Chapter 164: Hundred Thousand Fire Dragons Rapid Kill

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Did they hear “Purple Thunder Monster?”

Everyone was startled.

The two Ancestor’s reactions were extremely quick. Using escape techniques, they then arrived before Su Xing. At this time, they happened to see Su Xing about to store away the Heaven Tearing Gold Dragon’s corpse after having already taken its soul. Ancestor Heavenly Fire’s palm chopped, the blaze on it roaring, imposing and fierce. In his heart, he sneered, So what if you are the Purple Thunder Monster. Unexpectedly daring to amuse yourself at This Ancestor’s expense, entirely extinguish your mind first then move.

The two Supercluster Middle Stage Cultivators were filled with confidence as they acted. All of a sudden at this moment, two light rays shot out, and two graceful figures simultaneously appeared to Su Xing’s left and right. One had a flourishing heroic air while the other was oppressively cold.

A cold spear flashed and swept, and two fists waved and danced.

Ancestor Heavenly Fire and Ancestor Huai Mu were thwarted, having been shaken back.

“Arctic Star Serpent Spear!”

“Yin Yang Pisces!”

“Two Star Generals!”

The founders were shocked.

“Let’s go!” Su Xing stored the Heaven Tearing Gold Dragon and was giddy in his heart. Because the Heaven Tearing Gold Dragon perished, the Purple Rose Platform at this time showed a gap on one face. Su Xing seized the opportunity to hastily fly towards the purple cloud.

Ancestor Heavenly Fire relentlessly pursued, unwilling to let him go. His Sword Chant frantically chased Su Xing, but when it touched the purple cloud, it stumbled and was unable to continue after a short while. Ancestor Heavenly Fire knew that was the Purple Rose Platform Forbiddance, where only those with Star Generals could enter it. He flew into a rage, angered enough his face turned the color of pig’s liver. He had expended immense effort, suffered countless casualties to bear kill the Heaven Tearing Gold Dragon, only now to have it stolen away by someone. Furthermore, it was a Galaxy Early Stage Cultivator who snatched it away from in front of him. He simply was about to blow his top.

“Damned Purple Thunder Monster, This Ancestor absolutely will skin you!”

“Calm down.” Ancestor Huai Mu was actually more tranquil than him by far. Although he was extremely furious on the inside as well, compared to Ancestor Heavenly Fire’s explosive temper, he had that additional bit of restraint. That Purple Thunder Monster naturally was as incredible as the legends said, and to unexpectedly fool them, even snatching away the golden dragon, this courage and insight, this spirit perhaps could not be matched by anyone else among the Star Masters. What made him feel even more shocked was that the Purple Thunder Monster had signed two Star Generals.

“We should join hands to first kill this Purple Thunder Monster. Someday, he will be the unknown factor of the Star Duels!” Ancestor Huai Mu said.

Ancestor Heavenly Fire held this to be true. His anger difficult to alleviate, he looked to Zhao Heng.

The Two Star Masters had also been scared stiff by Su Xing’s brazen action, daring to seize food from the tiger’s den of a Supercluster Stage Cultivator with just his Galaxy Stage, something only a madman would go do.

“Since he has two Star Generals, we can settle things after we join hands to first destroy him.” Zhao Heng said to Su Feng.

“This Palace shall use the Three Star Destined Weapon to properly receive Lin Chong.” The Impatient Vanguard Su Chao coldly smiled.

Then, the two figures sped away, entering the purple cloud.

After the purple cloud, it was some other paradise.

What appeared in front was an immense, kilometer wide terrace of purple jade. Nine coiling dragon pillars of crystal were arranged in succession, and in the center of these coiling dragon pillars were thirty-six Earthly Fiend Grade Chests, eighteen Heavenly Spirit Grade Chests and nine Purple Rose Grade chests stacked layer upon layer, having been heaped into a pyramid. Furthermore, this a stele floated above the top of this pyramid, and it sealed a golden book.

