Chapter 175: Secret Rumors of Song Jiang And The Gains

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This Star General is too powerful, for her to be able to judge the circumstances and prepare adequately, Su Xing thought. Seeing Xiao’er about to go mad with rage, he could not help but be silent. He actually was not at all grieved. Absorbing that Prehistoric Spirit Treasure from the Extreme Clarity Elder Immortal counted as an enormous gain, and as for the items inside the Astral Bag, he did not care any more.

“Let’s go back first. I fear more cultivators will come.” Su Xing feared this chain reaction would snowball out of control. Of course, that Emperor Liang was the most terrifying, for he had ordered Su Xing’s arrest.


Tang Lianxin released the Fire Beacon Chariot.

“Do you want to come together with me back to the Abode?” Su Xing asked.

Xiao’er and Wu Siyou had injuries on their body, and because they did not have Star Nests, their recovery times would be longer some.

“I have other things. Next time, I will oblige you.” Xiao’er giggled. Her expression was seemingly saying, “You snatched my Birth Treasure Outline. Next time, I will for sure snatch it back.”

Su Xing nodded, and then he asked Wu Siyou.

“Little Sister Yingmei went through a lot of trouble for you, so you should go look after her.” Seeing Wu Siyou wanted to refuse, Xiao’er goaded her.

Raising the issue of the Majestic Star Panther Head Lin Yingmei, Wu Siyou then sunk into a rare silence. She wordlessly boarded the Fire Beacon Chariot, sat down cross-legged, closed her eyes and let her long, black hair come undone. “Right, Little Sister. I’ll give this to you.” Xiao’er threw something, which was a Purple Rose Grade Chest. During the plunder of the Purple Rose Grade Birth Outline, she had taken two chests in total. One of them had been very fairly split to Wu Song, making Su Xing somewhat have newfound respect for Xiao’er.

Wu Siyou did not decline, for declining would appear artificial.

Su Xing again went to see the Dragon in the Clouds Gongsun Sheng. The delicate and immaculate girl unrolled her multicolored light, and her silhouette then entered the clouds, seemingly as if she had never come. Su Xing originally had wanted to thank her, not only for this, but also for the last time with the Ghost Cavalry King. When Su Xing was dreaming while drifting to unconsciousness, the girl he seemed to have seen was Gongsun Sheng.

Seeing that she was unwilling to come into contact with him, Su Xing was left with no choice. Tang Lianxin raised the Fire Beacon Chariot and flew towards Flaming Eastern Island.

Thinking back to the plunder of the Birth Outline, especially the final encounter where they faced the Extreme Clarity Elder Immortal, Su Xing truly sobbed. He had never expected that this many Heavenly Stars would appear at the end. Su Xing raised his head to look at the sky filled with stars, and then he recalled something: “This Song Jiang didn’t come. I wonder if she’s even still alive.”

“It is certain she is alive, and she must not have a contract yet.” Wu Xinjie did not need to think to answer.

“How are you so certain?” Su Xing asked.

“Could it be that you do not know even this?” Wu Siyou’s tone was cheerless.

Su Xing could hear the girl’s heart was very dissatisfied, and he did not know whether she was unhappy he did not know anything about Song Jiang or whether it was because he was Lin Yingmei’s master yet was seemingly unknowing. Su Xing was not angry. Instead, he asked humbly: “Please advise me.”

Wu Siyou looked at the Knowledge Star, then turned her head away.

This task of explaining things still fell upon the Resourceful Star.

“Young Lord is somewhat unaware, but as Maiden Mountain’s top rank, Song Jiang is somewhat of an extremely unusual existence.”

“En, it seems she does not have any capabilities to carry experience.” Su Xing heard what Lin Yingmei had mentioned before.

“But does Young Lord know why Song Jiang would be reputed as the weakest?”


“That is because as long as Song Jiang signs a Star Duel Covenant, then whatever position she is in would be exposed to all the other Star Generals. Young Lord, tell me, a completely unresisting Star General is in front of you and killing her would give you an enormous benefit. The Leader Star Protector of Righteousness Song Jiang would undoubtedly die.”

“Song Jiang’s gathering is unexpectedly this tough.“ Su Xing truly had some sympathy for Song Jiang.

“So that is why no dares to sign a contract with Song Jiang these days.”

“But since Song Jiang has such a severe limitation, is there any other special reason?” Su Xing felt that there seemed to be another secret.

The Knowledge Star did not know, saying, “Liangshan Continent has ‘Nine’ as a restriction regarding reincarnation. Perhaps the Ninth Star Duels would allow Song Jiang to change into something not quite the same.” Wu Xinjie did not have much confidence in what she said.

