Chapter 176: The Birth Treasure Outline And The “Earthly Solitary Star’s” Great Void Golden Lotus

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“Could it truly be that we must have a master go refine it?” Su Xing’s head hurt. Bringing this sort of thing out would raise a reign of terror, and how could have self-confidence for this.

“Young Lord, there is no need to make things difficult. Right here, there is someone who can actually help Young Lord.” Wu Xinjie slightly grinned with an expression that showed she had an ace in the hole.

“Xinjie, do you have a countermeasure?” Su Xing was curious.

Wu Xinjie smiled and actually betrayed the climax, “Has Young Lord forgotten about the Birth Treasure Outline?”

Su Xing then brought out the Birth Treasure Outline. This ultimate treasure that attracted the Star Maidens in the Second Phase seemed to be not that colorful. It was a book that could not be opened, engraved with the words, “The Birth Treasure Outline.” It had four Star Crest Engravings, and the pages of the book were of rare gold. Due to it being refined from Gold Silkworm Heavenly Silk,1 it was light as a feather.

“Just what use does this Birth Treasure Outline have?” Su Xing attempted to channel his Star Energy into it, and the Birth Treasure Outline immediately glowed with a resplendent golden light. Still, there was no universally shocking effect.

“This Birth Treasure Outline is used to record the Sisters of Maiden Mountain.” Wu Xinjie explained. “Young Lord, turn the Birth Treasure Outline towards Wu Song…”

Su Xing complied with her words, and the Birth Treasure Outline’s light appeared.

The pages of the book turned without wind, swishing, surging with an iridescence. Then, it stopped on some page. Su Xing went mute, for upon the golden page appeared Wu Siyou’s moving elegance. Below her legs was a White and Black Unicorn Tiger, and on the accompanying page appeared watery reflections of mysterious characters and images. Written clearly upon it was material that made Su Xing stupefied.

Star Position: Harm Star

Star Name: Wu Song

Nickname: Pilgrim

True Name: Wu Siyou

Rank: Fourteenth

Star Weapon: Noble Frost Demonic Lotus (Three Star)

Star Beast: White and Black Unicorn Tiger (Seventh Rank)

Realm: Ten Thousand Techniques Realm Eighth Stage

Innate Skill: Movement Array2

Five Elements: Metal

Yellow Rank Special Skill: Three Bowls of Spirits Tiger Intoxication/Ten Li Demonic Lotus Dragon Slaying3

Current Status: No Contractor/Weakened (can be conquered)

Detailed Materials: …

Su Xing thought, This Liangshan Maiden is abnormal. This simply was even more comprehensive than game data. All of Wu Siyou’s state of affairs, all of her materials, were completely on the Birth Treasure Outline. It could be said there was no privacy whatsoever, and as the proverb goes, “know the enemy and know oneself, come unscathed through a hundred battles.”4 This was actually good, for he understood everything with the Birth Treasure Outline. The three words of the current state, “can be conquered,” made Su Xing blush in shame.

“Young Lord, you can go receive her.” Wu Xinjie stifled a laugh.

Su Xing glanced at Wu Siyou.

The woman’s eyes were icy to the bone, stunning without losing its frightening cold. Su Xing could see that Wu Siyou was one who preferred death to dishonor. And to receive and capture her? Even if he took the opportunity right now to capture her, this Wu Siyou inevitably would spare no effort to die in a way that ensured she took Su Xing with her. How could the Harm Star’s “Harm” character be the least bit as tolerant as Lin Yingmei’s “loyal.”5  

Under Wu Xinjie’s explanation, Su Xing could be considered to now know where this Birth Treasure Outline was incredible. It could sense in the surroundings any Star General, in other words, before the Birth Treasure Outline, concealing their identity was impossible. As long as he wished for it, then all of the Star General’s current state and materials would all be revealed by the Birth Treasure Outline with a complete lack of reservation; in addition, the Star General’s greatest weak point was using the Five Elements as a restraint. However, this weak point could be said to be negligible. If their realm was a bit higher, the Star General did not fear the Five Elements. If they were a bit weaker, they would still disdain using the Five Elements for restraint. It was no wonder that they previously have Su Xing not bear too big of a hope. Moreover, the Sword Chant Su Xing cultivated was a Five Elements Sword. Whatever Five Elements there were could all be restrained.

However, even if things were like this, the fact the Birth Treasure Outline could expose a Star General’s materials made Su Xing feel as if he discovered the New World.

Su Xing then used the Birth Treasure Outline on the other girls. Their cases were recorded one after another, and Wu Siyou, as expected, was the most formidable in terms of Realms. All of the Star General’s Realms had the ninth seat as the peak, and Wu Siyou’s Ten Thousand Technique’s Eighth Stage already approached the “Extreme Realm.” In contrast, Lin Yingmei was only Ten Thousand Techniques Third Stage while Yan Yizhen was Ten Thousand Techniques First Stage.