This was the Birth Treasure Outline.

Su Xing promptly flew down towards the platform. Just as he was about to draw near, the coiling dragon pillars’ images moved. A fire dragon flew out, imposing and fierce, baring its teeth and claws in an apparently extremely surly manner. With a great dragon roar, its grandeur was not the slightest bit similar to the Heaven Tearing Gold Dragon.

Su Xing already knew that the Purple Rose Grade Birth Outline was far from being as simple as the Heavenly Spirit and Earthly Fiend. Besides its Demon Beast escorts, the interior had many layers of forbiddances. Seeing that this Nine Dragons Divine Fire Pillar was also a unique magic weapon. His heart was secretly shocked, Just what was the background of this Liangshan Maiden. With this style, these Nine Dragons Divine Fire Pillars were joined with the Star General forbiddance. If these were broken, the outside Supercluster Cultivators could also enter. Su Xing immediately hesitated no longer, bringing up the Clinging Fire Star Domain Sword and slashing.

Lin Yingmei and Yan Yizhen at this time were about to break this Fire Dragon Pillar.

Suddenly, the purple cloud was split open, and an Essence Light struck at Su Xing. Lin Yingmei blocked it with her spear, immediately cutting down this weapon; it was a shuttle1 of flickering starlight. This shuttle seemingly was an Astral Treasure, having not been shattered under the attack of a Two Star Destined Weapon. The shuttle returned to Zhao Heng’s hand, and the Second Prince was stunned as he looked at Lin Yingmei and the others, “A Two Star Destined Weapon! Lin Chong!!”

“Purple Thunder Monster, in the right situation, you indeed personally appear. This Palace truly admires that.” The Flight Star Impatient Vanguard Suo Qingshuang held her long axe. Su Feng and Han Qing also arrived shortly beside her.

The Earthly Majestic Star raised her spear, “Elder Sister, what are you waiting for!”

A figure flashed.

The Earthly Majestic Star raised the Hundred Wars Bloodthirst Spear and attacked. Su Feng and Zhao Heng also did not dare to be careless, hefting several objects. Astonishingly, all of them were Astral Tools and such that smashed at Su Xing.

The General of Hundred Victories Han Qing also stabbed at Su Xing. Although the two were working together, Su Xing’s side also had two people, and Lin Yingmei and Yan Yizhen continuously blocked beside their master. Lin Yingmei’s Arctic Star Serpent Spear then brushed away the attacking Astral Tools. The Two Star Arctic Star Serpent Spear facing these Star Tools was destroying these Astral Tools as easily as paper, and when Su Xing saw this, he did not want to waste any more time. Hastily, he used his abilities to go break the Fire Dragon Pillar.


The Arctic Star Serpent Spear was lowered. Lin Yingmei held it with both hands, her expression slightly grave.

The Flight Star Suo Chao’s lips curled into a cold smile. Single-handedly brandishing the Hundred Thousand Dragon Flame Axe, the Three Star Destined Weapon’s might slashed downwards. The axe edge’s fire dragon burst forth, its sparks burning on Lin Yingmei’s face, bringing slight scars. “Elder Sister, is it good?” Suo Qingshuang swept the axe, as if she was sweeping dead leaves. The Two Star Arctic Star Spear barely stopped it, directly brushing Lin Yingmei several meters away.

If she had not advanced to Two Star, this sweep probably would not have been this easy.

The General of Hundred Victories at this time scuttled to Lin Yingmei’s front. This Hundred Wars Bloodthirst Spear abruptly flashed, the speartip changed, giving rise to phantom layers.

“One Stroke Violent Death!!”


Han Qing was stunned. Such a swift surprise attack surprisingly had been blocked by Lin Yingmei. The Heavenly Majestic Star spun her spear, her speartip even faster, and Han Qing only felt the sight in front of her distort. The Arctic Star Serpent Spear then arrived in front of her, and Han Qing screamed in terror. She hastily brought her spear back and suddenly saw Lin Yingmei’s whole body was like a mirage.

