Chapter 177: Refining The Metal Element Sword “Heaven Tearing”

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With the Solitary Star Tang Lianxin, they could refine the dragon scales, and Su Xing was able to settle the biggest stone in his heart. In the upcoming time he would start to wantonly procure from the Kagoshima Market Square the other materials to refine the metal type flying sword’s Dragon Saliva True Water. At several of the Azure Dragon Territory’s largest market squares, he used many days to take in information from everywhere, shuttled to all kinds of auctions, conducted fair trades and other exchanges. Afterwards, Su Xing finally could be considered as having finished gathering all the materials. Of course, he had spent a lot, a value of approximately twenty billion gold, more or less. Just the spirit materials required for the Dragon Saliva True Water had used more than twelve billion.

In order to not arouse the suspicions of others, Su Xing borrowed those sect tokens that Shi Yuan had and used the Change Appearance Pill to gather the materials one after the other. What made him happy was that Yan Yizhen’s missing three pieces of Yin Yang Jade was obtained using a little more than three billion, and he had also managed to get two pieces of Ice Kite Arctic Jade. After this Purple Rose Birth Outline ended, the market square’s items would only naturally be far better.

And during this period of time, the Azure Dragon Territory also erupted with an unprecedented tremor.

Without him, the Extreme Clarity Elder Immortal acting as the Azure Dragon Territory’s top notch Supercluster Cultivator had unexpectedly been done in when he confronted Wu Song. This certainly made the entire Azure Dragon Territory’s sects extremely frightened. This Star General sure enough was a Fiend Star1 best not provoked, and the Purple Thunder Monster getting rid of two Supercluster Middle Stage Cultivators was, on the contrary, not that shocking. However, the Most High Path, the Divine Flame Sword Sect, and the Taiyi Sword Sect had already issued a joint Eradication Order.2 Anyone that informed on the Purple Thunder Monster would receive the rewards of the Great Sects, and if they could kill him, the reward was even more generous. With this, three of the Azure Dragon Territory’s Four Great Sword Sects had already vowed to exterminate the Purple Thunder Monster.

Of course, what made people most surprised was that the Most High Path also had issued an “Alliance of Ten Chase to Kill” on the Purple Thunder Monster. Reportedly, the Extreme Clarity Elder Immortal’s death had something to do with him, and how could the Azure Dragon Territory’s number one Great Sect’s chase to kill be compared with the Blooming Water Sword Sect’s. With the Alliance of Ten Chase to Kill was issued, perhaps the Purple Thunder Monster truly would completely lack ground to stand upon because they knew that if they discussed the fugitive, the Most High Path’s abilities were very profound.

If they also added that somewhat pointed “Arrest Warrant” of Emperor Liang’s, that Purple Thunder Monster practically had offended the major powers of the entire Azure Dragon Territory. It made people gasp in amazement. This was the very first time that this had occurred in the Azure Dragon Territory, and they could not help but change their views on this Purple Thunder Monster from “monster” to “demon.”

With this, every cultivator felt this Purple Thunder Monster was truly dead without doubt.

At this point, the person involved hardly understood this sort of thing. For now, he soaked all of his life into refining the first Life-cast Flying Sword’s excitement.

The Purple Rose Grade Void Immortal’s Abode.

At this moment, the abode was completely sealed. Several beautiful maidens kept watch nearby. Having gone through ten days’ rest with An Suwen’s care, Lin Yingmei and Shi Yuan had both recovered to forty, fifty percent strength. However, because Yan Yizhen had was in an extremely debilitated state and had used her vital energy draining “Three Arrows Lethal Crossbow,” her recovery was the slowest. She was at approximately twenty percent, but this was exceptional.

Draped in the Purple Domain Robes, Su Xing sat within a golden array, calmly meditating. He used the Heart Like Mirror Absolute Sincerity Soul Technique to make his vigor completely stay in its most tranquil state, the so-called peace with oneself. He completely lacked exhaustion, and the more tranquil his attitude as he refined the Life-cast Sword Chant, the more his dominance over it.

