Chapter 223: The “Prestige Star” Huyan Zhuo

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Su Xing carefully contemplated. Demi King Pansi’er said that the Gu Hall was among one of the five halls of the Jade Alum Palace. Its whereabouts were known only by Lady Snake Scorpion alone. Going and searching each one clearly was too late, and according to the safest psychological actions of someone alone, everyone liked to put unknown dangers under their control in order to feel relief. Su Xing roughly guessed that such a careful person as Lady Snake Scorpion could not possibly place the Ten Thousand Year Gu in the imperial halls the other Demi Kings cultivated in. In this case, although the Jade Alum Palace was very big, there was only one sort of possibility.

It was Lady Snake Scorpion’s imperial palace – “Twin Stars Pavilion.”1

Capturing several maids, he very easily found out the position of Lady Snake Scorpion’s imperial hall. Very quickly, he stood on a white jade bridge approximately ten zhang seemingly floating without support high in the air. This bridge was exceptionally exquisite, engraved with dragons and drawn with phoenixes, it led to a hexagonal building.

This building had a height of more than thirty zhang, level piled upon level, its whole body was constructed from carved jade. It sparkled, appearing to be like an Immortal’s palace. Furthermore, above the pavilion’s entrance, a golden approximately zhang-sized board was hung. Upon it was written three large ancient characters – “Twin Stars Pavilion.” This was the pavilion that got its name from Lady Snake Scorpion contracting the Twin Stars.

When Su Xing stepped onto the jade bridge, he attentively looked over the building from time to time. Although this pavilion was not large, the inside emitted an astonishing spiritual influence that fluctuated incomprehensibly. Furthermore, there was a layer of faint white fluorescence that enveloped the pavilion within. It seemed this place had also been arranged with an extremely formidably forbiddance array. Seeing this, Su Xing was even more convinced that Lady Snake Scorpion was at this place. He brought out the Miraculous Bodhi Tree and swiped. Its divine light rippled, and the white luster broke apart.

Su Xing and Little Yi seized the chance and hesitated no longer as their figures leapt forwards, penetrating the light screen and entering the Twin Stars Pavilion.

Before them was a several hundred square meters imperial palace, with row upon row of approximately one zhang high circular jade platforms piled up. The sizes of these jade platforms differed, sparkling white because of the fine jade they were made from. These jade platforms had every sort of refined household utensil placed upon them. These utensils emitted black, red, and purple gases that were discernible as highly toxic from just a look. On one path of the imperial palace was a magnificent screen of a snake and scorpion. There was also a hazy hanging screen with tassels. Indistinctly, he could see a large bed that was beautifully decorated and was considerably luxurious.

His Divine Intent lightly explored, but it was plainly visible that not a single person was in the Twin Stars Pavilion.

Su Xing pulled aside the tasseled curtain. The bedding on the bed had been neatly made. Looking at the circular bed, he did not find any place that was odd.

“Master, might it not be here?” Yan Yizhen looked at the absolutely empty Twin Stars Pavilion and knit her brow.

“Those maids said that once Lady Snake Scorpion entered the Twin Stars Pavilion, she did not show herself again.” Su Xing muttered to himself. Looking up and down the Twin Stars Pavilion, according to Lady Snake Scorpion’s cautious nature, she probably constructed a secret mechanism in the room.

After scouring around, Su Xing retracted his gaze to follow those rows of jade platforms and slowly walked over. Skimming over the decorations upon the jade platforms, he tried to see whether or not he could find anything. Generally speaking, if there was a mechanism, porcelain, decorations and the like were the most suspect.2

Yan Yizhen also looked around the Twin Stars Pavilion.

A short while later, Su Xing had not found the entrance to any secret passage but actually found a few scrolls about the Five Poisons Forbiddance. Inside was recorded in detail how Lady Snake Scorpion exploited the Five Poisons Mountain’s geography to construct an unprecedented forbiddance. It made Su Xing who looked at it unable to help but sigh that she truly was a genius. However, the Five Poisons Mountain was about to be broken, and Su Xing did not have too great an interest.


Little Yi inside the room suddenly called out.

“What did you find?” Su Xing walked in.

Yan Yizhen looked at that fragrant bed of the Lady Snake Scorpion’s, then pressed a chrysanthemum flower, revealing a secret passage,

Su Xing blushed in shame. He had actually made things out to be too complicated and had never thought the mechanism would be this simple.

