Chapter 160: Purple Rose Grade Birth Outline

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The morning light drifted, and the curtains were pulled open.

Chai Ling’s full body luxurious palace dress was hung by window. She gazed at the distant figure, her eyes seemingly cold yet not, her mouth seemingly smiling yet not.

“Milady, why would you ingest this Together To Hell with that shameless man?” Jinzhi and Yuye were extremely confused.

“Does This Palace need to explain anything she does to you two?” Chai Ling’s tone was cold.

Jinzhi and Yuye promptly lowered their head, acknowledging their mistake.

Chai Ling’s tone softened, and she said: “It seems this man is out of the ordinary. To have the Knowledge Star and the Skilful Star, how could it be that easy to die. This time, This Palace must obtain her own Star Beast.”

“Slave Servant understands.”

Chai Ling opened her fan to conceal her red lips. Her jade fingers gently stroked them, for that detestable breath still lingered upon her lips. In the end, she heavily harrumphed.

Suddenly, Chai Ling raised her head, looking at that far off Heaven-raising pillar, Maiden Mountain, swell with purple light. This purple light spread widely across the lands of Liangshan, its rays dazzling. Jinzhi and Yuye showed astonishment.

The Noble Star Little Whirlwind Chai Ling narrowed her eyes.

This Purple Rose Grade Birth Outline had finally appeared.

Su Xing flew east on his riding sword. Although he spent only one night this time at Cangzhou’s Great Circle Castle with the Little Whirlwind, it was hard to imagine the events that had transpired in this single night. He unexpectedly signed this type of abnormal contract of the Together To Hell with Liangshan’s richest person, Little Whirlwind Chai Jin. Counting Zhao Hanyan’s Thousand Year Contract, he currently unexpectedly bore three types of distinct contracts on his person, and it was that type of mutual life and death. It made Wu Xinjie feel greatly surprised: Young Lord, God, whatever.

“Do not tell Yingmei and the others about making this Together To Hell with Chai Ling, so as to avoid worry.” Su Xing said.1


“Knowledge Star. Why did you not accept just then when the Noble Star lent Young Master the Red Ink Iron Certificate?” Yan Yizhen asked. If not, there was not need to agree to help the Little Whirlwind to capture her Star Beast.

Wu Xinjie had no way out: “There was no other way. The Red Ink Iron Certificate is Chai Jin’s Destined Star Weapon. She can recall it back to within her body at any time. Chai Ling would not accept Young Lord using that method, and she is not a person willing to suffer losses. If she were to suddenly recall the Red Ink Iron Certificate at the pivotal moment, the consequences would be too horrible to contemplate.”

Aftering hearing Wu Xinjie’s analysis, Su Xing and Yan Yizhen broke out in a cold sweat of alarm. If it was not for Wu Xinjie switching to a different type of style, when they used the Red Ink Iron Certificate to save their lives, it would lose its function. Indeed, there would be no place to cry out grievances.

“Not only have we been lent the Red Ink Iron Certificate, we were also lent a hundred billion.2 Heh, this Little Whirlwind Chai Jin actually is rich.” Su Xing said. The hundred billion acted as something that had to be used when helping Chai Ling accept or reject the Evil Smiting Hall. Evil Smiting Hall’s dangers were severe, and how could the ranked tenth Noble Star’s Star Beast be so easy to obtain. It would be inexcusable any way it was put to not provide operational funds. Chai Ling had glimpsed this Star Beast for a very long time, so she might as well fully use Help The Needy For Justice all at once. If it was not for Help The Needy’s maximum amount being a hundred billion, he would have tried to get just a bit more, based on her trillion of wealth.

Just at this time, there was suddenly a purple light in the sky.

Su Xing, Wu Xinjie and Yan Yizhen raised their heads, immediately seeing that faraway Maiden Mountain erupt in purple light. The Heavens seemingly became a deep valley of purple. Rays of light soared out, spraying everywhere.

Even if that sky-splitting, earth-opening imposing air was more than tens of thousands of li away, they could sense it.

“The Purple Rose Birth Outline…it has appeared…”

Flaming Eastern Island, the skies above.

Su Xing returned to the Four Styles School. Surveying the countless cultivators all in the skies on their riding swords, their gazes were directed towards the Heaven-raising pillar. That immense purple was showing off to the entire Liangshan just like a dragon emerging from the sea. Everyone stared in rapture. Not only was Flaming Eastern Island, even farther places also had cultivators. “Hmph, you act as a tool refinement master yet you wander everywhere. How did Martial Aunt ever take in a disciple like you.”