“Xinjie, you have another Destined Star Weapon, Eight Gates Five Metals Chain?”6 Su Xing said, astonished.

Wu Xinjie nodded: “But Xinjie does not know how to bring it out.”7

“Just take it slow.” Su Xing smiled, “This Birth Treasure Outline indeed is a good thing, but what does it have to do with refining the Sword Chant?”

“Young Lord, use this to go look at Tang Lianxin, and then you will know.” Wu Xinjie mysteriously smiled.

Su Xing went blank and immediately understood what she meant.

“Don’t tell me it’s really her?”

Outside the bamboo house, with the deep shadows of its lush courtyard, and a small bridge over a stream.

Tang Lianxin sat upright and still, inspecting records and reading plans. From her face, it was simply impossible to see that she had participated in plundering the Purple Rose Birth Outline not long ago. Outside the bamboo forest, Su Xing held the Birth Treasure Outline with indefinite hesitation. After all, Tang Lianxin was considered to be a field.8 There was a reason she chose to conceal her identity, and prying into her secrets like this was apparently not too appropriate.

“Young Lord, she is vitally important to refining the flying sword chant. You must not be careless. Xinjie is not too certain whether or not this Tang Lianxin is a Little Sister.” Wu Xinjie cautiously said.

“Xinjie, your Think Then Act won’t do?”

“She must have some Astral Tool or such that protects her. Xinjie completely cannot sense it.” Wu Xinjie shook her head.

“What about that Star Weapon?” Su Xing recalled Tang Lianxin’s method.

Wu Xinjie still had no alternative: “This Solitary Star is extremely reclusive, and very few have signed Star Duel Covenants throughout the nine generations of Star Duels. Even if they contracted, they would not necessarily battle. As far as the Solitary Star’s Destined Star Weapon is concerned, opinions differ. She is the most mysterious of Maiden Mountain’s 108 Sisters. Some say she has ten thousand Golden Void Magic Needles,9 some say it is a divine hammer, and some say it is a sword and spear. In short, there is a lot.”

Su Xing wiped his sweat. He rolled his eyes, for he had a way that would not lack in confidence.

Su Xing brought Wu Xinjie as he walked to a seat in front of Tang Lianxin and sat down.

Tang Lianxin’s brows rose, for she saw a golden scroll.10

“This time, I had the fortune to obtain an odd book? Does Little Sister Lianxin want to take a look?” Su Xing asked.

Tang Lianxin had an uninterested appearance.

“Mind if I take a look?”11 Su Xing watched Tang Lianxin’s each and every move.

“You will see it sooner or later, is that not so?” Tang Lianxin asked Su Xing back, making Su Xing somewhat awkward.

“If Little Sister is offended, then never mind. It’s just that Big Brother has a troublesome matter…it’s somewhat important…”

“Oh. If you want to look, then take a look. What else does Lianxin have that Big Brother has not already seen?” Tang Lianxin’s calm made Su Xing somewhat embarrassed.

“Young Lord? Just what beastly thing have you done to Little Sister?” Wu Xinjie widened her eyes, wanting to taste the inside scoop.

“Don’t have blind worries.” Su Xing looked at Tang Lianxin’s casual appearance, and then he flipped through the Birth Treasure Outline.

The golden book rolled open, and wind went through a hundred pages.

Tang Lianxin’s image then appeared on it.

She really was a Star General!

Seeing Tang Lianxin’s data, Su Xing could not help but stare blankly.

She really was that ranked eighty-eighth Solitary Star Gold Coin Spotted Leopard Tang Long!12

“Lianxin, you truly are the Solitary Star Tang Lianxin?”

Wu Xinjie was very curious about the Solitary Star Gold Coin Spotted Leopard’s Destined Star Weapon. Seeing what was recorded, she was somewhat unable to grasp it. “The Great Void Golden Lotus??13 Little Sister Lianxin, what Star Weapon is this?”

Tang Lianxin set down the scripture in her hand. Her eyes had a gold light, and they saw golden patches appear from her skin. These patches broke out from her body, and they formed hundreds of golden lotus seeds that floated in midair. Tang Lianxin moved her hand, and these golden lotus seeds became liquid gold that condensed into a single piece. This liquid was strangely both like fire and like water. It seemed very inconceivable.

In the blink of an eye, the liquid gold washed clean off, and a large golden blade edge suddenly appeared from thin air.

This scene made Su Xing and Wu Xinjie stunned.

Tang Lianxin moved her hand again.

This large blade disintegrated into lotus seeds and condensed again. This time, it turned into countless golden needles…Under Tang Lianxin’s control, the golden lotus seeds practically were masters of the eighteen arms.14

“Plucking lotus in autumn southern dikes, more lotus flowers than people; lower your head to hold lotus seed, lotus seed clear as water!”15 Wu Xinjie praised. “Little Sister Lianxin’s Great Void Golden Lotus is unimaginable as expected. They all say the Nine Tattooed Dragons Shi Jin’s nine Destined Star Weapons cannot be reached by anyone from Maiden Mountain, but as Xinjie sees it, Little Sister Lianxin’s Great Void Golden Lotus’ countless changes are absolute.”

