Chapter 166: Collapse

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Yan Wudao picked up the Hundred Wars Bloodthirst Spear. He looked at Su Xing, whose appearance had greatly changed. Thus, Yan Wudao did not recognize him. He did not recognize Lin Chong either, for he did not remember her face well from their original encounter. However, her temperament eventually gave Yan Wudao somewhat of a deja vu.

The complacent woman sneered. The young girl next to her wore a tiger pelt brocade, showing an expanse of white with tiger stripes. At this time, her Star Weapon was not concealed. In her hand was a tigerhead broadsword, named the Dark Hilt Tiger Demon Saber. She was the ranked seventy-eighth Flowery Necked Tiger Gong Wang.1

Su Xing stealthily sized up the present eight Star Masters. The Ten Great Sects had four while the other small schools also had four: the Most High Path’s Xie Zhenyuan, the True Immortals Hall’s Zhao Hanyan, the Lifeless Hall’s Yan Wudao, the Heavenly Ice Holy Palace’s Gong Caiwei; the other small schools were denominated as the Blue Waves Palace, the Heavenly River Sword School, the Divine Wood Valley2 and Transforming Life Door.3 Su Xing had seen the Star Master of the Heavenly River Sword School at Bian City. He seemed to be called Li Xianyan.4 Looking at the young girl by his side, she wore a red silk long skirt, had a red flower inserted into her black hair that was bound into a cloud bun; her expression was cold and detached.

Her white fingers were even clutching a single saffron. That flower was odd, for it was redder than blood, brighter than jade, and each flower petal seemingly had bloodmarks, which was extremely frightening.

The Bloodmarked Lethal Flower!5

It was the Earthly Harm Star Stalk of Flower Cai Qing.6

Even if Su Xing was any more self-confident, it was impossible for one person to confront eight Star Masters and eight Star Generals. Furthermore, he had not come to plunder the Purple Rose Birth Outline just for this. “I definitely do not have any interest in fighting with you.” Su Xing chuckled. He formed Blooming Water Divine Thunder, striking the original Fire Dragon Pillar. With this, the Fire Dragon Pillar was an extinguished fire dragon, and the pillar crumbled. Immediately, one of the Nine Dragons Divine Fire Pillars broke.

Su Xing scuttled away to enter.

That forbiddance would be removed once all of the Nine Dragons Divine Fire Pillars broke. At that time, the covetous Supercluster Stages outside would go crazy, especially the Ancestor Huai Mu of the Taiyi Sword Sect that originally could calmly persuade Ancestor Heavenly Fire to calm down. To now see the Su Feng they had cultivated with the utmost care unexpectedly fall, he would be angry enough to stamp in fury. From the verbal abuse breaking in from outside, among the words were that he would grind Su Xing’s bones and scatter the ashes.

Although Zhao Heng escaped with somewhat of a sorry figure, overall, he could be considered not as done for, unlike his counterpart.

“And where do you think you can run to.” The six Asking Directions to the Underworld Stones in the Agile Star Featherless Arrow Zhang Biluo’s hands shot out. These jadeite stones indistinctly entered the air, disappearing before their eyes. When they appeared, they were right on top of them, attacking, The speed simply was transient, swift beyond reason.

Lin Yingmei swept away two while the other four stones unpredictably disappeared and reappeared, penetrating Lin Yingmei’s defenses and hitting several places on Su Xing’s shoulders.

His bones were pounded to the breaking point.

This Agile Star’s concealed weapon was frightening, as expected.

Su Xing bore with the blood in his throat, and flicking his fingers, ten bolts of Purple Thunder then burst forth.

The Flowery Necked Tiger grabbed the Dark Hilt Tiger Demon Saber and leapt to cleave the Divine Thunder.

“I will have to offend you here.” Yan Wudao calmly said, raising a Sword Chant as he also attacked.

“Yingmei, let’s leave.” Su Xing and Lin Yingmei immediately entered the second layer within the forbiddance, rushing to grab the Birth Outline’s Treasure Outline. That pyramid’s surroundings suddenly unfolded a barrier, stopping Su Xing from taking another step forward.

Su Xing silently cursed. Unexpectedly, there was another barrier.

A figure flit by.

Bang, bang, bang.

The Asking Directions to the Underworld Stones pounded on the barrier.

Yan Wudao and the others rushed in.

“Princess?” Dong Junqing wished she could wickedly kill Su Xing, kill and defile him, but without the Princess’ orders, she could only stifle her foul resentment within her own heart.

