Chapter 168: Join Hands, Obtain Treasure

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Wu Siyou?

Hearing Lin Yingmei’s words, Su Xing’s brows rose. This name actually quite suited her when matched with that icy temperament.

The Harm Star’s appearance was far outside the expectations of these sect Star Masters. Each had froze, and Zhao Hanyan and Gong Caiwei’s duel also could not help but pause. Because Su Xing heard that Xiao’er had come to snatch a chest away, he greatly calmed. He was only quite surprised at the daring these two had. Outside the Purple Jade Platform were an additional dozen Supercluster Cultivators, so how did she go about handling them?

Wu Song’s gaze swept around, finally landing on Lin Yingmei and Su Xing. Lin Yingmei raised her spear, subconsciously guarding in front of Su Xing.

“Yingmei, that man is worth your protection?” Wu Siyou spoke.

“A faithful life pledge!” Lin Yingmei’s tone was decisive.

All of the Star Masters and Star Generals were stunned. Each was somewhat shocked that legendary Panther Head would be this resolute.

The atmosphere was extremely calm for a time.

A stifling calm.

Wu Siyou and Lin Yingmei stared face to face, a sort of soundless contest.


The fifth Divine Fire Pillar collapsed.

“Little Sister Wu Song, bringing trouble to Lin Chong’s Master can wait until after this.” Xiao’er said, alarmed. Her two hands formed a seal, and the Star Crest on her forehead flashed. A golden light struck the Birth Treasure Outline, and that complex star of hers immediately appeared on the stele. Xiao’er wanted to refine this Birth Treasure Outline, and this also was the Purple Rose Grade Birth Outline’s final forbiddance.

How could Yan Wudao, Xie Zhenyuan and the rest be so willing when they saw this.

“Wu Song, do not be so impudent!”

The two raised their Sword Chants, transforming into a sun cross. Power that could overturn mountains and rivers attacked Xiao’er. Even Gong Caiwei and Zhao Hanyan did not dare be neglectful, each using artifacts and sword chant to join the fray. The group originally unable to ally together to confront the Purple Thunder Monster instantly joined hands with perfect coordination because of Wu Song’s appearance. Su XIng chuckled, for he had been waiting for this precise moment.

To make Su Xing alone plunder the Birth Outline with the Ten Great Sects, even if he did not have any faith, he knew Xiao’er and Wu Song would appear. Su Xing had already settled on this idea of making Wu Song into a shield, after all, the hegemon of the previous generation’s Maiden Mountain was even more infamous in every way compared to his Purple Thunder Monster. No matter what, those large schools would seemingly overlook large enemies, and this time, they had a chance to go obtain the Birth Outline.

Soaring high into the air, they formed hand seals as they were suspended on their flying swords, launching a Star Crest that fought against Xiao’er.

The White and Black Unicorn Tiger’s roar was jolting. Its tiger claw shot a streak of white light, and these white lights turned into thin blades that battled the flying swords. The Sword Chants of the four were also formidable, but this Star Beast was a Star World Spirit Beast, a Star General’s guardian mount. The Galaxy Stage Sword Chants briefly stopped the light. The other Star Masters launched attacks, unwilling to let Su Xing and Xiao’er seize the stele.

The killing moves of each of the Star Generals was used to their utmost.

The Featherless Arrow Zhang Qing’s two palms moved, and the six Asking Directions to the Underworld Stones shot over.

They saw the Pilgrim’s figure lean, and the Asking Directions to the Underworld Stones were scattered, stunning Zhang Qing. The frosty as ink1 double-headed sword was already on the approach. Zhang Biluo’s concealed weapon was excellent, but in terms of close combat, how could she be Wu Song’s opponent. Zhang Biluo crossed her arms, and Yan Wudao recalled his Sword Chant. The black flying sword became a barrier that slowed Wu Song.

Wu Siyou’s Noble Frost Demonic Lotus broke it.

The Sword Qi bit everywhere wildly, the attack leaving Zhang Qing battered and bruised.

“You are rather inattentive of Elder Sister!” Dong Junqing coldly grinned, raising her double spears as she leapt over.

Among all the Star Generals present, the Steadfast Star was a formidable character. The Dragon and Phoenix Yin Yang became a rainbow. Clang, clang…before it came close, an Arctic Star Serpent Spear blocked in front of her, and it was Lin Yingmei who acted.

