Chapter 186: Lady Snake Scorpion

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A sorry-looking young girl wearing yellow robes and golden armor burst through the mountain forest, thunder all around her, wind howling from all directions. Vaguely, a playful laugh resounded through the forest. The girl was increasingly anxious, her forehead’s Star Crest rapidly flashed from bright to dim. Judging from her pained expression, her flowing cold sweat, it was apparent she had been heavily poisoned.

There was a sharp sound in the wind.

The young girl held the “Dog Fang Gale Edge”1 in her hand and slashed. A tearing wind whooshed, and several fine as hair, scorpion-like golden needles were cut down by the saber’s wind, but these scorpion needles were very tricky. A few golden needles breached the saber wind’s cracks and stuck into the girl’s delicate skin. The girl was immediately in pain, nearly stumbling.

“Little Sister Crazy Star Lonely Fiery Star Kong Liang,2 you had better still obediently return to the Liangshan Maiden.” There was a voice that was like teasing its prey. Two exquisite figures appeared, blocking the Crazy Star’s path in front and back.

The newcomer was a small girl of eleven or twelve. She wore a tiger pelt long coat and a tiger head cap. Her delicate face wore a kind of innocent smile, showing a cute baby tooth. Obviously, she appeared to be that sort of innocent and pure, but her hand’s movements would make people shiver. The little girl wearing a red tiger pelt and children’s clothes pinched her hands around golden needles. These golden needles were fine as hair, with a vaguely visible scorpion motif.

And the small girl blocking Kong Liang’s rear was identical, similar in age, similar in attire, but her expression had a sort of gloom that was completely juxtaposed to her age. That visible baby tooth added a slight malevolence, and she looked at Kong Liang with malicious intentions.

“Elder Sisters honestly indeed keep Kong Nian3 constantly in mind.” The Crazy Star Kong Nian panted, her expression increasingly pale. The Scorpion Needle Poison invading her skin currently was quickly stripping her consciousness, forcing her hands and feet to slowly numb.

“So annoying, hurry up and die.” The gloomy little girl seemed like she was looking at a corpse. She abruptly raised a hand, and several green lights violently shot out.

The Crazy Star Kong Nian grit her teeth, suddenly throwing herself towards the little girl with the scorpion needles. The Dog Fang Gale Saber raised a saber qi, forming intertwined fangs, wrapping layer over layer towards the little girl. That small girl giggled, and the Golden Scorpion Tail Needles4 shot into the saber qi with a hiss. She retreated, and those fine needles easily penetrated the saber qi while Kong Nian dodged to the side.

From the corner of her eye, she suddenly glanced a demonic green light.

Kong Nian’s expression was pale. Rapidly she swung down the saber, splitting the green light, which turned into two snake shadows that dug into her body.

Kong Nian’s whole body went stiff. She opened her eyes wide and knelt, turning her head around.

A cold-blooded curve hung on the corner of that gloomy little girl’s lips. Several small green snakes froliced around her body. Her expression changed, and a two-headed green snake suddenly pierced into her abdomen. Kong Nian whimpered and fell where she was, her whole body incessantly twitching.

“Elder Sister, you are so annoying. Little Sister had wanted to play more.” The girl holding the Golden Scorpion Tail Needles drummed her cheek, somewhat not too happy.

“Hmph.” She waved her hand, and green snakes emerged out of Kong Nian’s body to return to her palm. Those were flying sabers similar to the bamboo viper.

“Little Diao,5 Little Chan,6 how did you play?”

A somewhat kind voice abruptly resounded.

Little Diao and Little Chan raised their heads.

An imperial canopy aromatic cart approached from the skies. Its surroundings had several dozen beautiful female immortals strum lutes and burn incense, their hands clasped every sort of instrument. Several imposing and reserved Demi-kin stood to the side of the imperial canopy cart, draped in suan’ni7 armor. Golden roc wings grew from their backs, and their eyes attentively scanned their surroundings.

The one sitting in the cart was a beautiful and enchanting woman. Her head had a Golden Thread Eight Treasures Collection Pearl bun,8 bound with a Morning Sun Five Phoenixes Hanging Pearl Hairpin;9 around her neck was a pure gold Chi Jade Ring;10 the sides of her skirt were connected with pea green palace braids, two weights more respectable than roses; her body wore a golden Hundred Butterflies Flower Pierced Crimson Fine Silk11 tight coat, and her outerwear was enveloped with Five Colors Kesi Azurite Silver Rat Gown;12 below was a Jadeite Flower Scattering Silk skirt.13

She had a pair of red phoenix eyes, two bending eyebrows, a slender stature, excellent physique, her heavy makeup did not show, had not yet opened when she laughed and asked.

