Chapter 165: “Featherless Arrow” Zhang Qing

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The Extreme Ice Holy Palace with its allied sect, the Blue Wave Palace,1 currently confronted the Heaven Swallowing Silver Dragon. The Queen Lady of Ice’s full body white long skirt fluttered about with light circling about. This silk dress was structured from the silk that the Water Drainage Heavenly Silkworm spat out. Upon it was carved an eight by eight, sixty-four path water drainage talisman, and at this moment, the amulet completely opened. True Water condensed into a blade and perfectly complemented her Life-cast Sword Chant, “Thirty-two Ice Spirits and Thirty-two Frost Souls Sword.”2

The Sixty-four Ice Spirits and Frost Souls Sword became sparkling and translucent water dragons interweaving together. The hundred meters of ground before the Queen Lady of Ice became an extremely large Yin Yang symbol, and two Yin Yang fishes circled about, seemingly a sparkling and sturdy water screen. It trapped the Heaven Swallowing Silver Dragon inside, utterly vast and utterly good-looking.

The Heaven Swallowing Silver Dragon spat a cold light, yet it was incapable of breaking out of the water screen’s encirclement. The Ice Spirit Frost Snow Sword launched deadly strikes from time to time, attacking the helpless Heaven Swallowing Silver Dragon.

At this moment, a violent terror suddenly was transmitted over.

The Purple Thunder Monster?!

“This Purple Thunder Monster has only naturally come.” The Queen Lady of Ice completely lacked expression, her tone ice-cold. “We must not fall behind.” Two Supercluster Cultivators raised their hands into a seal, throwing out a jade vase that released a mysterious icy True Water.

These True Waters had a cold qi fitted layer upon layer. When it first appeared, it was as if the world froze. This was the Queen Lady of Ice’s most powerful magic weapon, “Mysterious Ice Jade Vase.”3 Hidden inside was the qi of True Cold, picked and refined from the cold qi of the Arctic Pole Sea’s Mysterious Ice. It lost a bit of itself with each use, was priceless, and the Queen Lady of Ice had not much anything else. When the bottle appeared, it combined with the Ice Spirit Frost Snow Sword’s “Yin Cold Taiji Sword Array.”4

The other Supercluster Cultivator similarly activated a magic weapon, and the Ice Chill Sword Chants5 of the other disciples continuously attacked.

“Zhu Sha!” Gong Caiwei said.

The Leader Star Resourceful Strategist Zhu Sha’s hand seals moved, and the Five Elements Weather Banner became something graceful, with lightning flashes and thunder rolls inside the array.

Not only the Extreme Ice Holy Palace, but the Most High Path, the True Immortals Hall, the Lifeless Hall and all the other Great Sects were no different. Those that remained to plunder the Purple Rose Birth Outline naturally would have Star Masters, otherwise, how would they willingly take these risks. More than a dozen large schools accelerated their assault, and the Four Great Firmaments Dragons were killed like arrows at the end of their path. The bright lights above the White Deer Highlands grew without restraint, with wisps of red clouds in the thousands.

Inside the forests several dozen li around the White Deer Highlands, many cultivators at this time spied on the sects that were pillaging the Five Dragons Protection Palace at the White Deer Highlands. Seeing the Ancient Ninth Rank Demon Dragons killed one by one at the hands of the Great Sects, they were green with envy, but they did not dare lend support. And at a corner of the forest, Wu Xinjie, Shi Yuan and An Suwen were currently nervously looking forth when Wu Xinjie suddenly sunk: she, too, sensed that Yan Yizhen had been struck into the Star Nest.

“The Purple Thunder Monster??”

“What, it is only natural that the Purple Thunder Monster would come to plunder.”

“Just which sect is he from? A Devil Cult from the Black Turtle Territory?”

At this time, the cultivators spectating the battle one by one discussed in amazement, as they had also seen the Purple Thunder Monster steal the Heaven Tearing Gold Dragon. They spoke in admiration and in jealousy.

“Hmph, the Purple Thunder Monster already was being monitored by each of the larger schools, and unexpectedly daring to show himself, he is dead for certain this time.”

“He must really be dreaming if he thinks he can steal the Birth Outline from under the encirclement of more than a dozen sects.”

“Hard to say.”

Hearing the discussions of these cultivators, Wu Xinjie’s expression was also unsightly.

“What do we do? Sister Xinjie, shall we go help Big Brother?” An Suwen asked.

To expose that Su Xing had contracted more than two Star Generals right now perhaps would be an even bigger trouble, but just at this moment, all of a sudden, Wu Xinjie cast a glance towards the sky and showed an unusual expression.