“Move aside!”

The double spears suddenly swept.

Clang, clang!!

Lin Yingmei stabbed straight, the speartip’s strength like a wisp of snow. Dong Junqing was forced backwards blocking it.

How could Zhao Hanyan be willing to continue fighting when she saw Su Xing and that mysterious girl refine the stele. Suddenly releasing purple smoke that wandered around her, she then formed a hand seal. At the same time, she urged out her Star Crest. Princess Ling Yan continuously formed seals, her Star Energy completely activated. The Purple Rose Birth Outline stele very quickly had three Star Crests. Afterwards, a white Star Diagram also appeared on the stele, for Gong Caiwei also joined the ranks of competitors.

The Resourceful Strategist Zhu Sha stood guard next to her, not daring to act when she knew Wu Song was not someone she could face.


Because Yan Wudao and Xie Zhenyuan were too far, they were obstructed outside by Wu Siyou, with no way to go fight for it. The two strongest Star Masters glanced at each other. Raising their Sword Chants, this time, the remaining martial force and magic energy Star Generals all fully moved out, attempting to destroy the other Star Masters’ refinement.

Six green lights suddenly appeared.

The Featherless Arrow Zhang Qing’s concealed weapon simply was brilliant, like a demon. It could always appear in any place, and Dong Junqing’s Two Star Dragon and Phoenix Yin Yang Spear also was no mere decoration. Guarding against Zhang Qing’s concealed weapon on one side while also facing Dong Junqing’s fierce offensive on the other, even the cold Wu Siyou barely kept up.

Bang, bang, bang.

She blocked three of the concealed weapons, but the other three hit Wu Siyou’s arm. A green light swept past, which made Wu Siyou fall back, “Hè.” Dong Junqing seized the chance to cross her double spears together and attack, twisting like a drill towards the top of Wu Siyou’s head. In the case the Star General that did not sign a contract received a deadly attack, she would not enter the Star Nest, but would directly fall.

When Lin Yingmei saw, her spear swept away Cao Zheng and Gong Wang. Shifting to a fast pace, the Arctic Star Serpent Spear blocked Dong Junqing’s double spears, and hefting her, she repelled the Steadfast Star.

“Yingmei, in the end, you are unwilling to sign a contract.” Wu Siyou pensively said.

“Siyou, what are you saying.” Lin Yingmei was hoarse.

“Otherwise, why would you come help me?” Wu Siyou calmly said. Those cool and elegant pupils brimmed with a curiosity. “The Lin Chong that has signed a contract would not have taken pity on other Star Generals.”

“Your Servant’s Master is not as you think!” Lin Yingmei grit her teeth.

Swish, swish!

Again, there were artifacts and sword lights scattering.

This time, the Noble Frost Demonic Lotus lazily brushed aside these attacks with a swing.

“You have been deceived by that man.” Wu Siyou coldly looked at Su Xing: “Your Servant shall now go kill that man.”

“Siyou, you dare!!” Lin Yingmei yelled: “Your Servant naturally understands your logic!”

Those peerless beautiful good looks of Wu Siyou were still expressionless, but her murderous aura overall had at last greatly eased.

“The relationship between you two sisters is pretty good. It would be better to give Dong Junjing the pleasure of joining in your intimacy.”2 A dallying voice sounded out, and Dong Junqing laughed evilly. Her Dragon and Phoenix Yin Yang Spears crossed, with one hot and the other cold. Great rays of spear-light like crescent moons seemingly poured out. It was the Yin Yang Cross Slash!

A chill flashed in both Wu Siyou and Lin Yingmei at the same time. The Noble Frost Demonic Lotus and the Arctic Star Serpent Spear, in the middle of their rise and fall, unexpectedly stopped Dong Junqing’s Yin Yang Cross Slash. Their mutual understanding made Dong Junqing lose her color.

At this moment, the other Star Generals also saw Wu Siyou and Lin Yingmei’s distinctness.

These two legendary Star Maidens that would not sign contracts in a thousand years were back to back with each other. They had a kind of exceptionally frightening magic energy, so the Star Generals subconsciously recalled a legend from the previous generation. The eight generation Harm Star Pilgrim Wu Song and Majestic Star Panther Head Lin Chong joined hands to greatly topple the Maiden Mountain, and it was at the Fifth Phase at the very end they met with encirclement and annihilation by more than ten Star Masters.

