xing.

“Do not speak any more of what was said previously, Xinjie cannot do that.” Wu Xinjie interrupted her words.

Chai Ling smiled: “Elder Sister is actually afraid This Palace will snatch your man. Your man is so fierce, This Palace unfortunately cannot enjoy him. Since Elder Sister Knowledge Star said so, it may be assumed a solution has already been planned out. Do not hesitate to discuss with This Palace.”

“Good.” Wu Xinjie was firm: “If you lend the Red Ink Iron Certificate to us, how about if my Young Lord helps you obtain that Star Beast?”

Chai Ling’s leisurely expression concentrated, sinking into deep thought.

Wu Xinjie was full of self-confidence, unafraid that Chai Ling’s heart would not move; Star Beasts were the guardian beasts of Star Generals. They were something every Star General was required to have. Only by possessing it could they be considered genuine Star Generals. In the case a Star Beast and Star General assembled together, they could practically laugh their way through a majority of Liangshan. Although the Noble Star Little Whirlwind Chai Ling broke away from the Star Duels because of the Red Ink Iron Certificate, no matter how her status was put, she was still a Star General. Thus, she also could obtain a Star Beast.

It was just that obtaining this Star Beast required the Third Phase Evil Smiting Hall as well as the Evil Smiting Writ. If the Noble Star wanted to obtain hers, she would have to participate in the Star Duels. In previous history, not a single Noble Star had ever obtained their Star Beast. However, it was not impossible for a Knowledge Star to obtain her Star Beast without participating in the Star Duels. She just had to go about it herself and was fine as long as she did not use the Red Ink Iron Certificate.

It sounded simple, but the problem was that only Star Generals and Star Masters could enter this Evil Smiting Hall. The Noble Star had no one to rely on, and not using the Red Ink Iron Certificate inside was unfair, so in the past always, even if the Little Whirlwind Noblewoman Wealth had Wealth Equal to a Nation’s and Contempt of Authority and Law, she never had a Star Beast. As far as a Star General was concerned, this was a lifelong regret.

“How can This Palace be convinced you will not harm This Palace?” Chai Ling said coldly.

“Young Lord wishes to change the situation of war for us sisters, not at all hoping for a fight to the death. As long as you do not become enemies with us, we naturally will not harm you. On this point, Xinjie can make a pledge to you.” Wu Xinjie made a solemn vow.

“Yan Yizhen also can guarantee it!” Yan Yizhen also said.

Su Xing nodded, too.

Chai Ling’s eyeballs turned. She indeed was beginning to stir for this Star Beast. This was a dream the eighth generation Noble Star never fulfilled. If she said she was not interested, she would be lying, “Jinzhi, Yuye, go bring that thing over.” Chai Ling said.

“Milady, could it be that you actually want to participate?” Jinzhi and Yuye anxiously shouted.

“This Palace has her own plans.” Chai Ling said coldly.

The two maids did not say anything more.

A short while afterwards, the two maids brought over a box. The inside of the box was embroidered with cloth, wrapping a black bottle gourd containing some bizarre object.

“Milady. You must think this over!”

Worry was spread all over Jinzhi and Yuye’s faces. It seemed this medicine was very frightening.

Chai Ling covered her mouth, smiling yet not: “This item is known as ‘Together To Hell’”1

“Together to Hell??”

Wu Xinjie lost her voice, and Yan Yizhen showed astonishment when she heard this. Together To Hell? The name apparently sounded not particularly lucky. Su Xing furrowed his brow and asked: “What does this thing do?”

“This is but a Legend Rank Spirit Item.” Wu Xinjie said in disbelief as she looked at Chai Ling: “You surprisingly were able to obtain even this item?”

As Su Xing thought, Together To Hell was an Immemorial Spirit Item. Legend had it that it grew at the entrance to the Nine Hells. Enriched by the nether rivers,2 a Bridge of Helplessness3 changed from the Essence Qi of sweethearts dying together. If a man and woman each ate this, then their feelings could be mutually sensitive to one another. Of course, its most unusual aspect was that if one of the two died, the other would also die at the same time, truly going to hell together. Thus, this Together To Hell was also called by people “death at the same year, same month, same day, same time!”

When Su Xing heard this, he clicked his tongue. It really was quite abnormal.

“The Sixth Generation Noble Star obtained this. Originally, she planned to obtain her Star Beast with the help of this, but she never could find a suitable partner. As a result, it was passed down until it came into This Palace’s hands, and it just so happens This Palace shall use it.”

“You aren’t thinking of ingesting it with me, right?” Su Xing said, startled.

Chai Ling smiled thoughtfully, her attitude arrogant: “This is the only way that This Palace can believe you.”

“Out of the question. This is too dangerous.” Yan Yizhen objected.