The Twin Stars Pavilion suddenly rocked violently. Passing through the window, Su Xing clearly saw that the Five Poisons Mountain’s poison fog was rapidly diluting like it had been washed away by rain. His heart immediately shivered, for the Supervoid Cultivators’ battle honestly was world-shaking. The Five Poisons Mountain’s final Gecko Cliff Array Point should already have broken. At this time, Five Poisons Mountain was comparable to a cake that had lost its cover. Those Founders definitely would fly over like houseflies. Su XIng was too late to go care how the Supervoid Cultivators’ battle progressed. He called out to Yan Yizhen and went down that secret passageway.

“I wonder how Siyou is doing…” Su Xing muttered to himself. When he was this concerned about Harm Star Pilgrim Wu Song, those Supercluster Cultivators were also unable to deal with her. Shaking his head, Su Xing followed Yan Yizhen down.

Su Xing absolutely would not have thought that the enemy Wu Siyou at this time would be far more frightening than a Supercluster Cultivator by several levels.

The two whips of completely different imposing auras condensed the same sort of baleful aura. Even if the Liangshan Continent’s most clever viper was only so, the whips swung over with a whizz, flying up and down together. Wu Siyou’s double headed sword blocked back and forth, but the long whips struck with an air-shattering force. The sharp clashing sounds directly made Wu Siyou’s attacks result in failure.

“The Wind And Moon Unmatched Whips,3 unexpected, ah, unexpected.” Wu Siyou’s left hand wiped her cheek, a trace of blood appearing on her snow-white skin, but this did not make Wu Siyou feel dismayed at all. On the contrary, she showed a kind of excitement, a kind of bloodthirsty excitement.

“Unexpectedly encountering Huyan Zhuo!”4

That dignified woman in front of her astonishingly was the ranked eighth Prestige Star, the Huyan Zhuo (Huyan Shuang)5 of the name “Double Clubs.”

Huyan Shuang’s brows carried a general’s manner. Her arms trembled, and the Wind And Moon Unmatched whips in one hand drew out Wind Flower while the other swung Snow Moon. Three Stars circulated on the whips, very eye-catching.

“Your Servant had also not expected that Wu Song would be very intimate with a man.” Huyan Shuang boldly laughed: “What happened with this generation’s Star Duels? Lin Chong signed a contract, and even you, Wu Song, seem to have found a soulmate.”


Wu Siyou disdainfully replied and raised her Noble Frost Demonic Lotus as she rushed onwards, with an abundance of spirit and power.

Huyan Shuang’s hands clutched the whips. She focused all of her body’s power to her wrists and crossed the long whips. The swift action jolted out a metallic ringing. Wu Siyou’s body slightly lowered, her long sword slashing at Huyan Shuang.

Huyan Shuang was but one of Liangshan’s Five Tiger Generals, and her martial force was comparable to Wu Siyou’s. Lightly sliding backwards, that long whip raised a phantom that whipped ahead.


The whip’s wind-light swept across Wu Siyou’s cheek, and a strand of hair was unexpectedly lifted by the wind-breaking sound and severed.

Double Clubs Huyan Shuang acted without the slightest bit of mercy.

Although Wu Siyou did not need her to have any sort of pity.

Wu Siyou’s slash on the contrary erased Huyan Shuang’s advance, the thunderbolt of a power that fell short of the ears. Huyan Shuang only felt Wu Siyou’s phantoms overlapped, seemingly still where she was, before Wu Siyou was already in front of her. Huyan Shuang’s reactions were extremely quick, and her body’s center of gravity suddenly lowered. With a somersault high into the sky, it made the Noble Frost Demonic Lotus’ ice-cold swordtip wipe close by her forehead.

In the instant she flipped, Huyan Shuang’s double whips raised up and down. She seized the chance to directly whip towards Wu Siyou’s front, with a lightning flash-like attack.

Huyan Shuang’s speed was abnormally quick, and Wu Siyou at this time could not react.

Slightly tilting her face, she avoided the whips, but the swift and severe wind of the whips’ whole bodies slid past Wu Siyou’s cheeks. That previous faint blood line darkened a bit, unexpectedly flogging the same part, frighteningly accurate.

Whistle, spin.

The other whip rolled over.

