Chapter 178: My Heart Is Yours Alone

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Su Xing chewed that petal to pieces in his mouth, and biting a bit harder, he slightly bit open the top of his tongue, spraying out some Essence Blood. It condensed in front of him into a clump of blood the size of a thumb, and the mixture of Life-cast Heart Flower and Essence Blood dimly glowed. Under Su Xing’s control, this blood dripped onto the sword embryo. The moment the Essence Blood touched the flying sword, it immediately dodged into the middle at a lightning fast speed, disappearing without a trace.

After, he again bit another petal, and in identical fashion, he consumed twelve Life-cast Heart Flowers to drip Essence Blood onto the twelve flying swords. His Divine Intent locked in, and the twelve flying swords slowly trembled. Su Xing promptly felt a sort of soul had been removed. Knowing that this was the Life-cast Heart Flower taking effect, Su Xing let out a deep breath.

Having finished this, Su Xing again followed the refinement method of the Metal Element Flying Sword. Similarly, he added the other supplementary materials into the twelve sword embryos. Then, he once again used purple qi to refine them. When it came time to engrave names into the flying swords, Su Xing stopped to think. Since it was the Heaven Tearing Golden Dragon, it would be named Heaven Tearing.

A carved “Heaven Tearing” immediately appeared on the swords’ hilts, and then he used Divine Sense on the flying sword to carve a few incomprehensible magic circles and scripts. In other words, he did not dare be careless about a single detail.

Another five days passed like this, with Su Xing standing inside an array, surrounded by twelve floating golden flying swords. The flying swords’ appearance was of pure, glittering gold, completely lacking any blemish. The sword’s edge had a layer of faintly visible dragon scales. Layered like waves, it appeared oddly shaped. These flying swords danced in the surroundings as if they had spiritual natures, and a golden light blinded the eyes.

Along with Su Xing’s final use of the Dragon Saliva True Water and purple qi, immediately, the Metal Element Heaven Tearing was successfully completed. Su Xing’s Divine Intent slightly moved, and the twelve flying swords were commanded under his will as if they were his own arms, with a sort of grandeur that could casually cleave mountains and crack seas in a single strike.

For the sake of refining these twelve Heaven Tearing, Su Xing nearly was bankrupt. If he did not have that support of ten billion from Chai Ling, perhaps he would be in a deficit. This effort could count as not having been wasted.

“And I wonder how powerful these flying swords are.” Su Xing thought aloud, using several sword strokes.

“Allow Your Servant to test a bout with Young Master.” Lin Yingmei stepped forward to volunteer.

“No.” Su Xing saw Lin Yingmei had not completely recovered, so why would he be willing to allow her to spar.

“This is something Your Servant ought to do.” Lin Yingmei shook her head.

“Then allow Your Servant1 to play with you.”

A cold and charming voice interrupted their conversation.

Everyone turned their heads, and they saw the continuously meditating Wu Siyou open her eyes. She gracefully rose while her flowing hair trembled and swayed. She pet the White and Black Unicorn Tiger beside her and walked directly to an open area. Having gone through this recent month of recuperation, Wu Siyou now had completely recovered. Even her Star Weapon had been refined to Three Star along the way.2

“Siyou?” Lin Yingmei’s brows wrinkled.

“Little Sister Wu Song is rather powerful, it would be better to not proceed.” Wu XInjie chuckled, evidently not at ease with this Harm Star Pilgrim.

“Are you afraid?” Wu Siyou glanced at Lin Yingmei, her gaze fixed on Su Xing. The corner of her mouth had slight ridicule.

“For Wu Siyou to come seek me for sword sparring, indeed, this is exactly what I’ve been looking for.” Su Xing was eager to give this a try, not caring in the slightest.

Seeing Su Xing speak as such, the rest had nothing to say and left the two with a wide, open area. This was within Su Xing’s Immortal’s Abode, so even if Wu Siyou were any more powerful, she could not possibly do anything against Su Xing.