“Why has she come?!”


Speaking of what was happening inside the Purple Jade Palace, Yan Yizhen staked all of her strength to block the insufferably arrogant Three Star Destined Weapons killing blow, which made the Impatient Vanguard Suo Chao greatly startled. The Heavenly Star herself used the Yellow Rank Style solely in order to stake everything on one blow. Especially with a Three Star Destined Weapon combined with a Master at only Nebula Late Stage, such use meant her Star Energy would be left greatly depleted. While Suo Qingshuang felt great surprise, she abruptly felt the previously burning temperature before her suddenly drop. Cold qi shot in every direction, and ice formed in the air.

“This is bad!”

When everyone noticed, they saw a purple lightning net trap them.

Su Xing at this time dodged away, first avoiding the Fire Dragon Pillar. Then, Blooming Water Divine Thunder burst forth from his fingers, becoming a dragon claw. The Purple Thunder Dragon Claw flew, grabbing Zhao Heng, Su Feng, Suo Chao and Han Tao.

The pretty and cold heart had a mutual connection.

Lin Yingmei’s Arctic Star Serpent Spear, its tip speckled with snow, its cold light hidden and visible gave rise to countless phantoms of herself. The General of Hundred Victories Han Tao raised her spear in astonishment to block it. She broke one of the Lin Yingmei phantoms and immediately saw the Arctic Spear attack before her eyes.

The first spear was only “North Wind Blows,”6 the second spear was “Sudden First Snowfall”7, and the third spear “Union of Wind and Snow.”8

Han Tao was startled. The Hundred Wars Bloodthirst Spear put up a Spear Array, bang, bang, bang, bang…the Two Star Arctic Star Serpent Spear broke the array as if it was paper. The Armor of Hoar Frost had been shattered by the sharp tip of the spear. The Earthly Fiend’s utmost Astral Treasure unexpectedly could not block it, and having lost the Astral Treasure’s protection, the General of Hundred Victories could even be said to be a wide open door. Before she could react, a cold wind poured into her body, and her four limbs were ice-cold to the bone.

“Young Master, flee, quickly!” Han Qing shouted loudly. Her black robes and white armor were immediately destroyed by the blizzard.

The Wind and Snow Spear Technique went from slow to fast, from diluted to dense in no longer than the blink of an eye. The Earthly Majestic Star General of Hundred Victories was then dispatched, and by the time she finished speaking, Lin Yingmei’s blizzard already enveloped the other three. Su Feng at this time committed his biggest mistake by using his Jadeite Vine Whip to attack. Under the Two Star Destined Weapon’s Long Blizzard Nights, the attacking vine were frozen into splinters and shattered by the icy wind afterwards.

Su Feng almost did not react.

Suddenly, he felt his body lose its weight. He screamed, unexpectedly directly killed by the cold wind on Lin Yingmei’s spear.

A crimson-colored Star fell in anguish!

The ranked forty-second Earthly Majestic Star then died just like that.

The Flight Star Impatient Vanguard Suo Chao also was in a cold sweat of fear. The long axe’s flames burned, but how could she have any leeway after using “Hundred Thousand Fire Dragons Rapid Kill.” Furthermore, Lin Yingmei’s Long Blizzard Night’s true killing move was approaching her now. The spear’s power could not be resisted, and Suo Chao could only raise her long axe to go block it. Her Three Star Destined weapon was just as valiant, and Suo Qingshuang was haughtily motionless, like a boulder, tightly suppressing Lin Yingmei’s spear technique.

Because Zhao Heng had the Fire Dragon Robe protecting him, he was more fortunate than Suo Feng, escaping disaster by pure fluke. Although the protective Fire Dragon Robe had been ravaged by the blizzard, it could count as attire that blocked the storm.

But Zhao Heng did not yet rejoice, for suddenly, he saw at this moment the broken sky made a noise.

A rose-colored seal came whooshing towards him.

The Fire Dragon went to block it, but unexpectedly, it was smashed directly through. Zhao Heng’s expression changed, and he raised the Astral Treasure, Flying Star Shuttle.9 It collided with the seal with an enormous noise, finally sending this terrifying seal back.

Su Xing put away the Mountain Breaking Engraving and thought, What a pity. Otherwise, he would have then killed this Three Star Destined Weapon Zhao Heng.

Suo Chao immediately retreated, positioning herself in front of her Master.

Lin Yingmei all of a sudden rushed forward, preparing to take advantage of this to kill two people. Su Xing also reacted instantly, unleashing a bolt of Divine Thunder.