“Since you know my identity, then please make your move.” The Great Void Golden Lotus returned to inside Tang Lianxin’s body. Her expression was still aloof, a look of “slaughter me as you please.”

“Little Sister, that is a nice joke. My Young Master is definitely not intolerable as you think. Young Lord truly treats Lianxin as a Little Sister. Otherwise, why would he ask for Little Sister before using the Birth Treasure Outline just now.” Wu Xinjie slightly smiled.

“Actually, Big Brother has something to request of you.” Su Xing sat beside Tang Lianxin, wrapping his arm around her shoulder.

Tang Lianxin’s eyes helplessly looked at the man’s hand. The first time they met, he was already like this. Nowadays, he did not understand restraint at all. A Star Master treating other sisters without contracts as a Little Sister? Tang Lianxin was slightly at a loss, but she very quickly put away this subtle mood. Calm and collected like a dry well, she asked: “What is it?”

Su Xing explained the matter of refining the Heaven Tearing Gold Dragon’s scales.

Now, he could only rely on Tang Lianxin. The excellence of her forging skills need not be mentioned, and to leave the forging to her, Su Xing could completely be at ease.

“Dragon scales? Do you have these?” Tang Lianxin was somewhat interested.

As a tool refinement master, refining dragon scales was something that she had yearned to do for ages. In past Star Duels, Solitary Stars that signed contracts were often enticed to do so by this sort of rarely seen unique material, and Tang Lianxin was no exception. However, now that they were suited to being brother and sister, she actually did not need to accept the lure of signing a contract. Thinking of this, she looked at Su Xing with an expression that was even more incapable of fathoming him.

When she saw that Heaven Tearing Gold Dragon, Tang Lianxin was reluctant to part her hands from it. That antisocial expression finally exhibited a slight excitement.

“Are you actually willing to hand this over to me to complete?”

“En. I will be very relieved if I leave this to you.” Su Xing nodded.

“I shall help Big Brother Su Xing complete it…” Tang Lianxin said. Since she did not need to sign a contract as repayment, calling out Big Brother was not any sort of big deal to her.

Su Xing sighed with satisfaction, the Heaven Tearing Dragon was still awesome.

Faced with Su Xing’s satisfaction, Wu Xinjie to the side rolled her eyes.

Bing Qingxuan looked at the Astral Bag in his hand. He very easily concealed the boundless joy in his eyes.

A girl in black skintight clothing was concealed in the shadows, as if her existence was an expanse of darkness.

“Master, Subordinate16 was unsuccessful and could not kill the Purple Thunder Monster!”

“Let it be. With a Supercluster Stage number one cultivator’s Astral Bag, it just so happens to be very beneficial to me. This can count as an unexpected harvest…” Bing Qingxuan gazed at the Astral Bag. He slightly sighed: “Such a pity that the Miraculous Bodhi Tree was snatched away by the Purple Thunder Monster…”

“This Purple Thunder Monster will be a disaster.”

“The Azure Dragon Territory will clear itself of this sort of disaster. We shall hide ourselves in a secret place to watch such a good drama.”

“By your will, Master!”

The shadow dispersed.

“Purple Thunder Monster, now let us make a bet. High-profile or low-profile, just who can reach the very end…”

Bing Qingxuan clutched the Astral Bag, as he thought to himself.

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  6. Eh, she brought it out just fine fighting that old man all the way back in Chapter 23.
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  1. Note, I think Star Maidens are also capable of producing uber cheap knockoffs of their Star Weapons…

    Like how Yingmei has summoned and used a Spear that was CLEARLY not her Arctic Star Serpent Spear.
    *see the Yu Baosi fight.

    The copper chain Xinjie used in Grand Border City back in the Thousand Mounts Kingdom was most likely that kinda knockoff. At the very least, it was never enough for anyone to identify het Star from seeing it. She was always outed by her brains and wit.

  2. ” in addition, the Star General’s greatest weak point was using the Five Elements as a restraint. However, this weak point could be said to be negligible. If their realm was a bit higher, the Star General did not fear the Five Elements. If they were a bit weaker, they would still disdain using the Five Elements for restraint. It was no wonder that they previously have Su Xing not bear too big of a hope. Moreover, the Sword Chant Su Xing cultivated was a Five Elements Sword. Whatever Five Elements there were could all be restrained.”

    This is a bit incomprehensible for me. Does this mean that Star Maidens can be restrained by elements like in Rock paper scissors? That would mean that Su Xing would hold an advantage over everyone by controlling the five elements, even if it’s a slight one.

    Also, I thought for Sure Lianxin would want to contract, but I guess it is a thing for a later time.

    Is this Bing Qinxuan the one that told them to go back to help the Ancestor Clarity? Why is he acting as if he had planned it, tho? Unless he’s being possessed by that shadow that entered his eyes or whatever. Idk.

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