Wu Siyou’s eyes vaguely held a chill, and a sort of oppressive feeling hit him in the face.

Su Xing discreetly took precautions. The twelve flying swords beside him seemingly sensed Wu Song’s pressure and whined.

“You initiate. Your Servant disdains taking unfair advantage of you.” Wu Siyou spoke her mind.

“Then, excuse me.” Su Xing raised his hand.

Heaven Tearing immediately shot forth, and the twelve sharp rays of golden light attacked to Wu Siyou’s front in nearly the blink of an eye. The girl’s silhouette flashed by, perhaps she had not moved at all, but her pace was light and on the move. The afterimage she left behind had already dodged the flying swords.

Such swift speed!

Su Xing saw Wu Siyou instantly rushed out of the flying sword’s obstruction, startling him. He formed a hand seal, and the flying swords became golden threads. The air immediately was adorned with a golden net, but the flying swords had not yet arrived, the tips almost reaching. Wu Siyou left countless afterimages, but Heaven Tearing completely lacked gaps. They each swept through the afterimages one by one, golden light and quicksilver splattering onto Wu Siyou’s body.

Clang, clang!

The crisp sound of weapons clashing.

A black long sword speckled with a snowflake appeared in Wu Siyou’s hand. The Pilgrim’s eyes held a deep caution.

Su Xing’s Divine Intent moved, and the golden light was like a suddenly falling galaxy. The twelve Heaven Tearing passed through Su Xing’s meticulous forging, and with each material being of the highest quality, how could it be compared with a normal flying sword. The edges of the dragon scale patterns on the sword glowed, and the sword qi turned from a thread into a river. Even if they were separated by a hundred meters, that sharp sword qi could be sensed. Wu Xinjie and the rest were shocked and elated, hastily retreating and opening Star Energy barriers.

In the Heavenly Spirit Earthly Fiend Purple Rose Five Elements Sword, the Metal Element was originally a sword chant that tipped the “main assault.” This usage naturally was mighty and terrifying, and although this was Galaxy Stage cultivation, in Wu Siyou’s eyes, this was more extreme than that Most High Jade Clarity Sword Chant.

Wu Siyou did not dare be careless. The Noble Frost Demonic Lotus’ black qi and white light intertwined with each other. This was a Three Star Destined Weapon, enough to topple a Galaxy Stage Sword chant, but against the fierce close combat of this “Heaven Tearing Sword Chant,” Wu Siyou unexpectedly was suppressed for a while by its powerful attacks.

Her cool and elegant pupils seemingly shrunk, somewhat not daring to believe this.

Wu Siyou shouted, and the double-headed sword abruptly spun. The swordtip finally blocked Heaven Tearing’s attack. The woman leapt upwards in a high jump that wound up above Su Xing. Then, the Noble Frost Demonic Lotus shockingly fell towards his face.

Su Xing promptly stepped back, but the sword qi transmitted by the Noble Frost Demonic Lotus still ripped his body enough to hurt. Striking two Sword Chants in succession, Wu Siyou was about to continue her assault when a golden light whooshed to block her front. “Go!” Su Xing chanted.

The sword light drained and crossed with the Noble Frost Demonic Lotus.

The two fought for several rounds like this. Su Xing’s Life-cast Sword Chant had only just been and his control over it was imperfect, but even so, the might of “Heaven Tearing” still greatly exceeded his expectations. The twelve Heaven Tearing Swords, whether it be twisting, surrounding, chopping, or hacking, sword styles were alternately assumed unpredictably. Each sword unexpectedly attack with a dragon’s howl, and when True Spirit bubbled forth, the Sword Intent was biting cold.

Wu Siyou’s counterattack could not be described as ineffective either. Worthy of being called the cool and elegant Pilgrim of Ten Thousand Techniquest Realm Stage 8, her attitude was still composed as before confronting the Heaven Tearing’s fierce offensive. Calm as water, every one of her movement, every stroke of her Noble Frost Demonic Lotus brought blizzards that were graceful and free.