“Ten Thousand Techniques realm??” Han Qing yelled in shock.

After these words dropped, the speartip reached her stomach, and the white armor released a white light that protected her.

A sound like striking the water’s surface broke the air.

Han Qing was sent backwards more than a dozen paces, her stomach faintly hurting. The white armor had already been ruptured with a hole. This white armor was known as “Armor of Hoar Frost,”2 an Earthly Spirit Grade Astral Treasure. Surprisingly, punctured by a spear, this frightened Han Qing enough her body was covered in cold sweat. If it was not for this Astral Treasure, this bout was her loss.

“Elder Sister, play with This Palace.” Suo Qingshuang shouted, the axe edge very aggressive. More than a dozen fire dragons suddenly appeared, which Lin Yingmei received with her spear. A cold wind swelled out, and the fire dragon instantly swallowed Lin Yingmei’s defenses. Suo Qingshuang hastily rushed to attack, her offensive also as violent and fierce as her temperament.

The pressure the Three Star Destined Weapon brought upon Lin Yingmei already could make up for the disparity between their martial strength and realms.

Meanwhile, the Yan Yizhen on the other side at this time already launched a close quarters assault on Su Feng and Zhao Heng. The two Star Masters had the support of Great Sects, and to dare come plunder the Purple Rose Grade Birth Outline with their Nebula Late Stage, they naturally had life-preserving treasures.

One of these made willow vines that wrapped around Su Feng. These vine willow jadeites were succulent, sparkling and pure, brimming with life, and Yan Yizhen’s boxing simply was incapable of shaking it. Zhao Heng’s capital was even more ample. His full body luxurious red robes released hundreds of fire dragons that twisted in the several che around his body and formed an impenetrable defense.

Yan Yizhen’s boxing wildly danced, continuously striking Su Feng. That willow vine was slowly splitting under the Skilful Star’s barrage of fists.

“Yan Qing, watch This General’s.” The General of Hundred Victories Han Tao promptly attacked.

The spear was raised, wild and complicated, its cold glint like a suspended galaxy pouring down. She had no certainty confronting the Heavenly Majestic Star, after all, Lin Yingmei was a master of the spear. Likewise, who could be her opponent in spearmanship. While Yan Yizhen’s boxing arts were impressive, the General of Hundred Victories Han Tao dared to be self proclaim herself “Hundred Victories,” she naturally had some capital. The Two Star Hundred Wars Bloodthirst Spear initiated a ferocious attack, like a bloodthirsty lion, a deadly spear.

Yan Yizhen’s fists moved, violent and swift.

“One Stroke Violent Death!!”

The General of Hundred Victories Han Tao abruptly aimed for her chance, the spear flashing.

The so-called One Stroke Violent Death was a split-second attack used in close quarters that concentrated all power onto a single point on the spear. Its speed and destructive power were increased several factors, and for a Two Star Destined Weapon, this was something that could not be taken lightly.

Yan Yizhen’s abdomen immediately was punctured with a bloody hole.

But a wound like this was not enough to make the maid show it in her eyes. Her vermillion and cold pupils flashed a cold glint, and the Skilful Star Wanderer Yan Qing’s palms suddenly turned hot and cold, transitioning into an attack.

It was the Yin Yang Palm!!

Bang, bang!

With the sounds of two heavy strikes, the General of Hundred Victories’ Armor of Hoar Frost once again gained two more deep cracks, completely obstructing Yan Yizhen’s might. “Hè.” The General of Hundred Victories once more prepared to use One Stroke Violent Death a fourth time. Yan Yizhen’s pace mysteriously changed, and she arrived to her side. With an elbow strike, she sent Han Qing flying, and just as she was about to pursue.

A green vine whip stopped the maid’s attack.

