Chapter 169: Who Leaves And Who Stays, Who Lives And Who Dies

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“How can this be??”

Xiao’er and the rest were extremely startled. How did they not think that Su Xing would unexpectedly finish refining the Birth Treasure Outline in such a short time.

“I won’t be keeping you company.” Su Xing also did not expect matters would progress this smoothly. At once, he was about to call out to Lin Yingmei.

At this moment, Gong Caiwei wanted to go snatch it back, but her hand extended and stopped. She unexpectedly did not know how she should raise her hand against this man that once preserved her own purity, and Zhu Sha’s magic circle also hesitated to a stop along with the Princess. When Zhao Hanyan saw, she was indescribably resentful. She had the Thousand Year Contact on her, so she naturally also could not possibly act against Su Xing. Xiao’er also seemingly gave up. The result was that the three girls’ eyes helplessly watched Su Xing take away the Birth Treasure Outline.

Although the Birth Treasure Outline had been taken, there was still an additional four chests that these girls would not miss.

There was a scream.

As it turned out at this moment, Wu Siyou’s Noble Frost Demonic Lotus penetrated a cultivator. This cultivator was not just anyone, but the renowned Xie Zhenyuan. Without a Star General’s protection, in a close quarters confrontation with the Heavenly Harm Star, Xie Zhenyuan simply completely lacked the opportunity to resist. Wu Siyou’s brows did not wrinkle at all, and just as her next attack was about to send him off, suddenly at this moment, a figure abruptly appeared and laid over Xie Zhenyuan’s body, shouting, “Elder Sister, don’t!!”

That twelve or thirteen year old girl made Wu Siyou’s swordtip directly stop before her neck.

“Ruolan,1 flee, quickly!” Xie Zhenyuan coughed blood, forming a hand seal. The flying sword confronting the White and Black Unicorn Tiger lazily turned back. Seeing that he was unwilling to give up, why would the Harm Star know leniency. A cold wind blew straight.

With a boom.

The Nine Dragons Divine Fire Pillars completely collapsed.

The purple cloud then dispersed away.

Su Xing thought to himself, Shit. With a big step forward, he reached Lin Yingmei’s side. The Majestic Star shook her spear, blowing back Dong Junqing.

“Yingmei, we’re leaving, now!” Su Xing called and had Lin Yingmei enter the Star Nest.

In a rare instance, Lin Yingmei hesitated as she looked at Wu Siyou.

Wu Siyou’s expression coldly stared at Lin Yingmei. It was hard to tell what her feelings were.

“Where do you think you can run to!!”

There was a bellow like thunder, and an immense spiritual pressure pressed down from above, squeezing the space together. It was as if the Five Sacred Mountains were pinning them. They were incapable of breathing, and the movements of their whole bodies immediately became incomparably rigid.

A hundred figures appeared all at the same time, encircling their surroundings.

These were the sects that had waited for a long time.

“Zhenyuan!!” The Extreme Clarity Elder Immortal saw Xie Zhenyuan’s whole body was bloody, and with a flick, a rolling breeze blew Wu Siyou away. The other disciples promprlt stepped forward to support Xie Zhenyuan and bring him back.

The other sects’ Ancestral Masters at this moment looked at each other in dismay.

Could it be that that tiny pink-clothed girl was Xie Zhenyuan’s Star General??

Su Xing’s Divine Intent latched onto the Purple Rose Grade Jade Pendant, preparing at any time for Paradise In A Flash. This entire group was full of abnormalities here, and he certainly did not have interest being with them. That Xuan Zhenzi and the Queen Lady of Ice saw their own apprentices were handling Purple Rose Grades, and they went along to destroy the above protection.

“Purple Thunder Monster, today, This Ancestor and you cannot live under the same sky!!” The Su Feng he had brought here for the Purple Rose Birth Outline became the sole Star Master to fall, which made Ancestor Huai Mu unable to restrain his anger. He itched to turn Su Xing into mincemeat.

His Sword Chant activated and twisted over.

The other Ancestors were stunned. With a detached point of view, Ancestor Heavenly Fire’s eyes were even somewhat grimly smiling.

Lin Yingmei’s Two Star Destined Weapon hacked out a cold tip to that broke the Sword Chant. Ancestor Huai Mu angrily shouted, forming seals with his hands. A mountain immediately dropped from the sky. That mountain was a hundred zhang, its size terrifying. Ancestor Huai Mu unexpectedly used the Mountain Moving Peak Flipping Art,2 an ability that was actually quite amazing.

But Ancestor Huai Mu had not yet pressed the mountain downwards when Su Xing raised his hand, and Purple Thunder burst out of his arm. This was the Five Spirits Law Book’s “Divine Thunder Slays The Dragon.” The Purple Thunder was like a perfectly straight sharp sword, and it flashed over.