Su Xing sucked in a deep breath and moved his hand. He first took out a warm, golden box from his Astral Bag, setting it evenly on the floor in front of him. He opened its lid, revealing a condensed golden liquid that appeared almost like golden ceramic glaze.

This golden glass was what one hundred and eight Heaven Tearing Gold Dragon scales were refined into. In the watery gold, there was a faint ripple, which also flashed several bits of golden spirit qi. This spirit qi was like a sword, seemingly severing empty space. Worthy of Maiden Mountain’s most first-rate tool refinement Star General, her brilliant refinement method made all the dragon scales emerge unharmed. Not only were they perfectly refined into a sword material to solidify a sword, she had also completely retained the Heaven Tearing Gold Dragon’s natural sharpness. Tool refinement scholars were all incapable of doing this better.

Su Xing solemnly stared at this lump of golden dragon scale glass. Taking a deep breath, he extended one finger to lightly poke the glass inside the box.

Immediately, that golden glass flew out of the box, suspending itself in front of Su Xing.

With this brilliant tool refinement method of Tang Lianxin’s, if she refined the flying sword, perhaps it would be more beneficial. It was a pity that this Life-cast Sword Chant was incapable of borrowing the hands of another. He could only rely on his own Life-cast Star Energy to go refine it, and he could not make the slightest mistake.

Su Xing mentally reviewed one more the procedure for tool refinement. Then, with a serious hand seal, his entire body emitted purple clouds and an auspicious light, enveloping the entire Void Immortal’s Abode in a deep purple. There were thousands of rays of purple light, tens of thousands of clouds, and it possessed an indescribable profundity. Even Wu Siyou could not help but have a flash in her eye, and from her perspective, the Su Xing at this moment actually lived up to the name “Purple Thunder Monster.”

Following the purple light reaching its limit, Su Xing struck another hand seal, and a fine as silk purple magic breath flew out from his finger, spraying onto the golden glass.

With a crack, the originally keen Spirit Qi on the glass’ surface sprung out as if it had substance. It completely lacked restraint as it twisted to attack the purple qi, not letting it approach by even half a step. It had unexpectedly started to fight Su Xing’s purple qi.

Su Xing did not feel surprised. The Ninth Rank Demon Beast Heaven Tearing Gold Dragon’s scales originally were resolute spirit items, so how could refining them be this simple. On the contrary, the more resistant it was, the more excited Su Xing became because this sort of refinement would produce a flying sword of greater spiritual power.

Using three “Purple Heart Immortals Dragon Pills,” Su Xing’s purple qi had already reached a peak. The purple qi immediately swelled, instantly wrapping the golden glass within, and the purple qi began to continuously corrode the glass. This was a very exhausting process that was extremely draining in Star Energy, with no tolerance for accidents. But not much time had passed when the golden glass’ surface showed signs of melting. Some parts had begun to faintly shine, and densely packed beads of liquid seeped out.

Several hours passed like this, and the golden glass finally began to become soft, slowly changing into a liquid. Su Xing struck a hand seal, and a golden light that emerged from one of the magic circles in the array wrapped up the dripping liquid. It floated in midair like a ball, continuously spinning as it turned into a Taiji symbol.

Su Xing exhaled, only feeling that his whole body’s Star Energy was close to being sucked dry. He was secretly shocked, for his peak Galaxy Magic Energy was Middle Stage at the minimum or above. But even if this only refined the dragon scale material of the first flying sword into an embryonic form that was a waste, this was still inside his Purple Rose Immortal’s Abode.

“Big Brother.” An Suwen hastily used Spiritual Aura Distribution on Su Xing while Wu Xinjie wiped his sweat.

“Young Lord, can you persist?”

“En. This Immemorial Sword Chant is indeed somewhat strenuous.” Su Xing deeply inhaled, ingesting several Star Energy replenishment medicines that were prepared in advance. Star Energy recovery medicines always were very costly, and the price of this dozen was more than a hundred million. He really had somewhat of painful feeling, for if this continued, just twelve flying swords would need more than a billion at the least. A normal Galaxy Stage Cultivator without the support of a sect or clan really would be something a Scattered Star Cultivator could play with. From one perspective, Su Xing was extremely abnormal, to the point of making people’s hair stand on end.