Su Feng raised the Astral Treasure. That treasure switched from defense to offense, becoming several dozen that wrapped the maid into a bundle.

“This Purple Thunder Monster is too abnormal. He has the Skilful Star and the Heavenly Majestic Star, we need to kill him!” Su Feng urgently shouted. At this time, he already saw that Su Xing and the Coiling Dragon Divine Fire Pillar’s3 battle had reached its pivotal moment.

Zhao Heng’s face was unsightly. He had neither Sword Chant nor cultivation that could compare to Su Xing’s, so how could he go fight.

“Qingshuang!!” Immediately, he shouted.

Suo Qingshuang’s understood tacitly, her eyes flashing a grim expression.

Instantly, the Hundred Thousand Dragon Flame Axe’s foehn wind whooshed. Suo Qingshuang raised the long axe, and all of the flames concentrated onto her axe, turning it a shining deep red. The fire dragons of the axehead were innumerable as they violently rolled forth, a type of terrifying pressure pervaded the air towards everyone present.

Su Xing knew the moment he saw that she was about to use her Yellow Rank Style.

The Three Star Destined Weapon’s Yellow Rank Style was nothing something he could take lightly.

“Hundred Thousand Fire Dragons Rapid Kill!!”4

Suo Qingshuang’s long axe chopped, the axe edge seemingly releasing millions of majestic fire dragons. When these fire dragons emerged, the entire purple jade platform was suddenly a thorough red. Even the far outer face was a visibly red color. The fire dragons flowed like a flood from a released dam, and their objective, shockingly, was Su Xing.

“Young Master!”

Lin Yingmei became a destructive shadow that rushed towards Su Xing.

This Hundred Thousand Fire Dragons Rapid Kill simply did not give Su Xing any chance to evade. Su Xing changed, shouting: “Forget about me!” If Lin Yingmei took this blow, that situation approached a crisis. It seemed he could only use the Red Ink Iron Certificate.

Just at this time, a figure appeared in front of the hundred thousand roaring fire dragons.

Yan Yizhen’s fists of Yin and Yang increased dramatically, forming a soft Taiji symbol. A brilliant splendor obstructed, and the maid’s two arms crossed together to block, directly stopping head-on the Fire Dragons Rapid Kill.

The Three Star Destined Weapon’s power could be this tyrannical.

Su Xing only saw Yan Yizhen’s whole body set ablaze.

“Elder Sister, Slave Servant leaves Master to you!” Yan Yizhen’s apathetic voice resounded.

Su Xing suddenly felt his head hurt.

When the fire dragons disappeared, the Skilful Star Yan Yizhen had disappeared into thin air. Unexpectedly, she had been struck directly into her contractor’s Star Nest by this Hundred Thousand Fire Dragons Rapid Kill, losing her battle potential.

Author’s Note:

Tomorrow, a burst to behold.

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  1. As in the kind used to weave silk.
  2.  白霜之鎧
  3.  盤龍神火柱
  4. 十萬火龍急殺


  1. Damn…That 3 Star Rank weapon literally knocked Yizhen back into the Star Nest…but, better that then dead.

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        1. Which chapters did this happen? I don’t recall any contracted generals dying at all. Only ones that have had their masters killed beforehand. I also recall something about how contracted generals literally cannot die forever. Something like a pokemon getting beaten and returning to their pokeball :p

          1. They’ve also mentioned the Star Generals having “indestructible bodies”, so I assumed by this point that they aren’t killable unless you kill the contractor first, and unless another Star General kills them. Otherwise, how could Yingmei survive a fucking jet crashing into her at REALLY high speed, lol.

          2. No, you can still kill a Star General even if she’s contracted… but the reasons for that are linked to something mentioned earlier.

    1. It’s a shout sound effect, sort of like “Huh!” Anyways, I choose to translate it as “Hè” mainly because I’ve no idea how else to convey the strength with which the characters shout.

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