Immediately, it arrived in front of Ancestor Huai Mu.

Ancestor Huai Mu was momentarily astonished. Hastily bringing out the mountain to go block it, the mountain surprisingly was shattered.

“Why are you not acting to destroy this Monster??” Ancestor Huai Mu had been frightened full of cold sweat. Only then did he recall that handling the dragon and then going to break the forbiddance just now had left him with nearly no magic energy. He was almost about to die at the hands of a Galaxy Stage, and seeing the other Ancestors smile peacefully without lifting a finger, he angrily yelled.

“Only a Galaxy Late Stage Cultivator, he is unworthy of us raising a hand.” Ancestor Heavenly Fire’s voice was low.

When Ancestor Huai Mu saw them like this, he knew that they were considering the Liangshan Maiden’s might.

The last Purple Rose Chest was taken by Xiao’er. She looked at the surrounding cultivators then said a sentence that made Su Xing burst out laughing: “The plundering of the Purple Rose Chest has already ended. Everyone must be tired, so let’s adjourn.”

Su Xing very much wanted to leave, but looking at the surrounding cultivators that scowled, they simply did not give him any outlet. Of course, what he was even more worried about was Lin Yingmei. The girl seemingly was somewhat hesitant towards Wu Song. At this moment, Su Xing suddenly noticed an odd phenomenon. Originally, he had thought the numerous cultivators would blast him with criticism, then wish they could take him apart. However, he suddenly discovered at this time, those Supercluster Stage monsters each stared at one person. It was none other than Wu Siyou.

What was going on??

Seeing Lin Yingmei’s brow crease, he had an ill premonition.

“Wu Song is in danger this time.” A somewhat frail voice sounded out in his brain.

“Little Yi, are your injuries fine?” Su Xing nervously asked. When he used the Star Crests to refine the Birth Treasure Outline just now, it was because he worried that he did not use Little Yi’s Star Energy.

“Many thanks for Master’s concern. Little Yi is already fine.”

“Just now, why is it that you say she is in danger?” Su Xing said: “Do these Supercluster Cultivators want to kill Wu Song? But aren’t they not permitted to interfere in the Star Duels? Yet they can kill me…heh, heh…” Su Xing already used his identity as a Star Master to steal the Blooming Water Sword Sect’s Heavenly Book, this could be considered as meddling with the other factions. Then, that faction would be justified in handling him.

“A complete Star General does not receive the Liangshan Maiden’s protection.” Little Yi replied.

Su Xing was stunned.

It was only natural that he knew what a complete Star General was. Past the third phase, all the Star Generals would truly sink into close quarters combat. At this time, the Liangshan Maiden would no longer limit the course of the Star Duels at all. Because after the passing of the Third Phase Evil Smiting Hall, all the Star Generals would at least already be able to mature into Liangshan’s most lofty. They could not be said to be unequalled, but being killed was not that simple.

Su Xing immediately understood the current situation. Because of Wu Song’s special causes behind obtaining her Star Beast in the Second Phase, it could be said that she became a complete Star General in advance. In this case, she would naturally suffer the surveillance of the other cultivators. However, it was not really reconnaissance into Wu Song’s Star Energy, but her White and Black Unicorn Tiger, rather. A Spirit Beast that came from this sort of Star World could mature alongside its Master, obtaining one was no different from letting a sect’s influence greatly swell.

But it was not necessarily completely an advantage. If a sect did this, they would be met with the assault of the Star Generals in the next generation of Star Duels. Because a sect possessing a Star Beast could be considered interfering with the Star Duels any way it was put, these Star Generals would destroy these sects as a matter of course. However, the Most High Path was the Azure Dragon Territory’s number one school naturally would not fear this kind of threat.

“Wu Song! Hm, hm. A Wu Song that has obtained her Star Beast!! Hm, hm.”

The Extreme Clarity Elder Immortal of the Most High Path laughed oddly.

“You unexpectedly dare to walk right into the trap!!”

The White and Black Unicorn Tiger roared, showing snow white teeth. Wu Siyou shot a glance at Lin Yingmei, then returned to the side of the Most High Path. With a voice cold like the crunch of snow: “You think you can stop Your Servant?”

“You heavily wounded my apprentice. Leave behind that White and Black Unicorn Tiger, and This Old Immortal shall let you go!” The Extreme Clarity Elder Immortal chuckled, his expression arrogant. Soon after, he said to everyone: “This Purple Thunder Monster has obtained the Birth Treasure Outline. This Immortal no longer wants it, and you all can take it if you wish, but this Wu Song nearly killed This Immortal’s apprentice. Today, she must pay the price.”