The one who let out such a displeased voice was Ruan Hongxue. Su Xing glared at her, and this tsundere girl promptly shrunk back her neck in fear. All men are mortal, and it was best to use evil to control evil when handling this sort of evil person. Su Xing did not have interest in lowering himself to the level of a little girl. Spotting Yang Yanyu, he asked: “Senior Sister, why is everyone gathering here?”

“The Purple Rose Grade Birth Outline has appeared.” Yang Yanyu said in amazement.

Of course Su XIng knew this, “If it appeared, then it’s appeared. It’s not like we can get it.”

“This is a matter seen once in a hundred years. Even if we cannot get it, it is enough to see it.” Yang Yanyu giggled.

Su Xing shook his head. Noticing Tang Lianxin was not present, he recalled that the Fire Beacon Chariot had yet to be returned to her.

The bamboo forest.

Su Xing saw that Tang Lianxin just happened to be gazing at the purple clouds in the sky somewhat entranced.

“Apologies. I forgot to return this to you.” Su Xing took out the Fire Beacon Chariot, “Want to go take a look together.”

Tang Lianxin shook her head, dully replying: “What is there to see about this.”

“Right, tell Master, tell her that I am entering seclusion to cultivate the Heavenly Will Water Flame.” Su Xing remembered something and asked a favor.

“Secluded cultivation?” Tang Lianxin stared blankly.

“En. What’s wrong?” Su Xing looked at her staring at her.

“I have something to give you.” Tang Lianxin gestured with her hand, and a scroll then flew before Su Xing.

It was Su Xing’s turn to be surprised, for this scroll was the Astral Tool, Weapon Removal Scroll.

“Perhaps it will be of use.” Tang Lianxin turned her head away, then proceeded to mind her own things.

“Thanks.” There was a warm feeling inside Su Xing’s heart. How could he not know her intentions. Just as Su Xing was about to leave, Tang Lianxin wanted to say something but hesitated. In the end, she shook her head, gazed at the sky, and muttered to herself: “The Purple Rose Grade Birth Outline…”3

Returning to the Void Immortal’s Abode

Lin Yingmei, An Suwen and Shi Yuan had been waiting for a long time.

“Su Xing, did you manage to borrow the Red Ink Iron Certificate from that stingy woman?” Shi Yuan nervously asked.

“I borrowed it.” Su Xing took out the Red Ink Iron Certificate.

“This is that legendary powerful Star Weapon that can make one immortal and indestructible!” An Suwen gasped in surprise.

“Yingmei, how is your Two Star Destined Weapon?” Wu Xinjie asked.

Lin Yingmei grunted. Raising her hand, the Arctic Star Serpent Spear appeared in her hand. Two white brights stars decorated the spear’s surroundings, shimmering as they released light. The Arctic Star was dazzling, and the entire spear showed an even more completely pure white ice-cold feeling.

“A Heavenly Star General’s Two Star weapon, it’s unequalled.” Shi Yuan happily said.

In the second phase Birth Outline’s final stages, although Two Stars could not be said to be that exceptional, that power was absolutely top quality.

“Don’t say that. I fear that there are already Three and Four Stars.” Wu Xinjie smiled.

“Sister Xinjie, don’t scare me. How could those be here so quickly.” Shi Yuan blankly said.

Wu Xinjie’s words certainly were not a joke. In every generation of Star Duels, along with a Star Weapon’s most important levels, the speed of each Star Weapon upgrade would be even faster because these procedures would all be very practiced. For Three Stars to appear now was not at all strange, however, a Heavenly Star’s Three Star was also a checkpoint. Thus, this Three Star also was not that easy to ascend to. To upgrade to Three Stars at this time perhaps was a powerful foe.

“Sister Yingmei’s Three Star needs what? It would be good to upgrade to Three Star right now, this way, we would have an even better guarantee of plundering Purple Rose Grade.” Shi Yuan giggled.

Lin Yingmei felt the spear. Star Generals had a reaction towards their own Destined Star Weapons, so each phase, they could easily find out the materials needed for the next upgrade. This time, Lin Yingmei’s brows tightly wrinkled: “Twelve pieces of Ice Kite Arctic Jade and eighty liang of Silver Snow Sand.”4


The beauties were startled when they heard these materials.

“Ice Kite Arctic Jade? I actually do have a piece of Ice Kite Arctic Stone.” Su Xing furrowed his brow. The Three Star of Lin Yingmei’s Star Weapon was really too excessive. Generally, the pure items extracted from the original stones were named jade, and this Ice Kite Arctic Jade happened to be pure jade extracted from Ice Kite Arctic Stone. Ordinarily, precious stone craftsmen did the extraction, but precious stone craftsmen were more sparse than tool refinement masters. Its value would become five or six times greater, so if Ice Kit Arctic Stone was a hundred million, then Ice Kite Arctic Jade’s value was five or six hundred million.