Huyan Zhuo’s double whips could be rated as having reached perfection. The supernaturally finely crafted whips had nine segments, and their attack range contained several tens of meters. When the whips were moved, one attacked and the other defended, closely linked with one another. If it was any other martial force Star General, if their consciousness faltered even a little, they would have already been whipped into honeycomb by Huyan Shuang’s “Wind And Moon Unmatched.” However, attacking for so long only gave Wu Siyou an insignificant cut and nothing more.

“Little Sister Wu Song still has two more bouts!”

Huyan Shuang nodded, a sort of approving expression.

“Very good, very good!”

Wu Siyou was unangered and actually smiled. Her hand grasped Noble Frost Demonic Lotus. “Five Tiger Generals Double Clubs has not made Your Servant disappointed, superb!” Wu Siyou’s whole body burst with a murderous spirit, unexpectedly forcing Huyan Shuang to nearly retreat. Even if it was so, that murderous aura still made Huyan Shuang blink. She promptly raised the double whips, twisting towards Wu Siyou.

Just at this time, a cold light flashed in her eyes.

A bang.

Wu Siyou grasped the Noble Frost Demonic Lotus and forcefully cut the air.


A sound just like ice breaking open.

A black demonic lotus flower seemingly had been cut down by this empty slash.

When the attacking double whips attacked her, it was like they bumped into an incorporeal object and were successively shaken apart. The hill’s ground seemingly had an earthquake. A black snow swept by, and long hair flittered. Huyan Zhuo was startled, for Wu Siyou unexpectedly attacked to her front. Wherever she passed, the space had black lotuses wither.

Yellow Rank Move!

Ten Li Demonic Lotus Dragon Slaying!!

Seeing this, Huyan Shuang also was shocked. She did not dare to be careless, but worthy of being a fierce tiger of rank eight, the double whips violently were drawn back, “Wind Flower Leaf Fall!!”7 The moment Huyan Shuang moved, it was also her most powerful Yellow Rank Killing Move.

Her left hand’s long whip, its momentum like layer upon layer of immense waves, each superior to the last smashed the demonic lotuses to pieces.

Wu Siyou did not dare have contempt for this. Her swelling sword qi’s hurricane broke free of the Noble Frost Demonic Lotus and blew towards the long whip, bringing a tidal offensive. Two immense powers struck each other in the wind with a boom. Explosions continuously rang, and the sword qi was defeated.

The wind was continuously drawn open by Wind And Moon Unmatched. Being sliced apart by Noble Frost Demonic Lotus, all of the vocabulary of “martial force” and “Star Energy” were twisted by the fickle winds into a thoroughly extreme interpretation. A cultivator only need to be nearby to be shattered by this hurricane when struck and would certainly be heavily wounded.

Huyan Shuang’s whips were like two sharp weapons that continuously hindered Wu Siyou’s close combat.

A single breath’s time?

Or perhaps it was even longer, for several hundred moves had followed over in succession.

In an instant, a Star Crest appeared on Huyan Shuang’s forehead along with her eyes flashing a star motif. Following the appearance of this phenomenon, Huyan Shuang’s imposing air originally equal to Wu Siyou’s became sharply more dignified by several times.

An strength heavily pressured her.


Wu Siyou’s heart shivered, and the corner of her eye suddenly glanced a youth’s figure.

The Prestige Star’s Star Master unexpectedly did not leave?

Huyan Shuang was apparently also somewhat surprised, but the Five Tiger General’s reactions were some level of speed. Her hands borrowed power, and the Wind And Moon Unmatched whips leapt high, then swept heavily downwards. Only then did the closely following Yellow Rank Move begin.

The whip’s power seriously was like rain, falling from the Heavens.

Yellow Rank Combo Move!

“Wind Flower Leaf Fall, Snow Moon Without Scar!”8

Author’s Note:

To me, three chapters is a small burst, four is a large burst, and five chapters is the limit. Tonight, there will be three more chapters! Excitedly pleading for a monthly vote…

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  1.  雙星閣
  2. Like those secret bookshelf switches where you pull on the bust of some old patriarch.
  3. As I mentioned previously, the translation for this is sort of a pain. The word for “whip” and “club” are the same, and from the context of the combat in the following passages, it seems that this Star Weapon can change forms between whip and club. Whether or not my interpretation is correct is questionable, though.
  4.  呼延灼
  5.  呼延霜
  6. 霹, SFX
  7.  風花葉落
  8.  風花落葉,雪月無痕


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