Wu Xinjie also hesitated. She actually did not expect that Chai Ling would unexpectedly would bring out such a Spirit Item.

“Dangerous? Could it be the dangerous thing is not This Palace?” Chai Ling said, amused: “That your Young Master has signed onto the Star Duels is to die nine times and still be alive. If this man dies, This Palace certainly wants to be die alongside him, and This Palace has the Red Ink Iron Certificate for self-protection. There is no one in this world who can kill This Palace, so the one who gets the worst of it indeed is This Palace!!”

These words of the Little Whirlwind left Yan Yizhen speechless. They sounded very true.

“Then if you commit suicide, won’t I die along with you?” Su Xing wrinkled his brow.

“You jest. This Palace is willing to sacrifice herself for you in the name of love. What grand dreams are you having.” Chai Ling snorted disdainfully.

“If you want This Palace to believe you, then we shall both eat this Together To Hell. Otherwise, invitation rescinded. Oh, right, do not misunderstand Elder Sisters…” Cha Ling looked towards Su Xing, ridiculing: “This Palace indeed has no interest in handing her life over to this type of man. Until after the Evil Smiting Hall passes, This Palace naturally can find methods to relieve herself of this!”

That she would not dare entrust her life to a person fighting for the Star Duels, the group firmly believed this point was true.

“If we’re eating, then let’s eat.” Su Xing thought a bit, and actually did not think there was anything to be worried about. Just as Chai Ling said, the one who should be even more worried was she herself. After all, she had an immortal body, a difference of Heaven and Earth from when Su Xing received deadly pursuits.


Wu Xinjie and Yan Yizhen looked at their Young Master and the other Star General about to bind together in life and death. Their hearts truly felt extremely complex, and the Knowledge Star sighed from the bottom of her heart. Making a married couple sort of Thousand Year Contract with that Princess Lingyan was fine, but for this next Star General that had not signed a contract to be in life or death together with their master, they were gloomy just thinking about it.

But that Red Ink Iron Certificate was of vital importance, and not obtaining it was not doable. Thinking about the benefits, signing this sort of unconventional contract could be considered as having the Noble Star’s helping hand.

Together To Hell hung suspended in the air. Chai Ling gazed at Su Xing, the corners of her mouth curving coldly: “Since This Palace lost a kiss to you, this kiss shall be returned to you. This Palace shall pretend she was bitten by a dog.”

“And what does this have to do with a kiss?” Su Xing did not understand.

As it turned out, this Together To Hell required the man and woman each to bite one end of the gourd. Afterwards, they had to imbue it with their Divine Intents until the black gourd turned a pure white and then swallow. Finally, they each must lock lips in a kiss and breathe in Divine Intent. Only then could they achieve a genuine joint trip to Hell.

Su Xing blushed with shame when he finished listening.

This thing was indeed abnormal.

Biting onto the Together To Hell with Chai Ling, he saw Chai Ling’s eyebrows rise, maintaining an arrogant bearing. A moment later, the black gourd became white, and Su Xing clearly saw the eyes of the woman in front of him had some panic. Su Xing secretly laughed to himself, and after snapping the gourd, they then kissed.

This was still the first time Chai Ling had been embraced like this by a man, especially with those noble red lips of hers being shamelessly sucked by her counterpart. This deep kiss of Su Xing’s was considered to be  practiced, and a light suck was enough to render her body limp. The Jinzhi and Yuye to the side watched with endless indignation.

How could their proud Lady be dominated by a man like this.

“Chai Ling, do not forget to breathe in the Divine Intent.” Wu Xinjie gloomily reminded.

The Noble Star’s eyes immediately restored their sobriety. Hooking her tongue, a perfume-like fragrance entered Su Xing’s body.


Su Xing suddenly retreated.

He avoided the wind stirred by Chai Ling’s palm in time. Noblewoman Chai coldly smiled: “Do not take a mile when This Palace give an inch!!”

“Eh, it was a habit.”

Su Xing patted his left hand, embarrassed.4

Wu Xinjie blushed red from looking. How could she not know why Chai Ling was resentful; it definitely was her Young Master’s fault. Whenever they kissed, his hand was never too well-behaved.

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  1.  比翼黃泉
  2. 冥河
  3. 奈何橋
  4. His hand was on her ass.


  1. It was just that obtaining this Star Beast required the Third Phase Evil Smiting Hall as well as the Evil Smiting Writ. If the Noble Star wanted to obtain hers, she would have to participate in the Star Duels. In previous history, not a single Noble Star had ever obtained their Star Beast. However, it was not impossible for a Knowledge Star to obtain her Star Beast without participating in the Star Duels. She just had to go about it herself and was fine as long as she did not use the Red Ink Iron Certificate.

    Knowledge star should be Noble star

    Thx for the translation

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