Princess Ling Yan Zhao Hanyan’s brows wrinkled. With the “Thousand Year Contract” she had with Su Xing, if something happened to Su Xing, she also would have no fruit to eat. However, for her to rashly act out was absolutely impossible. That was equivalent to becoming enemies with all of the other sects.7 In Zhao Hanyan’s heart: This Su Xing truly does not want to live. Seeing the other Star Masters all rush onto the Purple Jade Platform, Princess Ling Yan also did not dare to be neglectful. For the immediate moment, fighting over the chests was more urgent.

“Fellows, are we still not joining hands to get rid of the Purple Thunder Monster? This person is but a great danger. Just now, you all saw that he indeed killed the Taiyi Sword Sect’s Su Feng and defeated Zhao Heng.” The Blue Wave Palace’s female cultivator persistently fanned the flames, her tongue bursting with flowers: “This monster has even obtained the Devil Suppressing Stone Stele and the Ghost’s Godsbane. If we kill him, how about we divide credit evenly?”

Her words aroused a glint in the eyes of the others. Looking at that Astral Treasure Sword, the good items he had must not be few.

“Kill me? This Young Master has the Jade Pendant on his person, so can you kill me?” Su Xing chuckled: “You all better take it a bit easier. Should the chest be stolen by someone, it cannot be transferred away.”

The other restless cultivators took a moment to calm down. The Panther Head Lin Chong’s Two Star Destined Weapon and a contractor at Galaxy Early Stage. They truly did not have confidence that they could kill the Purple Thunder Monster, particularly when Zhao Heng and Su Fen already were the best proof of that. The only ones who could confront the Purple Thunder Monster was perhaps Xie Zhenyuan, Yan Wudao and Zhao Hanyan.

Regardless of cultivation, Star Generals needed to be higher ranked, so much so that the strongest Sword Chant was also needed. Thereupon, they placed all of their gazes on themselves.

Xie Zhenyuan was somewhat odd. Among the Star Masters, he was the only one who had not brought his Star General, and it was unknown if he was being too self-confident, “Brother Wudao, Princess Ling Yan. This Monster is a disaster. I believe we should kill him first, then worry about this chest.”

“Right. If we kill this Monster, this chest is but an item in our bags. We cannot let the Monster snatch away these treasures.” The Blue Wave Palace’s female cultivator blurted.

Yan Wudao wrinkled his brow, then nodded.

“This Princess’ Star General is one of the Five Tiger Generals. We have no interest in playing this game of many cheating against one with any of you. If you want to kill, then kill. This Palace wants to seize the chest…Junqing!!” Zhao Hanyan shot a glance at Su Xing, who already thoroughly understood the meaning in her expression. This Princess is is being extremely benevolent. Whether you will die or live is something you have to figure out yourself. The Steadfast Star Dong Junqing was somewhat displeased, but there was no helping it. Raising the Dragon and Phoenix Yin Yang Spear, she then went to break the True Dragon Barrier.

Along with her was an additional cold young girl. She was the Immortal Hero Princess, Gong Caiwei.

The other six people looked at each other in dismay. How did they not expect that these two, in their capacity as royals, would unexpectedly pay them no heed. Even Zhao Hanyan felt surprised. Since when was Gong Caiwei this kind?

“Since Princess Ling Yan feels it beneath her, leave this Purple Thunder Monster to me, then. This will not take much time.” Xie Zhenyuan gestured with his hand, and twelve emerald green flying swords appeared with a dazzle. This was his Supreme Grade Sword Chant “Most High Jade Clarity Sword.”8

The moment he acted, the other people suddenly froze. They stared at Xie Zhenyuan’s expression very strangely.

Su Xing raised the Blooming Water Divine Thunder.

The Most High Jade Clarity Sword became a mysterious sword array that was split into three paths from top to bottom. In an instant, they shot over. Su Xing using the Blooming Water Divine Thunder had changed the situation, and for absolute certainty, Xie Zhenyuan also formed a hand seal. The three swords merged, a cyan light shot in all directions, and it broke through the Blooming Water Divine Thunder.

Lin Yingmei stepped forward to block it, but the Featherless Arrow’s randomly appearing Asking Directions to the Underworld Stone made the Majestic Star continuously ward them off.

Su Xing was forced away by the flying sword. He fell behind Gong Caiwei, and the Most High Clarity Sword shot over with a whoosh to attack.