He said it with such righteousness that it was inspiring, but everyone knew that the Extreme Clarity Elder Immortal was only finding an excuse. From what he said, the other sects could not easily fight with him and could only give up on that legendary White and Black Unicorn Tiger, secretly expressing what a pity it was.

But that Purple Thunder Monster was not bad either.

He reportedly had the Devil Suppressing Stele and the Ghost’s Godsbane!!

“Your Servant truly is fortunate, to be able to have this many Elder Seniors confront Your Servant. Ha, ha.” Su Xing laughed as he cupped his fists.

“Cease your babbling, you wretch. This Palace’s master is the grand Azure Dragon True Immortal, how could you commit this kind of shameless shadiness.” Zhao Hanyan shouted, secretly helping Su Xing. When Xuan Zhenzi heard Zhao Hanyan say as such, he was somewhat embarrassed. In any case, he was Supercluster Late Stage with the title of True Immortal. To have him use his greater powers to take unfair advantage of someone smaller than him, he could not do so.

“Wait until the next phase. You had best keep your life and wait for This Palace to personally help herself to you!” Zhao Hanyan’s words made Dong Junqing sneer continuously. How could she not discern that Princess Ling Yan was doing her utmost to protect Su Xing.

“Okay, okay.” Xuan Zhenzi spoke in monastic terms. To every Fellow he bowed his head: “The True Immortal Palace will not interfere in the Star Duels. We are leaving!!” As he spoke, flying swords lifted, and the True Immortal Palace left.

“Queen, let us also return.” Gong Caiwei said.

“The Heavenly Ice Holy Palace shall also not wade in these muddy waters.” The Queen Lady of Ice held no interest whatsoever in the Purple Thunder Monster. Though the Devil Suppressing Stele was fine, it was still the Ghost’s Godsbane that was the hot potato which would scald the hand. Seeing Gong Caiwei also disinterested, the cold cloud folded and left these White Deer Highlands. Obtaining a Heaven Swallowing Silver Dragon was enough, and the Blue Wave Palace helplessly could only also depart.

Then, the Divine Wood Valley, the Transforming Life Door and the Heavenly River Sword School saw the Four Great Sword Sects already were concerned with the Purple Thunder Monster. They as small schools naturally lacked the qualifications to say anything more. So as to avoid falling into a misunderstanding someday, whatever great against small that was, just use many to take unfair advantage of few.

With this, the White Deer Highlands was left with only the Most High Path, the Lifeless Hall, the Divine Flame Sword Sect and the Taiyi Sword Sect.

“Heh, heh, This Ancestor is very fond of this Purple Thunder Monster’s Ghost Godsbane. It seems Emperor Liang is also searching for this, so it would be better to allow This Ancestor to help you safeguard it.” Ancestor Longevity chuckled.

“Yan Wudao, this is how you treat the benefactor who saved your life?” Su Xing calmly said. He flicked his hand, and a Lifeless Jade Marble arrived in Yan Wudao’s hand. Among those present, only Yan Wudao and his Star General made Su Xing uneasy.Thus, his plan was to first make him leave. Originally, Su Xing planned to use the Jade Pendant to return to the Abode, but now it seemed things had seemingly changed.

When Yan Wudao received the jade, he immediately recalled the Su Xing that saved his life that day. Stunned, his expression was speechless. He then used Sound Transmission, and Elder Longevity froze. Coldly smiling: “Today’s matters here are resolved. Wudao, let us leave.”

The Lifeless Hall departed.

Finally, only three large schools remained.

As far as the Extreme Clarity Elder Immortal was concerned, their departure was not worth much mention. This old Daoist was completely focused on Wu Song’s White and Black Unicorn Tiger. WIth this Spirit Beast, that White Tiger Territory’s remoteness would allow him to go as he pleased. It could not be said for certain whether he could find life-extending Spirit Fruit. In spite of the Extreme Clarity Elder Immortal’s Supercluster Late Stage, his lifespan was nearly exhausted with no other choice.

For Ancestor Huai Mu and Ancestor Heavenly Fire, Su XIng was their most hated person. The former lost his disciple. If he did not kill the Purple Thunder Monster, how would he rid himself of the hate in his heart. The latter was because Zhao Heng had been repelled, which made the Divine Flame Sword Sect waste its dowry. Of course, on an even deeper layer of his desire to kill, it was because the Heaven Tearing Gold Dragon they so painstakingly worked to kill had been stolen. If it was not for these three matters happening at the same time, they would not necessarily have interest in meddling in this Star Duel.

The ten large schools were left with three after seven left, but those three had Supercluster Stage monsters. Among them was the Extreme Clarity Elder Immortal who was even the Supercluster Stage’s number one cultivator. Any way it was put, the situation was extremely dire.

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