Twelve pieces of Ice Kite Arctic Jade needed seven billion! And that Silver Snow Sand was even more excessive, for it was an Arctic-type Supreme Grade Sand. Converting to gold, it was approximately a hundred million, so eighty liang was eight billion…in terms of gold, Lin Yingmei’s Three Star upgrade required fifteen billion!!

That support money of Chai Ling’s was simply insufficient to fill the gaps between teeth.

“So excessive. How do you normally advance the grade?” Su Xing was speechless.

“Generally, we go to areas where materials should be and gather from there. For example, in extremely cold places, or the White Tiger Territory, the Black Turtle Territory…” Lin Yingmei said. So the Heavenly Star’s Star Weapon grade advancement to was with great difficulty. If there were no opportunities, the majority reached their peak at Three or Four Star. However, the higher a Star Weapon’s grade, gathering would also be simpler. After all, at that time, Destined Weapons would be awesome with no need to fear most dangers. Of course, Star Weapon’s grade advancement would double in materials compared to the previous stage. For example, the first Star was twenty liang of Relic Blade Sand, Two Star was forty liang, Three Star was eighty liang…Su Xing counted for a bit, and he could not help but break into a cold sweat over his whole body. If things were like this, refining to Nine Star required sand material of five thousand one hundred twenty liang…God, Su Xing was wrong. He feared that even if it Chai Ling lost her entire fortune, she would not necessarily be able to bear the burden of such terrifying expenses.  

After all, the further towards the end, the more rare the materials.

Compared to the difficulties of upgrading the Star Weapons of Heavenly Stars, Earthly Star in contrast had things somewhat easier. From the very beginning, they needed less than a Heavenly Star, and the materials were not as strict. However, Star Weapon advancement was relatively very weak in the early stage, and a normal Two Star could only withstand a Heavenly Star’s One Star.

“It would be better to take this sort of matter of upgrading Star Weapons slowly. It cannot be rushed.” Wu Xinjie said.


“The Purple Rose Grade Birth Outline has begun. Are we going?”


“No need to feel anxious. The Purple Rose Grade Birth Outline will still need to linger for a few days. Let us finish a few things first.” Wu Xinjie said.


Bian City’s Imperial City, the Imperial Study!

Emperor Liang stood on the balcony looking at the distant purple stone pillar. The sky was enshrouded in a gorgeous purple light.

“This purple light actually makes Us recall the Purple Thunder Monster!” Emperor Liang faintly smiled.

Behind him were several generals and cultivators. They each looked at one another in dismay.

“The Purple Thunder Monster has certainly been found?” Emperor Liang asked.

“Reporting to Your Majesty. It is unknown where the Purple Rose Monster has concealed himself, for his traces have disappeared. I fear he has disguised himself for the plundering of the Birth Outline.” A general stepped forward to make a report.

“He must be found. Should he fully grasp that Ghost Blade, that is yet another more disastrous monster for Liangshan.” Emperor Liang unenthusiastically said.

“By your will!”

“Your Highness, most recently, the Purple Rose Grade Birth Outline has appeared. Will Your Majesty dispatch men and horses for interception?”

“We have no need to participate in these muddy waters. Things that are more attractive to people are more dangerous…”

Emperor Liang gazed at the purple flying over, his expression indescribably peaceful.


Author’s Note:

Deficient two chapters, will supplement tomorrow. The Purple Rose Birth Outline has begun, so it needs proper planning. This month, I am not dispirited.

At the same time, I want to thank all friends who have given their appreciation. This is a very niche book, and November has 450 such people. In the entire Xuanhuan genre, am ranked sixth. Relying on our 1W7 collection, we have not reached 1000 subscriptions. There is no need to be dejected if this sort of support counts in the end as failing for lack of final effort.

Thanks especially to the passing skies. Seeing you smile sweetly, the ocean’s 76, and the lonely little weak wold has unexpectedly received 1W, sweat.

Those clicks, recommendations, book reviews and subscription friends are also thanked very much. All of them have the power of small ice.

PS: Regarding the chessboard bug, when I wrote it, I specially looked it up on Baidu. Originally, I planned for Go and Western Chess, but seeing a story written with Chinese Chess, when it introduced the 64 squares would have how much wheat, I specifically looked up and made no mistake counting the squares of Chinese Chess. And without much more though, I was stunned and never expected to still write it in…

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