Chapter 167: Wu Siyou

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Those cultivators that had come to plunder the Purple Rose Grade Birth Outline naturally were here for the Treasure Chest. Seeing the Treasure Chest revealed behind the disappearing forbiddance, how could they have the slightest bit of hesitance. The Star Masters of these small schools were very clear. If the time to fight over the chest truly came, where would there be a chance for them.

Xie Zhenyuan and Yan Wudao were also stunned. Watching them rush to squabble over the chests, they were unable to kill Su Xing.1

These Treasure Chests were not that difficult. Earthly Fiend Chests were fine, and the Heavenly Spirit Grade Chests needed to waste several seconds imbuing it with Divine Intent. The Purple Rose Grade was even more complicated, and that Birth Treasure Outline was just like it needed to be refined once again in order to appear. If it was not for this reason, Su Xing would have already used the Territory Breaking Talisman before entering the forbiddance to take everything away.

The Divine Wood Valley’s cultivator rolled away two Earthly Fiend Chests, one Heavenly Spirit Chest and was about to move his hand towards a Purple Rose Chest when, at this time, a green light smashed straight through his palm. He screamed and fell over.

“Young Master!!”

His Star General was the Wild Star Kong Ming,2 and she swept away several green stones with the Wind Hacking Thunderclap Hammer3 in her hand.

But an even more powerful darkness sword chant shrouded the space above her head.

Kong Ming rolled the Wing Hacking Thunderclap Hammer, and her Yellow Rank Style broke these black Sword Arrays, but six translucent green lights flashed in front of her. The girl screamed, and had been sent straight into the Star Nest after being penetrated.

The Agile Star Featherless Arrow Zhang Qing’s Asking for Directions to the Underworld Stone randomly disappeared and reappeared, and it was already refined to Two Star.

“Si’er!”4 The male cultivator saw this, and he loudly shouted, baring his teeth wide-eyed at Yan Wudao

Yan Wudao swept with his Sword Chant, and when the male cultivator saw this, he hastily activated the Jade Pendant.

Yan Wudao did not have the intention to kill him at all. The several dozen Sword Chants stopped those cultivators. Originally, he had wanted to deter the scene before him, but suddenly seeing Xie Zhenyuan fly towards the chests, he knew at this time, saying anything more was useless.

Zhao Hanyan was secretly shocked by Su Xing’s method, but she did not fall behind.

Thereupon, a group of people developed into a war fighting over the chests. Artifacts, multicolored lights, back and forth, looking at this time, each minded their own business.

White Deer Highlands, upon a White Tiger suspended in the air.

Upon the tiger sat two exceptionally beautiful girls. They were Wu Song and Xiao’er.

The Five Great Firmament Dragons already were all dead, and seeing the center of dense purple clouds already roll with bright lights, a look told of the final juncture. “We came late.” Xiao’er said.

“Lin Chong’s master is already there.” Wu Song coldly said. She had heard the discussions of the others.

“Little Sister Wu Song, you won’t really kill him, will you?” Xiao’er smiled.

The chilly killing intent of Wu Song’s eyes already told of everything clearly.

The White and Black Unicorn Tiger became a streak of white light, immediately rushing in.

Outside the purple cloud, the Great Sects’ Ancestral Master Grade characters all were somewhat unsightly. Due to the Purple Cloud’s envelopment and the forbiddance sealing them they simply could not enter. The Supercluster Stage Great Cultivators also did not want to willingly sit and wait, joining hands to fully use each of their powers to break this forbiddance.

“Headmaster, do you want Your Servant to…” Bing Qingxuan5 said to Extreme Clarity Elder Immortal.

“You shall not go.” Extreme Clarity Elder Immortal used sound transmission.

Instantly, a white light rushed past them, and the Great Cultivators looked at each other in dismay.

“Wu Song??”

Meanwhile, the Earthly Fiend Chests inside the Purple Jade Platform very quickly were taken away with nothing left. The Heavenly Spirit Chests were also heavily depleted, but the Purple Rose Grades were the hardest to settle. These Purple Rose Grade Chests adhered to souls. In case someone approached, it would transform into every sort of Ancient form. There were Devil Heavenly Dragons, Heaven Overturning Fire Dragons, etc. Each Purple Rose Grade additionally had one, so to take this chest first required killing these Soul Demon Beasts.

This was the fourth forbiddance.

Presently, there were eight cultivators present, and the cultivators each took one of the nine Purple Rose Grade Chests. Everyone exhausted everything they could to break the forbiddance of the Purple Rose Chest. With this, they could even take another Purple Rose Grade Chest.

The atmosphere, for a time, was extremely odd.


Two of the Nine Dragons Divine Fire Pillars suddenly were destroyed, and the Purple Jade Platform shook for a time. Su Xing’s heart sunk, for he knew the Great Cultivators outside were using magic to break the forbiddance. With their cultivation, breaking this Nine Dragon Divine Fire Pillar forbiddance perhaps was not a problem. Should they enter, the escape routes Su Xing could use was limited to one. Even if he was not the Purple Thunder Monster, just the Star Masters outside of these allied sects would invite the misfortune of killing people.