Zhao Heng’s expression hovered uncertainly between grim and calm. His Divine Intent latched onto the Heavenly Spirit Grade already with a sense of hesitance. For him to confront the legendary Purple Thunder Monster alone, that was a bit too groundless. “Young Master!” Suo Qingshuang’s Hundred Thousand Fire Dragons Axe continued to be wrapped with waiting fire dragons, but Zhao Heng already was slightly unable to support a second Three Star attack. His Star Energy was weak, and the fire dragons protecting him were even more conspicuously feeble.

“Return, we leave!”

Zhao Heng grit his teeth. Looking at that Purple Rose Grade chest, his heart severely ached, but he turned and dodged into the purple clouds with a rush.

Just at this moment, several streaks of jade light mixed with flame and rushed at him all of a sudden. Zhao Heng was alarmed, and his fire dragon broke. His body suffered a green light, causing him to vomit a mouthful of blood. Just as the Suo Qingshuang handling Lin Yingmei shouted, another streak of green light approached, astonishingly not giving Zhao Heng the chance to leave the purple cloud.

Zhao Heng could only helplessly sacrifice the Heavenly Spirit Jade Pendant, which cracked. Immediately, it turned into a smoke cloud that dispersed on the Purple Jade Platform. The Impatient Vanguard Suo Chao’s figure similarly transformed when she saw this, fleeing along with him.

Before Su Xing could see clearly just what was going on.

“Young Master, look out!” Lin Yingmei suddenly dodged, raising her spear.

Clang, clang, clang.

Several green lights smashed with a crisp sound onto Lin Yingmei’s spear shaft, the power of them surprisingly overwhelming, making the webbing of Lin Yingmei’s fingers to tear. Her pace was unsteady, being in a precarious situation after having just used Long Blizzard Nights. That randomly appearing and disappearing jadeite light again pounded Lin Yingmei’s shoulders, her wrists, nearly knocking away her weapon. When Su Xing saw this, he swiftly scuttled to her front.

The Clinging Fire Star Domain Sword unleashed a great swathe of Clinging Fire.

But this jadeite light unexpectedly pierced through the Clinging Fire, and Su Xing only avoided this by using the Bagua Escape Technique.

However, that jadeite light was like a demon that followed him everywhere. Su Xing opened his mouth, only stopping it with a dozen Rock Piercing Water Droplets. Lin Yingmei already recovered from her Yellow Rank Style, and her eyes flashed a coldness. She suddenly leapt, hacking at empty space.

The spear’s wind tore.

She broke several green lights, and a figure was forced out.

Seeing that young girl, Su Xing and Lin Yingmei both felt stunned and sunk.

That young girl was pretty as a flower, her expression tsundere. She wore a green palace dress and had eyes green as jade. She was the girl who they briefly saw when they encountered Yan Wudao. Yan Wudao’s Star General.

What made Su Xing sink was that this young girl floated in the air. Her hands opened, and under each of those fair palms of hers were suspended three pieces of rhomboid jade. These jade stones were bright, sparkling brilliant and pure beyond compare. There vaguely was a jade fire raised on this girl’s palm that continuously revolved, very stunning.

Asking Directions to the Underworld Stone!!10

Su Xing’s brow wrinkled.

The girl before them was the ranked sixteenth Agile Star “Featherless Arrow” Zhang Qing.11

“The Lifeless Hall honestly would not let go of any opportunities.” A woman’s cold voice appeared. The newcomer was a pretty girl. “However, this is also fine. Zhao Heng’s Star General is surprisingly Three Star, so not dying is somewhat regretful. Is it not, Princess?”

The Princess Ling Yan a hundred meters away did not say anything.

“However, this Lin Chong is truly incredible. Two against one, and she still could kill one of them.” The girl said. Her robes were of the Blue Wave Palace’s.

Yan Wudao calmly appeared beside Zhang Qing, pensively staring at Su Xing.

At this time, the purple clouds dispersed, and Su Xing’s heart sunk, for he heard the dragon roars outside that did not stop.

Another six or seven silhouettes appeared one after another in the thousand meters of the Purple Jade Platform. Although they each were separated by an extreme distance, each pair of eyes were fixed on Su Xing. Shock, complexity, and indifference could be found everywhere. These men and women each had flickering Star Crests on their foreheads and a maiden of outstanding beauty standing guard to the side. Astonishingly, they were the more than ten Star Masters from all of the Great Sects who had come to plunder the Purple Rose Grade Birth Outline.

“Purple Thunder Monster, today is the time you and Lin Chong die!”

They heard a haughty voice shout.

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