At that time, the two chilly Star Generals were back to back just like this, calm and smiling.

And the final outcome was recorded in history.

In the end, Wu Song slayed all the Star Masters, and from that generation of Maiden Mountain Star Duels, she held supremacy. Furthermore, that Lin Chong that fought together with her had reportedly fallen in battle. As for the inside details, nobody knew, but seeing these two have such a deep rapport from their hearts, the rest immediately leapt high.

“We must kill them!”

All the Star Generals came up with an idea, and all the Star Masters came up with an idea.


Another Fire Dragon Pillar collapsed.

The final forbiddance was approaching a crisis.

“Yingmei, Your Servant shall help you this time. Your Servant wants to see just what capabilities your master has!” Wu Siyou icily said.

“En…” Lin Yingmei affirmed.

“You are making Elder Sister somewhat burn with lust and envy.” Dong Junqing shouted. Under her vigor, all the others once again attacked.

Silhouettes overlayed, and Lin Yingmei and Wu Siyou attacked the left and right.

A spear like a bright star, with lifting wind and falling snow, wherever it passed, if it was not a hurricane fiercely roaring, it was a spell of chilliness that pierced into the bone, a matchless foe.

Wu Siyou’s figure was even more magnificent, seemingly graceful. The Noble Frost Demonic Lotus was dabbed with snow, its sword qi like a weaved thread. Her footwork was wonderful, repeatedly leaving afterimages.

Dong Junqing did not dare be careless when she saw this, her double spears presenting a defensive power.

The Knife Wielding Demon Cao Zheng and the Flowery Necked Tiger Gong Wang immediately used each of their Yellow Rank Battle Techniques.

A saber technique fine to the smallest unit, it was seemingly even able to completely dismember a mosquito. Handling close quarters combat, it was extremely exceptional. The Flowery Necked Tiger Gong Wang’s Dark Hilt Tiger Devil Saber was a blade like a fierce tiger, and a ferocious tiger fiend pounced out of the blade.

Who would have thought Wu Siyou would lightly pass it by. The Noble Frost Demonic Lotus was more mysterious than Cao Zheng’s fine saber technique. That magnificent double-headed sword brushed over, and the Ji Star had been struck back into the Star Nest before she could react. The Victorious Star Flowery Necked Tiger’s “Tiger Fiend” also was not able to approach Lin Yingmei. The Panther Head’s body techniques warped, leading to a miss. When she fell to the ground, her stomach already had been punctured with a big hole, and Gong Wang also returned to the Star Nest.

The Agile Star Zhang Biluo no longer hesitated, using her Yellow Rank Style.

The six Asking Directions to the Underworld Stones somehow became sixty.

At this moment, in the midst of refining the Birth Outline, Xiao’er clearly occupied the superior position, and her Star Energy was simply incomparable. In the blink of an eye, golden light covered Gong Caiwei, Zhao Hanyan and the other’s Star Crests while Su Xing’s difficult battle was approaching imminent danger.

Xiao’er calmly flipped through hand seals, and the golden light had just about already completely wrapped up the Birth Treasure Outline. Su Xing and the others were already nearly at their limit.


Zhao Hanyan abruptly shouted, and the Seventy-two Outer Void Flying Immortals Swords formed a Sword Array. Sword-light all of a sudden flashed and stabbed at Xiao’er.

Xiao’er struck a seal, and a weapon wrapped in gold flew out that clashed with Zhao Hanyan’s Sword Chant. Gong Caiwei also unexpectedly formed a seal, and the Five Elements Weather Banner Magic Circle suddenly appeared.

Just when those three were careless, Su Xing all of a sudden yelled.

Su Xing’s forehead simultaneously flashed four Star Crests. These Star Crests each were entirely different, yet they all followed the path of the Heavenly Spirit and Earthly Fiend. Simultaneously releasing resplendent light, the four Star Crests appearing at the same time was just like one becoming four. The light of the Birth Treasure Outline inside the stone stele glowed brighter, and a great expanse of golden fire sailed out, unexpectedly covering the imprints of the three girls in the blink of an eye. The entire stone stele rapidly split open, spinning with a rumble. A moment later, there was a bang, and the Birth Treasure Outline broke the stone, shooting out and into Su Xing’s forehead.

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