These fire dragons were incredible. Their battles forced Su Xing and Lin Yingmei to be somewhat exhausted, and judging from the True Fire greatly swelling, from the raging flames becoming threads, to make them dissolved required some skill. Su Xing raised the Mountain Breaking Engraving, which smashed its way over. Immediately after, he fully used the Blooming Water Divine Thunder without stopping.

The thunder boomed, and Lin Yingmei’s Arctic Star Serpent Spear also continuously cleaved with its cold winds.

Just at this moment, the Heavenly River Sword School, the Blue Wave Palace, and the Transforming Life Door’s three Star Masters turned their eyes and suddenly launched into a close quarters attack.

The Flowery Necked Tiger Gong Wang’s Dark Hilt Tiger Devil Saber, the Stalk of Flower Cai Qing’s Bloodmarked Lethal Flower and the Knife Wielding Demon Cao Zheng’s Skilled Butcher’s Ox Dismembering Saber6 each attacked Su Xing. The three Star Masters completely understood tacitly, each standing by with already full power artifacts and abilities. The circumstances were extremely shocking, which made Gong Caiwei and the rest surprised.

These sect disciples and the rest could not compare in cultivation with the five that had already entered Galaxy Stage. If they wanted to forcibly break the Purple Rose Grade Birth Outline, that was far from keeping up with them. Therefore, they shifted their attention. Seizing the time that Su Xing and Lin Chong were battling the fire dragon, it would be better to kill this legendary Purple Thunder Monster, and capturing his magic weapon could come after. Seeing as how his reputation was so illustrious, clearly, the items he had with him were unknown levels better than this chest.  

Su Xing released his Divine Intent, having already guarded against this.

The “Molten Halo” and “Devil Sealing Sword” artifacts immediately flew out, rushing at the Ji Star Knife Wielding Demon Cao Zheng7 and the Victorious Star Flowery Necked Tiger Gong Wang.8 These artifacts naturally were incapable of trapping these Fiend Stars, and Gong Wang’s Dark Hilt Tiger Devil Saber cleaved open the Molten Halo. The Devil Sealing Sword was actually incapable of being launched away, but the Star General’s Star Weapon broke the sword shadows with random swings.

However, this gave Lin Yingmei time. With spear in hand, she seized the opportunity to counterattack, cutting down the artifacts and flying swords that soared over.


The young girl in red silk coldly grunted, forming a hand seal.

The Bloodmarked Lethal Flower fell between Lin Yingmei and Su Xing, suddenly erupting a blood-colored sword light.

This was the Star Magic of the Earthly Harm Star Stalk of Flower Cai Qing.9

Su Xing and Lin Yingmei could only helplessly retreat to avoid this keen blood light. Raising both hands, the Blooming Water Divine Thunder became a massive python that pounced, its lightning erupting. Lin Yingmei’s figure faded, her shadows continuous, as her spear technique immediately invaded the middle of the Star Generals. The Knife Wielding Demon and Flowery Necked Tiger cut at Lin Yingmei with their long sabers.

Their Star Weapons were all Two Star, and this slash made Lin Yingmei feel slight pressure.

Su Xing disappeared with an escape technique.

His hand clutching the Clinging Fire Star Domain Sword, he attacked them. The three Star Masters were already on their guard, and Li Xianyan was even more of a formidable character among them. Activating his Heavenly River Sword Chant, seemingly countless True Waters moved to attack Su Xing. Then, he opened his mouth, spitting out several dozen Rock Piercing Water Droplets. The other two Star Masters also each used their seals and powers. When Su Xing saw this, he hastily moved backwards, raising the Blood Rain Pot.

A red blood-light scattered across the entire sky.

“The Blood Rain Pot!!” Li Xianyan recognized this artifact.

He promptly waved his hand, and the sky-filling blood-light shot down with thuds, turning into raindrops. The Nebula Late Stage Star Masters’ expressions chilled, “Yunzhen!”10 Li Xianyan immediately yelled. His Star General Cai Yunzhen instantly activated her Star Magic, and a Bloodmarked Lethal Flower suddenly rose. Its circulating blood-light unexpectedly absorbed the blood rain.

Su Xing was stunned, and flicking his fingers, a lightning net flew over.

Yan Wudao narrowed his eyes.

The Lin Yingemi that happened to be dueling two Star Generals suddenly felt wind pour into her ear. Glancing, she saw a concealed weapon attacking her. Her shadow faded, dodging three concealed weapons, but another three shot over from an odd angle, just managing to hit Lin Yingmei. When the Ji Star and the Victorious Star saw the girl expose an opening, their sabers directly attacked. Lin Yingmei’s Ten Thousand Techniques Realms’ afterimages were continuous, and she broke away from the two’s slashes.


Lin Yingmei was somewhat enraged at Zhang Qing’s Asking for Directions to the Underworld Stones. Suddenly, she noticed Yan Wudao and Xie Zhenyuan already had obtained a Purple Rose Chest. They each looked each other in the eye and understood tacitly what to do, activating their Life-cast Sword Chants at Su Xing.