“Mother Highness.” The two girls raised their heads and showed affection.

The woman slightly smiled, flying quickly out of the cart.

This woman was the Vermilion Bird Territory’s famous and diversely discussed “Lady Snake Scorpion.”

“Mother Highness, Elder Sister Kong Nian has already been prepared for you.” The Little Chan holding the Golden Scorpion Tail Needles twitched her lips, grumbling as she looked at that gloomy sister: “But Elder Sister is so annoying, again taking action.”

The woman being called mother smiled with charm and caressed Little Chan’s head.

“No injuries?”

“Hee, hee, none.”

“This is good. If you were to be injured, mother would be distressed.” Lady Snake Scorpion nodded in satisfaction.

“Mother, kill her now.” Little Diao expressionlessly said.

Lady Snake Scorpion looked at the nearly unconscious Crazy Star Kong Nian, showing a smirk that was like a poppy. Her hands waved, and more than a dozen golden centipedes immediately shot out, enlarging as they bit Kong Nian.

Kong Nian lost her breath, and her whole body became light particles.

In the sky, a Crimson Star fell.

Lady Snake Scorpion enjoyed the Star Energy from the sky in perfect content, her body releasing a dark purple qi.

The twin girls stared fixedly at Mother Highness’ each and every move.

A moment later, Lady Snake Scorpion opened her eyes. She held Little Diao and Little Chan in each of her arms and leisurely boarded the imperial canopy aromatic cart. “Return to home.”

The aromatic cart suddenly stopped for a moment.

Several people descended before the cart and knelt.

“Golden Wings should die.14 The mission that Queen assigned was unable to be completed.” These were not just anyone, but were the Roc clansmen that previously fought with Su Xing.

At this time, the Demi King Golden Wings had an arm severed, which appeared very sorry.

“Golden Wings, how did this happen?” Lady Snake Scorpion’s tone was slightly discontented, “Did This Throne not have you lead your clansmen to go capture that Dragon in the Clouds? How were things bungled to this? Could it be that Leisure Star who had received the ‘Gu Poison’15 was still capable of injuring you?”

“Queen must understand, Golden Wings met with an Azure Dragon Territory cultivator to fall into this situation.” Demi King Golden Wings bowed and explained.

Suddenly, Demi King Golden Wing’s face contorted, and he collapsed onto the ground.

From within the cart came a cold voice: “Do you believe that This Throne is very easy to trick? That a Galaxy Early Stage Cultivator can injure you like this?”

“Queen, please spare me!”

“Subordinate can bear witness. That cultivator’s flying sword ability was extremely out of the ordinary, and it had even killed the Poison Toad!”

“What? What did you say?”

The imperial canopy was pulled open, and Lady Snake Scorpion walked out. Her eyes had fury. “A Galaxy Early Stage cultivator unexpectedly killed This Throne’s meticulously bred Poison Eye Toad?16 Could it be that it was killed at the Poison Pool?”


“What did he look like? Did he have a Star General?”

“Subordinate did not see a Star General, and his appearance was very ordinary.”

“Interesting, interesting.” Lady Snake Scorpion coldly smiled: “No Star General. Then he is not a Star Master.”17

“Queen, Golden Wings fears he is one of the Azure Dragon Territory’s Great Sect’s.” Demi King Golden Wings said.

“En.” Lady Snake Scorpion grunted. She said alluringly: “This Throne has heard the Great King raise the topic before. The Azure Dragon Territory has turned out a Purple Thunder Monster that has become enemies with the Azure Dragon Territory’s Ten Great Sects. Some of the Ancestral Masters of these Great Sects specially came to the Vermilion Bird Territory to execute this Monster and desired for the Falling Dragon Mountain’s18 cooperation…possessing a Sword Chant that could make Golden Wings feel it was out of the ordinary, it seems the Great Sects were unmistaken. This Throne will carefully consult with the Great King about the person in question. It can be presumed he has not been hidden for long. Golden Wings, go back first to properly recuperate. This Throne orders your Roc Clansmen to immediately search for him.”

“As you command.”

“Has that little thief that stole the Birth Treasure Outline been found yet?”19

“Subordinate should die.”

“Truly, you are trash. Could it be the entire Ten Thousand Summits are unable to find them?”

Lady Snake Scorpion sat back down in the cart, “Return to Falling Dragon Hall!”