“Young Lord certainly did form in the Ninth Star Duels the legendary Panther Head’s first contract.” Wu Xinjie proudly said.

From behind came a cold grunt.

Remembering there was still the Pilgrim who was very unhappy that Lin Chong signed a contract, Wu Xinjie adorably stuck out her tongue.

Su Xing smiled, and his gaze returned to the sky, sinking for a long time into deep contemplation.

When they returned to the Four Styles School, after Su Xing returned the Weapon Removal Scroll to Tang Lianxin, the girl just calmly nodded and went back to the bamboo hut. She was fine with Su Xing being a Star Master, fine with him having multiple Star Generals; she was not concerned.

And neither did Su Xing go ask her why she came.

Inside the Void Immortal’s Abode, Wu Siyou opened her eyes. When she saw Su Xing’s jade pendant was surprisingly Purple Rose Grade, her expression could not help but be somewhat odd.

Lin Yingmei, Yan Yizhen and Shi Yuan all left the Star Nest. Through the Immortal Abode’s spiritual influence, they began to tend their wounds. The degree of recovery the three had in the Star Nest was far from being as fast as the Immortal Abode’s, and An Suwen fully used several times her Spiritual Aura Distribution. She also began to concoct some energy recovering medicine to assist the four in their recuperation.

Only with this did Su Xing have time to go inspect his war spoils.

In this Purple Rose Grade Birth Outline, Su Xing’s ample harvest exceeded his imagination, and even Wu Xinjie could not help but be startled.

A Birth Treasure Outline, a Purple Rose Grade Chest, five Heavenly Spirit Grade Chests, two Earthly Fiend Grade Chests and a Supercluster Middle Stage Old Monster’s two Astral Bags. Of course, what made Su Xing feel happiness the most was the Prehistoric Spirit Treasure, the Miraculous Bodhi Tree. This Spirit Treasure did not have cultivation restrictions, and it could break ten thousand magics under Heaven. In his hand, he would simply feel as if the Heavens were beneath him. According to what Wu Xinjie said, the Prehistoric Spirit Treasure was apparently more powerful than a Purple Rose Astral Treasure, but this Spirit Treasure when used would be even more powerful than an Astral Treasure.

Su Xing only held it in his hand, but he already sensed the Star Energy in his body was being steadily sucked away. If he shook it, it would definitely turn him into a cripple. This treasure seemed to also have unbearable consumption, but it would be very impressive at the critical moment.

Su Xing first of all impatiently opened the Purple Rose Chest.

The purple light inside pulsed, and a magic cloud overflowed the heavens, as if there was a red-crowned crane’s mysterious call.

Though not many things were inside the chest, every item was priceless.

“Three pieces of Purple Heart Immortals Dragon Pill,1 a Purple Domain Majestic Robe,2 fifty pieces of purple gold, fifty liang of Relic Blade Sand, two pieces of Scarlet Dragon Flame Jade,3 two pieces of Ice Kite Arctic Jade, ten liang of Purple Immortals Sand4…” Su Xing declared one by one. The Purple Heart Immortals Dragon Pill was a wonder drug to cultivate True Qi, and with three pieces of the Purple Heart Immortals Dragon Pill, Su Xing’s “Purple Rose Transforming Qi” could greatly cut down on the time to advance ranks. Perhaps from “Transforming Qi” he would reach the next stage “TrueSpirit” within just a few months. That Purple Domain Majestic Robe was an Earthly Fiend Grade Astral Treasure, with purple clouds and auspicious winding, and its propitious light was attached to the clothing itself. It was impervious to sword and spear, but it was a very big help to cultivating True Qi. It perfectly complemented the cultivation of the Purple Rose Transforming Qi.

Looking at the Purple Rose Chest, the Heavenly Spirit and Earthly Fiend Chests were not as impressive to Su Xing. Most of them were a few Heavenly and Earthly treasures, as well as precious stones, and crystals. These materials added together actually could give An Suwen and Shi Yuan’s Star Weapons complete advancement to Two Star. Besides these, there was still a Yin Yang Jade and a Galaxy Stage High Grade artifact called “Sky Breaking Spear” that was not too bad.

Su Xing then unceremoniously dumped out everything in Ancestor Heavenly Fire and Ancestor Huai Mu’s Astral Bag. The majority was materials, gold, purple gold and such. There were some rather good magic weapons, a few porcelain bottles of medicine, some with lingering fragrance, some bursting with burning heat that brimmed with life.