The Three Star Destined Weapon was indescribably powerful, and gradually, Su Xing felt he could not support any more.

A trace of something strange appeared in Wu Siyou’s eyes.

Su Xing grit his teeth, and controlling the Sword Chant, the twelve Heaven Tearings rose into the air and rained down ten thousand golden beams. Su Xing struck a hand seal. The flying swords abruptly left Wu Siyou’s surroundings, but the next second, they attacked her from every direction, filling the sky with flying swords.

“Heaven Tearing Sword Array!”3

The corner of Wu Siyou’s rose into a chilling curve. That was a kind of victorious smile.

Not good!!

Su Xing’s heart went cold.

Wu Siyou clenched the Noble Frost Demonic Lotus. She completely lacked fluster as she confronted the flying swords shooting over, and she suddenly harshly hacked empty space.


A sort of sound that was like ice shattering.

A black demonic lotus flower seemingly had been cut down by this empty slash.

When the golden light shot onto her body, it was like it encountered a formless object that shook them off one after another. The Immortal’s Abode seemed to be shaken by an earthquake, and a black snowstom passed. He saw long hair fly, and Su Xing was shocked because Wu Siyou had unexpectedly reached his front. Wherever the woman was, the space had withered black lotuses.

The faces of Wu Xinjie and the others changed.

“Siyou!!” Lin Yingmei hastily rushed forth.

But she was already unable to block her.

This was the Harm Star’s second Yellow Rank Tactic.

Ten Li Demonic Lotus Dragon Slaying!!4

Wu Siyou instantly exerted strength, and Su Xing felt his neck go cold. The Noble Frost Demonic Lotus’ swordtip stuck against his neck. Su Xing wanted to use an escape technique, but he found his whole body seemingly had been locked up by the Ice and Snow Demonic Lotus, that he could not muster any strength; Wu Siyou’s right hand raised the sword to press it against Su Xing’s neck while her left hand gripped Su Xing’s shoulder. Then, her body leaned slightly forwards, leaning onto Su Xing’s body, continuously leaning forwards and pushing Su Xing back.

Their heights were nearly the same, and their faces were on the same level. That serene lotus fragrance of Wu Siyou’s assailed his nostrils. The woman’s cool and elegant eyes were right in front of his. Although they seemed cold to the extreme, they let Su Xing read traces of unclear information.

In this push back, Wu Siyou directly pushed Su Xing to the border of the Immortal’s Abode, slamming him against the mountain.

That plump chest of Wu Siyou’s pressed against Su Xing’s stomach. At this moment, the cool and elegant Pilgrim almost seemed to forget this intimate action. Her red lips moved close to Su Xing’s ear, and she icily said: “Rescind your contract with Yingmei. Otherwise, Your Servant shall kill you right now!” The swordtip pressed harder, and a trace of blood appeared on his neck.

“This sort of expression isn’t bad.” Su Xing smiled without feeling any danger.

“Do you believe Your Servant will not carry through with this?” Wu Siyou’s tone was like spider silk, winding around people uncomfortably.

“I absolutely believe you.” Su Xing earnestly said: “For Yingmei to be able to have a friend like you, I am very thankful.”

“Do not speak such honeyed words to Your Servant…” Wu Siyou stared, her tone falling even closer to the freezing point.

“Wu Song, what are you doing! Quickly release Young Lord!”

“Wu Siyou!!”

The other girls rushed over at this time. The White and Black Unicorn Tiger pounced out, making the beauties incapable of coming close.

An icy shadow suddenly stabbed forth. Wu Siyou glanced at that figure out of the corner of her eyes. She bit her lip and released Su Xing, withdrawing. She did not want to fight, at least if it was against her.

Lin Yingmei grasped the Arctic Star Serpent Spear, her expression ice-cold and in conflict.

“Yingmei, there is no need for you to do this again!” Wu Siyou shouted.