“Mother Highness, are we letting that Dragon in the Clouds go? Little Chan feels that is such a pity.” Little Chan twitched her lips.

“No matter.” Lady Snake Scorpion smiled: “She was struck with your Heaven and Earth, Dark and Yellow20 and the Thousand Year Poison Dragon Gu.21 Even if she is the Dragon in the clouds, she has not much longer to live.”

Five Colors City, Bright Shining Hall Pavilion.22

The Vermilion Bird Territory’s Demi Clans were everywhere, where the strong were respected. On the basis of strength, like the Azure Dragon Territory, it possessed linked and complex major powers. However, the Vermilion Bird Territory’s major powers were not named according to capitals. Furthermore, each of their territories was based on their own mountain peak. This Five Colors City was classified as within the influence of “Mount Danxia.”23 Normal demi-kin would not dare be impudent here.

Su Xing carried Gongsun Sheng into Five Colors City. He raised his head and saw a Crimson Star fall from the sky, darkening his wrinkled brow.

A period of no more than a few days had passed since he had come to the Vermilion Bird Territory. He never thought that he would already see three Stars fall. One fell into the Black Turtle Territory, and the other two Falling Stars descended within the Vermilion Bird Territory. Furthermore, the Starfall’s direction seemingly was towards the same spot. It seemed this Vermilion Bird Territory brimmed with danger for Star Generals. Come to think about, it was after the second phase. After the Birth Treasure Outline appeared, how could the Star Master that obtained the Birth Outline possibly not exploit this kind of opportunity.

Looking at the weakly breathing Gongsun Sheng, Su Xing’s heart was briefly anxious. He did not know who it was that unexpectedly could injure the Leisure Star this heavily.

Returning to the room he got from the Hall Pavilion, Su Xing happened to see Wu Siyou stand at in front of the window watching the sky.

“You have returned this quickly?” Wu Siyou raised her brows. Then, she suddenly spotted the small girl upon Su Xing’s chest, and her brow wrinkled.

Su Xing gently placed Gongsun Sheng on the bed. It was fortunate that he had An Suwen’s medical arts. It could not be counted as excellent, but he was not completely lacking. Gongsun Shen’s breath was weak, and her body was vaguely shivering. He sensed her meridians and breathing had been plugged and disoriented, seemingly as if there was some sort of thing engulfing her Star Energy/

“Leisure Star Gongsun Sheng?” Wu Siyou walked over, very surprised.

“What has happened to her?” The Harm Star inquisitively asked. She was Maiden Mountain’s number one magic energy Star General, how could she have fallen into this situation.

“It’s as if she’s been poisoned.” Su Xing’s tone was grave. “This poison is somewhat strange…”

“With the Leisure Star’s capabilities, how could she possibly have been poisoned…” Wu Siyou’s eyes squinted, indifferently saying: “Your Servant sees that it is probably Gu Poison.”

“Gu Poison?” Su Xing drew in a breath of cold air. This was but the Vermilion Bird Territory’s most foul of Demonic Techniques.

“However, it is difficult for ordinary Gu Poison to have any sort of use on a Star General. This is perhaps a Star General’s!” Wu Siyou’s tone showed a fluctuation.

“I’m going to buy some medicine now to help her suppress it first.” Su Xing saw that Gongsun Sheng was increasingly in pain. He was not too reassured in his heart, “Siyou, help me take care of her.” Saying that, he descended the stairs.

Wu Siyou was somewhat puzzled over Su Xing’s anxiousness. From her perspective, in Su Xing’s capacity as a Star Master, this moment was an exceptionally good opportunity to kill Gongsun Sheng and obtain her Star Energy. The number one in magic power Leisure Star was a divine dragon whose head was visible, but tail was not. To kill her certainly was not that simple.

“Gongsun Sheng, your luck is pretty good!” Wu Siyou said ponderously.

The young girl in a haze seemingly responded, making Wu Siyou raise her brows.

Author’s Note:

PS: These past two days, I had time at night to get online= =!

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  17. Yes, Su Xing definitely is not separated from his Star General…or two of them…or…
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  19. Okay, so nothing confirmed about this yet, but I was just looking ahead a few dozen chapters. I took a few cursory glances, and it seems there are multiple Birth Treasure Outlines. How this has come to be is unknown, but the one Lady Snake Scorpion is referring to is not Su Xing’s.
  20. 天地玄黃. She is talking about their special moves. It seems these twins can use their Heaven Ranked Techniques, judging by this line. Su Xing’s girls have not even reached the Dark Rank yet.
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