“Elder Sister Lianxin, Young Lord doesn’t have a problem with this, right?” Shi Yuan asked the Tang Lianxin next to her. Acting as supervision for the refinement of the Sword Chant’s powers, Tang Lianxin continuously stared at Su Xing’s each and every move. She nodded.

Resting for a moment, Su Xing again began to refine the second flying sword’s dragon scale.

Then, there was a period of endless refining.

“Using dragon scales as material to refine a flying sword, your Master’s ambitions are not small.” A complicated and hard to understand sneer flit across the corner of Wu Siyou’s mouth.

“Is Little Sister Wu Song impressed?” Wu Xinjie smiled.

Wu Siyou disapproved. She wanted to discuss with Lin Yingmei her contract, but instead, she found that the girl’s gaze currently was locked tightly on that man. How could those anxious eyes have even half a shred of insincerity. Wu Siyou was very upset at this, but she said nothing. She closed her eyes, only resuming her own recovery to peak condition with all haste.

This refinement lasted twelve entire days.

At this moment, Su Xing stood on the Heavenly Spirit Earthly Fiend Purple Rose Five Elements Sword’s “Metal Element” sword refinement array. In his surroundings was a complex and cryptic profound array. Twelve faintly linked arrays raised twelve beams of golden light, and floating inside the light were twelve golden water balls. Su Xing glanced all around, his expression satisfied. After settling its embryonic stage, next was the most important step – Sword Chant Shape Modelling!

Su Xing’s Divine Intent activated, and the more than dozen boxes inside the magic circle opened in succession. Inside them appeared a transparent, balmy liquid. This was the Dragon Saliva True Water. It was a dragon’s most loved item that received the name Dragon Saliva, and using it to reinforce the spiritual nature of a dragon scale sword blade was absolutely necessary. After placing Dragon Saliva True Water inside, the rest of the supplementary materials also flew into the water ball one after the other. Then, twelve streaks of Divine Intent shrouded the surroundings, like a spider’s web. The Metal Element Sword Refinement Array’s magic circle fully opened, and light began to revolve.

The twelve golden dragon scale liquids began to fluctuate form under the control of both Su Xing’s Divine Intent working with the array. Those drifting liquids little by little were concentrated and stretched into a length, turning flat. Afterwards, a five or six inch long sword embryo gradually took shape. Su Xing deeply let out his held breath, his expression slightly relaxing. Then, he felt his brain was somewhat faintly in pain, and he could not help but smile. Simultaneously refining this many swords in one breath made Su Xing feel very strained.

The majority of Star Cultivators refined Life-cast Sword Chants separately most of the time, not like the way he was doing. However, Su Xing felt that since this was a Life-cast Sword Chant, naturally, a simultaneous completion was best not passed up. The Gold Coin Spotted Leopard Tang Lianxin also approved of this view.

But even if the most important Divine Sense Form was already complete, Su Xing still did not dare relax further.

After forming the sword embryo, Su Xing again used purple qi to temper the refinement. The flying sword was already beginning to take shape. Su Xing formed a hand seal, making the magic circle stop. The light dissipated, and twelve golden flying swords floated motionlessly in midair. Su Xing ran his eyes over them. He saw these flying swords were practically identical, without blemish. Relaxing, a red petal floated out from within the Astral Bag.

“Life-cast Heart Flower?” The Solitary Star was stunned. This was but a rarely seen flower for refining Life-cast Flying Swords.

Wu Siyou’s brow deeply creased. Why did she feel that this guy in front of her had more capital than those Great Sects. Dragon scale Sword Chant, Life-cast Heart Flower…this really was too unimaginable. Even a few Great Sect’s Star Masters could not possibly match his extravagance. Wu Siyou made a short assessment, calculating the costs of completely refining these twelve golden Life-cast Flying Swords was maybe close to exceeding forty billion.

Just what was this guy’s background?

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  1. In the raws.
  2. 剷除令


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