Just as Lin Yingmei was about to advance and launch an attack, Su Xing patted her shoulder, stopping her movements, “Yingmei, if you wish to rescind our contract, you can rescind it at anytime…”

Lin Yingmei froze. Then, she immediately understood what Wu Siyou was thinking. She turned her head to look at the Pilgrim, saying: “Wu Siyou, do you believe Your Servant has been coerced?”

“Could it be you are not?” Wu Siyou icily said. How could she believe the Majestic Star would be delighted to sign a contract.

“It was because Young Master wished to save Your Servant that he would sign a contract…” Lin Yingmei spoke each word one by one: “What Your Servant and Young Master signed was the Kiss Contract!!”


Wu Siyou was shaken. Let alone that this greatly exceeded her imagination, even Yan Yizhen, Wu Xinjie and the rest exposed astonishment. They previously had always been very curious about how the Majestic Star signed a contract, thinking through many different scenarios, but to speak of “because of a Kiss Contract to save Lin Yingmei,” that was never imagined.

“Impossible, Yingmei, there is no need for you to speak for this man.” Wu Siyou’s expression was somewhat unsightly.

“Do you believe Your Servant would deceive you?” Lin Yingmei’s tone was firm, completely lacking the least bit of insincerity: “Young Master only signed this contract in order to save Your Servant, and after that, Young Master was still willing to rescind the contract…but, Siyou, do you feel Yingmei is someone who forgets favors and violates justice?!”

“He must have used some despicable trick.” Wu Siyou herself was out of breath as she spoke. Because the conditions for the third contract type, the Kiss Contract, were that the contractor had to care about the Star General and had no wish to sign a contract. For Lin Yingmei, and Wu Siyou knew this as well, if a despicable trick was actually used, how could the Majestic Star not know.

“Wu Siyou, you listen well! Your Servant, Lin Yingmei, for all her life, is Young Master’s woman!!”

Lin Yingmei’s voice was like snapping ice, its might shaking the Immortal’s Abode, each word loud enough for the deaf to hear. Everyone was dumb as a wooden chicken.

Wu Xinjie only felt, What Thousand Year Contract, what Together To Hell. Those pale compared to this declaration of Lin Yingmei’s.

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  1. 妾身, Wu Siyou’s is different from Lin Yingmei’s 在下. Wu Siyou’s is self-derogatory while Lin Yingmei’s is simply humble.
  2. And you would keep such danger close to you? Su Xing’s living dangerously.
  3. 撕天劍陣
  4.  十里妖蓮降龍


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    Well, with the exception of Yingmei, who was unconscious at the time and only waking up part way, this is a method that can’t be forced in any way… the most extreme thing here, is that it could be done “accidently”, but unless both conditions were met the chances of that were slim to none.

    More to the point… Both Xinjie and Shi Yuan initiated the contract and yet still succeeded! That meant that no matter what he said and unless he’s a natural liar, no contract would’ve appeared.
    That means, even above the 2nd condition… his feelings for the girls are sincere to the extreme.

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      See, Ch. 91 is when it happens and was actually pushed forth by Xinjie.

      At the time, the intent was to make a Contract, so naturally you’d assume Su Xing shouldn’t have passed the 2nd condition, “to not wish to form a Contract”. However, if you stop to think about it…that’s not why he did it.

      He obviously cares about Suwen, and she him. Ah, first love…but I digress.
      What actually most likely went through his head was not wanting to let another steal his cute Little Sister from him. If we consider the now clear 2nd condition, then it explains why he nabbed Suwen despite trying to form a contract. Well, there is also the fact that the 1st condition is the more important and clearer hurdle too.

      The 2nd condition is much more nebulous and vague, but necessary all the same. It’s kinda mysterious because it’s not clear cut. You can’t just beat the Star Maiden down and force a kiss, nor can you mutually agree to it with the “intent to wish for a contract”. The 3rd type is somewhat contradictory, but barring weird cases like Yingmei, who seemed to be aware of what actually happened later… accepted it and fell in love thereafter.

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