In a split second, without any indication, Gong Caiwei turned around, lifting the Tracing Snow Sword to stab at Su Xing. The corners of her skirt fluttered, and the girl’s figure appeared before his eyes. When Xie Zhenyuan saw, he forcibly halted his Sword Chant. Gong Caiwei was from the Heavenly Ice Holy Palace, so it was not good to accidentally injure her at this phase. At the same time, it was very odd this Immortal Hero Princess would make a move at this critical juncture.

Su Xing was also stunned by Gong Caiwei’s attack. He easily raised the Clinging Fire Star Domain Sword to block Gong Caiwei’s thrust with one of his own. Only when the sword completely lacked killing intent did he realize the girl did this deliberately. She coldly said in a quiet voice: “You still are not going to quickly take Lin Chong and escape?!”

Gong Caiwei flicked the sword into a Cold Light Pierces Snow. Su Xing already was familiar with her Sword Path at the General’s mausoleum, and he very easily dispelled it, “That can wait until I obtain the Treasure Outline.”

The virgin maiden’s fragrance was titillating, yet Gong Caiwei’s Sword Style was swift and fierce.

“Are you truly not afraid of dying?”

“Afraid, how can I not be afraid, but right now, I cannot die.” Su Xing thought as he sized up the other Star Masters.

The two’s “you come and I go” exchange of blows stunned the other watching Star Masters. Although they knew the Immortal Hero Princess’ Sword Style was exceptional, they did not imagine that it unexpectedly was unable to take down the Purple Thunder Monster.

“Hmph. Then you can just prepare to die.” Gong Caiwei said coldly.

“Look out!” Suddenly, Su Xing pushed her away without any warning, and a ray of cold light passed between the two.

The multicolored light scattered in empty space.

Gong Caiwei’s expression shifted. The Five Elements Weather Banner surrounded and formed an array around her body, blocking the multicolored light.

A figure of purple smoke leisurely approached for an attack. When Princess Ling Yan saw that battle between the two was almost flirtatious, her heart was slightly resentful. Her Sword Art severed the connection between the two people. Then, her white hand gestured, and her figure flashed to the front of Su Xing.

“Su Xing, are you very carefree?”

“Long time no see.” Su Xing formed a Blooming Water Divine Thunder, not daring to release killing intent.

“Yes. You do not flee, and you unexpectedly even have the carefree mood to flirt with the Immortal Hero Princess…how amazing…” Zhao Hanyan withdrew. The moment just now when he pushed Gong Caiwei aside had been seen by Zhao Hanyan.

“Princess Ling Yan, what is the meaning of this?” The others did not understand. If Zhao Hanyan used the powerful Seventy-two Outer Void Sword she had, that was a major killing move.

“The Purple Thunder Monster has the Ghost’s Godsbane. This Palace naturally needs him alive in order to know the whereabouts of this Ghost’s Godsbane.” Zhao Hanyan said with an unmoved tone.

“I see that as unnecessary.” Yan Wudao calmly said. His Sword Chant simultaneously manifested, a black light thoroughly serene, like ink, like a deep pool.

Several dozen coldly glinting flying swords flew over to stab at Su Xing. One side was ink concentrated as the dark, and the other was a warm green with the breath of life. There was also slender and twisting lightning on the sword, releasing a crackling noise. Although the other cultivators could not use Sword Chants, the Blue Wave Palace woman raised her hand which hoisted a command banner interwoven into a Great Array that circled around above. Inside the Great Array were raging flames, burning downwards towards them.

The two great Galaxy Late Stage Star Masters acted out, so what leeway did Su Xing have. Zhao Hanyan wrinkled her brow, already thinking she had no choice but to make a move of her own. She fixed her gaze on Su Xing, only to suddenly discover the man before her was still that calm and collected, the corner of his mouth even curling into a smile.

Facing this many Star Masters encircling him for a kill, yet he was this undisturbed? Had he gone mad?

Zhao Hanyan immediately received her reply.

Su Xing threw out a talisman that stuck onto the True Dragon Barrier.

With a bang.

With a sound as if the air had been ripped apart, Zhao Hanyan turned her head to look. The third True Dragon Barrier already was suddenly collapsing, and immediately, the Heavenly Spirit, Earthly Fiend and Purple Rose Chests all were exposed.

Instantly, the other small school cultivators revealed greedy expressions, frantically pouncing for the chests, their interest in the Purple Thunder Monster lost. Their fear was that others would steal a march on them.

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  7. As Princess, any action she takes against a sect can be seen as royal authority encroaching on them.
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