“Young Master!”

Lin Yingmei wanted to protect him.

With a cold laugh, Zhang Biluo opened her hands, and the six Asking Directions to the Underworld Stones disappeared.

They banged towards Lin Yingmei.

Several dozen flying swords attacked Su Xing head on, and he thought to himself, These large schools are each cunning as a fox. Unexpectedly waiting for a chance to join hands, at that moment he hesitated to bring out his final trump cards, the Ghost’s Godsbane or the Blaze Refining Nine Hells Saber, he suddenly saw two silhouettes fly at him, which secretly shocked him.

The flying swords were then blocked.

Yan Wudao and Xie Zhenyuan were stunned.

“What are you two doing?!”

Gong Caiwei and Zhao Hanyan widened and narrowed their eyes, simultaneously shouting: “Why did you save him!!” The two girls were taken aback, each looking at the opposite in shock. Su Xing was also speechless, but currently, why would he concern himself with this. His hands fiercely exerted strength, releasing Divine Thunder.

“Just what sort of relationship do you have with this Purple Thunder Monster!” Xie Zhenyuan yelled.

“You cannot kill him. If he dies, what would Father Emperor do if he cannot obtain the Ghost’s Godsbane!” Though Zhao Hanyan’s words were righteous, Su Xing admired how she actually lied through her teeth.

Yan Wudao and Xie Zhenyuan actually also knew that Emperor Liang attached great importance to this unique Devil Weapon. It was not easy to act out against Zhao Hanyan when she looked so suspect.

“Caiwei, why did you save him just now!” Zhao Hanyan sneered.

Gong Caiwei was indifferent, with an attitude that disdained to reply.

“Little Sister Caiwei, we have not sparred in a long time. Since this Birth Outline can have only one person anyways, today, we shall compare our strengths here.” Princess Ling Yan said as she raised her Sword Chant. Dong Junqing was already impatient, raising her Dragon and Phoenix Yin Yang Double Spear to attack Zhu Sha.

Gong Caiwei’s Life-cast Sword Chant attacked at the same time.

The Leader Star Resourceful Strategist Zhu Sha’s Five Elements Weather Banner transformed into ten thousand li, spreading out to form an array, and the two women unexpectedly began fighting.

Yan Wudao and Xie Zhenyuan looked on dumbstruck.

Su Xing thought, What the hell are you two doing at such a time. The Clinging Fire Domain Sword hacked out Clinging Fire, and exerting the Mountain Breaking Engraving, he swept towards a chest. Originally, the nearly disastrous fire dragons had been smashed through by the Mountain Breaking Engraving. Now, how could Su Xing be carefree when the fifth had taken away a Purple Rose Chest.

“For now, we first kill Lin Chong.” Xie Zhenyuan’s brows wrinkled.

The Most High Clarity Sword’s cyan light scattered.

Just at this time, the purple cloud turned over, and another dragon pillar collapsed. At this time, two maidens suddenly entered from the purple cloud.

“Who dares kill Lin Chong!!”

The girl with water-like long hair icily said. She was Wu Song.


The Lin Yingmei that struck back two Star Generals saw that girl, and she could not help but cry out in surprise.

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  1. Reminds me of that one scene from Death Note.
  2. 地猖星孔明
  3. 劈風驚雷錘
  4.  思兒
  5. 邴青軒
  6.  庖丁解牛刀
  7. 地嵇星操刀鬼曹正
  8. 地捷星花項虎龔旺
  9. 地損星一枝花蔡慶
  10. 雲貞
  11. 司幽, Wu Song’s true name


      1. “The Purple Rose Grade was even more complicated, and that Birth Treasure Outline was just like it needed to be refined once again in order to appear. If it was not for this reason, Su Xing would have already used the Territory Breaking Talisman before entering the forbiddance to take everything away.”

        I still don’t understand why he couldn’t use the Talisman to enter before everyone and kill the dragons to obtain the chests. It is unclear to me.

        Also, cute how they are both fighting to protect their future man.

        It’s got me a bit salty that Su Xing didn’t get to hoard most of the treasure. I still think he could’ve had he been more efficient and less stingy with his things/energy/efforts.

          1. He’s just one guy and it’s a race against time.
            It’s not that hard to understand…
            He could only do so much.
            Put yourself in his shoes with his skills.
            He’s strong but never super OP.

  1. I KNEW it was those two!!!!

    But… would Xiao’er really let Wu Song kill Su Xing?
    …I have my doubts honestly…ugh.

    But, we’ll see.

    Ah, as for the timely intervention…I chuckled!

    I get Hanyan saving him…Thousand Year Contract and budding feelings(?) For our Su Xing…
    But, the Kuudere Immortal Hero Princess was rather unexpected, kinda.

    …And then, it devolves into an epic catfight with everyone like (Su Xing included), “WTF!?”
    It was hard NOT laughing at how absurd that turned out, y’know?

    …Still, shit got serious huh…

    But thx 4 the Ch!

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