Compared to Ancestor Baili at that time, the gains were more modest, but there were several good Supreme Grade Cultivation Method Secret Arts. It was just that to Su Xing, they were useless. The sole useful one was actually a “Nine Chapters of Conflagration Sky.”5 Su Xing did not recognize that name, and only after he heard a bit from Wu Xinjie did he realize that it was read as “Nine Chapters of Prominent6 Sky,” which made Wu Xinjie somewhat red-faced.

The above introduced was a powerful palm technique of the Fire type that used the force of the True Fire energy within the the body. Altogether, there were nine chapters for nine palms. The first palm was known as “Conflagration One Shuns Fire,”7 which could split open incoming fire attacks. The second palm was known as “Conflagration Two Drives Flame,” which propelled fire vigor. When Su Xing originally used the Clinging Fire Star Domain Sword to defend, Ancestor Heavenly FIre used these two palms to counterattack, however, Ancestor Heavenly Fire had not trained to a high degree. It seemed he had stopped at the Third Palm because the latter were more and more incredible, with the eighth chapter’s “Conflagration Eight Burns Heaven” and chapter nine’s “Conflagration Nine Divine Sun” being completely capable of burning the current Su Xing to slag.

However, cultivating this Nine Chapters of Conflagration Heaven required fire type True Vigor. Su Xing currently had inside his body the Purple Qi and the water type Heavenly Water Heart Flame. He had no idea how long it would take to cultivate this, so it would have been better to cultivate Ancestor Huai Mu’s “Wood Essence Nurturing Secret Technique.”8 When cultivating it ordinarily, it could save a bit more Star Energy into the dantian, and it could be used as a supplement once available Star Energy was depleted. It sounded to be apparently somewhat helpful, but secret techniques were somewhat dubious. However, the secret techniques had still been supplemented with a “Mountain Moving Peak Flipping” power, which used excess Star Energy. After that time Ancestor Huai Mu used the “Mountain Moving Peak Flipping,” it was no wonder he was unable to recover after faltering. It seemed it was nothing more than a bluff.

After inspecting them all, Su Xing split what he should have, sold what he should have and left what he should have. Naturally, there was still a most important thing that could not be forgotten.

This was the Heaven Tearing Gold Dragon!

Su Xing waved his hand, and a long golden dragon appeared inside the Immortal’s Abode. Lin Yingmei, Wu Siyou, Yan Yizhen and the others could not help but widen their eyes from their self-cultivation. They stared in endless wonder at this Ninth Rank Demon Beast.

An Suwen’s eyes held an even more unconcealable happiness.

“Young Lord, this Heaven Tearing Gold Dragon can let Young Lord forge the flying sword.” Wu Xinjie’s eyes were suffused with light.

“En.” Su Xing responded. This was even more satisfying than obtaining the Birth Treasure Outline. The most important material needed for the Heavenly Spirit Earthly Fiend Purple Rose Five Elements Sword’s metal type flying sword was “108 golden dragon scales of the Heaven Tearing Gold Dragon.” To make twelve would require 1296 Heaven Tearing Gold Dragon scales. Originally, Su Xing had thoroughly give up. Knowing that each scale was worth approximately ten million liang apiece when converted to gold, just the metal type flying sword’s blade was about to be 13 billion, and it was not necessarily something he could buy.

That Ninth Rank Demon Beast was not something Su Xing could handle at all. He never expected that the Birth Outline would give him a chance from Heaven. The Heavenly Spirit Earthly Fiend Purple Rose five Elements Sword’s “metal type” unexpectedly was the first to be completed.

“The Spirit Material that concentrates the sword is Dragon Saliva True Water, and the other materials should be sold at Kagoshima Market Square.” Su Xing estimated to himself. This metal sword was not a problem at all. The biggest problem now was forging it.

Su Xing actually had somewhat of a grasp on how to forge the blade, but refining the materials was a headache of a problem. His “Purple Rose Transforming Qi” was far from perfect, and he did not know how many years would pass to practice the “Four Styles Refinement” to the highest peak. Just refining the dragon scales into something that could congeal the sword blade, if it was not someone of a Sect Master rank, who would dare go do it. If refinement failed, that certainly was a colossal failure.

This Heavenly Spirit Earthly Fiend Purple Rose Five Elements Sword that was originally supposed to be a Sword Chant given to Supervoid Cultivators would naturally be troublesome to forge. Whatever almighty originally conceived of this Sword Chant would not have thought a Galaxy Early Stage cultivator unexpectedly planned to refine it. Perhaps, they would have been scared stupid.

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Sorry, I was hungry, so it was late.

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  1. 紫心仙龍丹
  2.  紫寰華服
  3. 緋龍炎玉
  4. 紫仙砂
  5. 燹天九章
  6. 燹一避火
  7. 木精生養秘法


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